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Then Mall be faid, or sung, this Psalm following:

except on Easter-day, upon which another. inthem is appointed ; and on the nineteenth day of every month it is not to be read here, but in the ordinary course of the Psalm's.

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Come, let us fing into the

Lord: let us heartily rejoyce I.

in the strength of our falvation, &c.This Psalm contains Verses 11. Then shall folloto the Psalms' in order as they

are appointed to be read : And at the end of every Psalm througkabit the Year, and liketoise at the end of Benedicite, Benedi&us, Magnificat, and Nunc dimittis, shall

repeated, Glory be to the Father, &c.

Answ. As it was in the beginning, &c. Then shall be read distinctly with an audible

voice, the first Leffon, taken out of the Old

Teftament, as is appointed in the Kalender of the Cominon Prayer( ešćept there be proper Lessons assigned for that day: ) be that readeth sall.stand and turn himself, as he may beste be heard of all such as are present. And after


that, shall be said, or sung in English, the Hymn called, Te Deum laudamus, daily

throughout the Year. Note that before every Lesson, the Minister shall

Say; here beginneth such a Chapter, or Verse of such a Chapter of such a Book ; and after every Lesson, þere endeth the first or the second Leflon.

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Te Deum Laudamus.
E praise thee, O God: we ac

knowledge thee to be the Lord,

Þfal.67.3.Pfàl.99.34 Pfal. 148.1, . All the earth doth worship thee: the Father everlasting.

To thee all_Angels cry aloud: the Heavens, and all the Powers therein, Psal. 148. 2. - To thee Cherubin; and Seraphin; continüally; do cry.,

Holy, holý, holy. Lord God of Sabaoth. - Heaven, and Earth are full of the Majesty: of thy Glory, Isa. 6. 3. Rev. 4. 8. Ifa. 66., 1. Fer. 23; 24.

The glorious company of the Apostles praise thee....

The goodly fellowship of the Prophets: praise thee. Rev. 4. 1o, It.

The noble army of Martyrs: praiso shee, Revi 6. ), 10


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The The Common Prayer

I thou tookelt upon

7 The holy Church throughout all the world: doth acknowledge thee, Pfalm 67: * The Father : of an infinite Majesty, Pfal. 93. 1:

Thine honourable, true : and only Son, Mat 17. 5. Luke 1. 3.2. Heb. 1. 324,595

Also the Holy Ghost: the Comforter, John 14. 26, the King of glory : Chrift, Rev. 1.7. 14. Pfal. 24. 8. Luke 19. 38.

Thou art the everlasting Son : of the Father, Rom. 1. 4. isa. 9. 6. Luke 1.135. Fohn 8. 58. John 17.5. s. man: thou didít, not abhor the Virgins womb, Philip. 2. 6. 7. Mat. 1.25.5

When thou hadft overcome the sharpness of death : thou didst open the king, dom of Heaven to all believers, fubri 14. 2, 3. John 17, 24. Hebi 98, 9, 10, 11, Heb. 10...192.40.

Thou síttelt at the right hand of God: in the glory of the Father, Acts, 26-33Heb. 10. 12 Heb. 12. 2. : We believe that thou shalt come ; to be our Judge, Rom. 2.16. Ads. 1. II, AES 17

We therefore pray thee, help thy fers pants; whom thou hast redeemed with thy


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precious blood, 1 Pet. 1. 18, 19. Pfal. 74

Make them to be numbred with thy Saints: in glory everlasting, Colof. .1. 12. Fohn 17. 12.

O Lord save thy people, and bless thine heritage.

Govern them :and lift them up for every Foel. 2. 17. Pfal. 28.9.

Day by day, we magnifie thee, Psal. 96. 2. and 145. 2.

And we worship thy Name; ever world without end, Pfal. 61. 8.

Vouchsafe, O Lord to keep us this without sin, Pfal. 17:5. Gen. 20.6.

O Lord, have mercy upon us ; have mercy upon us, Pfal. 123. 3.

O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us; às, our trust is in thee; Psal. 33: 22.

O Lord, in thee have I trusted"; let me never be confounded, Pfal. 71. li Amen. Or this Canticle, Benedicite,omnia Opera Domini.

All ye Works of the Lord, bless ye

the Lord; praise him, and mag

nify him for ever; Psal. 145. 10,5 Oye Angels of the Lord, bless ye the Lord; &c. Pfal. 198. 2.

Oye Heavens, biels je the Lord; Sci Pfal. 148.


is day

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Oye Waters that be above the Firmament, bless ye the Lord; &c. Psal. 148. 4.

O all ye Powers of the Lord, bless ye the Lord ; &c. Pfal. 150. I; Oye Şun and Moon, bless ye the Lord !

; c. Plal. 148. 3.

Oye Stars of Heaven, bless ye the Lord; &c. Psal. 148. 3.

Oye Showers and Dew, bless ye the Lord; c. Psal. 147. 8. and 148. 4.

Oye Winds of God, bless ye the Lord ; Pfal. 147. 18. and 148.8. Fire and Heat, bless ye the Lord; c.

O ye Winter and Summer, bless ye the Lord ; &c. Pfal. 74. 17.

O ye Dews and Frosts, bless ye the Lord &c. Pfal. 107. 16.

O ye Frosts and Cold, bless ye the Lord &c. Pfal. 147. 16, 17.

ye Ice and Snow, bless ye the Lord &c. Pfal. 147. 16, 17,

Oye Nightsand Days, bless ye the Lord c. Pfal. 74. 16.

Oye Light and Darkness, bless ye the Lord ; &c. Pfal. 104. 19. 20.

O ye Lightnings and Clouds, bless ye th Lord; c. Job 38.25, 34, 35.

o let the Earth bless the Lord ; &c. Pfi 67.6.

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