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Y ,
E roses, bow your lovely heads,

Nor boast your damask hue;
For, see, yon spotless lily spreads

Her charms to rival you,

So, in each beauteous female breast,

Does envy's passion dwell ;
Each lovely nymph, of charms poffefs’d,

Endeavours to excel.

Ah! foolish maids, behold your doom

In yonder faded flower ;
For, what is beauty's foftest bloom?
The triumph of an hour !


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ASHION, more fickle than the breeze,

As this is up, and that is down,
In various forms attempts to please

The humours of th’inconstant Town.

In fable vest she now appears,

And now in snowy robes is scen;


So different is the hue she wears,

She moves the rainbow's changeful queen.
Courted by every breast, she flies
gay to grave,


grave to gay; She roves at large, and freely cries, Let Fashion gild each varying day.


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WHEN foes infult, and prudent friends dispense,

In pity's strains, the worst of insolence,
Oft with thee, Lloyd, I steal an hour from grief,
And in thy social converse find * relief.
The mind, of folitude impatient grown,


sorrows rather than her own.
Let slaves to business, bodies without soul,
Important blanks in Nature's mighty roll,
Solemnize nonsense in the Day's broad glare ;
We Night prefer, which heals or hides our care.

Rogues justified and by success made bold,
Dull fools and coxcombs sanctified by + gold,
Freely may balk in Fortune's partial ray,
And spread their feathers op'ning to the day ;
* A friend, a book, the social hours secure,

And mark them down for wisdom. THOMSON. + The term fanétified here, taken in connection with the word justified in the former line, means no more than countenanced or emboldened. L 3


But thread-bare * Merit dares not thew the head,
Till vain Prosperity retires to bed.
Misfortunes, like the owl, avoid the light ;
The fons of Care are always fons of Night.

The wretch, bred up in Method's drowsy school,
Whose merit only is to err by rule ;
Who ne'er thro' heat of blood was tripping caughty
Nor guilty deem'd of one eccentric thought;
Whose foul directed to no use is seen,
Unless to move the body's dull machine ;
Which, clock-work like, with the same equal pace
Still travels on thro' life's infipid space ;
Turns up his eyes, to think that there should be,
Among God's creatures, two such things as † we z
Then for his night-cap calls, and thanks the pow'rs
Which kindly gave him grace to keep good hours.

Good hours !Fine words--but was it ever feet
That all men could agree in what they mean?
Florio, who many years a course hath run
In downright opposition to the Sun,
Expatiates on good brurs, their cause defends
With as much vigour as our prudent friends,
Th’uncertain term no settled notion brings,
But still in diff'rent mouths means diff'rent things
Each takes the phrase in his own private view,
With Prudence it is ten, with Florio two.

Go on, ye fools, who talk for talking sake,
Without diftinguishing diftinctions make ;

* True merit may be neglected, while worthless fools profper and become richbut let it ever be remembered,

Greatness alone in virtue's understood ;

None's truly great, but he who's truly good. + A body and soul.

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Shine forth in native folly, native pride,
Make yourselves rules to all the world beside.
Reason, collected in herself, disdains
The slavish yoke of arbitrary chains;
Steady and true, each circumstance the weighs,
Nor to bare words inglorious tribute pays.
Men of sense live exempt from vulgar awe,
And Reason to herself alone is * law,
That freedom she enjoys with lib'ral mind,
Which she as freely grants to all mankind.
No idol titled name her rev'rence ftirs,
No hour the blindly to the rest prefers ;
All are alike, if they're alike employ'd,
And all are good, if t virtuously enjoy'd,

Let the fage Doctor (think him one we know)
With scraps of ancient learning overflow,
In all the dignity of wig declare.
The fatal consequence of midnight air,
How damps and vapours, as it were by stealth,
Undermine life, and fap the walls of health :
For me let Galen moulder on the shelf,
I'll live, and be physician to myself.
Whilft foul is join'd to body, whether Fate
Allot a longer or a shorter date,

* The laws of Reason, however disregarded and set at nought by the gay and thoughtless part of mankind, are properly attended to and esteemed by the fober and discerning few; as truly falutary, rational and important.

+ This is the judgment of Reason; but, alas! what have the candidates for pleasure and diffipation in high life, to do with either Realon or its dictates.? Nothing, be to abuse the ones, and laugh at the other. So much for rational. irrationalso


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I'll make them live as brother should with brother,
And keep them in good humour with each other.

The fureft road to health, say what they will,
Is never to suppose we shall be * ill.
Most of those evils we poor mortals know,
From doctors and imagination flow.
Hence to old women with


boasted rules,
Stale traps, and only sacred now to fools !
As well may fons of phyfic hope to find
One medicine, as one † hour, for all mankind.

If Rupert after ten is out of bed,
The fool next morning can't hold up his head.
What reason this which me to bed must call,
Whose head (thank Heaven !) never aches at all ?
In diff'rent courses diff'rent tempers run,
He hates the Moon, I ficken at the Sun.
Wound up at twelve at noon, his clock goes right:
Mine better goes, wound up at twelve at night.

Then in Oblivion’s grateful cup I drown The galling sneer, the supercilious frown, The strange reserve, the proud affected state Of upstart knaves grown rich, and fools grown great. No more that-abject wretch disturbs my reft, Who meanly overlooks a friend distreft. Purblind to Poverty the worldling goes, And scarce fees rags an inch beyond his nose ;

* This is the language, and too much influences the practice of the giddy multitude in the present day, however derogatory and repugnant to right reason and discretion.

+ However specious this method of reafoning may appear, it can Be no just defence or encouragement for keeping (what are generally stiled) bad hours.


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