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Several Occasions


E. YOUNG, Fellow of
Winchester College, and Dean
of Sarüm.

L N Đ 0 N,
Printed by J. Heptinstall for Walter

Kettilby at the Bishop's-head in St. Paul's
Church-Yard, MDCCIII.

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p. 40

III. Of Nature and Grace, on St. Matthew

. XXVI. 35. Sermon I. p. 89
IV. Sermon II. Ibid.

p. 124

y. The Holy Contemplative.

St. Luke II. 19.

VI. The Heavenly Pattern.

St. Matthew VI. 10.

D. 158

VII. The Preparation of the Heart to wait upon God.

Psalm II. II. p. 238 VIII. A Contemplation of Sin adapted to the Holy Week.

St. Luke XXII. 48. p. 266 IX. The Danger of Indifferency.

St. Matthew VÍ. 24. p. 302 X. The Nature and Use of Self. Denial.

St. Matthew XVI. 24. p. 334 XI. The Road to Honour.

1 Samuel II. 36. . p. 372 XII. Thế Chilliam Sacrifice: .. .

Romans XII. I. , ' p. 405 *** The Excellency of Reason, no Argu: ment against the Wisdom of Believing

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ROM. I. 22. Professing themselves to be wise, they be

Came Fools. L a Hatever Value we set up.

on being Wise, or what

ever Affectation we have of being so accounted; yet there is no greater Argument of Human Weakness chan This, Thac we rarely know what we mean by Wifdom ; nor are our No. tions any where more confused chan



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