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this nere Creature, the Work of Christ in us, or the Power which the humble Soul (the Person brought to the teachable, abased, and manageable Disposition of a little Child) hath obtained, to turn from Sin unto God, by Means of Faith. Whether we consider Cbrist living in his Members, or whether we consider the Desires of a truly humbled Mind, this new Creature is the Completion of such Desires, the Life of such a Member; and is at once the great Evidence of our Union with Christ, and of the Sincerity of our Faith. " Tor..

I SHALL go on therefore to the Second main Point above laid down, which is, the Description of the new Creature:

, • But I'cannot enter upon this Matter so hastily, as not to beg one Moment, that I may previously engage your Attention to it. You are about, every one of you, to be brought to a Trial by the Word of God, at the Bar of your own Consciences, whether ye be in Cbrift, or not; that is, whether God be, this Day, your Father, or your Avenger; whether ye belong to Cbrist, or.' Belial; whether ye be Inheritors of the King. dom of Heaven, or Children of Wrath, And such an Inquiry, one cannot but judge, must awaken, or comfort, or quicken you. Truly, it is no light Thing, either to be, or not to be, in Cbrift. To be in Christ :

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Hear, how our Apostle triumphs in the Blessedness of such a State! All things are yours, whetber Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the World, or Life, or Death, or Things.present, or Things to come; all are yours, if ye are Christ's (m).--Not to be in Cbrift: How doth all, more than conceivable, Misery stand proclaimed against such a Condition, in that one awful Word, He that believeth not the Son, fhall not see Life; but ibe Wralb of God abidetb on him (n). i .

A QUESTION of such Moment as this, warns you, to lay aside vain Curiosity, and deceitful Excufes, and all Application to olbers of what you shall hear; and to put on Meekness of Spirit, and the Discernment of a single Eye, with an heedful Attention: It calls upon me, to address you with Caution and Freedom, that I may neither go beyond, or fall fhort of the Truth, in this Description of the Neve Creature, May GOD be with us herein, both one and anos ther; that neither our Preaching, nor your Faith, may be found vain ! :'; ii;

That you may enter with me the more readily into this Description, I shall lay be fore you the Plan upon which I intend to proceed, and the particular Views. I am to have before me, whilft I fhall be describing

the Charakter of the new Creature. ; --(m) 1 Cor. ii. 22, 23. :... (n) John iii. 36.


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As to the Plan, it is this.

First, To let you into the Nature of the Character, from a general Account of it; and then,

Secondly, To go through a Survey of this Character, in the several Branches of it: And this by laying open his Soul to you, in an Illustration of the Apprehensions of bis Understanding, ibe Choice of bis Will, and the Exercise of his Affe&tions.

Tbirdly, I WILL represent to you the Expreljions and Working sof such a renewed Soul, in his Thoughts, Words and Aktions, whether they regard what he doth not do, or what be dotb.

As to the Views I have with me, they are these ; principally to give an Account of the new Creature : Secondarily, to shew the Opposition there is between this Charalter and that of the careless Sinner : Collaterally to undeceive the formal Professor: In Pursuit of which Scheme, I shall make it my business, as I go along describing the new Creature, to set the natural Man over-against it; and also carefully to mark the Difference, where-ever the formal Profeffor, who is indeed altogether unrenewed, (as he will find by the two Characters to be drawn up of the new Man and the old) seems to carry a Resemblance of the new Creature.--And in all this, my Design is to be as practical as pof


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sible ; and therefore I purpose to lead you into all these Points, in a way of Enquiry ; wishing, that while you are made to fee what the new Creature is, you may take the Matter to yourself, and examine if you have, or have not a Title to that Character. · The First Thing I have to do is, to let you into the Nature of the new Creature's Character, from a general Account of it.

And here I will represent him to you, as one-whose Eyes are opened to a right Sense of himself and all Things, or who is humble;- whose main Business in Life is the Care of his Soul; -- who is ready to this spiritual Work; and, who hungers for Growth in it. . . 1. His Eyes are opened to a right Sense of : himself and all Things; or, be is bumble. It is only a just Estimation of ourselves, and of the other Things, with which we are concerned, that can shew us our Friends and our Enemies; the Path we must take, and that we must avoid ; our Interests and our Dangers. This is what leads the Way with the new Creature, putting every Thing upon its right Footing, and keeping a Man's Face directly set towards God And therefore I place this just Estimation of Things, this Humility, in the Front of the new Creature's Walk. So our Lord places it, you know, as the introductory Grace, in his Sermon


upon the Mount, Blessed are the Poor in Spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (0).

Now hereby I mean, not that Humiliation or Heart-breaking Concern, 'which attends the first Awakenings out of a State of Sin; brings the Sinner to the Foot of the Cross for Pardon, Grace, and Acceptance; and so lays the Foundation of the Christian Building But I am supposing the Foundation already laid, and therefore intend here no more than Humility, the Christian Grace, which alone keeps up, as well as raises this spiritual House. And this I have called a juft Sense and Estimation of all Things.'

I SHALL now shew you more particularly, what I mean by it. More fully therefore :

HUMILITY hath placed the Man in his right Station in the Order of Beings; causing him to regard himself as a Creature of God's Power and Goodness, and a De-: pendent upon his sovereign Will and Government : And, in this Connexion, hath taught him to know, that by his Sins, the perverse Rebellion of his Heart, and the wanton Licentiousness of his Life, he hath darkened God's Glory, disturbed his Government, abused his Goodness, wearied his Patience, and provoked his Justice to a deserved Sentence of Exclusion from Rest and Happiness. But then it hath disposed ro) Matt, v. 3.'



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