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us, let us with one Heart beseech God, that he will give us all an Understanding to know, and a Will to choose, both him and his Way of Peace : And that he will so graciousy dispose our Love and Hatred, our Hope and Fear, our Joys and Sorrows; that, quickned in the whole inward Man, we may faithfully seek him here, and finally and eternally enjoy him hereafter, for Jesus Christ's Sake. Amen.


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2 Cor. V. 17. If any Man be in Christ, be is a new Creature.

QUCH is the Power of theGrace of Christ;

such is the mightyInfluence, which goes out from him to heal the Soul ; that whoever is vitally united to him, is thereby recovered from Death and Darkness, to Light and Life. The Mist, which lay, over him, is removed, and he has an unseen World, and an invisibleGod,in fullView before him. Directed by the glorious Prospects which he beholds, he apprehends not in the Manner that others do ; he can no more take up his Rest in the unsatisfying and perishing Joys of Time'; he disdains such little Things as earthly Honor, human Respect, and dirty Lucre; he is grown ambitious of greater K


Things, and will be content with nothing short of Honor in the Court above, with nothing less than the Love and Favor of God, with nought beneath an Inheritance eternal in the Heavens : Yea, should he be offered even these, the very Place of Archangels, for ten millions of Ages, he would be dissatisfied ; must have Heaven for ever, or All is nothing. It is God who is the sole, the supreme, Object of his Chcice and Love: God propitious to Sinners in his Son Jesus, and Jesus saving and quickning the Dead in Trespasses and Sins by the Operation of the Spirit. For God he bopes, he thirsts for the living God; he waits for that gracious Day, when being throughly fit for God, GOD shall be his Portion for ever. Here his Heart is fixed: And he cannot endure, whatever would prevent the blessed Poffeffion; fearful, left any how he should come short of it, and filled with disconfolate Grief, if at any Time he lose Sight of it. Such are the Wonders of Divine Grace, and such the Might of Christ to new-form the Spirits of Men.

The proposed Method leads me on now to describe the Expression or Exercises of the renewed Mind. We have seen the inward Parts of the new Creature; have been ex. ploring the nobler Half of us, that Half which, it is to be feared, is but little known or inquired into. How the new Creature


apprebends, and chooses, and is affeEted, hath been discovered. And where the Root, the Principle, is reformed and holy, the Branches fent forth will also be fančtified. External Sanctity is but a pretended Shew, or a fond Mistake, while the Heart remains defiled : But where this hath put on the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy Influence will shed itself through the whole Man; and every Thought, Word, and Action, will speak the inward Change. .

These, the Thoughts, Words, and Astions, do include the whole Conduct :. There being no other Expressions of the Mind, but thele. Accordingly, our remaining Labor is to illustrate the new Creature's Character in this Way of Thinking, Speaking, and Acting Nor shall it be found upon Inquiry, that he hath less Peculiarity of Conduct, than he hath been seen to have of Sentiment. His Manner is intirely his own; not in the least Thing; neither Thought, Word, or most insignificant Action, is any other like him. As a Child of God, as an Heir and Expectant of Heaven, he lives in a singular Way among the Sons of Men: Distinguished from them, and utterly unlike to them. As a Prince, royally begotten, and trained up for a Throne, all his Behaviour bespeaks the Dignity of his Birth, and the Greatness of his Inheritance. Pretenders may mimic his Garb, and affect his Manner; in his Ab

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