Die symbolik der bienen und ihrer produkte in sage, dichtung, kultus, kunst und bräuchen der völker

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Weiss, 1891 - 411 pages

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Page 377 - The Fable of the Bees: OR PRIVATE VICES, PUBLICK BENEFITS. With an ESSAY ON CHARITY AND CHARITY-SCHOOLS. And A Search into the Nature of Society.
Page 336 - Eridanus : quo non alius per pinguia culta In mare purpureum violentior effluit amnis. Postquam est in thalami pendentia pumice tecta Perventum, et...
Page 336 - Est in Carpathio Neptuni gurgite vates caeruleus Proteus, magnum qui piscibus aequor et iuncto bipedum curru metitur equorum. Hie nunc Emathiae portus patriamque revisit 390 Pallenen; hunc et Nymphae veneramur et ipse grandaevus Nereus : novit namque omnia vates, quae sint, quae fuerint, quae mox ventura trahantur; quippe ita Neptuno visum est, immania cuius armenta et turpes pascit sub gurgite phocas.
Page 396 - These were call'd Knaves, but bar the Name, The grave Industrious were the same: All Trades and Places knew some Cheat, No Calling was without Deceit.
Page 402 - The worst of all the Multitude Did something for the Common Good.
Page 322 - Turn trepidae inter se coeunt, pennisque coruscant, Spiculaque exacuunt rostris, aptantque lacertos, Et circa regem atque ipsa ad praetoria densae Miscentur, magnisque vocant clamoribus hostem. Ergo ubi ver nactae sudum camposque...
Page 408 - Physick liv'd, while Folks were ill, None would prescribe, but Bees of skill, Which through the Hive dispers'd so wide, That none of them had need to ride: Wav'd vain Disputes, and strove to free The Patients of their Misery; Left Drugs in cheating Countries grown, And us'd the Product of their own; Knowing the Gods sent no Disease To Nations without Remedies.
Page 396 - Examin'd and survey'd the Laws, As Burglars Shops and Houses do, To find out where they'd best break through.
Page 402 - Envy it self, and Vanity, Were Ministers of Industry; Their darling Folly, Fickleness, In Diet, Furniture and Dress, That strange ridic'lous Vice was made The very Wheel that turn'd the Trade. Their Laws and Clothes were equally Objects of Mutability; For, what was well done for a time, In half a Year became a Crime; Yet...

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