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dooms'day (209) the day of final judgment, the end of the world. driv'el ing (179) talking foolishly. du'al (38) two-sided.

dul'ci fied (210) sweetened, put into a good humor.

dung (72) manure.

dy nam'i cal ly (91) with power, force

fully, energetically.

ear'nest (287) a pledge of something to come, a promise of fulfillment. ef faced' (94) erased, wiped away. e gre'gious (195) out of the ordinary, here, very wrong.

e late' (50) elevated, exalted.

en cum'brance (171) hindrance, burden, annoyance.

en dued' (50) endowed.

en nui' (än nwe') (270) indifference, weariness, languor.

en'signs (146) standards, banners. er'mine (134) the white fur formerly

used on a judge's robes. Now, the symbol of a judge's office or authority.

es'cri toire (ĕs'kri twär) (263) a writ-. ing desk.

es pla nade' (183) a clear level space. eu'phon y (276) harmony, pleasing combination of sounds.

ex'e cra ble (228) horrible, dreadful. ex hor ta'tion (214) encouragement, advice.

ex plic'it (253) clear, exact, definite. ex pos tu la'tion (276) protest,



fac sim'i le (273) an exact copy. fag'ot (205) a bundle of sticks or twigs used to kindle a fire; here, the sticks used to kindle a fire for burning alive an offender against the law. fan'ta sy (296) fancy, imagination. fel'on (266) a criminal.

fen (128) a swamp or marsh.

fend (53) to protect, defend.

fer'vid (26) burning, eager, intense. feu'dal (66) belonging to the Middle Ages (from the 9th to the 14th or 15th centuries).

fil'i gree (271) decorated with graceful and intricate designs in gold and silver wire.

flumed (92) turned from its natural course by a deep channel or ravine. for'mal ism (27) a belief in following closely certain definite rules and laws, rather than interpreting and acting upon their meaning.

forms (45) classes, (364) benches. fo'rum (354) an open place where the people stood.

franc (261) a French coin worth about twenty cents.

fresh'en ing (71) growing more brisk and strong.

func'tion a ry (267) an official.

gam'bol (186) frolic, play.

gar'ish (128) dazzling, glaring. gauged (41) measured.

gav'el (135) the mallet used by the presiding officer of a legislative body, or public assembly, for the purpose of calling the meeting to order. gim'let (259) a tool for boring holes. gin'-house (jin) (131) a building where

the seeds are taken from cotton by a machine called a cotton-gin.

gloats (276) gazes at fondly. gnarled (80) full of knots, rough. grim ace' (229) a wry or made-up face. guer'don (54) reward.

gyves (jives) (52) chains, fetters.

hand'some (58) noble.

har'pies (106) monsters in Greek mythology, with the head of a woman and the claws, wings, and beak of a bird. They snatched food from their starving victims. har'ry (53) to oppress, annoy. hern (286) heron, a kind of water bird.

het er o ge'ne ous (217) widely different.

hi a'tus es (155) intervals, spaces where

something is missing.

hitch'er (178) a knot for fastening a boat to a landing-place. hos'tler (hos'ler) (130) one who takes care of horses.

ho tel' (256) in France, a public mansion or residence of a person of rank. hu'mor (369) here, a passing fancy, a mood.

hus'band ry (349) careful manage

ment, thrift, a word derived from husband, which meant originally house manager.

hy per-ob tru'sive (272) more than easily seen, very plainly evident.

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in fat u a'tion (14) folly.

in gre'di ents (197) the materials of which a thing is made.

in sin'u at ing (190) winning favor gradually, usually by flattery or by implying evil of others.

in spir'it ing (55) inspiring, encouraging.

in'sti gates (119) leads to, encourages. in'ter im (229) meantime. in ter'mi na ble (333) endless. in ter posed'(254) interrupted. in terred' (357) buried.

in tim'i dat ed (333) frightened, terrified by force.

in tri'guant (268) a trickster, a plotter. i so la'tion (63) separation from others, loneliness.

is'sue (57) end, conclusion.

jeop'ard ized (254) exposed to danger. jo cos'i ty (314) joking.

jousts (justs) (291) mock battles. ju di'cial (134) belonging to, or characteristic of, a judge.

junc'tures (223) intervals of time. jun'ket ing (186) merry-making. jux ta po si'tion (255) nearness, being placed side by side.

la'bor (292) here, to make a person work hard.

la'dy-smocks (342) the cuckoo flower, or ragged robin. lam'bent (37) light, flickering. lanc'es (170) long pointed spears. lau're ate (285) originally meant crowned with laurel, the sign of the victor. It has therefore come to mean distinguished, famous. In England the title of poet laureate is one granted by the king to the most distinguished poet of the land. leer (185) a sidelong glance. Lent-li'ly (300) daffodil.

li'cense (34) freedom, here, abused freedom.

li'chens (li'kens) (92) plants or fungi, which grow on rocks and on the bark of trees. lief'er (301) rather.

lieu (lū) (187) place, in lieu of, instead

of, in place of.

lin'go (90) language, speech. lit'ter (147) brood.

luc'es (343) fleur-de-lis, lilies.

lu'pins (94) a plant with large blue,

white, red, or purple flowers. lynx (254) like a lynx or wildcat, sharp, keen.

main (72) ocean.

man til'la (203) a scarf or veil of lace, covering the head and falling over the shoulders, worn in Spain. march'es (303) meadows. mart (365) to trade.

ma te'ri al ism (63) a tendency to care only for bodily needs and comforts, without thought for the mental or spiritual welfare.

may-blos'som (295) lily of the valley, pure white.

me di a'tion (60) bringing about an

agreement, acting a peacemaker.

me di o'cre (248) of a middle quality, ordinary.

mel lif'lu ous ly (333) sweetly. men'ace (44) a threatening evil. mer'ce na ry (16) serving solely for pay.

mer e tri'cious (122) false, deceiving. met'a phor (122) a figure of speech in which a comparison of two things is suggested.

met'eth (102) measures. mick'le (341) great, much.

mi li'tia (20) a body of citizens enrolled as a regular military force, but not called into active service except in emergencies.

mi nute' (261) accurate in every detail. mis cel la'ne ous (211) having special quality of any kind.


mis say' (301) to speak evil of. moat'ed (50) surrounded by a moat or ditch filled with water. This was a method of defense used in medieval castles and towns.

mol'li fy (191) to soften, make less rough.

mon'o dy (277) a funeral song.

mo not'o nous (284) without change or variety.

moor (128) waste sandy ground, usually more or less marshy.

mo raine' (92) an accumulation of earth and stones carried along by a glacier and deposited either along its sides or at its extremity. mor'bid ly (177) in an unhealthy manner, unnaturally. mul'ti ple (28) many-sided.

na'tive (233) here, natural. neth'er most (115) lowest. nig'gard ly (72) stingy, unyielding. non-re mu'ner a tive (44) without salary.

no'ta ries (189) public officers, whose duty it is to certify documents. not'ed (364) here, branded with disgrace.

nox'ious (44) harmful, dangerous.

ob scene' (337) vulgar.

on'yx (102) a semi-precious stone, having layers of different colors. or'i flamme (67) a banner. or thog'ra phy (331) spelling. ou'zel (71) the European blackbird, or thrush.

o ver ween'ing (18) over-confident, conceited.

pale (346) here, fence.

pan'nier fuls (păn'yer) (72) baskets full.

pe'nal (17) inflicting punishment. pe'nal ize (41) to make a thing punishable.

pen'sive (182) thoughtful.

per func'to ry (313) performed merely
as a duty, indifferent.
per'pe trat ing (62) doing, performing.
per sua'sion (19) belief.

pe ruque' (pě rook') (226) a wig.
pe rus'al (254) reading with care.
phan'tom (230) an unreal object, an

pied (342) spotted, dotted with color.
pier-glass (120) a high mirror, orig-
inally designed to occupy the wall
space between two windows.
pimp'ing (209) deceiving, acting the
part of a go-between.
plait'ed (73) braided.

plau'si ble (34) receiving applause,

play'wright (344) a writer of plays.
po li'cial (268) of the police.

port (226) here, the manner in which a

person walks or conducts himself.
po'tent (210) powerful.

pre ca'ri ous (96) uncertain, insecure.
pre ced'ence (178) first place.

pre cip'i tate (274) headlong, sudden.
pre'fect (251) chief, head.

pri va'tion (36) need, poverty.

pro fun'di ty (265) depth of knowledge
or feeling.

pro pen'si ties (186) habits.

pro pri'e ty (313) fitness, correctness.
pros'ti tutes (35) abuses.

prov'en der (187) food for domestic

animals, as hay, straw, or oats.
pun'gent ly (215) sharply, bitingly.
pur loined' (251) stolen.

pu sil lan'i mous (218) weak, faint-

quest (293) a search for knightly

quips (314) bright. clever sayings.

rad'i cal ness (272) state of being

rail'ler y (321) merriment.

re cherché (rẽ shẽrshā’) (267) rare,

re cu'per a tive (34) restoring to

ref'u geed (130) to seek safety.

re pute' (183) good reputation, fame.
ret ri bu'tion (117) payment, punish-

re vil'er (298) one who abuses or
reproaches another.

rid (364) driven out.

rig'or ous (205) severe, harsh.
ros'trum (354) the pulpit or platform.
rue (251) French word for street.
ruff (192) a broad double collar of
linen stiffly plaited or crimped,
which was worn by men and women
in Queen Elizabeth's time.
rus'es (268) tricks.

ruth (299) pity.

sa'ble (86) black.

sa'bres (114) swords.

sanc'tu a ries (84) sacred or holy places,
places of worship.

san'dal-wood (193) a fragrant yellow
wood obtained from a tree growing
in the East Indies.

sap'phire (102) a precious stone,
usually of a clear, deep, blue color.
saps (289) makes unfirm, weakens.
scar'ab (skăr'ăb) (78) a beetle.
scim'i tars (106) long curved swords.
scope (369) free range.
scull (skul) (178) an oar.
scul'lions (291) servants whose task
is to clean pots and kettles.

se dan'-chair (184) a chair or covered
vehicle used in England and France
in the 17th century. It was mounted
on two long poles and carried on
the shoulders of two servants.
sem'blance (213) likeness.

se'quence (120) order of events, suc-

se ques'tered (75) hidden, secluded.
ser'aph (116) an angel.

shale (96) rock formed of clay or mud
hardened in layers which separate
and slide easily.

sham'bles (16) a place for slaughter-
ing animals for meat.
shark'ing (209) living by trickery.
sheer (97) straight up and down.
shrap'nel (163) a projectile containing
a number of small bullets or frag-
ments, with a bursting charge.
The shell bursts in the air, scattering
the pieces over a large area.
shrew (297) a small animal like a

sim'u la cre (219) from simulacrum, a
poor likeness.

slat'tern (186) an untidy woman.
sled'ges (275) sleds, sleighs.
spec'tral (216) here, having to do with
the rays of light.

speir'in (313) asking.

spit (154) a slender pointed rod on
which meat was hung while being
roasted over an open fire.
sprites (346) spirits, fairies.
spur'i ous (265) false.

stat'u a (361) statue.

strait (144) narrow.

sub'tle (sut'l) (82) here, hard to fol-

sub'tle ty (216) craft, cleverness.

suf fused' (37) filled.

su per'flu ous (207) unnecessary.

su per'nal (67) heavenly.

su per nat'u ral (107) above the nat-
ural, miraculous.

sup'ple (190) bending to the wishes of

others, sly, cunning.

sur mis'ing (341) guessing.
sym'bol ize (49) to represent.

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to'paz (102) a precious stone, usually
of a transparent yellow.
tor'pid (219) dull, stupid.
tour'ney (292) tournament, a contest
of arms in which knights fought to
exhibit their skill.

tra di' tion a ry (198) founded on a
tradition or tale, handed down from
older generations, usually by word
of mouth.

tran scend'ent (26) supreme, sur-
passing all others.
tren'chant (338) keen.

trin'i ty (133) a union of three.
tryst'ing (trist ing) (138) meeting.
tur'bu len cy (276) commotion, wild

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ver'sa tile (28) turning with ease from
one thing to another; having the
ability to do many things well.
ves'ture (217) clothing, covering.
vin'di cat ing (235) defending, justify-

viv i fi ca'tion (217) being brought to

vo cif'er at ing (228) crying loudly.

wan'toned (71) played.
whist (346) quiet, still.
whorls (77) turns, spirals,

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