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Education Families, New stations for, Harmon, Credulity of Indians, 328
Rep. 90

Character and conduct of Tra.
Education among Sauks and Foxes,

ders, 328
App. 133

Indian drunken scene, 329
Education Establishments among Osa-

Indian mode of taking a sweat,
ges and Cherokees, App. 209

Education Families, description of, Rep. Crees and Assiniboins; their

customs, &c. 330
Openings for, App. Indian hospitality, 331

Indian crime, 331
Eliot, Missionary Establishment at, Indian worship, 332
App. 183

Grasshoppers, 333
Evarts, J. Esq. extract from communi-

Indian inhumanity, 333
cation of, App. 178

Indian customs, 333

Rainy Lake, 334

Sicaunies, 334-336
Feasts, App. 136

Bear's Lake, 335
Finley, Rey. James B. App. 92

McLeod's Lake Fort, 335
Fish, Rev. Mr. extract of letter from,

Stuart's Lake, 336
App. 69

Frazer's Lake, 337
Florida, Indians in, Rep. 33

Nate-ote-tains, 337
Description of, App. 147

New Caledonia, 341
Actual state of Indians in, App. Indians E. Rocky Mountains

and N. Missouries, 347
Number, character, dress, &c. of Mode of cooking, 348
Seminoles, 309

Religion, 351
White population, 310

General remarks, 353
Fort Smith, App. 254, 355

Hellwits Indians, Rep. 38
Fort Dare, Rep. 51

Herring Pond Indians at, App. 71
Fond du Lac Indians, App. 37 Henry's Mr. account of medicine men,
Fox Indians, App. 49,51, 61, 120, 128

App. 100
Future state, Indian Ideas of, App. 138 Hendrick, Capt. App. 108, 111, 115,


Historical facts relating to Northern
Gambold, Rev. John, App. 155

tribes, App. 60
Gay Head Indians, App. 71

Hicks, Charles, letter from, App. 167
General remarks and suggestions, Rep. Character of, App. 180

Hicks, Elijah, App. 199
Georgia, Indians in, Rep. 32

Hoge Rev. Mr. Rep. 27
Goodell, Rev. Mr. letter from App. 197, Holliday, interview with, App. 26

Hoge, Rev. James, letter from, App. 94
Government of Sauks, Foxes, &c. App. Hodgson, Adam Esq. visit to Brainerd

and Eliot, App. 294
Grand River Indians, App. 327

Reflections, 294
Great Crossings, school at, App. 166

Do, on the state and prospects
Grace, work of, among Cherokees,

of Indians, 295
App. 156

Hudson Bay Company, Rep. 52
Great pirit, Indian ideas of, App. 106 Huron River, App. 28
Green Bay Fly, App. 56 note Hunting of Sauks and Foxes, and its
Grand Islands, App. 27

fruits, App. 125
Grand Mariaix Pond, App. 27 Hyde, Jabez B. letter from, App. 3, 82
Great Rocks, (Portaile,) App. 27, 42
Green Bay, Rep. 14, 45, App. 50

Intermarriages between Indians and

white people, Rep. 73
Harmony, Education Establishment at, Increase of Indians within the U. S.
Rep. 36, App. 212

Rep. 65
Halkett, L. Esq. Rep. 50, note. Indiana and Illinois, Indians in, Rep.
Hawkins, Col. App. 146

29, App. 108
Harmon, Daniel W. Rep. 34 Indian Trade, Rep.39, plan for conduct.

Extract from Journal of, App. ing, Rep. 92

Indian civilization, App. 118

Ioways, App. 204

Menominees, Rep. 15, 44, App. 47, 51,
Iroquois, App. 60

57, 61
Iron River, App. 29, 38

Interview with chiefs of,
Irwin, Maj. Rep. 43, App. 46, 57

App. 53

Menomine River, Rep. 45

Meuron, Fort, Rep. 52
Jacobs, John, Rep. 50,52,53

Medicine influence, App. 24
Jenny and her son Tom, story of App. Messasaugua, Indians, App. 60, 327

Miscellaneous articles and omissions,
Johnson, Judge, Rep. 56

App. 323
Johnston's, John Esq. account of Indians Michigan and N. W. Territories, In-
in Ohio, App. 90

dians in, Rep. 28

Description of, App. 14

Mississippi, Indians in, Rep. 33
Kaninavisch Indians, App. 253 Military Post, purchase of Chippawas
Kansas Indians, App. 203, 237

for, App. 8
Kaskayas, or Bad Hearts, App. 253 Mississippi River, Sources of, App. 43
Keesh-kah-ko-ne, Bears Den, interview Miami Reservations, App. 96
with App. 21

Miamies, App. 109, 311
Kentucky, Rep. 30

Mitchell, David B. Esq. App. 146
Kiawas, or Wetapahato Indians, App. Milledoler, Rev. Dr. extract of a letter

from, App. 209
Kickapoos, App. 120, 127, 128 Miller's, Governor, description of Ar-
Kingsbury's, Rev. Mr. Reports to Sec kansaw Territory, App. 211
retary of War, App. 183

Missouri delegation, talk with Chiefs of,

App. 249

Minetaries, App. 252
L'Abre Croche, Rep. 14, Indians of, Moheakunnuks, App. 110, 111
App. 23, 25

Morse, Rev. A. letter from, App. 316
Lake Superior, description of the S. Moor's Indian School, App. 399
shore of, App. 26

Morrison and Holliday, interview with
Lake du Flambeau, App. 39

App. 26
Language of Sauks, App. 128 Montreal river, App. 29, 38
Languages, Indian, App. 356

Mohegans, App. 74
La Train River, App. 28

Murder, App. 99
Leech Lake Indians App. 32, 33 Munsees, App. 111, 112
Letter, Introductory, Rep. 9


Names, numbers, and places of resi-
Mackinaw, Rep. 14, App. 6

dence of Indian Tribes in the U. S.
Macomb, Maj. Gen. Rep. 16

Rep. 22
Maitland, Sir Peregrine, Rep. 19 Narrative, Rep. 13
Marston, Maj. Rep. 56, App. 120 Narragansetts, App. 73
Martin Islands, App. 8

New-England, Indians in, Rep. 23
Mau-cau-tau-bee, speech of, 55 New-York, Indians in, Rep. 24
Maine, Indians in, App. 64

Newell, School at, App. 194
Probable number in 1616, App.New-Caledonia, App. 341

Nottoways, Rep. 31
Massachusetts, Indians in, App. 68
Marshpee Indians, Apr: 70

Martha's Vineyard, Indians on App. 72 Objections to civilizing the Indians,
Marriage, App. 104, 134

stated and answered, Rep. 81
Manners and customs of Sauks, Foxes, Obligations of the Government, Rep. 84
Sc. App. 130, 131

Ohio, Indians in, Rep. 27, App. 90
Mandan Indians, App. 145, 252 O'Maha Chief, speech of, App.246
Mayhew, Education Establishment at O'Maha partizan, do. App. 247
App. 191

O'Mahas, App. 251
McCoy, Rev. Isaac, information from, Onondagoes, visit to, App. 323
App. 119

Ontonagan river, App. 29
Medicine men, App. 100

Oneidas, App. 86
Meurain, Rev. Father, App. 144 Onondagas and Senecas, App. 87

ges, 216



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Osages, Rep. 36, App. 203

(Phrases, Indian, App. 256
Education establishments, App. 209|Picolata, App. 151
Description of Arkansaw Territo-Plan for civilizing the Indians, Rep. 82
ry, App. 211

Platt, Judge, Rep. 16
Arkansaw river, 212

Porter, Maj. Gen. P. B. Rep. 16
Osage village and town, 213 Pontiac, Rep. 44
War between Cherokees and Osa- Pollard, Capt. speech of, App. 4

Porcupine Mountains, App. 29
Missionary station at Union, 217 Pottawattamies, App. 120, 128, 131,
Tally, second Osage chief, 218 135, 140, 311
Visit to the Indian village, 218 Polygamy, Rep. 73
Report to Secretary of War, 219 Prairie du Chien, Rep. 14, App. 316
Mr. Chapman's Journal, 220 Presque Isle River, App. 29
Visit of the principal chief, 221
Letter from Dr. Palmer, 226

Rev. Mr. Vaill, 228 Quapaws, App. 236
Mr. Redfield, 228 Quewionone, or Keweena river, App.

Superintendant, 230 28,41
Supply of mineral coal, 230
Letter from W.C. Requa, 233 Rabun, Governor, App. 166
Moral darkness of the Osages, 233 Rapid Indians, App. 332
Education Establishment at Har- Reaume, Judge, App. 57
mony, 22

Red River, Rep. 51.
Letter from Mr. Newton, 222 Regulations of schools at Brainerd, App.

" Mr. Sprague, 223 160

Mr. Dodge, 223 Red Jacket, speech of, App. 5
Rev. Mr. Pixley, 224 Religion, App. 97, 135
Miss Comstock, 226 Reichard, Father, App. 25, 145
Mr. Sprague, 228 Remarks and Suggestions, Rep. 60
Mrs. Jones, 229 Remarks, Preliminary, Rep. 21
Mr. Jones, 229 Requa, W. C. letter from, App. 233
Dr. Belcher, 230 Revolution, in operation among the In-

Superintendant, 234 dians, Rep. 84
Journal of the Mission, 235 Rhode Island, Indians in, App. 73
Ottoes and Missouries, App. 251 Richardville, Jean Baptiste, Rep. 27,
Ottawas, App. 93, 128, 140,311, 324

App. 96
Ottoe Partizan, speech of, App. 246 Ridge, Maj. a Cherokee, App. 156, 161
Ouisconsin river, App. 50

Rice country, App. 30

Rocky Mountains, Rep. 37

Rock River country, App. 59
Parrish, J. Esq. Rep. 13, App. 76 Ross, John, Letter from, App. 399
Pacific Ocean, Rep. 37
Passamaquoddies, App. 65

Paganism sinking among the Six Na- Saut of St. Mary's, Rep. 14, 52, App. 8.
tions, App. 84

Sandy Point, App. 29
Pawnees, App. 237

Sandy Lake, App. 30
Pawnees, Grand, App. 237

Indians, App. 33, 35
Pawnee Republics, App. 238

Sauks, App. 49, 51, 120, 128
Pawnee Loups, App. 238

Sa-que-tock, conversation with, App.
Pawnee chief, speech of, App. 242

Pawnee Brave, anecdote of, App. 247 Sacrifices and Thanksgiving, App. 105
Pancas, App. 251

Sauk and Fox Chiefs, interview of
Pennsylvania, Indians in, Rep. 30 Major Marston with, App. 121
Pembanon, Rep. 51

do. do. Nation, history of, App.123
Persons and character of Indians, Rep. Saganau Bay, App. 325

St. Louis River, App. 30
Peron, M. French naturalist, Rep. 69. St. Helena Island, App. 60

St. Johns Indians, App. 64
Penobscots, App. 65

St. Johns River, App. 147
Pequots, App. 75

St. Peters, military station, App. 317
Peace, App. 98

St. Clair, Lake, App. 325
Peniere, J. A. Esq. App. 147, 310 Schoolcraft, Mr. extract from communi-


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cation of, App. 41

Decision S. Court on the subject,
Schmidt, Rev. John Renatus, App. 158 283
Schools, amount of Fund allowed to Tour into Canada, Rep. 19
each, App. 293

Tonnawanta, Seneca village, App. 82
Serjeant, Rev. Mr. Rep. 27, App.80, 86, Tribes N. of the Missouri, and W.of the
108, 109, 114, 116, 118

Mississippi rivers, Rep. 34
Seminole Indians, Rep. 33, App. 309 Tribes between the Missouri and Red
Selkirk, Lord, Rep. 50

rivers, W. Mississippi and E. Rocky
Senecas, App. 84, 93, 94

Mountains, Rep. 35
Shoshonee, or Snake Indians, Rep. 34, Tribes in Louisiana and others be-

tween Red river and Rio del Norte,
Shawaneese, App, 92, 97, 109, 235 Rep. 36, App. 256
Six Nations, Rep. 13, 24, App. 76,327 Tribes in N. Carolina in 1708, App.

“ interview with council of,App. 145
3, 79

Tribes beyond the Rocky Mountains,
Sibley, G. Esq. extract of a letter from, Rep. 37
Rep. 49, App. 203

Trimble, Col. Rep. 36, App. 256
Silver and Copper mines, App. 29 Troy Indians, App. 72
Sioux, App. 49

Translation 19th Psalm into Muh-he-
Sioux of the Missouri, App. 251

con-nuk, App. 359
Smith, Col. J. Rep. 14

Turner, Edie, Rep. 31
Small-pox, Rep. 39,91, App. 24, 25,257, Ty-ee-ma, second chief of Fox nation,

App. 129
Smith, Jacob, App. 19

Snake, blowing, of Lake Erie, App. 354 Union, Education Establishment at,
South-Carolina, Indians in, Rep. 31 Rep. 36, App. 217
Society, for promoting welfare of In-Union of New-York and United For-
dians, expediency of forming, Rep.75 eign Missionary Society, App. 89

Constitution of, App. 284 Upper Red Cedar Lake, App. 43
Officers of, 288

Speech to the Chiefs of the Six Nations, Van Rensselaer, Gen. S. Rep. 16
App. 1

Varnum, Mr. Rep. 46
Speech to the Ottawas at L’Abre Croche, Vattel's opinion on Indian Titles, App.
App. 9

Spring-Place, App. 153

Villages of Sauks and Foxes. App. 124
Stuart, Charles, Esq. Rep. 16 Virginia, Indians in, Rep. 31
Stuart, Mr. Rep. 17, 37, App. 26 Visger, Col. App. 16, 17
Strachan, Hon. and Rev. Dr. Rep. 20

State and Territories west of the Missis-Wallaumut River, Rep. 39
sippi, Rep, 34

Watson, Elkanah, Esq. App. 62
Stockbridge Indians, App. 85, 110, 112, War, App. 98
113, 117,312

War Physic, App. 100
Staughton, Rev. Dr. letter to the Secre- Ward, Rev. Mr. speech of, App. 297
tary of War, App. 166

Welsh Indians, App. 145
Staitans, or Kite Indians, App. 253 Winnebagoes, Rep. 15, 44, App. 48, 58
Statistical Tables, App. 361 to 397 Williams, Eleazer, Rep. 25, App. 79,
Stewart, Rev. Chas. letter fr. App. 326 note.
Supreme Court, U. S. opinion on In-Winnipec Lake, Rep. 51, 52, 53
dian Titles, Rep. 68

William, Fort, Rep. 52

Wild rice, App. 15, 35, 52
Tennessee, Indians in, Rep. 33

Mode of curing it, App. 36
Tecumseh, App. 18, note.

Do. of preparing it for use, App.47
Thaxter, Rev. Mr. extract of a letter Witchcraft, faith of Wyandots in, App.
from, App. 71

Title, Indian, extinction of, to state of Williams, John, Esq. App. 21
Missouri, &c. App. 203

Williamson, Hon. Wm. D. App. 66
Titles, Indian, nature of, Rep. 67 Woodbridge, Lieut. Gov. Rep. 16

Opinion of an eminent lawyer on, Wool, Col. Rep. 17
App. 279

Worcester's, Rev. Dr. address to Edu-
Vattel's opinion on, 281

cation Families, App. 164
J. Q. Adams, do. 281

Wyandots, App. 16, 91, 94
J. Q. Adams', plea before S. Court

U, S. 283

Young, James, Letter from, App. 87


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New-HAVEN, June 6, 1822. SIR,

In the last and preceding winters, I had the honor of presenting to the President of the United States, through your hands, a Report, in part, of the results of my several visits among the Indian Tribes of our country, and of my inquiries concerning their past history and present actual state. This Report, in compliance with a Resolution of Congress, has been submitted to that honorable body, and, at my request, returned for the purpose of completing, and publishing it, under my own inspection. After some unexpected, but unavoidable delays, I now, with much diffidence, and under a deep sense of responsibility, present it to the public, as complete in matter and form, as my means, my time, and my health, and the nature of the work itself will admit. If it shall, in any measure, meet the feelings and expectations of those who are interested and engaged in promoting the welfare of Indians, prove instrumental in awakening the attention of other to the state of this neglected and oppressed people, and of laying foundations for their future civil, social, and religious improvement and happiness, I shall not regret my arduous and long continued labors, nor the considerable sacrifices, I have made at my advanced age, of time, of property, and of domestic comforts, in obtaining and preparing for use, the facts and information comprised in this Report. These facts, with the remarks, and plans of improvement, which, on much reflection, they have suggested to my own mind, I now respectfully submit to the candor and consideration of the President and Congress; to the various benevolent Institutions, engaged in imparting

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