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Van Cort, J. M. A Discourse upon the Life, Character and Services of James Madison. 8vo.

Brooklyn, 1837. VANCOUVER, GEORGE Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Occan, and Round the World, in 1790, '95. 13 vols., 4to.

1798. Vander MADEN, PH. 'The Universal Atlas of Geography, Physical, Statistical and Mineralogical, etc. 8vo.

Brussels, 1829. VANDERBILT, JOHN, JR. An Address in a New York Free School,

27th December, 1809, on the Introduction of 50 Orphan and Helpless Children, belonging to the Masonic Fraternity. 8vo.

N. Y., 1810. VANDER Donck, ADRIAEN. Beschryvinge van Nieuw Nederlant ...

400. [First Edition, with view of “e'Fort Nieuw Amsterdam op de Manhattans," on page 9.]

Amsterdam, 1655. - Same. 4to. [Second Edition, with Map.] Amsterdam, 1656. [Vander Kemp, Fr. Adrian.] Verzameling van Stukken tot de Dertien vereenigde Staeten van Noord-America betrekkelijk. 8vo.

Leyden, 1781. 'Vane, Sir Henry. The Tryal of, at the King's Bench, Westminster, June 2d and 6th, 1662, etc. Small 4to., pp. 134.

[Lond., 1662.] Van Gogh, M. A Memorial delivered to His Majesty, July 21st,

31st, 1664, from the Lord Ambassador from the States General of United Provinces. With the Answer, etc. 4to., pp. 16.

Lond., 1664. VAN Heuvel, J. A. El-Dorado; being a Narrative of the Circum

stances which gave rise to Reports in the 16th century of the existence of a rich and splendid City in South America. Map. 8vo.

N. Y., 1844. Van Horne. Sermon by, of Ulster County, before the Brethren of

Solomon's Lodge, at Poughkeepsie, 24th June, 1798. 4to. VANIERE, J. The Bees. From the Latin of; being the 14th Book of his Prædium Rusticum. By Arthur Murphy. izmo.

Middletown, Conn., 1808. VAN KAMPEN, N. G. Verkorte Geschiedenis der Nederlanden, van

de Vroegste tijden tot op de Omwenteluig van 1830. Met Platen : 2 Deelen. 8vo.

Haarlem, 1839. Van Kleeck, Robert B. Eulogy on General William Henry Har

rison, delivered at Troy, May 14th, 1841. 8vo. VAN MERKEN, LUCRETIA WILHELMINA. Het nut der Tegenspoeden, brieven, en andere Gedichten. 4to.

Amsterdam, 1762. [Van Ness, William P.] An Examination of the various Charges

exhibited against Aaron Burr, Vice-President of the United States, and a Development of the Characters and Views of his Political Opponents. By Aristides. 8vo.

Phil., 1803. Report of Two Cases determined in the Prize Court for the New York District. 8vo.

N. Y., 1814. - Proceedings of the Committee appointed to Inquire into the

Official Conduct of ... one of the Justices of the Supreme
Court of New York, etc. 8vo.

N. Y., 1820. Van Ness, William W. Proceedings of the Committee appointed

to Inquire into the Official Conduct of. With the whole evidence taken before that body. 8vo.

N. Y., 1820. Van Noort, OLIVIER. Wonderlijcke Voyagie by de Hollanders ghe

daen door de Strate Magalanes ende voorts den Gantschen Kloot des Aerde-bodems om, met vier Schepen: onder den Admirael Olivier Van Noort, van Utrecht, Uytgevaren Anno 1598. 4to.

Utrecht, 1652. Van Pelt, Peter. Oration occasioned by the Death of General Washington, Flatbush, 22d February, 1800., pp. 24.

Brooklyn, 1800. VAN RENSSALAER, SOLOMON. A Narrative of the Affair of Queens

town, in the War of 1812. With a Review of the Strictures on that event, in a Book, entitled “Notices of the War of 1812." 12mo.

N. Y., 1836. Van RensSELAER, . Funeral Sermon, delivered over the body

of the late President, W. H. Harrison. 8vo. Washington, 1841. VAN RENSSALAER Trials. Assault and Battery. Report of the Trials

of the Causes of Elisha Jenkins vs. Solomon Van Renssalaer, etc. Before Arbitrators, at Albany, August 16, 17, 18, 1808. 8vo.

Albany, 1808. VAN SCHAACK, Henry C. Life of Peter Van Schaack, embracing

Selections from his Writings during the American Revolution, and his Exile in England. Portrait. 8vo.

N. Y., 18.42. VANSITTART, HENRY. The History of the First Ten Years of the · Reign of Alemgeer. Written in Persian, by Mahommed Sakec. 4to.

Calcutta, 1785. VANSITTART, NICHOLAS. Reflections on the Propriety of an Immediate Conclusion of Peace. 8vo.

Lond., 1794. - Two Letters on the subject of the British and Foreign Bible So

ciety. 4to., pp. 4. Van Woensel, D. New Experiments with Mercury in the Small

Pox. Translated from the French. By William Fowle, M. D. 8vo.

Salisbury, 1793. VARENIUS, BERNHARD. A Complete System of General Geography, etc. Third Edition. 2 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1736. VaRlo, Charles, Topographical Description of the Counties of Frederick, Berkeley and Jefferson, in Virginia, etc. 8vo.

Winchester, 1810. VARNUM, JOSEPH B., JR. The Seat of Government of the United

States. A Review of the Discussions of Congress and elsewhere,
on the Site and Plans of the Federal City; with a Sketch of its
Present Position and Prospects. Also, a Notice of the Smithsonian
Institute. 8vo.

N. Y., 1848.
Same. Second Edition. 8vo.

Washington, 1854. Vassa, Gustavus. Life of ... written by Himself. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo.

Boston, 1837. VATER, JOHANN SEVERIN. Unterfuchungen uber Amerika's Bevolkerung.

aus dem alten Kontinente dem Herrn Kammerherrn Alex. Von Humboldt gewidmet von ... 8vo.

Leipzig, 1810. Vattel, Emeric De. The Law of Nations; or, Principles of the Law

of Nature, applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns, etc. From the French. 8vo.

Northampton (Mass.), 1805. Vaughan, W. Advice to Young Gentlemen concerning the Conduct of Life. In Two Parts. 1omo., pp. 112.

Lond. Vaughan, WILLIAM. Tracts on Docks and Commerce, etc., with Introduction, Memoir, and Miscellaneous Pieces. 8vo.

Lond., 1839. - Memoirs of, with Pieces relative to Docks, Commerce, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1839. Vaux, Roberts. Memoirs of the Lives of Benjamin Lay and Ralph Sandford. 12mo.

Phil., 1815. - Memoirs of the Life of Anthony Benezet. 12mo. Phil., 1817. - Address delivered before the Philadelphia Society for Promotion

of Agriculture, on 18th January, 1825. 8vo. Phil., 1825. VEGA, Carpio Lope De. Comedias Famosas del Poeta, etc. 8vo.

Valencia, 1605. Velasco, Don ANTONIO Palomino. Las Vidas de los Pintores y

Estatuarios Eminentes Espanoles, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1742. VENABLES, ROBERT. The Experienced Angler, etc. Fifth Edition. 16mo.

Lond., 1683. Venegas, Miguel. A Natural and Civil History of California, etc.

Map and Plates. Translated from the original Spanish. 2 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1759. VENEMA, Pieter. Arithmetica, of Cyffer-Konft Volgens de Munten Maten en Gewigten, te Nieu-York, etc. 12mo., pp. 10.

N. Y., 1730. Venetian Campaigne. A Journal of the . . . A. D. 1687. 4to.

Lond., '1688. Venice. An Authentick Account of the Measures and Precautions used

at ... by the Magistrate of the Office of Health, for the Preser

vation of the Public Health. 4to., pp. 32. • Lond., 1752. Venn, H. Letter to Jonathan Scott, Esq. 8vo., pp. 14. Lond., 1778. - Letter to ... 8vo., pp. 91. [Imperfect.]

- Substance of a Sermon, 19th November, at St. Peter's, Cornhill, before a Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge among the Poor. 8vo., pp. 30.

Lond., 1779. Verdict Unsealed (The). Being a Review of the Testimony given

before the Court convened for the Trial of the Bishop of New York. By Amici Justiciæ. 8vo.

N. Y., 1845. VERDIER, ANTOINE DU (Sieur de Vauprivas.) Prosopographie, ou De

scription des Personnes Illustres, tant Chrestiennes que Prophanes,

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ou se continuant l'Histoire et Chronologie, etc. Folio. Vols. II. III.

Lyon, 1603. VERMILYA, Lucius H. A Year and a Half in Mexico, and at the Battles of Cerro Gordo, Churubusco and Mexico. izmo.

Prattsville, 1848. VERMilye, Thomas E. Introductory Address to the Course of Lec

tures, before the Young Men's Asociation, Albany, December 19th, 1837. 8vo.

Albany, 1837. Discourse on the Death of the Hon. Stephen Van Renssalaer,

delivered at Albany, February 3d, 1839. Vermont. Statutes of the State of ... revised and established by

Authority in the year 1787, including those passed since, 'till January, 1791; likewise the several Acts respecting Sales by the Surveyor-General. 8vo.

Bennington, 1791. - State Papers ; being a Collection of Records and Documents connected with the Assumption and Establishment of Government by the People of Vermont, etc. Compiled and published by William Slade, Jr., Secretary of State. 8vo. Middlebury, 1823. - Journals of the General Assembly of the State of, October, 1822. 8vo.

Montpelier, 1823. - Same, 1826. 8vo.

Rutland, 1827. - Same, 1828-9. 8vo.

Woodstock, 1829–30. Journals of the Senate, O&tober Sessions, 1836–39, 1840–43.

Montpelier, 1836–44. Journals of the House of Representatives, October Sessions, 1838-42-43. 8vo.

Montpelier, 1839-43. - Sessions Laws, from 1826 to 1843, inclusive (1837 wanting). 17 vols., 8vo. Bennington, Woodstock, Middlebury, Burlington, Montpelier,

1826–43. - The Revised Statutes of the State of ... passed November 19th, 1839; to which are added several Public Acts, now in force, etc. 8vo.

Burlington, 1840. Journal of the Convention, to Consider Amendments to the

Constitution of ... A. D. 1843. 8vo. Montpelier, 1843. - Acts and Resolves, passed by the Legislature of the State, at their October Session, 1844. 8vo.

Burlington, 1844. - The Twenty-sixth Annual Report of the Vermont Colonization Society, presented October 16th, 1845. 8vo.

Burlington, 1845. VERPLANCK, Gulian C. Oration delivered July 4th, 1809, before the Washington Benevolent Society of the City of New York. 8vo.

N. Y., 1809. - Anniversary Discourse delivered before the New York Historical Society, December 7th, 1818. 8vo.

N. Y., 1818. A Letter to Colonel William Drayton, of S. C., in assertion of the Constitutional Power of Congress to impose Protecting Duties.

N. Y., 1831. - The Influence of Moral Causes upon Opinion, Science and Lit



erature. A Discourse at Amherst College, August 27th, 1834

N. Y., 1834. VERPLANCK, Gulian C. A Letter to ... on the Reform of the Ju

dicial System of this State. By a Member of the New York Bar. 8vo.

Dec., 1839. VERREN, ANTOINE. La Maison de Dieu ; Sermon prononce le gth

Octobre, 1834, jour de la Consecration du Temple de l'Eglise

Protestante Francaise du Saint-Esprit de New York. N. Y., 1834VERTOOGH van Nieu-Neder-Land, weghens de Ghelegentheydt, Vruchtbaerheydt, en Soberen Staet defselfs. 4to., pp. 49. .

In 's Graven-Hage, 1650. Vertor (L'ABBE.) The History of the Revolutions in Sweden, occa

fioned by the Change of Religion and Alteration of the Government in that Kingdom. Translated by J. Mitchell. Third Edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1711. - The History of the Revolutions that happened in the Government of the Roman Republic. Translated by Mr. Ozell. Fourth Edition. 2 vols., 8vo.

Lond., 1732. VERUs. Letters of . . . addressed to the Native American. 8vo.

Phil., 1797. VESEY, WILLIAM. Sermon preached in Trinity Church, in New York,

in North America, May 12th, 1709, at the Funeral of the Right

Hon. John, Lord Lovelace, etc. 4to., pp. 22. N. Y., 1709. VESPUCCI, AMERIGO. Vita e Lettre di.' 400. Firenze, 1745. VESTRIS, MADAME. Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of; with Anecdotes, Remarks, etc. 8vo.

N. Y., 1838. VESUVIUS (Mt.) The Natural History of, etc. Translated from the

original Italian. 12mo. (See Della Torre. Lond., 1743. VETERAN. A Letter from a... to the Officers of the Army encamped at Boston. 8vo.

America, 1774. VETERINARY SCIENCE. Being an Address to the Gentlemen Farmers and Graziers of Long Isand. 8vo.

1816. Veto. Review of the ... containing an Examination of the Prin

ciples of the President's Message, and his Objections to the Bill to Modify and Continue the A& Rechartering the Bank of the United States. 8vo.

- Observations on the late Presidential Veto, etc. Boston, 1842. VIENNA. Letter from ... relative to the Turks, etc. 4to. 1690.

- Account of the Riot in, 13th April, 1798, occasioned by the French Ambassador hoisting in that City the National Flag of

France. From the German. 8vo., pp. 29. Lond., 1798. VIENNE. Nouveau Guide de, pour les Etrangers et les Nationaux. 12mo.

Vienne, 1800. VIESSEUX, A. The History of Switzerland, from the First Irruption

of the Northern Tribes to the Present Time. With a large colored Map. 8vo.

Lond., 1846. Viets, Roger. Sermon in St. Peter's Church, in Granby, Conn., June 29th, 1800. 8vo., pp. 15.

Hartford, 1800.

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