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Blackstone on the Origin of Slavery,
Bourdeaux Wines, Claret, &c.,
Bingley's Useful Knowledge, review of
Birkbeck's Journey in America, reviewed,
British Refugees permitted to return,
British Navy, disposition of,
Buchanan's Notice to British Subjects,
Buonaparte's Life, by himself,
Burgundy Wines, and Wine of Beause,

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Canning, Mr., anecdote of,
Census of Paris,
Chevalier St. George, challenged,
China, statistical account of,
Chinese Tea Merchant's Declaration,
Chimnies, New Method of Constructing,
Chemistry, Agricultural, by Davy,
Classification of Human Knowledge, by Bacon,
Clarification of the Juice of the Sugar Cane,
Clergy of Virginia, their suit for tobacco,
Clergyman, one requested to publish a Sermon,
Coffee Simmerer, described by John Carey,
Colden's Life of Fulton, notice of,
Coleridge's Sybelline Leaves, notice of,
College of Jesuits at Stonyhurst,

St. Mary's, defence of,
Congelation, artificial,
Congo Expedition, return from,

expedition to, further account of,
Constitution of the United States Opposed,
Contrast, some striking ones exhibited in Paris,
Conversations on Botany, notice of,
Cooper's Lectures, notice of,
Cowper's Description of some Gypsies,
Cornelison's Oration at Ghent, translation of,
Curiosities of Literature. by D’Israeli,
Curiosity, a laughable instance of,
Custom-House officers in Boston and in London,
Cuvier's Theory of the Earth,

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De Foe, author of Robinson Crusoe,
Death, by the wind of a cannon ball,
Debut, of Mr. P. Henry,
Delaplaine's Repository, Part II, reviewed,
Delaware, a Morning's Walk in the State of,
Description of Egypt, published in France,
Destruction of Alimentary Substances,
Despair, sonnet to, by H. T. F.,
Diamond cutting Glass, theory of,
Diet, many remarks on,
Discoveries, New, made in Egypt,
Distillation of Sea Water, to make it portable,
Dongolese Horses,
Dog, worming of a,
Drag, new one, for Searching after the Dead,
Dry-Rot in Trees and Timber accounted for,
Dunmore, Lord, his flight,
Duty on Magazines, &c., in France,

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Ears, artificial, for Deaf Persons,
Carthquakes, several in a short time,

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Economy of French Cookery,
Edgeworth Family, account of,
Edinburgh Monthly Magazine, account of,
Elastic Fluids, specific gravities of,
Elba, Buonaparte's situation in it described,
Elephant, attacked in Ceylon,
English Bishoprics, the value of the,
Enigma, a poetical one, by Lord Byron,
Emigrant’s Guide, review of,
Eruption of Mount Ætna,
Exports from Great Britain from 1792 to 1816,
Expedition, Royal Literary,

to Congo, further account of,
Faa, Johnnie, a Gypsey, some account of,
Fayette, general la, account of,
Fitch, his experiments on Steam-boats,
Flame, sir H. Davy's opinion of it,
Fogs, charged with the electric fluids,
- France, state of education, and of the press in,
Friendly Islands, some account of,
Fulton, Colden's life of, reviewed,
Gases, escape of, through capillary tubes,
Geology, outlines of, by Brande,
Geological Society, transactions of,
Genlis, Madame de, account of,

her works,
Ginger, found efficacious in rheumatic affections,
Grain, musty, how to sweeten it,
Grave of a Soldier, poetry on, by E. J.
Gregson's Patent Furnace,
Grenfell's Speech,
Grosvenor, Mrs., sketch of her life,
Gleid-Neckit Will, a Gypsey Chief,
Germany, Royal Literary Expedition from,
Gypsies, Origin of the Scottish,
Gordon, Old Jean, a Meg Merrilies,

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Haddrill's Point, engraved view of,
Hare's Blow-pipe,
Hayti, report of national schools in,
Heat and cold, sensations of,
Henderson on Negro slaves in the British colonies, reviewed,
High-pressure steam engines, not safe,
Horse-power, experiments on,
Horsley's biblical criticism,
Hospitals in Paris, report concerning,
Humboldt's Travels, translated,
Hypochondriacal affections treated of,
Henry Patrick, his birth, education, &c.,
History, Natural,
Hogg's Queen's Wake,

Poetry on the Gypsies,

Account of some Gypsies, Hook, Factitious Story of John, Ichthyology of St. Helena, Independence, Declaration of, Indians, some in Connecticut,

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Ladies of France,
Lalla Rookh, a poem, by Moore,
Lament of Tasso, a poem, by Lord Byron,
Languedoc Wines, account of,
Lancasterian System of Education,
Large Lie and the Little Lie,
Lee's Draught rejected in Congress,
Leyden's Description of the Gypsies,
Letters on the State of Education, and of the Press, in France,
Letter to Betsey, from her father,
Letters from Margaret Bonaparte,
Life of Omar Bashaw, Dey of Algiers,

Patrick Henry, reviewed,
Line, ceremony of crossing the, described,
Lithography, or Engraving in Stone,
Livingston's Right of Steam Navigation,
Locusts of New South Wales,
Locusts of North America, some account of,
Lord Lyttleton's Dream and Death,
Lynch's Law, and the roasted turkey,

341 223 319 473 170 514 457

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Macauly, letter from, respecting the African Institution,
Magnetism, Animal, in repute,

440 Mahogany Saw-Dust converted into Paste,


313 Manfred, a poem, by Lord Byron, Martin's account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, and of their language, 39 Marshal, Billy, the Gypsey, account of,

405 Melancholy, how to be cured,

65 Modern Greece, a poem, reviewed,

391 Motion, Perpetual of M. Maillardet and others,

258, 351 varieties of Muscular,

299 Musical Instrument, a Chinese,

426 Napoleon Musuem of Statues, re-opened,

168 Nervous affections treated of by Reid,

61 Netberlands, machine for clearing canals, used in,

344 Ncutrals, some French, relieved by Benezet,

110 South Wales, some account of,

57, 428 i56.

247, 342, 493, 510


255 444 466 344 148

Opera, the Italian, proposals concerning,
Oratory in Virginia, on the Stump,

aided by a Thunder Storm,
Orchestra, composed of four instruments,
Ornithology of St. Helena,
Pantomimical Characters among the Romans,
Patterson, Mrs., wife of Jerome Bonaparte,
Patriots in South America,
Pettigrew's Memoirs of Lettsom, reviewed,
Persian Anthology,
Plants, properties of some ascertained,
Pocahontas, and other Indian Ladies,
Poetry of Dr. Symmons, John Scott, and Dr. Wolcot,
Ponsonby, Mr., his death and character,
Poor Laws of Great Britain and America,
Pope's favourite beech trees, at Binfield,
Portraiture of Domestic Slavery, review of,
Potatoes, Method of Preserving,
Predictions, two extraordinary ones fulfilled,
Press, state of the, in France,
Printing Houses at St. Petersburgh, fourteen,
Public Houses among the Ancients,
Quadrupeds and Reptiles of St. Helena described,

American, history preparing,
Quaker Preacher, a picture of a,
Quarterly Theologieal Review, notice of,

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Reid on Insanity, review of,
Residence in France, merits of a,
Resolutions of Patrick Henry, adopted,
Revenues of the Parochial Clergy in England,
Riley's Narrative, English edition of,
Robinson Crusoe, its originality,
Robinson, Mr., his Scheme of a Loan Office,
Roman Antiquities lately disclosed,
Roofing of Houses, a material for the,
Rutledge, of South Carolina,
Sagacity of some animals, especially of dogs and horses,
Say's American Entomology, reviewed,
Seaman, an American, on a rock,
Shepherds of the Landes in the South of France,
Sitting below the Salt, explained,
Sketches of American Customs, &c., by an Englishman,
Slavery, the Right of, &c., considered,

Abolished in Ceylon,
Spencer and Mistress Rosalind,
Spots on the Sun's Disk,
stael, Madame de, anecdote concerning,
Steam Engines and Steam Boats, how rendered secure,
Steam Boat of Norwich, accident that befel,
Stewart's History of Philosophy, reviewed,
Sully, the Painter, an allusion to,
Swiss Tradition, translation of a,
Syria Siddhanta,

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Tales of My Landlord,
Tobacco, stipends to be paid in,
Torrey on Domestic Slavery,
Torture, Captain Olivan put to the, in Spain,
Tradition, sketch of one, by a Monk,
Training of Horses, Boxers, Pedestrians, &c.,
Turk, a young one eating his god,
Usury, Considerations on,
Universal Suffrage and Annual Parliaments,
Vatican Library, fragments of Cicero found in,
Vaux, Robert, his Life of Benezet,
Vessels, plan to prevent them from sinking,
Vienna, an Academy at,
View of Miss Edgeworth's Residence,
View-Hunter, Memorandum of a,
Villars, Marshal, his repartee,
Virginia, first Republican Governor of,
Veterinary Practitioners and Medicine,
Volcanic Eruptions, account of some,
Von Kotzebue's Voyage Round the World,
Washington, Henry's judgment of
Wat Tyler and Mr. Southey,
Waterloo Literature, humorous account of,
Weights and Measures, dissertation on,
Whaler, anecdote of one,
Wheat, a new species of very early,
Whigs, origin of their name,
Widow, the burning of a,
Wine, essay on the different kinds of,
Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry, reviewed,
Woman, Ledyard's remarks on,
Wood, the strength of different kinds of,
Works of Madame de Genlis,
Worming a Dog recommended,
Xerxes, some anecdotes of,
Young, Mr. Arthur, on Agriculture,
Young John, his sense of honour,

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Zany, a buffoon,


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