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but they regarded that great mystery, as casting a portion of its radiance before and behind, and giving efficacy to other acts con

the same word in Arabic, which occurs also in the form pwgj. In Assem. Bibl. Or. t. i. p. 31. S. Ephraem is related to have received, when 28, the boo; 14.? aballo!“ seal of Baptism,” i. e. Baptism itself.

The three words are joined, as synonymous, and as belonging to Baptism, in a hymn of S. Ephraem, on the oil, “ Dear is the oil of the Holy Spirit, and as His minister and disciple, cleaveth it unto Him, wherewith he marked priests and Christs; for the Holy Spirit with oil impresses His mark upon His Sheep; for as the seal-ring impresseth its mark on the wax, so is the hidden seal (Ib An) of the Spirit stamped (122450) by oil upon the bodies of those anointed in Baptism, and in Baptism they are marked” (bas;). Ass. ib. p. 94.

Old Gallican.

Consecration of Font. (Ass. ii. 40.) -- " that whosoever is baptized in it, may become a temple of the living “God, through the remission of sins, in the Name of God the Father Almighty, “and Christ Jesus His Son, and the Holy SPIRIT, (Who will judge the world " by fire) through this seal, which abideth for ever and ever."


(4th cent.) In the Church of Milan, at least, in the time of $t. Ambrose, a portion containing 2 Cor. i. 22. was read as a baptismal lesson. See the end of Note E.

Old Gothic.

Blessing of the People. (i. 37.) “Let the heavenly seal which Thou hast vouchsafed to bestow upon them, O "LORD, continue in them t, that protected by the Holy SPIRIT, they may be “ thought worthy to receive increase of faith, protection of soul, health of bodies. “Grant them the riches of an unspotted life, &c."


Prayer for Catechumen. (i. 164.) “—make him fit to receive pure and without spot the light and seal of Thy “Christ, and the gift of Thy Holy and Consubstantial Spirit.”


(i. 337.) "—make him a reason-endowed sheep of the flock of Thy Christ, an honour“able member of Thy Church, a son and heir of Thy kingdom, that walking “according to Thy commandments, and keeping the seal unbroken, and to the end preserving the garment undefiled, he may attain to the blessedness of the "saints in Thy kingdom,"


(i. 166,.7.) "Make him a sheep of the Holy flock of Thy CHRIST, an elect member of 142 BAPTISM -SEAL OF HOLY SPIRIT, UNTO LIFE, PRESERVATIVE

nected with it. The Church, whose doctrines they express, regards our Lord, as “ favourably allowing this charitable work of”

“ the Church Catholic, a clean vessel, a child of light, an heir of thy kingdom, " that he may strive, according to the commands of Christ, and keep the seal “immovable, and preserve the garment incorruptible, and obtain the felicity of “ Thy chosen, through Jesus Christ our Lord, through Whom, &c.

Revised Syriac.

(i. 220.) After part quoted above, p. 38. “ - to the end that they may be sheep of " the true Shepherd, sealed with the seal of Thy HOLY SPIRIT, and honourable “ members in the body of Thy Holy Church, that they may be worthy of the “ blessed hope, and of the appearing of our God and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST."

Preface to Prayer. (i. 221.) “ Glory be to the FATHER, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, the “ King of Heaven, undefilable, invisible, the only wise God, in Whom the whole “ family in heaven, and on earth is named ; tbrough Whom we have received “ access ; in whom we have been sealed unto the day of redemption, Who in “ Unity is conceived, and in Trinity is known, and believed, and adored, and “ glorified.”

Prayer. (i. 223.) " Now then, O LORD, lover of man, keep these Thy servants and Thy "maidens, who have known Thy truth, and approach to receive the mark of " adoption of sons.” Ib. i. 227, 8, Apostolic, by Severus, ii. 272. Maronite, by James of Sarug. ii. 335.

" — these Thy servants, who are prepared for Holy Baptism, that in Thee “they may be marked to life, and born to spirituality, and be written in the “ kindred of Thy promises, and so all the hurtfulness of the Adversary may “ depart far from their life, and Thy seal may be to them a cleansing and a “ preservative."


Bidding Prayer by Deacon. (i. 178, 9.) " —He delivered this Sacrament of Holy Baptism to the Holy Apostles, when “ He sent them to call the people, and to the conversion of men; and com“ manded them to make it the beginning of the faith,—and the sign of them who “ were converted from error to the acknowledgnient of the truth. But the “ Apostles handed down this form to the priests and rulers of the flock of CHRIST, “ to be to them a mark ", and an instruction in all generations. And now, be

1 " This hath made us a royal flock," Chrys. ad Eph. iv. “ Through the “all-holy SPIRIT we have been made a divine flock.” Theod. ad Eph. iv. See also Note C.



theirs, in bringing new members to Him, and so, believing that He anticipated a portion of His grace, to preserve them during the

“ hold ! many are prepared to receive the gift of Baptism for the confession of " the precious Passion of our SAVIOUR, their soul in faith and love conformable “to Him, Who by regeneration renewed our nature, and remitted our sin, and "raised our fall, and they wait for the holy seal, and through the Baptism of “remission to become members, and conformed to Him who is the Head of the "Church, and first-born from the dead."

Thanksgiving for Baptism and Intercessory, ib. i. 183. “Let us pray for these our sons and daughters, who are about to receive the " mark of life, renouncing Satan and all his works." Prayer for Infants, Eight Days Old. Greek, i. 121. Antioch, ib. i. 203.

let the light of Thy countenance be marked upon this Thy servant, "and let the Cross of Thy Only-Begotten Son be marked upon his heart and " thoughts, that he may flee the vanity of the world, &c."

“Grant that Thy holy Name may abide upon him, that at the fitting hour “ he may come to Thy Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, and be perfected " by the awful Sacraments of Thy CHRIST, and walk according to Thy precepts, " and preserve unhurt the seal, and obtain the blessedness of Thy chosen, “through the goodness, and loving-kindness towards man of Thy Only-Begot"ten Son, with whom Blessed art Thou, with Thy All-Holy, Good, and Life“ giving SPIRIT, now, &c.” Apostolic Syriac from Greek, by James of Edessa.

(i. 263.) “ – Thou, LORD God, stretch forth the right hand of Thy mercy over this Thy “maid-servant, who is prepared for Holy Baptism, and sanctify, and cleanse, "and brighten her by Thy sin-remitting hyssop, and bless and keep Thy “people and Thy heritage ; and as by Thy Baptism Thou hast clothed us with “the robe of glory, and the mark of the Holy Life-giving SPIRIT, &c."

Antioch, by Severus.

(ii. 282, 3.) “O LORD God, Who entrustedst this spiritual ministry of Holy Baptism to "the godly Apostles, perfect now by us, Thy defiled and sinful servants, this "soul, which is prepared for Holy Baptism, that it may be adorned by the gifts “ of the Holy Spirit, Who is given to it from Thee, that by Him it may be "marked unto life, and written among the children of grace, and raise to Thee “ befitting praise, and to Thy FATHER, and to Thy HOLY SPIRIT."

Maronite, by James, Bishop of Sarug.

Blessing, (ii. 316.) “God, who hath called thee by His grace, and brought thee by His mercy "to receive the holy mark, He fit thee for the garment of redemption from the "waters of Baptism, that thou mayest be clothed with the robe of glory, through

interval until they are fully prepared for Baptism, they ventured to affix His "seal" on the Catechumens '; or, after Baptism ?,

“the descent of the Holy SPIRIT, and be made meet for the adoption of sons “through Holy Baptism for ever.”

Chaldee- Malabar. Prayer on the Consecration of Oil to be iningled with the Water of Baptism.

(ii. 196, 7.) “Now then also, O Lord, let that great and divine Sacrament be perfected “through Thy grace, and may grace from the gift of Thy Holy SPIRIT come “ and dwell and abide upon this oil, and bless it, and seal it, and sanctify it, in “the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and let this oil “ of anointing be, by the power of Thy grace, such, that it may impart to those “ who are anointed therewith in the life-giving impress, given in the Name of the

FATHER, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, perfect and true holiness, "and the high participation in the kingdom of Heaven, in this Baptism, where " with he is baptized in the likeness of the Passion, and Death, and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

On pouring the Oil into the font. (ib. 201.) “These waters are signed and sanctified with the holy oil, that they may “ become a new womb, bearing a spiritual birth through sin-remitting Baptism “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, for ever "and ever.” Syriac Hymn in Liturgy of Severus. (ii. 299.) Jerusalem. (ii. 237. 243. 260.) "Descend, our brother who art sealed.”

i Old Ambrosian. Signing with Cross, after Exorcism. (ii. 45. 50.) “Receive the sign of the cross, keep the Divine commands; to-day thou art “re-born by the word of God, and formed by heavenly light. Now, then, “look for the heavenly promises, and the coming of God Almighty, that thou " mayest hope for the coming of the WORD incarnate, born of a Virgin, an“nounced to believers, by invocation of Whom thou art illuminated, and by “ whose seal thou art marked in the forehead by this mark which shall not be "effaced, in the Name of + God the Father Almighty, and in the Name of + “Jesus Christ, His Son, who shall come to judge quick and dead, and the « world by fire." Amen.

“Grant that the inscription of the mark of the holy + cross of Thy Only-Begot“ ten, may protect this little one, ignorant of ill, &c." See further, p. 60.

Old Roman. Sacramentary of Gelasius (MS. of 7th cent. Ass. i. 4, 5). Gregorian (ib. p. 23).

Tours (9th cent. ib. p. 44). Beauvais (10th cent. p. 47). Others, p. 49, 50.

i See p. 149.



they again visibly and formally affixed it, thereby representing to the mind what has just been worked invisibly by the Holy

52. 53. Poictiers (9th cent. i. 61. ii. 59.) Roman Ordo Bapt. Parvul. (ii. 15.) Gellon (ii. 56.) Chelle (9th cent. ii. 61.) S. Germain (91h cent. ii. 64.) Moisac (9th cent. ii. 67.) Gladbach (ii. 73.) Lodi (ii. 77.) Old Limoges (ii. 84.)

Prayer in making Catechumens. “ Open to them the gate of Thy righteousness, that being endued with the " mark (signo) of Thy wisdom, they may be freed from the foulness of all evil “ desires, and in the sweet savour of Thy commands, may serve Thee joyfully “ in the Church, and profit from day to day, that they may be made mcet to " approach to the grace of Thy Baptism, receiving the medicine.” [Gregorian. The same till “ day to day," then“ signed (signati) by the promises of Thy

grace, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who will come to judge,” &c. i. 23.]

“ LORD, we beseech Thee, mercifully hear our prayers, and keep these Thy “elect by the virtue of the Cross of the LORD, with whose impress we mark " them, that retaining the rudiments of the greatness of glory, by the keeping " of Thy commandments, they may be accounted worthy to come to the glory “ of the regeneration."


Sacram. of Gelasius (i. 6.) Gregorian (i. 24.) Tours (i. 45.) Beauvais (i. 46.)

Remiremont (i. 47.) Others, p. 50, 51, 52. Liège (i. 82.) Severinus (i. 90.) Roman Ordo Bapt. Parvul. (ii. 16.) Chelle (ii. 61.) S. Germain (ii. 64.) Moisac (ii. 67.) Limoges (ii. 85, 86.)

“ By this holy mark of the Cross, which we place upon their foreheads, thou " accursed Devil, dare not to injure (them)" or, “ This holy mark—dare not “ to injure.” (Liège, Limoges.)

Gothic, and uld Gallican.

For an Infant. (Ass. i. 29.) “ Let them, O LORD, before they know good or evil, be signed with the seal of Thy Cross.

“ Receive the seal of CHRIST ; take the words of God; be enlightened by the “ word of the LORD; for this day hast thou been confessed by Christ.

“ I sign 1 thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy

1 This form is found with variations in several of the Gallican forms:

In MS. of Remiremont of 11th cent.—"Receive the seal of God the FATHER, " and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. (Gladbach, ii. 72.) I sign thee in " the forehead in the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, that thou mayest trust " in Him ; I bless thine eyes, that thou mayest see His brightness ; ears, that

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