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1201 REED and MATHESON'S (Drs.) Narrative of a Visit to the American

Churches, as a Deputation from the Congregational Union. 2 thick vols. 8vo, map, cloth. 68-ANOTHER, very neat, in calf. 88 60

(pub. at £1. 48) 1202 REEVE's (John) History of the Government of the Island of Newfound

land, with Acts of Parliament respecting the Trade and Fishing. 8vo, half calf. 38

1793 1203 REISEN einiger Missionarien der Gesellschaft Jesu in Amerika aus

ihren eigenen Aufsätzen herausgegeben Von C. Gottlieb Von Murr. 8vo, maps and plates, half calf, neat, scarce. 108 6d Nurnberg, 1785

This volume chiefly relates to the nations on the banks of the Maranon or Amazon, and Orinoco Rivers, with copious dissertations on the Dialects of South America, and Vocabularies of their

language. 1204 RELACION del ultimo Viage al Estrecho de Magallanes de la Fragata

de S. M. Santa Maria de la Cabeza en 1785-6, extracto de todos los anteriores desde su descubrimiento impressos y MSS. 4to, port. aud large folding maps, half calf. 88 6d

1778 1205 RELATIONS Veritables et curieuses de l'Isle de Madagascar et du

Bresil avec l'histoire de la derniere Guerre faite au Bresil entre les Portugais et les Hollandois par Pierre Moreau. 4to, with the folding plate of Le Reciff,old calf, gilt, good copy, rare. £1. 118 6d

Paris, 1651 1206 RELATION d'un Voyage du Pole Arctique au Pole Antarctique par le

centre du monde avec la description de ce perilleux passage et des choses merveilleuses et étonnantes qu'on a découvertes sous le Pole Antarctique. 12mo, plates, calf. 48 6d

Paris, 1723 1207 REMARKS on a War with America and its probable consequences to that Country. 8vo, half morocco. ls 6d

1840 1208 REMEMBRANCER (The), or Impartial Repository of Public (American) Events, for the year 1776. 8vo, uncut. 38

1776 1209 RENGGER et Longchamp, Essai Historique sur la Revolution du

Paraguay et le Gouvernement dictorial du Dr. Francia. 8vo, large map, half calf. 38 6d

Par. 1827 1210 RENGGER and LONGCHAMP's Reign of Doctor Francia, in Paraguay.

Translated from the French. 8vo, bds. 38-half mor. 38 6d 1827 1211 RENNY's (Robt.) History of the Island of Jamaica. 4to, bds. 48 6d

1807 1212 REPLY to an “ American's Examination” of the “Right of Search,"

with observations on some of the questions at issue between Great Britain and the United States. 8vo, bds. 28

1842 1213 REPORTS on South America, by Rodney and Graham, Commissioners

to Buenos Ayres, sent by the Government of the United States. 8vo, bds. 28 6d-calf, gilt. 38

1819 1214 REPORT of the State of Maine, in relation to the North Eastern

Boundary of the State. Report of C. S. Davis, on the same. In 1

vol. 8vo, half bound. 38 ") 1215 REPORTS and Papers Relating to a Canal to connect the Harbour of

Halifax with the Basin of Mines, &c. Royal 8vo, folding maps, half calf. 38 60

Halifax, 1826

in India Aug:) Epistol

7 1216 RESENDII (Aug.) Epistola de Rebus Indiæ Epitome rerum Gestarum

in India à Lusitanis. 4to, beautiful clean copy, in calf, extra, by Haydao, rare. 158

Lovanii, 1531 1217 REVIEW of the Laws of the United States of North America, the

British Provinces, and West India Islands. 8vo, half calf. 38– in bds. 28

1790 1218 REVIEW of the Proceedings of the Legislature of Lower Canada,

1831, with Appendix of Important Documents (by Andrew Stuart,

Attorney General). 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 58 1832 1219 RIBADENEYRA (Don Ant. Abogado de Mexico) Manual Compendio de

el Regio Patronato Indiano. Small folio, very neat. 108 6d-in bds. 8s 6d

Madrid, 1755 1220 RICHARDSON’s (John, a Quaker) Account of his Life, Trials, and

Services in the Ministry in England, Ireland, and America, 8vo, neat. 38

1758 1221 RICHARDSON (Dr. John), W. SWAINSON, and W. KIRBY's Fauna

Boreali Americani; or the Zoology of the northern parts of British America, Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, and Insects. 4 vols. 4to, complete, with numerous coloured plates to all four works, cloth. £6. 168 6d (pub. at £10. 12s)

1829-37 1222

-QUADRUPEDS and BIRDS. By Richardson and Swainson. 2 vols. 4to, many plates, cloth. £2. 58 (pub. at £5. 158 6d) 1829-31 1223

ANOTHER COPY, with the Birds coloured. 2 vols. 4to, bds. £2. 158

1829-37 1224 ----INSECTS. By the Rev. W. Kirby. 4to, plates, cloth. 168 6d (pub. at £l. 58

1837 1225 RIGHTS of Great Britain asserted against the claims of America, with

refutation of Dr. Price's State of the National Debt. 8v0, THICK PAPER COPY, calf, gilt. 4s 6d

1776 1226 RILAND (Rev. John) Memoirs of a West India Planter, published from

an original Manuscript, with preface and additional details. Post !

8vo, cloth. 28 1227 RIO DE LA PLATA. Historical, Political, and Statistical of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata. 8vo, maps, cloth. 38

1825 1228 ROBERTS's (W.), Account of the First Discovery and Natural History

of Florida. Maps and plans. 1763–Stork's Description of East Florida, with a Journal kept by John Bartram, of Philadelphia, of his Journey from St. Augustine as far as the Lakes. Maps, 1769– Account of the Surveys of Florida, with directions for sailing through

the Gulph. Map, 1790, in 1 vol. 4to, fine copy, in calf gilt, 18s 1229 ROBERTSON's History of America. 4 vols, 8vo, bds. 38 Cadell, 1803 - 1230 ROBERTSON, (J. P. and W. P.) Letters on Paraguay, comprising an

Account of four years' residence in that Republic: 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, map and plate, cloth. 58

1838 1231 ANOTHER copy, with supplemental vol. of ‘Dr. Francias's Reign of Terror.' 3 vols. post, 8vo, cloth. 78

1838-9 1232 ROBERTSON's (Rev. James) History of the Mission of the Secession

Church to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward's Island from its commencement in 1765. 12mo, cloth. 2s 6d



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1233 ROBERTS's (O. W.) Voyages and Excursions on the East Coast, and a a nd in the Interior of Central America, a Journey up the San Juan,

and passage across Lake Nicaragua. 12mo, half russia, extra, 4s 6d

1827 1234 ROBINSON's (John, of Leyden, Father of the Church of New England.)

Just and necessary Apologie of certain Christians no less contumeliously than commonly called Brownists, or Barrowists. 12mo, vellum, very rare. 158

(Printed, abroad,) 1643 1235 ROBINSON's (Matt.) Considerations on the Measures carrying on with

respect to the British Colonies in North America, 1774-Robinson's Further Examination of our present American Measures, 1776. In

1 vol. 8vo, bound in vellum. 48 6d 1236 ROBINSON's (Matt.) Considerations on the Measures carrying on with le respect to the British Colonies in North America. 8vo, half calf. 38

1774 1237 Robinson's Further Examination of our present American Measures,

and of the reasons and principles on which they are founded. 8vo, half calf. 28 6d

Bath, 1776 1238 ROBINSON's (W. D.) Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution, including a

Narrative of the Expedition of Gen. Mina, and observations on the practicability of opening a commerce between the Pacific and Atlantic. 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 58--half calf, neat. 68

1821 1239 ROBINSON's (J. H.) Journal of an Expedition 1400 miles up the

Orinoco, and 300 up the Arauca, with account of the Country,
Manners of the People, &c. 8vo, plates, bds. 38

1822 1240 ROBINSON's (Dr. S.) Catalogue of American Minerals, with their Localities. Royal, 8vo, bds. 48

U.S. 1825 1241 Robson (Joseph) Account of six years' residence in Hudson's Bay. J 8vo, maps, neat. 33

1752 1242 ROCHEFORT, Histoire naturelle et morale des Iles Antilles de l'

Amerique avec un Vocabulaire Caraibe. 4to, engraved title and plates, good clean copy, neat. 108

Roterdam, 1658 1243 ROCHEFOUCALT LIANCOURT's (Duke de la) Travels through the United

States, the Country of the Iroquois and Upper Canada. 2 vols. 4to, maps, half calf. 78 6d

1799 1244 ROGERS' (Major Robert) Journals of several Excursions he made

under the Generals who commanded in North America, during the late war. 8vo, neat. 38 6d

1765 1245 ROGERS' (Major R.) Concise Account of North America, to which is

subjoined an account of the Indians, &c. 8vo, bds. 38 6d-half calf. 4s 6d-whole calf. 58

1765 1246 ROGERS' (Woodes) Cruising Voyage round the World, 1708-11, with

an Account (the first) of Alex. Selkirk's living four years in an Island. 8vo, good copy, neat. 4s 6d.

1712 1247 ROGERS' Cruising Voyage round the World, from 1708 to 1711. The Second Edition, 8vo. maps, calf. 58

1726 1248 ROGERS' (Woodes) Voyage autour du Monde, avec quelques Piéces

curieuses touchant la Riviere des Amazones et la Guiane. 2 vols. 12mo, plates, very neat (Napoleon the First's copy). 68

1249 Rolt's New and accurate History of South America, containing a

particular account of the Discovery of the New World. Thick, 8vo, map, neat. 48-bds. 38

1756 1250 Ross (Sir John) First Voyage of Discovery for Exploring Baffin's Bay

and enquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage. 4to, maps and plates, some coloured, bds. 188—ANOTHER COPY, calf neat. £l. 28

1819 1251 Ross's (Sir John) Second Voyage in search of the North-West Passage

and five years Residence in the Arctic Regions. 4to, many plates, cloth. 145

1835 1252 Ross. Another copy. Royal 4to, LARGE PAPER, cloth. 158 1835 1253 Ross (Capt. Sir James Clark) Voyage of Discovery and Research in

the Southern and Antarctic regions, during the years 1839 to 1843. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth. 188 pub. at 368

1847 1254 ROUGHLEY's Jamaica Planter's Guide; a system for Planting and

Managing a Sugar Estate in that Island. 8vo, bds. 38 6d 1823 1255 Rovings in the Pacific from 1837 to 1849. with a glance at California.

By a Merchant, long resident at Tahiti. 2 vols. post, 8vo, coloured plates, cloth. 88 6d

1851 1256 RUNDALL's Narratives of Voyages towards the North-West, in search

of a Passage to Cathay and India, 1496 to 1631. From early Re

cords and MSS. 8vo, maps, cloth. 98 Hakluyt Soc., 1849 1257 Rush (Benj,) Eulogium on the Memory of David Rittenhouse, late Pre

sident of the American Philosophical Society. 8vo, half calf. 2s6d 1796 1258 RUSSELL'S (W.) History of America, with Appendix on the Rise and

Progress of the present unhappy contest. 2 vols. 4to, maps and plates, calf. 68

1778 1259 RUTHERFURD'S (S.) Due Right of Presbyteries, or a Peaceable Plea

for the Government of the Church of Scotland, wherein is examined the way of the Church of Christ in New England, in brotherly equality and independency, or co-ordination, without subjection of one church to another, &c. &c. 4to, calf. 14s

1644 There is little in this relating to America, but as it is connected with the disputes for the

settlement of Church Government, it is inserted here. 1260 Ruxton's (G. L.). Life in the Far West. 12mo, cloth. 38 1851 1261 Ryan's (W. R.) Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower California,

in 1848-9, with the Author's Experience at the Mines. 2 vols. post 8vo, plates, cloth, 88 (pub. at 21s)

1850 1262 SAILING Directions for the North American Pilot, containing the Gulph

and River of St. Laurence, Newfoundland, Straits of Bell-Isle, and Labrador. 4to, bds. 38

1775 1263 St. Amant, des Colonies particulièrment de la Guyane Française.

8vo, half morocco. 38 6d 1264 ST. DOMINGO. Recueil de Vues des lieux principaux de la Colonie

Françoise de Saint-Domingue gravees par les soins de M. Ponce.
Folio, bds. 78 6d

Paris, 1791 1265 St. DOMINGO. History of the Island of St. Domingo, from its first

discovery by Columbus to the present period. (By Sir James Baskett). Svo, bds. 38half calf. 38 6d



on the sides.

1266 ST. DOMINGO. Considerations sur l'Etat present de la Colonie Française de Saint Domingue, par. H. Dl. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 48

Paris, 1776 | 1267 St. John's (Hector) Letters from an American Farmer, describing het in certain Provincial Situations, and Manners and Customs not generally known. 8vo, plates, neat. 38

1782 1268 ST. LUCIA. Memorials of the English and French Commissaries, re concerning St. Lucia. 4to, neat. 68

1755 1269 SAN ROMAN (Fr. Antonio) Historia generalu de la Yndia Oriental los /

Descubrimientos y Conquistas que han hecho las armas de Portugal en el Brasil y en otras partis de Africa y de la Asia y de la Dilatacion del Santo Evangelio por aquellas grandes Provincias hasta el ano de 1557. Folio, FINE COPY, calf, neat, rare. £2. 12s 6d Valladolid, 1603

From the library of the Duke of Northumberland, called the Wizard Duke,' with his arms 1270 SAINT THOMAS. Colonie de Santo-Thomas (on the Bay of Honduras,

settled by the Belgians) Enquete de M. Blondel van Cuelebrouk charge d'Affaires, commissaire extraordinaire du Gouvernement.

Folio, with six large folding plans and charts. 158 Bruxelles, 1846 1271 ST. VINCENT, Island of, Account of the Black Caraibs in the Island

of St. Vincent, from the Papers of Sir W. Young. 8yo, calf. 28 1795 1272 SALAZAR (Juan Joseph de) Vida del V. P. Alonso Messia de la

Compania de Jesus fervososo Missionero y Director de Almas en la

Cuidad de Lima. 4to, fine copy, vellum. 88 Impressa en Lima, 1733 1273 SALLE (Mons. de la) Account of his last Expedition and Discoveries

in North America, published by the Chevalier Tonti. New, calf, gilt. 128—ANOTHER, calf. 10s 6d

1698 1274 SANFORD (Ezekiel) History of the United States before the Revolution, with some account of the Aborigines. 8vo, bds. neat. 48 6d

Philadelphia, 1819 1275 SARMIENTO DE GAMBOA, Viage al Estrecho de Magallanes por en los

anos de 1579 y 1580 y noticia de la Expedicion. 4to, plates, Spanish calf. 88 6d

Madrid, 1768 1276 SAUER’s Account of Capt. Billings' Expedition to the Northern parts

of Russia, and of the Islands in the Eastern Ocean, stretching to

the American Coasts. 4to, plates, half calf, uncut. 68 1802 1277 SAUER. Another Copy. 4to, LARGE PAPER, plates, new, half calf, gilt. 8s 6d

1802 1278 SCHERER (J. B.) Recherches Historiques et Geographiques sur le

nouveau Monde. 8vo, map and curious plates, calf, neat, scarce. 78 6d

Paris, 1777 1279 SCHMIDEL (Huldericus) Vera Historia admirandæ cuiusdam navigaLa tionis ab anno 1534 usque 1554, in Americam Vel Novum Mundum I juxta Brasiliam et Rio della Plata. Calf, neat, fine copy. £2. 2s

Noribergæ, 1599 1280 SCHMIDTMEYER's Travels into Chile over the Andes. 4to, many plates, some coloured, bds. 78 6d

1824 1281 SCHOMBURGK's (Sir R.) Description of British Guiana. 8vo, map, cloth. 28 6d


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