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Abdications, a Prize Essay, 49.
Acton, Miss, Victoria Regina by, 38, see

Advice to Mr. Gabriel Blackadder, 474.
Ainsworth, W. Harrison, Guy Fawkes

by, 1. 113. 225. 329. 441. 551.
Aldrich, James, Lines to One far away
by, 149; a Day with Nature, 646.


Barker, W. G. J. Esq. the Return of the
Birds by, 421.

Bath, the Porcelain, a Legend of the
Celestial Empire, 610.
Bells, a chapter on, 90.

Birds, the Return of the, 421; вее

Blackadder, Mr. Gabriel, Plain Advice
to, 474.

Blacksmith, the Village, a Poem, 53;
see Poems.

Blakesley House, Ghost Gossips at, 462.

Blue Chamber, Secrets of the, 399.
Boberfeld, Martin Opitz von, Content-
ment, a poem, by, 398.

Bridal Hymn, 530; see Poems.
Brigands, a Rencontre with the, 375.
Brunel, Mr. lines on the rumoured in-
tention of knighting him, 461.


Cemeteries and Churchyards, a visit to
Kensal Green, 92.

Chancery Clerk, Messrs. Leach, Battye,
and Slug's Managing, 293.
Children of the Mobility versus the
Children of the Nobility, 164.
Churchyards and Cemeteries, 92.
Classical Ode, with a Free Translation,'

Clink, Colin; see Colin.

Coachman, Stage, Adventures of one
abroad, 543.

Colin Clink, his marriage, and conclu.
sion of his history, 65.

Comedy, lines on the successful getting.
up of a new one, 344.

Contentment, a poem, 398; see Poems.
Cook, Nell; a Tale of the Dark Entry.
County Legends, No. II. 81; see
County Legends.

Costello, Dudley, the Stage.Coachman
abroad by, 543.

Costello, Miss, the Mill of Pouldu by,

County Legends. No. II. Nell Cook.
54; No III. The Lay of the Old
Woman clothed in grey, 521. 674.
Crowquill, Alfred, The Old Ledger by,
54; No. II. Septimus Jeffs, 197; No.
III. The Mountebank, 390; No. IV.
The Girl at No. 7, 507.


Daniel, George, Merrie England in the
Olden Time by, 17, 129, 257, 361.486.

Dancing Master, the, a poem, 152; see

Diary of a Dining-out Man, 280.
Donnellan, Bob, his story, 647.
Dramatists, Modern English, 301,


Election Freedom, lines on, 179.
E. L. J. lines on the Knighting of Bru
nel by, 461.

Elssler, Fanny, epistle to, from the 'Om-
nibus' in London, 328.

Epistle to Fanny Elssler, at New York,
from the Omnibus' in London, 328.
Essay on Abdications, 49.

Exile's Song to Fatherland, 205; see


Fawkes, Guy, see Guy.

Fatherland, Song of the Exile to, 205;
see Songs.

Fifteen Acres, an Adventure in the, 647.
Flemming, Paul, Wishes by, 502; Song,

Freedom, lines on Election, 179.


Galatea, lines on, 271.

Gane, W. Law, the Sailor by, 357.
German Poets, specimens of modern,

German Student's Tale, 516.

Ghost Gossips at Blakesley House, 462.

Girl at No. 7. 507; see Old Ledger.
Grey Mare, the, see Old Ledger.
Guy Fawkes, an Historical Romance,
continuation of,-the Star-Chamber,
1; the Jailor's Daughter, 3; the
Counterplot, 113; White Webbs, 121;
Marriage of Guy Fawkes and Vivia-
na Radcliffe, 225; the Capture of Guy
Fawkes, 233; Flight of the Conspira-
tors, 329; the Examination of Guy
Fawkes, 339; account of his under-
going the Torture, 441; the troubles
of Viviana, 453; Huddington, 551;
explosion at Holbeach, 564.


Hill, Thomas, account of, 86.
Hindostan, Hours in, 567.

Ho-Fi of the Yellow Girdle, story of,

Hooton, Charles, Colin Clink by, 65.
Hope, a poem, 592.

Hor Offleanæ ; or the Man about
Town, 272; No. II. Bob Rambleton
and his brother, Sir John, 413.
Howitt, Mary, Specimens of Modern
German Poets, by, 573.
Hours in Hindostan, 567.
Hyson and Bohea, a Tale of the Tea
pot, 382.

Hymn, Bridal, 530,


Ingoldsby, Thomas, County Legends by
No. II. Nell Cook, 81; No. III. the
Lay of the Old Woman clothed in
grey, 521, 574.

Irish Love Adventure, 241.

Irish Superstitions, 188.

It is not always May, a poem, 196; see


Jeffs, Septimus, story of, 197.

J. S. lines on the successful getting-up
of a new Comedy by, 344.


Kensall Green, visit to the Cemetery
there, 92.


Lay of the Old Woman clothed in grey,
521, 574.
Legends, County, No. II. Nell Cook,
81; No. III. The Lay of the Old
Woman clothed in grey, 521, 574.
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim, lines on Ga.
latea by, 271.

Light, a poem, 422; see Poems.
Lines-to One far away, 149; on Elec.

tion Freedom, 179; on National De.
ficiencies, 254; to Paddy, 292; on the
successful getting.up of a new Come.
dy, 344; on the rumoured intention of
knighting Mr. Brunel, 461; to Myr.
tha, 473; to Hope, 592.
Linkman, the, 635.
Loewenthalt, Jesaias Rumpler von, lines
to Hope by, 592.

Longfellow, Professor, the Village Black.
smith by, 53; It is not always May,

London Assurance,' Light, by the all-
thor of, 422.

Love Adventure, account of an Irish,

Lundt, Zacharias, Bridal Hymn by,


M'Teague, P., Irish Superstitions by,

Man about Town, Hora Offleanse by,
272. 412; see Hore Offleant.
Marine Memoranda, No. II. 206; No.
III. 503.

Martin Opitz Von Boberfeld, Content-
ment, a poem by, 398.
Medwin, Captain Sydney, from the
Memoranda of a Physician, by, 168.
Merrie England in the Olden Time;
ancient sports and pastimes, 17. 129.
257.361. 486, 593.
Mobility, Children of the, 164.
Modern English Dramatists, Mr. Ser.
jeant Talfourd, 301.

Moscherosch, J. M., Praise of Wine by,

Mountebank, the, No. III. of the Old
Ledger, 390; see Old Ledger.
Muinp, story of the, 457.

Murray, Hon. R. Dundas, the Lonja of
Seville by, 583.
Mussulah Boat, 571.
My Grand Tour, 40.
Myrtha, lines to, 473.


National Deficiencies, lines on, 254.
Nature, a day with, 646.

Nell Cook!! A Tale of the Dark En.
try,' 81; see County Legends.
Notes on some new Novels, 526,

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Ode, a classical one, with a free transla.
tion, 292.

Old Ledger, Introduction to the, 54; No.
1. The Grey Mare, 59; No. II. Sep-
timus Jeffs, 197; No. III. The Mount.
ebank, 390; No. IV. The Girl at No.

Old Woman clothed in Grey, Lay of the,
No. II. County Legends, 521, 674;
see County Legends.

Omnibus,' epistle from the, to Fanny
Elssler, 328.

One Hour with Death, a poem, 255; see

Opinions of the 'Times,' 37.
O'Toole, Phelim, an Irish Love Adven.
ture by, 241; Adventure in the Fifteen
Acres, 647.


Paddy, lines to, translation of a Classical
Ode, 292.

Pangloss, Dr., Notes on some new novels
by, 526.

Plain Advice to Mr. Gabriel Blackadder,

Physician, tale from the memoranda of
a, 168.
Poems-Victoria Regina, 38; the Village

Blacksmith, 53; When shall we three
mect again, 64; the Dancing Master,
157; in Praise of Wine, 186; Sum-
mer in the Heart, 208; One hour with
Death, 255; Contentment, 398; the
Return of the Birds, 421; Light, 422;
Wishes, 502; the Bridal Hymn, 530.
Poole, John, Rumfuskin, King of the
North Pole, a Tragedy for the First of
April, by, 345.

Pop' Visit, the, 150.
Porcelain Bath, see Bath.
Pouldu, the Mill of, 644.

Poyntz, Albany, Abdications, a Prize
Essay by, 49; The Children of the
Mobility, 164; Diary of a Dining-out
Man, 280; Secrets of the Blue Cham-
ber, 399; the Linkman, 635.
Praise of Wine, a poem, 186; see Poems.


Rencontre with the Brigands, 375.
Return of the Birds, a poem, 421; see

Rumfuskin, King of the North Pole, a
tragedy, 345.

Sailor, the, 357.


Sargent, Epes, Summer in the Heart,
by, 208.

Secrets of the Blue Chamber, 399.
Septimus Jeffs, see Old Ledger.
Seville, the Lonja of, 583.

Smith, O., a Tough Yarn by, 158; lines
on Taglioni, 662.


Albert, a Rencontre with the
Brigands by, 375.

S. N. H., One Hour with Death by, 256.
Songs Of the Exile to Fatherland, 205;
The Wanderer, 506.

Sonnet on presenting a young lady with
a locket of hair, 573.

Stanley Thorn, his introduction to the
House of Commons, 98; the Petition,
its progress, and the result, 107; an
important disclosure in the affairs of
the Widow, 209; reconciliation be-
tween Bob and Venerable Joe, 212;
Stanley resolves to retrieve his fortunes,
216; the commencement of his spe-
culations, 423; the Countess of Cla-
rendale's Soirée Musicale, 436; the
Countess receives another lesson, 531;
commencement of Stanley's pecuni.
ary embarrassments, 536.
Stage-Coachman Abroad, the, 543.
Stephen Dugard,' Ghost Gossips at
Blakesley House by the author of,
462, 622.

Student's Tale, the German, 516.
Submarine, Marine Memoranda by a,
206; No. III. 503.

Summer in the Heart, a poem, 208; see

Superstitions, account of the Irish, 188.
Sydney, from the Memoranda of a Phy.
sician, 168.


Taglioni, lines on, 662.

Talfourd, Mr. Serjeant, remarks on his
new Novels, 301.

Tale of the Tea.pot, Hyson and Bohea,

Thorn, Stanley, see Stanley.
Three Ravens, story of the, 180.
Times, opinions on the, 37.
To One far away, lines, 149.
Tough Yarn, a, 158.

Tragedy, Rumfuskin, King of the North
Pole, 345.

'T.T. T.' Hyson and Bohea, a tale by,
382; the Porcelain Bath, 610.


Valentine Vox,' Stanley Thorn by the
author of, 98. 209. 423. 531.

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