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D. Appleton & Company's Publications.

MISCELLANEOUS WORKS-Continueu. LEE, E. B. Life of Jean Paul F., SCOTT’S Marmion. 16100. 37 cta Richter, 12mo. $1 25.

- Lay of the Last Minstrel LEGER'S History of Animal Mag- 25 cents. netisin. 12mo. $1.


lated 12mo. 75 cts. TINENTS. By R. M, Ward.


1G History of the Florida Cloth, $1.

War. Map and Plates. 8vo. $2 50. LORD, W. W. Poems. 12mo. 75 a. SHAKSPEARE'S Dramatic Works

Christ in Hades. and Life. ] Vol., 8vo. $2. 12mo. 75 cts.

SOUTHEY'S Life of Oliver OromMACKINTOSHI, M. J. Woinan in well. 18mo. Cloth, 38 cts.

America. Cath, 62 cts. ; paper, 38 cts. STEWART'S Stable Economy. Edit. MAHON'S (Lord) History of Eng- ed by A. B. Allen. 12mo. Nustrated. $1

land, Edited by Prof. Reud. 2 Vols., SOUTHGATE (Bishop). Visit to 8vo. $4.

the Syrian Church. 12mo. $1. MICHELET'S History of France. SQUIER'S Nicaragua; Its People, 2 Vols., 8vo. $3 50.

Antiquities, &c. Maps and Plates. 2 Vols., Life of Martin Lu

8vo. $5. ther. 12mo. 75 cts.

STEVENS' Campaigns of the Rio History of Roman Grande and Mexico. 8vo. Paper, 38 cts. Republic, 12mo. _$1.

SWETT, Dr. Treatise on the Disn. The Pec ple. 12mo. eases of the Chest. 8vo. $3. Cloth, 63 cts. : paper, 38 cts.

TAYLOR, Gen. Anecdote Book, MATTHEWS & YOUNG. Whist Letters, &c. 8vo. 25 cts.

and Short Whist. 18mo. Cl th, gilt, 45 ets. TUCKERMAN'S Artist Life. BioMILES on the Horse's Foot; How graphical Sketches of American Painters.

to keep it Sound. 12mo. Cuts. 25 cts. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cts. MILTON'S Paradise Lost. 38 cts. TAYLOR'S Manual of Ancient and MOORE, C. C. Life of George Cast- Modern History. Edited by Prof. Henry, riot, King of Albania 12mo. Cloth, $1.

8vo. Cloth, $2 25; sheep, $250. NAPOLEON, Life of, from the THOMSON on the Food of Animals Frencl. of Laurent de l'Ardechee. 2 Vols.

and Man. Cloth, 50 cts. ; paper, 38 cts. in 1. 8vo. 500 Cuts. Im. mor., $3.

TYSON, J. L. Diary of a Physician OATES, GEO. Tables of Sterling in California. 8vo. Paper, 25 cts.

Exchange, from £1 to £10,000—from 1-8th WAYLAND'S Recollections of Real of one per cent, to twelve and a half per Life in England. 18mo. 31 cts. cent., by eighths, etc., etc. 8vo. $3. WILLIAMS' Isthmus of TehuantoInterest Tables at 6

pec; Its Climate, Productions, &c. Maps per cent. Per Annum. 8vo. $2.

and Plates. 2 Vols., 8vo. $350. - Abridged Edit. $1 25. WOMAN'S Worth; or, Hints to

Interest Tables at 7 Raise the Female Character. 18mo. 38 cts. per cent. per Annum. 8vo. $2.

WARNER'S Rudimental Lessons in Abridged Edit. $1 25. Music. 18mo. 50 cts.

Sterling Interest Ta- WYNNE, J. Lives of Eminent bles at 5 per cent. per Annum, from £1 to

Literary and Scientific Men of America. £10,000. 4to. $5.

12mo. Cloth, $1. O'CALLAGHAN'S History of New- WORDS WORTH, W. The PreYork under the Dutch, 2 Vols. $5.

lude. An Autobiographical Poem, 12mo. POWELL'S Living Authors of Cloth, $1. England. 12mo. $1.

LAW BOOKS. REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED 'ANTHON'S Law Study; or, Guido STATES ; Its Duties, &c. 12mo. $1.

to the Study of the Law. 8vo. $3. REID'S New English Dictionary, HOLCOMBE'S Digest of the Deck

with Derivations. 12mo. $1. RICHARDSON on Dogs. Their

sions of the Supreme Court of the United

States, from its commencement to the proHistory, 'Treatment, &c. Cuts. 25 cts.

sent time. Large 8vo. Law sheep, $6. ROBINSON CRUSOE. Only com

Supreme Court Loadplete Edition. 300 Cuta. 8vo. $1 50.

ing Cases in Commercial Law. 8vo. $4. ROWAN'S History of the French

Law of Debtor and Revolution. 2 Vols. in i. 63 cts.

Creditor in the United States and Carada BOYER'S Modern Domestic Cook- 8vo. $4. ery

12mo. Paper cover, 75 cts.; bd., $1. SMITH'S Compendium of MercanBCOTT'S Lady of the Lake. 88

tile Law. With large American addition cents.

by Holcombe and Gholson, 8vs. 84 50. 2

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" Il est propre à tout, disent ses amis; ce qui signifie toujours qu'il n'a pas plus de
talent pour une chose que pour une autre; ou, en autres termes, qu'il n'est propre à
rien."-LA BRUYÈRE.







JUNE 28, 1938


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