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Of the contrary operations of time on fruits and

liquors, Of blows and bruises,

ibid. Of the orrice root, Of the compression of liquors,

ibid. Of the working of water upon air contiguous, ibid., Of the nature of air, Of the eyes and sight,

ibid. Of the colour of the sea, or other water, Of shell-fish,

33 Of the right side, and the left,

ibid. Of frictions,

ibid. Of globes appearing flat at distance, : 34 Of shadows,

, ibid. Of the rolling and breaking of the seas, ibid. Of the dulcoration of salt water, Of the return of saltness in pits upon the sea-shore,

ibid. Of attraction by similitude of substance, ibid. Of attraction,

36 Of heat under earth,

ibid. Of Aying in the air,

ibid. Of the scarlet dye,

37 Of maleficiating,

ibid.' Of the rise of water by means of flame, Of the influences of the moon,

38 Of vinegar, Of creatures that sleep all winter, Of the generating of creatures by copulation, and by putrefaction,

ibid. CENTURY X. Of the transmission and influx of immateriate virtues, and the force of imagination,

43 Of the emission of spirits in vapour, or exhalation, odour-like,

49 Of emission of spiritual species which affect the

senses, Of emissions of immateriate virtues, from the minds

and spirits of men, by affections, imagination, or other impressions,


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