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In 1705, a chaplainship to some of the nobility at the Hague was offered him, which he accepted. Here he continued till his death, He was constantly attended by a very crowded and brilliant assembly. He was heard with the utmost attention, and his ministerial labors were abundantly blessed by the great Head of the church.

He departed this life, for a better, on the 30th of December, 1730, at the age of 52, sincerely and universally regretted by the people of his charge, and by all, who had the happiness of an acquaintance with him.

Mr. Saurin's printed sermons are comprised in twelve volumes. From those, which have been translated, this selection has been carefully made by a gentleman of leisure, judgment, and taste.

To those, who have not had opportunity for perusing the sermons of this celebrated divine, the following recommendation may not be unacceptable.


Approbation of the Walloon Church at

Dort, employed by the Synod of
Utrecht, to examine the sermons of
Mr. Saurin.

“ WE have found nothing in all these sermons,contrary to the doctrine received among us.

We have remarked every where, a manly eloquence ; a close reasoning ; an imagination, lively and proper, to establish the Truth of our holy religion ; and to explain, substantially and elegantly, the doctrines of morality. Accordingly, we believe they will effectually contribute to edify the Church, and to render more and more respectable the memory of this worthy servant of God; whose death, the examination of his works, hath given us a fresh occasion to lament. We attest this to the venerable Synod at Utrecht. In the same sentiments, we send the present attestation to our dear brother, Mr. Dumont, paftor and

professor at Rotterdam, whom the late


Mr. Saurin appointed, by his will, to take the charge of publishing such of his works as were fit for the press. Done at the Consistory of the Wal

loon Church, at Dort, May 20th, 1731, and signed by order of all, by H. G. Certon, Pastor. S. Comperat, Pastor. Adrian Bruets Jacobz, Elder. John Backris, Elder. John Van Breda, Deacon. Simon Taay Van Campen, Deac.'

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