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Glasgow, reported by Mr. Barrett; and Mr. William Simpson, Librarian, Free Library, Dumbarton, reported by Mr. Barrett.

The following gentlemen who had been duly proposed and elected at the previous Meeting were elected Members of the Association :Mr. R. S. Faber; Mr. Charles Hindley; and Mr. John Moore, Chairman of the Local Board, Northwich.

The following gentleman was proposed by Mr. Haggerston and seconded by the Hon. Secretary, for election at the next Monthly Meeting : Mr. William Beer, 30, Ashfield Terrace East, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Chairman then called upon Mr. H. R. Tedder to read a Paper on The Free Library Movement in 1883.”

A discussion followed and Mr. E. C. Thomas moved : “ That : Committee be appointed to collect information as to the working of the Free Libraries Acts in small places.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Haggerston.

Mr. Overall objected that the motion came within Article 23 of the Constitution, and could not be brought forward.

The Chairman ruled that the motion fell within the provisions of Article 21, and was in order.

Mr. Overall then moved “That the question be adjourned, and a meeting of the Association be called specially to consider this question The motion was seconded by Mr. Welch, but upon being put was lost by 8 votes to 2. The original motion was then put and carried by 7 votes to 2.

Mr. Overall gave notice that at the next Monthly Meeting he would move that the motion be rescinded.

Mr. Thomas then moved and Mr. Haggerston seconded a motion to the effect that the proposed Committee consist of the following members (with power to add to their number), who have all ex pressed by letter their willingness to serve on the Committee:Major W. B. Arnison, Chairman, Free Library, Penrith ; J. Ballinger, Librarian, Free Library, Doncaster ; J. Bailey, Librarian, Free Library, Smethwick; F. T. Barrett, Librarian, Mitchell Library, Glasgow ; Ambrose Berry, North Moor Free Library, Oldham ; T. Bonner, Librarian, Free Public Library, Ealing ; J. Potter Briscoe, Librarian, Free Public Libraries, Nottingham ; J. D. Buckland, Librarian, Free Public Library, Stockport ; D. R. Chapman, Librarian, Free Public Library and Museum, Hereford ; M. Comerford, Librarian, Free Public Library, Dundalk ; A. Cotgreave, Librarian, Free Public Library, Richmond ; P. Cowell, Librarian, Free Publie Library, Liverpool; B. A. Dromgoole, Member Free Library Committee, St. Helens; G. Easter, Librarian, Free Library, Norwich; J. Elliot, Librarian, Free Library, Wolverhampton; G. B. Finch, Member Free Library Committee, Wigan; J. E. Foster, Member Free Library Committee, Cambridge; D. Geddes, Librarian, Free Library, Blackburn ; D. Gorman, Librarian, Free Library, Chesterfield; W. H. Greenhough, Librarian, Free Public Library, Reading; W. J. Haggerston, Librarian, Free Public Libraries, Newcastle-uponTyne; Ald. R. Handley, Chairman, Free Library, Blackpool ; J. D.

Jones, Librarian, Free Library, Runcorn ; Mr. Lacy, Chairman, Free Public Library, St. Helens; T. Lakin, Librarian, Free Library, Devonport; Alfred Lancaster, Librarian, Free Public Library, St. Helens; Charles Madeley, Librarian, Museum, Warrington ; William May, Librarian, Free Library, Birkenhead ; Alfred Morgan, Free Library, Walsall; Jas. Needham, Member Free Library Committee, Stockport; The Mayor of Wigan ; Mr. John Plant, Librarian, Royal Museum and Library, Salford; T. G. Rylands, Member Museum Committee, Warrington ; Samuel Smith, City Librarian, Worcester; W. J. Stewart, Member Free Public Library Committee, Liverpool ; C. W. Sutton, Librarian, Free Library, Manchester ; John Taylor, City Librarian, Bristol; S. E. Thompson, Librarian, Free Public Library, Swansea ; E. Tonks, Member Library Committee, Birmingham Free Libraries; Thos. Wilcock, Librarian, Free Library, Chester; W. H. K. Wright, Public Librarian, Plymouth; J. Yates, Librarian, Public Library, Leeds.

That the following gentlemen (who have agreed to serve) be appointed Secretaries of the Committee :—W. R. Credland, SubLibrarian, Free Public Libraries, Manchester; T. Formby, SubLibrarian, Free Public Libraries, Liverpool ; G. Wakeling, SubLibrarian, Free Public Libraries, Birmingham.


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This is described as an extract " from a forthcoming work on Scientific Method."

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