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Lord's supper.

ceitfully with God.

9. 1. The plague of murrain ; 119. The danger of idolizing any

and the plague of boils.

earthly object.

9. 13. The plague of hail. 120. The safety of the faithful.

9. 27. Pharaoh sendeth for Moses 121. Repentance is incomplete

and Aaron. The storm ceaseth. without abhorrence of sin.

10. 1. God threateneth to send 122. That God ruleth over all.


10. 12. The plague of locusts; and 123. The darkness that comes of

the plague of darkness.

quenching light within us.

11. 1. The death of the firstborn 124. God foresees and overrules


what we freely choose.

12. 1. The Lord's passover or- 125. The use of ordinances.


12. 15. The seven days of un- 126. Christ our passover.


leavened bread ordained.

12. 29. The firstborn of Egypt 127. The advantage of lending un-

slain. The Israelites sent out. to the Lord.

12. 37. The Israelites journey from 128. Our deliverance from sin, and

Rameses to Succoth.

call to heaven.

13. 1. The firstborn sanctified. 129. How to commemorate thank-

The memorial of unleavened fully the love of Christ.


13. 17. The Lord leadeth the people 130. That we ought to follow whi-

by a pillar of cloud and of fire. thersoever God leads us.

14. 1. Israel is overtaken by Pha- 131. Resignation of our will to

raoh at the Red Sea.

the will of God.

14. 19. The Israelites cross the 132. Warning to the presumptuous.

Red Sea on dry land. The E- Encouragement to the dejected.

gyptians drowned.

15. 1. The song of Moses. 133. Christian praise.

15. 20. The song of Miriam. The 134. The effectual intercession of

waters of Marah.

the Lord who healeth us.

16. 1. The Israelites murmuring 135. God overcomes our rebellions

are fed with quails and manna.

by his grace.

16. 17. Directions concerning the 136. The gain of resting on the

sabbath day.

17. 1. Water from the rock in Ho- 137. War the scourge of wicked-

reb. Amalek defeated.

ness in the nations.

18. 1. Jethro bringeth to Moses 138. Joy and praise for God's

his wife and sons.

mercy to Israel.


Exodus, ch. 18—29.

LECTURE 139–161.

18. 13. Jethro adviseth Moses to 139. Our privileges in the use of

appoint subordinate rulers. ministers and of the word of God.

19. 1. God declareth that He will 140. How many forget the won-

manifest Himself to the people. derful works of God.

19. 14. The Lord cometh down on 141. Love mingled with the ter-

mount Sinai; the trumpet sound- rors of the Lord.


20. 1. The four first command- 142. Our love for God's law,


20. 12. The six last command- 143. The law addressed to the



20. 18. The Lord speaketh to the 144. Remarks upon the civil and

people by Moses.

ceremonial law.

21. 1. Of bondservants. Of of- 145. The humane spirit of the

fences to be punished by death. Mosaic civil laws.

21. 18. Of bodily injury, by a blow, 146. The simplicity and equity of

or by the pushing of an ox. the Mosaic civil laws.

22. 1. Of theft.

147. Restitution.

22. 16. Of seduction, witchery, and 148. That these laws manifestly

other offences; of the first fruits. proceeded from God.

23. 1. Of giving judgment. Of the 149. The protection and support of

sabbath year. Of the three feasts. Almighty God.

23. 20. God promiseth to send his 150. The conflict that awaits us,

Angel before the people.

and the assurance of God's help.

24. 1. The solemnity of the cove- 151. The blood of the new testa-

nant. Moses goeth up to God. ment. The glory of heaven.

25. 1. The offerings for the taber- 152. The presence of God in the



25. 23. The table of shewbread. 153. Of the spiritual interpretation

The golden candlestick.

26. 1. The curtains and coverings 154. Of building and adorning

of the tabernacle.


26. 15. The boards, sockets, bars, 155. That we may have boldness

vail, and door of the tent.

to enter into the holiest.

27. 1. The altar and its vessels. 156. The building of a holy life,

The court.

The pure olive oil. and heavenly church.

28. 1. The appointment of Aaron 157. The ministers of the Gospel

to be priest. The priest's gar- ought to be clothed in righteous-


28. 13. The breastplate of judg. 158. The light and perfection

ment. The Urim and Thummim. which Christ can give us.

28. 31. The robe, the mitre, and 159. The righteousness of Christ,

plate of gold. The other vest- and of his saints.


29. 1. Of consecrating the priests. 160. Spiritual priesthood.

29. 26. Of consecrating the priests. 161. Morning and evening devo-

The morning and evening sacri- tion.



Exodus, ch. 30—40.

LECTURE 162—184.

30. 1. The altar of incense. The 162. That we are bound to pay ac-

ransom money.

knowledgment to our Redeemer.

30. 17. The laver; the holy oil; 163. The vanity of the sign when

and the perfume.

we may have the thing signified.

31. 1. Wisdomn given to the work- 164. Of edification, rest eternal,

men. The sabbath. The tables and the testimony of the Spirit.

of testimony.

32. 1. The golden calf. The wrath 165. Our forgetfulness of God.

of God. The intercession of Moses. The mediation of our Lord.

32. 15. Moses breaketh the tables. 166. The folly of attempting to

Aaron's excuse.

justify our sins.

32. 25. Three thousand put to death 167. That the wicked shall not go

in one day.

Moses intercedeth. unpunished.

33. 1. The tabernacle of the con- 168. The dealings of God are re-

gregation is removed out of the presented with reference to our



33. 12. Moses pleadeth with God, 169. Encouragement to boldness in

to see his glory.


34. 1. God renews his covenant by 170. The consequences of not ful-


filling our covenant with God.

34. 18. Several laws are repeated. 171. We must pray that there be

The vail on the face of Moses. no vail on our hearts.

35. 1. The Sabbath. The free 172. That we must offer our own

gifts for the tabernacle.

selves to God.

35. 21. The people offer readily. 173. All must work for God.

36. 1. The people offer more than 174. That we must obey in all

enough. The curtains are made. things to the letter and the spirit.

36. 14. The outer curtains, and 175. That there are full directions

boards, and bars, and vail, com- for every duty in the word of



37. 1. The ark of the testimony and 176. How God condescends in his

table for shewbread, are made. ordinances to our infirmity.

37. 17. The candlestick, incense al- 177. Of the prevalence of sacrilege.

tar, holy oil, and incense, made.

38. 1. The brazen altar, the laver, 178. The duty of providing extend-

the court, made.

ed means for divine service.

38. 21. The sum of the tabernacle. 179. How payments become gifts.

39. 1. The ephod, and breastplate, 180. The happiness of working for


God. -

39. 22. The holy garments com- 181. The saints, and the church,

pleted. The work brought to the workmanship of God.


40. 1. God commandeth Moses to 182. We must aim at perfect obe-

rear the tabernacle.


40. 17. Moses reareth up the ta- 183. Our joy on admission to the


church in heaven.

40. 34. The cloud filleth the taber- 184. The privilege of living amidst


Christian light.

The Third Book of Moses, CALLED LEVITICUS.

LECTURE 185—207.
The title.

185. The uses of the Levitical or-


1. 1. The voluntary whole burnt 186. We must approach God by a



2. 1. The meat offering of flour 187. That which is spent for God's

with oil of incense.

glory is in no case wasted.

3. 1. The peace offering.

188. The best is due to God.

4. 1. The offering for sins of ig- 189. Communities have to answer

norance, from the priest, or con- for sin committed in common.


4. 22. The offering for sins of ig- 190. How we are justified; and

norance for a ruler, or one of this in order to our being sanc-

the people.


5. 1. The trespass offering. 191. The duty of confessing our


5. 14. The trespass offering, in 192. How deeply we

sins of ignorance, especially in cerned to grow in knowledge.

holy things.

6. 1. The trespass offering for 193. We have a trespass offering

sins done wittingly.

always at hand.

6. 8. The law of the burnt, meat, 194. The loathsomeness of sin

consecration, and sin, offering. shewn in these sacrifices.

7. 1. The law of the trespass, and 195. The flesh of Christ signified

peace, offering.

by the flesh of the sacrifice.

7. 22. The prohibition of fat, and 196. Of the maintenance of Christ-

of blood. The priests' portion. ian ministers

8. 1. Aaron and his sons conse- 197. Wehavea sinless High Priest.

crated. Their offering.

8. 22. The ram of consecration. 198. We must believe and obey,

The seven days watching.

where we cannot understand.

9. 1. The offerings of Aaron con- 199. All that goes up to God first

sumed by fire from the Lord. comes down from Him.

10. 1. Nadab and Abibu devoured 200. Afflictions ought to make us

by fire from the Lord.

serve God more diligently.

11. 1. The clean and unclean of

201. The separation between the

beasts, fishes, and flying crea- righteous and the wicked.


11. 29. The unclean of creeping 202. We ought to be holy in every

things. Rules of uncleanness. thing whatsoever.

12. 1. The purifying of women af- 203. To the pure all things are

ter childbirth.


13. 1. The uncleanness of leprosy. 204. The nature of church disci-


13. 18. The symptoms of leprosy 205. That the sins of the redeem-

further set forth.

ed are no more found.

13. 38. Things enjoined to a leper. 206 That we must hate even the

The leprosy of garments.

garment spotted by the flesh.

14. 1. The order of pronouncing 207. Christ Jesus bearing our in-

one clean of his leprosy.


0. T. VOL. 1. PART II.


Leviticus, ch. 14-26.

14. 21. The order of cleansing af-

ter leprosy in a poor man.

14. 33. The plague of leprosy in a


15. 1. The uncleanness of men in

their issues; and their cleansing.

15. 19. The uncleanness of women

in their issues, and their cleans-


16. 1. How the priest must enter

within the vail.

16. 20. Of the scape goat, and of

the great day of atonement.

17. 1. Of offering all the cattle

slain. No blood must be eaten.

18. 1. Cases of kindred in which

marriage is prohibited.

18. 19. Against unlawful and un-

natural desires.

19. 1. Several laws repeated.

19. 19. Several laws, at once mo-

ral and political.

20. 1. The punishments ordained

for transgressors.

20. 15. Other punishments ordain-

ed to transgressors.

21. 1. The holiness required in the


22. 1. The uncleanness, cleansing,

and food, of the priests.

22. 17. That the sacrifices must be

without blemish.

23. 1. Of the sabbath, the pass-

over, and the pentecost.

23. 23. The feast of trumpets, the

day of atonement, the feast of


24. 1. The lamps, and the shew-

bread. The stranger stoned for


25. 1. The sabbath

year. The


of jubile.

25, 18. A twofold crop every sixth

year. The redemption of the


25. 35. The redemption of the Is-

raelite bondservant.

26. 1. The consequences of obey-

ing or disobeying God's com-


we have cost our Saviour.

223. That the mercifulness of God

extends to all his creatures.
224. Of providing for them that

are strangers to the Gospel.

225. Holy seasons appointed in

the Christian church.

226. The righteous rejoicing in the

vengeance of God.

227. The uncertain tenure of

earthly possessions.

228. Our spiritual advantages must

be ascribed to God, through


229. Christ delivers us from sin

to holiness.

230. That we are tried by the re-

velation of a judgment to come.

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