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CHA P. I. A Great Storm described. The

long Boat sent to fetcla Water, the Author goes with it to discover the Country. He is left on Shore, is seized by one of the Natives, and carried to a Farmer's House. His Reception there, with several Accidents that bappened to bim. A Description of the Inbabitants.

Page 86 CH A P. II. A Description of the Farmer's

Daughter. The Author carried to a Market-
Town, and then to the Metropolis. The Particu-

lars of bis Journey. ... . . 102 CH A P. III. The Author sent for to Court.

The Queen buys him of his Master the Farmer, and presents him to the King. He disputes with bis Majesty's great Scholars. An Apartment at Court provided for the Author. He is in high Favour with the Queen. He stands up for the Honour of bis own Country. His Quarrels with the Queen's Dwarf..

'110 CHA P. IV. The Country described. A Pro

posal for correcting modern Maps. The King's. Palace, and some Account of the Metropolis. The Author's Way of Travelling. The chief Temple described.

123 CH A P. V. Several Adventures that bappened

10 the Author. The Execution of a Criminal. The Author News bis Skill in Navigation.". 130

“C H A P.

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CH A P. VI. Several Contrivances of the Au

thor to please the King and Queen. He news his Skill in Musick. The King enquires into the State of Europe, which the Author relates to him.

The King's Observations thereon. Page 143 CH A P. VII. The Author's Love of his

Country. He makes a Proposal of much Advantage to the King, which is rejelted. The King's great Ignorance in Politicks. The Learning of that Country very imperfect and confined. Their Laws, and Military Affairs, and Parties in the State.

155 CHA P. VIII. The King and Queen make a

Progress to the Frontiers. The Author attends them. The Manner in which be leaves the Country very particularly related. He returns to ENGLAND.


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CH A P. I. T HE Author fets out on his

I third Voyage. Is taken by Pyrates. The Malice of a Dutchman. His Arrival at an Island. He is received into LA PUTA..

179 CH A P. II. The Humours and Dispositions

of the LAPUTANS described. An Account of tbeir Learning. Of the King, and bis Court. The Autbor's Reception there. The Inbabitants subject to Fears and Disquietudes. An Account of the Women,

187 C H A P.

CH A P. III. A Phenomenon folved by ma

dern Philosophy and Astronomy. The LAPUTANS great Improvements in the latter. The King's

Method of suppressing Insurrections. Page 198 CH A P. IV. The Author leaves LAPUTA,

is conveyed to Balnibarbi, arrives at the Metropolis. A Description of the Metropolis and the Country adjoyning. The Author hospitably received by a great Lord. His Conversation with that Lord.


205 CHAP. V. The Author permitted to see the

grand Academy of LAGADO. The Academy largely described. The Arts wherein the Profesors employed themselves. :

223 CHA P. VI. A further Account of the Aca

demy. The Author proposetb fome Improvements, · which are honourably received.

223 CHA P. VII. The Author leaves LAGADO,

arrives at MALDONADA. No. Ship ready. He takes a port Voyage to GLUBBDUBDRIB. His Reception by the Governor.

231 CH A P. VIII. A further Account of GLUBB

DUB DRIB. Antient and Modern History corrected.

237 CH A P. IX. The Author's return to Mal

DON ADA. Sails to the Kingdom of LUGG-
NAGG. The Author confined. He is fent for to
Court. The Manner of bis Admittance. The
King's great Lenity to bis Subjects.

245 H A P. X. The LUGGNUGGIANS commended. A particular Description of the STZULD BRUGS, with many Conversations between the Author and fome eminent Persons upon ibat Subject.


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CH A P. XI. The Author leaves Lugg

NAG, and fails to Japan. From thence be returns in a Dutch Ship to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to ENGLAND.

Page 261

PART. IV. CH A P. I. T HE Author sets out as

Captain of a Ship. His Men conspire against him, confine bim a long Time to his Cabbin, set him on Shore in an unknown Land. He travels up in the Country. The Yahoos, a strange Sort of Animal described.

The Author meets two Houyhnhnms. 266 CH A P. II. The Author conducted by a

Houyhnhnm to bis House. The House described. The Author's Reception. The Food of the Houyhnhnms. The Author in Distress for want of Meat, is at last relieved. His Manner of feeding in that Country,

275 CH A P. III. The Author studies to learn

the Language, the Houyhnhnm bis Master asists

in teaching him. The Language described. See veral Houyhnhnms of Quality come out of Curi

osity to see the Author. He gives bis Master a Short Account of his Voyage.

283 CH A P. IV. The Houyhnhnms Notion of

Truth and Falsnood. The Author's Discourse disapproved by his Master. The Author gives a more particular Account of himself, and the Accidents of his Voyage.

: 291 CH A P.

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