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Astor LIBRARY. Catalogue of Books .'.. Oriental Linguistics. 8vo.

Astor Library Autographic Press, N. Y., 1854. ATCHESON, NATHANIEL. American Encroachments on British Rights;

or, Observations on the Importance of the British North American Colonies, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1808. ATHENEUM (The); or, Spirit of the English Magazines. Vols. I., III. 8vo.

Boston, 1817–18. [Also, Nos. 6 and 8 of Vol. IV., December 15, 1818, and January 15, 1819.]

A Magazine of Literary and Miscellaneous Information. Conducted by J. Aikin, M. D. Vol. IV. 8vo. Lond., 1808.

[Also, Vol. V., excepting No. for June, 1809.] ATHENIAN Society. The Young Student's Library; containing Ex

tracts and Abridgements of the most valuable Books printed in England and in the Foreign Journals, from the year '65 to this time. Folio.

Lond., 1692. The History of the Athenian Society, etc. Folio, pp. 36. Lond. ATHENS and RomE. A Discourse of the Contests and Disfentions

between the Nobles and Commons in; with the Consequences

they had upon both those States. 12mo., pp. 59. 1728. ATHERTON, CHARLES H. An Address delivered at Concord, before the

New Hampshire Historical Society, at their Annual Meeting,
June 8, 1831. 8vo.

Concord, 1831. ATKINS, JOHN. A Voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West Indies, in His Majesty's Ships the Swallow and Weymouth. 8vo.

Lond., 1735. ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHER. A Refutation of the Case of Christopher Atkinson. 4to.

Lond., 1785. ATKINSON, WILLIAM. The Church. An Explanation of the Meaning contained in the Bible . . . 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1854. ATTLEBOROUGH (Mass.) Constitution of the Society for the Encourage

ment of Agriculture, Arts, and Social Intercourse. 8vo., pp 15. See Wilder, John..

Providence, (1805). ATWATER, CALEB, The Writings of [on Western Antiquities]." 8vo.

Columbus (Ohio), 1833. ATWOOD, THOMAS. The History of the Island of Dominica, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1791. AUBERTEUIL, HILLIARD D'. Eflais Historiques et Politiques sur les

Anglo-Americains (et sur la Revolution de l'Amerique Septentrionale). 8vo. 2 vols. in 4 parts. Maps and Plates.

Bruxelles, 1781–2. AUCHMUTY, Samuel. Sermon before the Corporation for the Relief of

Widows and Children of Clergymen, in the Coinmunion of the Church of England in America, Oct. 2, 1770. With an account, etc. 8vo. pp. 40.

N. Y., 1771. AUCTIONS. Facts, important to be known by the Manufacturers, Mechanics, and all other Classes of the Community. 8vo.

N. Y., 1831.

AUCTIONS inconsistent with regular Trade, and injurious to the City,

Addressed to the People of New York. 8vo. N. Y., 1817. AUCTION Sales. To the Hon. Henry Baldwin, Chairman of the

Committee from whom a Bill has been reported to the House of

Representatives, imposing a Duty on. 8vo. AUFRERE, ANTHONY. Travels through various Provinces of the Kingdom of Naples in 1789. Translated from the German. 8vo.

Lond., 1795. Auld, J. B. A Poetical Essay on the First Good, and the First Fair, with Salutatory Addresses. (Columbia College.) 8vo.

N. Y., 1835. AURORA. See Duane. Austin, James T. Life of Elbridge Gerry, with contemporary Letters ... 2 vols. 8vo.

Boston, 1828–29. AUSTIN, SAMUEL. Sermon before the Massachusetts Missionary Society, May 24th, 1803. 8vo. pp. 32.

Salem, 1803. Austin, Samuel. Discourses at the Dedication of the New Meet

ing House, erected for the use of the Calvinist Church, Worcester. Massachusetts, Oct. 13, 1823. 8vo.

Worcester. AUSTIN, WILLIAM. Oration before the Charlestown Artillery Company,

17th June, 1801.-Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, 8vo. pp. 29.

Charlestown, 1801. - Letters from London. Written during the years 1802 and 1803. 8vo.

Boston, 1804. AUSTIN Settlements. Translation of the Laws, Orders, and Contracts,

on Colonization, from January, 1801, up to this time, in virtue of which Col. Stephen F. Austin has introduced, &c., foreign Emigrants in Texas, with an Explanatory Introduction. 8vo.

San Felipe de Austin, Texas, 1829. AUSTRALIA, (Western). The Journal of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society, for 1842, vol. I. 8vo.

Perth, 1843. AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES. A Report on the Condition, Capabilities, and Prospects of the, &c. 8vo.

Melbourne, 1846. AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS. A Journey through the, etc. By the author of the Journey through England and Scotland. 8vo.

Lond., 1725. AUTHOR's (The) Printing and Publishing Asliftant, including details respecting the Mechanism of Books. 8vo.

N. Y., 1839. AVERY, EPHRAIM K., Strictures on the Cale of, originally published in

the Republican Herald, Providence, R. I., with Corrections, Revifions, and Additions, by Aristides. 8vo. pp. 100.

Providence, 1833. - A Vindication of the Result of the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K.

Avery, to which is prefixed his Statement ..... With a Map.
Izmo. pp. 74.

Boston, 1834. Aves. Case of the Slave Child Med, Arguments of Counsel, and Opinions of the Court in the case of Commonwealth vs. Aves.

Boston, 1836. AYDELOTT, B. P. Our Country's Evils, and Their Remedy.

Cincinnati, 1843 AYLIFFE, JOHN. The Ancient and Present State of the University of Oxford. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1714. - Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani, or a Commentary by way

of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England. Folio.

Lond., 1726. AYLOFFE, WILLIAM. Gulielmus Pacificus : sive Oratio de pace felicissimis Gulielmi III. Auspiciis Regnis Britannicis, etc. 4to.

Cantab., 1697. AYRAULT, CHARLES. Habits of Mind, or Character. A Lecture de

livered before the Young Men's Association of Geneva, March 21, 1839. 8vo. pp. 36.

Geneva, 1839. - An Oration delivered at Geneva, July 4th, 1839. 8vo.

Geneva, 1839. AZARA, Felix De. Voyages dans l'Amerique Meridionale, etc.

avec une Notice par C. A. Walckenaer et Notes par G. Cuvier. 4 vols. 8vo. [Atlas in folio.]

Paris, 1809. Azevedo. See Cunha. Azuni, M. D. A. The Maritime Law of Europe. Translated from

the French. By William Johnson. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1806.

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BABCOCK and STANTON. Cases and Trials that have fubfisted between

Mr. Adam Babcock, at New Haven, in Connecticut, and Phineas
Stanton, Jr., of Stonington. 8vo.

Norwich, 1776. BABBITT, James. On Widow Lucy Green, relict of the late Captain

Green, at Mountholly; delivered in Leicester, Vermont, on Feb.

ruary 17, 1822. 8vo. BABIE, F. et L. BEAUMONT. Galerie Militaire, ou Notices Historiques

sur les Generaux en Chef, etc., qui ont Commande les Armees Francais depuis le commencement de la Revolution, jusqu'a l'an XIII. Portraits.

An XIII. BACHE, Alexander D. Report of the Controllers of the Public Schools,

on the Reorganization of the Central High School of Philadelphia,

1839–40. 8vo. Bache, RICHARD. The Case of Alien Enemies considered and decided,

upon a Writ of Habeas Corpus allowed on the Petition of Charles Lochington, an alien enemy. By Honble. William Tilghian. 22d November, 1813. 8vo.

Phil., 1813. BACHILLER Y Morales, A. Antiguedades Americanos. Noticias que

tuvieron los Europas de la America antes del descubrimiento de Christoval Colon, etc. 4to.

Habana, 1845. Back (Captain). Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the

North of the Great Fish River, and along the Shores of the Arctic
Ocean, in the years 1833, '34, and '35. Map and plates. 8vo.

Lond., 1836.

Rep. Phil., 1836. BACKUs, Azel. Sermon at the Funeral of His Excellency Oliver

Wolcott, Governor of Connecticut. 8vo. Litchfield (1797). - Connecticut Election Sermon, delivered at Hartford, May 10, 1798. 8vo.

Hartford, 1798. - Connecticut Election Sermon, May 10, 1798. 8vo.

Rep. N. Y., 1798. - Inaugural Discourse, as President of Hamilton College, December 3, 1812. 8vo.

. Utica, 1812. Backus, 'CHARLES. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Vinson

Gould, Southampton, August 26, 1801. 8vo. Northampton, 1801. BACKUS, Isaac. Discourse showing the Nature and Necessity of an

Internal Call to preach the Everlasting Gospel, etc.; with an Account of the Experiences, etc. of Nat. Sheppard. 8vo., pp. 115.

Boston, 1754. - A History of New England; with particular reference to the denomination of Christians called Baptists. 2 vols. 8vo.

Boston, 1777–84. Backus, Simon. A Dissertation on the Right and Obligation of the Civil Magistrate to take care of the Interest of Religion, etc. 8vo.

Middletown, 1804. Bacon, David. Trial of Henry B. Hagerman, Esq., on an Indiëtment

for an Assault and Battery, with Intent to Murder, committed on William Coleman, Esq., editor of New York Evening Post. 8vo., pp. 68.

N. Y., 1818. BACON, E. Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, Aliftant Agent of the

United States to Africa. With an Appendix, containing interesting accounts, etc. Second edition.

Phil., 1822. BACON, EZEKIEL. Oration at Williamstown, 4th July, 1799. izmo.

Bennington. Speech on the Judiciary, February 17, 1807. 8vo. Bacon, FRANCIS (LORD). The Historie of the Raigne of King Henry the Seventh. Folio.

Lond., 1622. - Same. Folio.

Lond., 1629. - Sylva Sylvarum ; or, a Naturall Historie. In Ten Centuries. Fifth edition. 4to.

Lond., 1639. Resuscitatio; or, bringing into Publick Light several Pieces of the Works, Civil, Historical, Philosophical, and Theological, etc. Third edition. Folio.

Lond., 1671. Essays, Moral, Economical, and Political. 16mo. Lond., 1801. Bacon, John. Sermon, September 29, 1771, after his Installation and the Ordination of Rev. John Hunt. 8vo., pp. 35.

Boston, 1772. BACON, LEONARD. Thirteen Historical Discourses, on the completion

of Two Hundred Years from the beginning of the First Church in New Haven. With an Appendix. 8vo. New Haven, 1839. - Discourse on the Early Constitutional History of Connecticut, delivered before the Connecticut Historical Society, May 17, 18.43. 8vo.

Hartford, 1843. Bacon, NATHANIEL. An Historical Discourse of the Uniformity of the Government of England. 4to.

Lond., 1647. BAGLIVI, Georgi. Opera Omnia medico-practica et anatomica. Editio feptima. 4to.

Lugdini, 1710. The Practice of Physique reduced to the ancient way of observations; containing a just Parallel between the Wisdom and Experience of the Ancients, and the Hypotheses of Modern Phyficians. Second edition. 12mo.

Lond., 1723. Bagot, Lewis (Bishop of Norwich). Sermon before the Incorporated

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 19, 1790. 4to.

Lond., 1790. Bailey, J. T. An Historical Sketch of the City of Brooklyn, and the

surrounding neighborhood, etc. izmo. Brooklyn, 1840. Bailey, NATHAN. Universal Etymological English Dictionary. 8vo.

Lond., 1773. Bailey, Rufus William. Thanksgiving Sermon in Pittsfield, Massa

chusetts, December 3, 1824. 8vo., pp. 20. Pittsfield, 1825. - Sermon at Pittsfield, March 5, 1826, at the Funeral of Jofiah

and George Guy Moseley. 8vo., pp. 19. Pittsfield, 1826. Bailey, WINTHROP. Sermon before the Third Congregation in Greenfield. 8vo., pp. 8.

Greenfield, 1825. - Sermon in Greenfield, Massachusetts, October 16, 1825; being the Sabbath following the Installation of the Author, etc. 8vo.

Greenfield, 1825. Baillie, John. Two Sermons on the Divinity of Christ and the

Restoration of the Jews. Third edition. 8vo., pp. 73. Lond., 1792. BAIRD, Robert. The Noblest Freedom; or, the Influence of Chris

tianity upon Civil Liberty. A Discourse, addressed to the Alumni of Jefferson College, Pennsylvania. 8vo.

N. Y., 1848. BAKER, Sir James. Admonition, Merry and Wise, to the famous Mr.

Tr p , on his late Encomiums on the Bishop of Bangor. 8vo., pp. 36.

Lond., 1717. BAKER, Sir Richard. Chronicles of the Kings of England, from the

time of the Roman Government to the Death of King George I.

[Title gone.] [Baker, THOMAS.] Reflections upon Learning; wherein is shewn the insufficiency thereof, in its several particulars. Third edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1700. Baker, William. Peregrinations of the Mind, through the most

general and interesting subjects usually agitated in life. Third edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1813. Bakewell. On the Husbandry of Three Celebrated British Farmers,

Messrs. Bakewell, Arbuthnot, and Ducket. Lond., 1811. Balance (The), and Columbian Repository. Vols. I.-IV., inclusive, 1802-5. 4to.

Hudson, N. Y. BALCH, THOMAS. Artillery Election Sermon, Boston, June 6, 1763. 8vo.

Boston, 1763.

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