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1049 NICHOLSON (le Pere) Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'Isle de Saint Domingue. 8vo, plates, half morocco. 4s 6d

Paris, 1776 1050 NICOLAI (Eliud) Navagationes in den West and Ost Indien der Hol: land Engellandischen Compagnien. 4to, map, fine copy, in Russia. £1. 158

Munchen, 1617 1051 NICOLAI. Another Edition. 4to, map, FINE COPY, in red morocco, extra gilt edges, by Hayday. £2. 28

ib, 1619 1052 NORMAN'S (H. M.) Rambles in Yucatan, including a visit to the

remarkable ruins of Chi-Chen, Kabah, Zayi and Uxmal. 8vo, numerous engravings, cloth. 88 6d

1843" 1053 NORTH'S ADMINISTRATION. History of Lord North’s Administration,

to the Dissolution of the 13th Parliament of Great Britain, BOTH PARTS. 8vo. old calf. 38

Dublin, 1782 1054 NORTH AMERICA. History of North America, containing an exact account of their first settlement. 12mo, neat. 28

1776 1055 NORTH AMERICA BOUNDARY. Correspondence relating to the

Boundary between the British Possessions in North America and the
United States, under the Treaty of 1783. Folio, 4 vols. maps, sewed.

1843 1056 NooTKA SOUND. Mears (Lieut. John) Authentic copy of the Me

morial to Rt. Hon. W. W. Grenville, containing every particular respecting the Capture of the Vessels in Nootka Sound, 1760Authentic statement of all the facts relative to Nootka Sound, 1790— The Spanish Pretensions faīrly discussed by Dalrymple, in 1 vol. 8vo. half calf. 68.

1790 1057 North AMERICA (British). Reports for the year 1847 of the past and

present state of the Colonial Possessions in North America, West Indies, &c. Folio, map of the Bahamas and St. Lucia, by Arrowsmith. 28

1828 1058 North-WEST PASSAGE. Account of a Voyage for the discovery of

N. W. Passage, by Hudson's Straits, performed in the ship Cali-
fornia (written by Drage). 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 88 6d. 1748

ANOTHER. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, very neat copy. 10s 6d 1059 N. W. PASSAGE. The Impracticability of a North-West Passage for

Ships impartially considered. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED. bds. 2s 6d

1824 1060 NORTH AMERICAN and West Indian Gazetteer. 12mo, very neat.

1776 1061 Notes on the Vice-Royalty of La Plata. 8vo, bds. 38 1808 1062 Notes of a Traveller through the Middle and Northern States of America. Post 8vo, bds. 28

1834 1063 NOUVEAU Voyage aux Isles de l'Amerique Contenant, l'histoire

naturelle de ces Pays, l'origine, les moeurs, la religion et le gouverne- Ć! ment des habitans anciens et modernes. 6 vols, 12mo, maps and plates, old calf. 108 6d duen

1724 1064 Nova SCOTIA, &c. Present State of Nova Scotia, with brief account

of Canada and the British Islands on the coast of North America.
8vo, map, calf, very neat. 48Half Russia, uncut. 4s 6d Edinb., 1787


1065 Nova SCOTIA. Account of the present state of Nova Scotia. Edinb., 1786

COOPER's Information respecting America, 1794. In 1 vol. 8vo, maps, half calf. 58

1794 1066 Nova Scotia. General description of Nova Scotia, with a new and correct map. 8vo, cloth. 28

Halifax, 1825 1067 Nuix (Giov.) Riflessioni Imparziali sopra l'umanita degli Spagnuoli

nell Indie contro i pretesi Filosophi e Politici per servire di lume

alle storie de Raynal e Robertson. 12mo, neat. 38 6d Venez, 1780 1068 NUTTALL (Thomas). Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory,

with observations on the manners of the Aborigines. 8vo, map and plates, calf, neat. 68

Philadelphia, 1821 1069 OBSERVATIONS of the Merchants at Boston, in New England, upon

several Acts of Parliament, made in the 4th, 6th, and 7th years of his Majesty's reign, respecting American Commerce and Revenue, and

their Military and Civil Execution. 8vo. half calf. 38 6d 1770 1070 OBSERVATIONS on the Importance of the American Revolution, and

the means of making it a benefit to the World. By Dr. R. Price, 8vo, calf gilt. 28

1785 1071 OEXMELIN (A. O.). Histoire des Adventuriers Flibustiers (ou Bou

caniers) qui se sont signalés dans les Indes. 4 vols, 12mo, calf neat, good copy. 138 6d

Lyon, 1774 072 OGILBY's Accurate Description of the New World, with the remark

able Voyages thither and conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru. Royal folio, full of plates and maps, neat in half Russia. 188

1671 1073 OGILBY's America. Another Copy, folio, neat in calf. £1 ls 1671 1074 OJIBWAY INDIANS.—Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches

of the Ojibway Nation. By George Copway. 12mo, woodcuts, cloth. 38

1850 1075 OJIBWAY CHIEF.—Recollections of a Forest Life, or the Life and

Travels of Kah-ge-ga-gah-Bowh (George Copway) Chief of the
Ojibway Nation. 12mo, cloth. 28

1851 1076 OLDENDORP, Geschichte der Mission auf den Caraibischen Inseln

St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Jan, herausgegeben durch. J. J. Bossart. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, maps and plates, neat. 68

1777 1077 OLDMIXON's British Empire in America ; containing the History of

the Discovery, Settlement, and Progress and Present State of the British Colonies in America. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, GOOD COPY, in

calf. 98 6d 1078 OLDMIXON. Second Edition, corrected. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, neat. 10s 6d

1741 1079 O'NEIL'S (Lieut.) Account of the Escape of the Royal Family of Portugal to the Brazils. 8vo, bds. 28

1810 1080 O'REILLY's (Bernard) Greenland, the adjacent Seas, and North-West

Passage to the Pacific Ocean. Maps and many plates, 1818—Ross (John) First Voyage of Discovery, for the purpose of exploring Baffin's Bay, and enquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage. Map and numerous coloured plates, in 1 vol. 4to, calf, gilt, marbled leaves. 188



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1081 O'REILLY's Greenland and Adjacent Seas, and the North West Pas

sage, Illustrated in a voyage to Davis's Strait. 4to, plates, bds. 48 6d

1818 1082 OSCEOLA ; or Fact and Fiction, a Tale of the Seminole War. 12mo, plates, bds. 28

N. Y. 1838 1083 OSORII (Hier.) de Rebus Emmuelis Lusitaniæ Regis, sive Commentarius

de réperta ab Hispania et Lusitanis Navagatione in Occidentis et
Orientis Indiam et Populorum ejus vita, moribus, ac ritibus. Thick
small 8vo, neat. 128

Colon. 1597 1084 OSORII (Hier.) Re Rebus Emmanuelis Regis Lusitaniæ annis sex ac Viginti domi forisque gestis, libri duodecim. 8vo, vellum. 98

Colon. Agrip. 1576 1085 OSSERA y Estella (El Doct. D. Joseph Miguel de) El Fisico Christiano

parte primera de la Entrada a su noble Exercicio obra politica.
4to, fine copy, in blue morocco, gilt leaves, by Hayday. £l. 18

Impressio in Lima, 1690 1086 OUSELEY's Remarks on the Statistics and Political Institutions of the United States. 8vo, bds. 28

1832 * 1087 OVALLE (Alph d') Historica Relation del Regno di bile (Chile). Small curious plates and woodcuts, vellum. 188

Roma, 1646 1088 PAGAN (Count of) Historical and Geographical Description of the

Great Country and River of the Amazons, in America. Englished by William Hamilton. Small 8vo, map, calf, good copy, rare. V £l. 58

1661 089 PAGE (F.) Traité d'Economie Politique et de Commerce des Colonies

(chiefly in respect to the West Indies). 2 vols. 8vo, half calf.
38 6ď

Par. 1801 1090 PALMER's Journal of Travels in the United States and Lower Canada. 8vo, map, half calf. 28

1818 1091 PANCIROLLI, Nova Reperta sive rerum memorabilium recens inventarum et veteribus incognitarum. 12mo, neat. 38 Ambergæ, 1608

Pages 1 to 141 treats “ De novo Orbe.”
1092 PANORAMIC View of the Hudson River, from Jersey City, opposite

New York, to Albany, and down from Albany to New York, ON 13

N. Y. 1845 1093 PARAGUAY:-Messis Paraquariensis a Patribus Soc. Jesu, per sexen

nium in Paraquaria collecta, 1638-1643, conscripta a A. Schirmbeck.
18mo, vellum. 78 6d

Monachii, 1649 1094 PARAGUAY. Memorial y Defensoria por Don. Fr. Bernardino de

Cardenas Obispo del Paraquay con los Religiosos Campani de la
compani a de Aguellas Provincias. Folio, fine clean copy, in vellum
wrapper. 10s 6d

No place, 1662 · 1095 PARAGUAY. Memorial pour la defense de Dom. Bernardino de

Cardenas Evesque de Paraquay contre les Religieux de la Compagnie
de Jesus. 12mo, vellum. 78 6d

No place, 1662 1096 PARAGUAY. Peramas (Jos. Eman) de Vita et Moribus. Tredecim

virorum Paraguaycorum. 8vo, vellum, rare. 158 Faventiæ, 1793

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1097 PARISH's (Sir Woodbine) Buenos Ayres and the Provinces of Rio de la Plata. 8vo, plates, cloth. 88 6d

1838 This contains information not to be found in the second edition. 1098 Parish's Buenos Ayres. 8vo, SECOND EDITION, plates, bds. 12s 1839 1099 PARKINSON (Richard) Tour in America, 1798 to 1800, exhibiting

sketches of society and manners, with Account of American system of Agriculture, with recent improvements. 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 38 ANOTHER, 2 vols. in 1, new half calf gilt. 4s 6d

1805 1100 PARRY's First Voyage for the discovery of a North-West Passage. 4to, many plates, half calf, gilt. 158.

1821 1101 PARRY's First Voyage, 1821—The North Georgia Gazette and Winter

Chronicle, 1821. Bound in 1 vol. 4to, calf, gilt. £l. 18 1821 1102 PARRY. Supplement to the Appendix of Capt. Parry's First Voyage

(containing an account of the subjects of Natural History). 4to, plates, bds. 68

1824 1103 PARRY's Second Voyage towards the North Pole. 4to, many plates, half russia. 158

1824 1104 PARRY's Third Voyage towards the North Pole. 4to, fine plates, bds. ©2. 108

1828 1105 PARRY's Fourth Voyage towards the North Pole. 4to, fine plates, bds. £l. 68

1828 1106 PASQUAL (Ant. Raym) Descubrimiento de la Aguja nautica de la

situacion de la America del arte de navegar y de un nuevo metodo para el adelantamiento en las artes y ciencias. 4to, vellum. 108 6d

Madrid, 1789 This work contains some curious notices respecting the early Majorcan Cosmographers, and others, relating to the celebrated Benedictine Father Bern. Boil, who with his twelve com

companions, was sent with Colon in his second voyage to convert the Indians.--Rich. 1107 PATTILLO (Henry, of Granville, North Carolina). Sermons on the

Divisions among Christians. Address to the Deists and three others. (one imperfect), 12mo, calf. 28

Wilmington, 1788 1108 PENN (William) The General Address in two parts, of the Outinian Lecturer to his Auditors. 8vo, bds. 58

1822 Relating to the Penn family, with two portraits of the Founder of Pennsylvania, and others

of the family, and view of the remnant of the great tree under which the treaty was held. 1109 PENNSYLVANIA. Historical View of the Constitution and Government

of Pennsylvania from its origin. (By Dr. Franklin). 8vo, calf. 38 1759 1110 PENNSYLVANIA State Trials, containing the Impeachment, Trial, and

Acquittal of Francis Hopkinson and John Nicolson, Esqs. Thick 8vo, 788 pages, bds. 58

Philadelphia, 1794 1111 PENNSYLVANIA. A Collection of the Laws of the Province of

Pennsylvania, now in force. 8vo, vol. 2, 1744-1759, neat. 28 1760 1112 PENNSYLVANIA. Histoire Naturelle et Politique de la Pennsylvania,

et de l'Establissement des Quakers dans cette contrée, Traduite de l'Allemand. 12mo, map, calf, neat. 48

Paris, 1768 1113 PENNSYLVANIA. Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Pennsylvania

within the last sixty years. Edited by Galt. 8vo, bds. 25-half morocco. 38

Edinb. 1822 · 1114 PENNSYLVANIA. Concise History of the Eastern Penitentiary of Pennsylvania. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 28 6d


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- 1115 PEREIRA de BERREDO (Bernardo) Annaes Historicos do Estado do

Maranhao em que se da' noticia do seu Descobrimento. Folio, calf, neat, rare, GOOD COPY. £l. ls

Lisboa, 1749 1116 PERNETTY. Histoire d'un Voyage aux Isles Malouines fait en 1763

and 1764, avec des observations sur le Detroit de Magellan et sur

les Patagonis. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, map and plates, calf. 38 6d 1770 1117 PERU. Royal Commentaries of Peru. By the Inca Garcilasso de la

Vega, rendered into English by Sir Paul Rycaut. Folio, port, and

plates, FINE COPY, in russia. 21. 48 1118 PERUVIAN ANTIQUITIES. Antigüedades Peruanas, por Mariano

Eduardo de Rivero. Director del Museo Nacional de Lima y Dr. Juan Diego de Tschudi. 4to, pp. 342, with woodents, accompanied with a folio volume of 58 coloured plates, of most singular antiquities. £6. 68

1851 A splendid work. Printed at the expense of the Peruvian Government. Only a few copies have been placed for sale, in the hands of J. R. Smith. The work is worth the notice of

the Librarians of Public Institutions in England and the United States. 1119 PERU. Histoire du Tremblement de Terre de Lima et Callao avec la

Description de Perou. 12mo, folding plates, neat. 28 1752 1120 PERU. Exposicion de Don José de la Riva Aguero acerca de su

conducta Politica en el tiempo que ejercio la Presidencia de la

Republica del Peru. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, bds. 58 1824 1121. PHILIPS (John) Authentic Journal of the Expedition under Commodore .

Anson to Maderia, St. Catharine's, St. Julian's, St. Juan Fernandez, the taking the rich Spanish Gallion, and extraordinary hardships of the voyage. 8vo, calf. 4

1744 1122 PHILOPONO (Don Honorio). Nova Typis Transacta Navigatio Novi

Orbis Indiæ Occidentalis. Folio, engraved title and map, (wanting last leaf), vellum, rare. 158

1621 - 1123 PHIPS (Sir. Wm.) Pietas in Patriam. The life of his Excellency Sir

William Phips, late Capt. General, and Governour in Chief of the
Province of Massachusset Bay, New England. Written by one

intimately acquainted with him. sm. 8vo, calf, very scarce. £l. 1$ 1697 1124 PHIPPS' (Lord Mulgrave) Voyage towards the North Pole. 4to, plates, neat. 48

1774 1125 PIKE's (Z). Exploratory Travels through the Western Territories of

North America. 4to, map, bds. 78ANOTHER, very nt. in cf. 9s 1811 1126 PILGRIM FATHERS. A Relation or Journal of the beginning and

proceedings of the English Plantations settled at Plimouth, in New England, 1622, reprinted from the original volume with local illus- ?

trations and notes. By Dr. Cheever. 8vo. cloth. 4s 6d New York, 1848 1127 PINELO (Ant. de Leon). Epitome de la Bibliotheca Oriental y Occi

dental nautica y geografica annadido y cumendado nuevamente en que se contienen los Escritores de Geographica de todos los reynos y senorios del mundo y Viages diversos y sus appendicis por mano de el Marques de Torre Nueva. 3 vols, folio, vellum, scarce. £2. 58

Madrid, 1737-8 The second volume contains the works relating to America, and its greatest value consists in the notices it gives of Spanish manuscripts on the subject, most of which are still existing in

Spain. --Rich.

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