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America, in the years 1759 and 1760; with Observations upon the State of the Colonies. 4to.

Lond., 1775. BURNABY, ANDREW. Same. Second edition. 8vo. Lond., 1775. - Voyages dans les Colonies du Milieu de l'Amerique Septentrionale faits en 1759 et 1760, etc. Traduit par M. Willd. 8vo.

A la Haye, 1778. BURNAP, George W. Memoir of Henry Augustus Ingalls. 8vo.

N. Y., 1845. Burnell, George Pratt. A Letter to the Hon. Henry Clay, of

Kentucky, containing a brief Reply to some Statements of Joseph ·

John Gurney, in relation to Jamaica. 8vo. N. Y., 1840. BURNET, G. Letters containing an Account of what seemed most

Remarkable in Travelling through Switzerland, Italy, some parts of Germany, etc. 8vo.

Rotterdam, 1687. BURNET, GILBERT, Bishop of Sarum. History of the Rights of Princes

in the Disposing of Ecclesiastical Benefices and Church Lands, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1682. - Effay on the Memory of the late Queen, Consort to William III. 8vo. .

Lond., 1695. - History of His Own Time. Vol. I.–From the Restoration to the Revolution. To which is prefixed, a Summary Recapitulation of Affairs in Church and State, from King James I. to the Restoration. Vol. II.-From the Revolution to the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen Anne. To which is added, the Author's Life, by the Editor [Thomas Burnet]. Folio.

Lond., 1724-34. [BURNET, J.] Notes on the Early Settlement of the North Western Territory. 8vo.

Cincinnati, 1847. - The Annual Address delivered before the Cincinnati Astronomical Society, June 3, 1844, etc. 8vo.

Cincinnati, 1844. BURNET, THOMAS. The Theory of the Earth; containing an Account of the Original of the Earth, etc. Folio.

Lond., 1684. - Telluris Theoria sacra orbis nostri originem et mutationes generales quas aut jam subiit, aut olim fubitum eft" complectens. Second edition. 8vo.

Londini, 1689. - Telluris Theoria Sacra Orbis Nostri Originem et Mutationes generales, etc. 2 vols. in 1. Editio fecunda. 8vo.

Lond., 1789. BURNET, Thomas. The Argument set forth in a late Book, entitled,

Christianity as Old as the Creation, reviewed and confuted, in several Conferences. 8vo., pp. 72.

Lond., 1730. BURNETT, George. View of the Present State of Poland. 8vo.

Lond., 1807. BURNSIDE, McGregore. Oration, December 27, 1806, before the Merrimack Lodge, Haverhill, Massachusetts. 8vo., pp. 16.

Haverhill, 1807. Burns, John. Observations on Abortion; containing some account of

the manner in which it takes place, the causes which produce it,

and the method of preventing or treating it. 12mo.

Troy, 1808. Burns, W. Scott. Connexion between Literature and Commerce: in

two essays. Read before the Literary and Historical Society of Toronto. 8vo., pp. 16.

Toronto, 1845. Burr, Aaron. Sermon before the Synod of New York, convened at Newark, N. J., September 30, 1756. Third edition. 8vo.

Boston, 1757. - A Funeral Sermon, preached August 31, 1757. 8vo.

Boston, 1758. Burr, Aaron. View of the Political Conduct of, Vice-President of the United States. By the Author of the “ Narrative.” 8vo.

N. Y., 1802. - Examination of the Charges exhibited against, and Development of the Characters and Views of his Political Opponents. By Aristides. 8vo., pp. 116.

1804. · Reply to Aristides. See Cheetham.

Letter to, V. P.U.S. of A., on the Barbarous Origin, the Criminal Nature and the Baneful Effects of Duels; occasioned by his late Fatal Interview with General Hamilton. By Philanthropos. 8vo.

N. Y., 1804. Burr's (Aaron) Conspiracy. Message from the President, transmitting

Information, etc., January 22, 1807. 8vo.
- Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a
Copy of the Proceedings, and of the Evidence exhibited, on the
Arraignment of Aaron Burr and others before the Circuit Court
of the United States, held in Virginia, in 1807. 8vo. [Pub.

Washington, 1807. - The Trial of Colonel, on an Indictment for Treason, before the Circuit Court of the United States, May, 1807; including the Arguments and Decisions, etc. Taken in Short-hand by T. Carpenter. 3 vols. 8vo.

Washington, 1807-8. Burr, C. C. Substance of an Extemporaneous Oration on Irish Repeal,

delivered in Troy, October 23, 1844. 8vo. Albany, 1844. Burrill, George R. Oration before the Providence Affociation of

Mechanics and Manufacturers, at their Annual Election, April 11, 1796. 8vo.

Providence, 1796. Burrish, Onslow. Batavia Illustrata ; or, a View of the Policy and

Commerce of the United Provinces, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1728. BURROUGHS, STEPHEN. His Memoirs. 8vo. Hanover, Ņ. H., 1798. Burrowes, Robert. Letter to the Rev. Samuel Barber, etc. (State of the Irish Church.] 8vo., pp. 67.

Dublin, 1787. BURTHOGGE, RICHARD. An Essay upon Reason, and the Nature of Spirits. 16mo., pp. 280.

Lond., 1694. BURTON, Robert. Anatomy of Melancholy. Folio.

1632. Burton, Robert. The Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland, etc., during the Reign of King Charles I. Cuts. Ninth edition. izmo.

Lond., 1728. BURTON, ROBERT. A True Exposition of the Transactions which led

to the Failure of the late Franklin Bank, etc. N. Y., 1831. Bury, ELIZABETH. Account of the Life and Death of; collected from

her Diary. With her Elegy, by Isaac Watts, etc. Fourth edition. I 2mo.

Boston, 1743. Busby, Charles A. An Essay on the Propulsion of Navigable Bodies. 8vo.

N. Y., 1818. BUSBY, James. Journal of a Recent Visit to the principal Vineyards of Spain and France. 12mo.

N. Y., 1835. [Bush, J.] Hibernia Curiosa: a Letter from a Gentleman in Dublin

to his friend at Dover in Kent, on the Manners, Customs, etc. of Ireland. 8vo., pp. 143

Lond. [1764.] BUTLER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Anniversary Discourse delivered before

the Albany Institute, April 23, 1830. 8vo., pp. 88. Albany, 1830. - Plan for the Organization of Law Faculty, and for a System of Instruction in Legal Science in the University of the City of New York. 8vo.

N. Y., 1835. The Military Profession in the United States . . . Address at West Point, June 19, 1839. 8vo., pp. 46. N. Y., 1839.

Jeffersonian Democracy Defined and Vindicated, in opposition to its definition by Daniel Webster: in a Speech at Tammany Hall,

N. Y., 24th September, 1840. - Popular Lectures, as a Means of Diffusing Knowledge. Monthly Lecturer, No. 1, Vol. I. 8vo.

N. Y., 1841. - Representative Democracy in the United States : an Address ... Union College, 26th July, 1841. 8vo., pp. 43.

Albany, 1841. BUTLER, David. Sermon at the Induction of the Rev. Frederick Van

Horn into St. John's Church at Balltown, and the Church at
Charlton, August 8, 1805. 8vo., pp. 24.

Troy, 1805. BUTLER, James. Justification of the Tenets of the Roman Catholic Religion, etc. 8vo., pp. 88.

Dublin, 1787. - Short Refutation of the Arguments in his Letter to Lord

Kenmare. By a Clergyman. 8vo., pp. 17. Dublin, 1787. BUTLER, John. The Political Fugitive; being a Brief Disquisition into

the Modern System of British Politics, etc.; written during a

Voyage from London to New York. 8vo. N. Y., 1794. BUTLER, Joseph, Bishop of Bristol. Sermon before the Incorporated

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 16, 1738-9. 8vo.

Lond., 1739. BUTLER, Joseph, Bishop of Durham. The Analogy of Religion,

Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, etc. 8vo.

Boston, 1809. BUTLER, Mann. A History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 8vo.

Louisville, 1834. BUTLER, Weeden. Sermon addressed to the Armed Association of the Parish of St. Luke, Chelsea, etc., July 8, 1798. 8vo., pp. 19.

1798. BUTLER, JAMES D. An Address delivered before the Vermont His

torical and Antiquarian Society, Montpelier, 16th October, 1846. Appendix, etc. 8vo., pp. 36.

Montpelier, 1846. Deficiencies in our History: an Address delivered before the Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society, at Montpelier, October 16, 1846, etc.

Montpelier, 1846. Sermon at Norwich, Vermont, February 22, 1848, during the Obsequies of Truman Ransom, Colonel of the Ninth Regiment. 8vo.

Hanover, 1848. Address on the Battle of Bennington, delivered before the Legislature of Vermont, Montpelier, October 20, 1848. 8vo.

Burlington, 1849. Byles, MATHER. Funeral Sermon at Boston, January 19, 1752 (Catherine Dummer). 8vo.

Boston, 1752. - Funeral Sermon on the Hon. William Dunbar. 8vo.

Boston, 1761. Sermon on the Nature and Necessity of Conversion. 8vo.

Boston, 1769. Artillery Election Sermon, June 2, 1740. 8vo. Boston, 1769. - The Flourish of the Annual Spring Improved, in a Sermon, May 3, 1739. Second edition. 8vo.

Boston, 1769. - Poem on the Death of George I. and Accession of George II.

8vo., pp. 5.
- Discourse on the Present Vileness of the Body and its Future

Glorious Change by Christ. 8vo., pp. 23. Rep. Boston, 1771. Byng. An Account of the Expedition of the British Fleet to Sicily, in

the years 1718, 1719, and 1720, under the command of Sir George Byng, Bart., etc. Collected from the Admiral's MSS., etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1739. Byrne, Alexander S. Remarks on Captain Chappell's Reports on the Archimedian Screw. 8vo.

N. Y., 1841. - Observations on the Uses and Advantages of Compressed Peat.

N. Y., 1841. Observations on the best means of Propelling Ships. Second edition.

N. Y., 1841. Byron, John. The Narrative of the Honorable, containing an Account

of the Great Distresses suffered by Himself and his Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, from the year 1740 till their arrival in England, 1746. Second edition. 8vo... Lond., 1768.

CABECA DE VACA, Alvar Nunez. Narrative. Translated by Buckingham Smith. 4to.

Washington, 1851. Cabinet Cyclopædia. Geography. The Cities and Principal I'owns of the World. Vol. I. 1mo. :

Lond., 1830. · Le, du Roy de France dans lequel il y'a trois Perles Precieuses d'inestimable valeur, etc. Ded, au Roy de France et de Pologne, Henri III. 8vo.


CABINET of Freedom (The), under the supervision of the Hon. William

Jay, Rev. Professor Bush, of the University of New York, and
Gerrit Smith, Esq. 3 vols. 12mo.

N. Y., 1836. - The; or, a Collection of Choice Things, comprising the Beauties of American Miscellanics for the last Thirty Years. [The First Article is a Description of the Federal Procession, on the 23d day of July, 1788, in honor of the Adoption of the Constitution by the States.] 8vo. .

N. Y., 1815. CABOT, MARSTON. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Aaron

Brown, Kellingley, January 9, 1754. 8vo. New London, 1754. CABOT, SEBASTIAN. Memoir of; with a Review of the History of Maritime Discovery, etc. 8vo.

Phil., 1831. CABRERA, Paul Felix. Description of the Ruins of an Ancient City,

discovered near Palenque, in the Kingdom of Guatemala, in Spanish America. Translated from the original MS. Report of Captain Don Antonio del Rio; followed by Teatro Critico Americano, etc. 4to.

Lond., 1822. CADOGAN, WILLIAM. A Differtation on the Gout, etc. Phil., 1771. CADOGAN, WM. BROMLEY. Address from a Clergyman to his Parishioners. 8vo., pp. 38.

Lond., 1785. - Sermon on the Death of the Rev. W. Romaine, August 9, 1795. 8vo., pp. 39.

Lond., 1795. - The Life of the Rev. William Romaine, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1796. CAINES, GEORGE. New York Term Reports of Cases ar ucd and

determined in the Supreme Court of that State. Vol. I., part 2,

N. Y., 1804; and Vol. III., part 1, N. Y., 1805. CALAMY, EDMUND. An Account of the Ministers, Lecturers, Masters,

and Fellows of Colleges, and Schoolmasters, who were Ejected or Silenced after the Restoration in 1660. Second edition. Vol. II. 8vo.

Lond., 1713. - Continuation of the Account, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1727.

Truth and Love: a Discourse from Ephesians iv. 15, at Salters'

Hall, November 29, 1720. 8vo., pp. 36. . Lond., 1720. CALCUTTA Monthly Journal. izmo. CALDWELL, CHARLES. An Elegiac Poem on the Death of General Washington. 8vo., pp. 12.

Phil., 1800. An Eulogium to the Memory of Mr. George Lee, delivered to the Philadelphia Medical Society, February 24, 1802. 8vo.

Phil., 1802. An Anniversary Oration on the subject of Quarantines, delivered to the Philadelphia Medical Society, January 21, 1807. 8vo.

Phil., 1807. - Oration commemorative of the Character and Administration of Washington, delivered before the American Republican Society of Philadelphia, 22d February, 1810. 8vo., pp. 37. Phil., 1810.

Oration, 4th July, 1810, before the American Republican Society of Philadelphia. 8vo., pp. 34.

Phil., 1810. Medical Theses selected from among the Inaugural Dissertations


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