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which thou hast delivered, to be a living sacrifice unto thee, Rom. 12.: 1. always

praising and magnifying thy mercies in the midst of thy Church, through Jesus Chrift Sour Lord. Amen.

Or this.
TË humbly acknowledge before thee,

O most merciful Father, that all

the punishments which are threatned in thy Law, might justly have fallen upon us, by reason of our manifold transgrellions and hardness of heart. Yet seejag it hath pleased thee of thy tender mercy upon our weak and unworthy hu. miliation, to afswage the contagious fickness, wherewith we lately have been sore amicted, and to restore the voice of joy

and health into our dwellings; we offer unto thy divine Majesty the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, lauding and magrifying thy glorious Name" for such thy preservation and providence over us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. an

Note, These Thanksgivings extraordinary, Answers most of them to the Prayer's extraordinary foregoing, we Praise God in the latter, for what we Prayed for in the former. They need not be



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Scriptured out exactly, for they are the very Scriptures them felves, both for ground of Matter, and form of Words. He They are of a very rational Contrivance, for great Deliverances ought to have per

la petual Remembrances, and the Favours of God bestowed upon us, are to be remembred and acknowledged with di Gratitude. The very Heathens in their fre Storics show it to be useful, and God in Scripture by his Injunction makes it necef

That we should

is dutifully repay to God our Tribute of

0 Praise, for the great and undeserved Be *nefits which we have received from him, w Pfal. 11. 4. Thus have I for the good of

of the Church, (I hope ) and for the Glory of God, and for the Satisfa&tion of some who may have prejudices against our pub G lick Divine Service, and upon that ac count may abfent themfelves from it, or not joyn in it with that Devotion as they ought to do; I am sure without making any unhandsome and uncharitable Reflexions (which is a very great Errour of the Pen) upon any persons whatsoever, who do but own Christ and God as they are revealed in Scripture, and profess Christianity, contribute my poor endeavours to invite so many in, as can be rationally mo

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| ved and perswaded, to joyn, with us in our | Christian Assemblies, that we may with

Heart, Mind and Mouth, Glorify God, 4 and serve him without Distraction, who is " I am sure the God of Order, and not of Confufion.

We are yet happy, if we know our Conih

dition, for we have not Prayers lockt up i from us in an unknown Tongue, nor are ? we lockt up from them, by being denyed a daily and publick Access to them: there is no Church in the World hath all the Offices and Sacraments so administred conformably, to the best Precedents in

Words understood, without any mixture

of dangerous or fuperftitious Bncroach1 meats, and with that Gravity, Decency,

and Solemnity, that befits the Service of God

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