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1814 L

1001 MONARDUS.—Another Copy. 4to, BLACK LETTER, green morocco, extra gill leaves, by Hayday. €2. 28

1596 1002 MONROE'S View of the Conduct of the Executive in the Foreign

Affairs of the United States with the French Republic, with the Correspondence and other Authentic Documents. 8vo, half calf. 38 6d

Philad. 1797 1003 MONROE.—Another Edition. 8vo, half bound. 28. Lom. 1798 1004 MONROE's (President) Tour of Observation through the North-Eastern

and North-Western States of America. 12mo, neat. 28 1818 1005 MONTGOMERY (James) The West Indies, and other Poems. 12mo, calf

extra. 2s 1006 MONTGOMERY'S (G.W.) Journey to Guatemala. 8vo, cloth. 38 6d. 1839 1007 MONTREAL.—Motives for a Subscription towards the Relief of the Sufferers at Montreal in Canada, by a dreadful Fire. 8vo, neat. 38 6d

Montreal, 1765 1008 MONTE VIDEO.—Narrative of the Operations of a small force under

Gen. Sir S. Auchmuty, employed in the Reduction of Monte Video. 4to, plan, bds. 38.

1807 1009 MONTULE (E.) Voyage to North America and the West Indies, in 1817. 8vo, plates, half calf. 28

1821 1010 NARRATIVE of the Conduct and Adventures of Henry Frederic Moon,

alias Smith, alias Newman, native of Sussex, now imprisoned in Connecticut, North America, his artifices, impostures, &c. By

W. Bates, of New Brunswick. 8vo, portrait, calf. 38 1817 1011 MOORE's (J. L.) Colombiad, an Epic Poem, in 12 Books, on the Dis

covery of America and the West Indies. 8vo, half bnd. 48 6d 1798 1012 MOORSOM's (W.) Letters from Nova Scotia. Crown 8vo, bds. 38 1830 1013 MORENO (Dr. Manuel) Late Military Revolution in Buenos Ayres, and

assassination of Governor Dorrego. 8vo, half morocco. 38 1829 1014 MORGAN'S (Lieut.) Emigrant's Note Book, with Recollections of Upper

and Lower Canada during the late War. 12mo, bds. 28 6d 1824 1015 MORISOTO (Cl. Bart.) Orbis Maritimi sive Rerum in Mari et Littoribus,

gestarum generalis Historia. Fol. a LARGE PAPER COPY, maps, some of America, vellum. 148

Divione, 1643 1016 MORSE and PARISH's Compendious History of New England. Post 8vo, bds. 28;-calf. 28 6d

1808 1017 MORSE and PARISH's Compendious History of New England. 8vo, LARGE PAPER, bds. 38

1808 1018 MORSE (Dr. Jedidiah.) The American Geography, or a View of the

present situation of the United States of America. Thick 8vo, maps, bds. 28 ;--whole bound. 28 6d

1792 1019 Another Copy, printed on fine paper, half calf, 3s. ANOTHER, fine

copy, in calf, 38 6d

It contains much curious reading, which will never become obsolete. 1020 MORSE's (Dr.) Report of a Tour for the purpose of ascertaining the

actual State of the Indian Tribes. 8vo, half calf. 48 6d U.S. 1822 1021 MOULTRIE'S (Gov.) Memoirs of the American Revolution, so far as it

related to North and South Carolina and Georgia. 2 vols. 8vo, whole bound. 78 60 ANOTHER, half calf, gilt. 98 N. Y. 1802

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1022 MOUNTENEY's Selections on Brazil, more particularly on the Gold
Mines of that province. 8vo, bds. 38 6d

1023 MULLER (G. P.) Voyages et Decouvertes faites par les Russes le long

AL des côtes de la mer Glaciale et sur l'ocean oriental tant vers le Japon

que vers l'Amerique. 2 vols. 12mo, neat. 38 Amst. 1766
1024 MULLER's Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the dis-

coveries of the North West Coast of America. 4to, maps, including
a large one of Canada, half calf. 48 6d

1025 MULLER'S (S.) Voyages from Asia to America for completing the

discoveries of the North West Coast of America, and Summary of
Voyages by the Russians, in search of a North East passage.
Translated by Jefferys. Large folding map, 1761–Stork's Descrip-
tion of East Florida, with Bartram's Journal of a Journey from St.
Augustine up the River St. John, as far as the Lakes. Map, 1769,-

in 1 vol. 4to, neat, in half calf. 108 6d
1026 MURAT'S (Achille) Moral and Political Sketch of the United States.

Thick post 8vo, bds. 28
1027 MURPHY (Henry).—The Conquest of Quebec, an Epic Poem, in 8
books. 8vo, calf, neat. 58

Dublin, 1790 1028 MURRAY (Rev. James) Impartial History of the present War in America..

2d and 3d vols. wanting vol. 1. 8vo, ports., bds. 78 6d. N. D.

The third volume of this work, by the author of Sermons to Asses, is very rare, and ends

abruptly at page 332.
1029 MURRAY's Impartial History of the present War in America. 2 vols.

8vo, and the scarce half of the 3d vol., half calf. 108 6d
1030 MURRAY (Hon. C. A.) Travels in North America during the years

1834, 1835, and 1836, including a Summer Residence with the
Pawnee Tribe of Indians, and Visit to Cuba and Azore Islands. 2 vols.
8vo, plates, new, half calf, gilt. 128

1839 1031 MURRAY (Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in a

North America, including the United States, Canada, the Shores of
the Polar Sea, and Voyages in Search of a North-West Passage.
2 vols. 8vo, map, new, half calf, gilt. 108 6d

1032 MURRAY'S (Hugh) Historical and Descriptive Account of BRITISH
America. 3 vols. 12mo, plates, cloth. 58

1839 1033 MURRAY's History of the UNITED STATES of America, with Illustrations of the Natural History, by James Nicol. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. 68

1034 MYSTERY (The) Revealed, or Truth brought to Light, being a discovery
of some Facts in relation to the Conduct of the late

M y ; by a
Patriot. 8vo, calf. 4s 6d

1035 NARRATIVE of the Official Conduct of Valentine Morris, Esq., late

Governor of St. Vincent and its Dependencies, written by himself.
8vo, half calf. 48-calf, neat, 58

1036 NARRATIVE of the Shipwreck of the Transport Premier,' near the

mouth of the River St. Lawrence, 4th November, 1843. 4to, with
many engravings, from sketches made on the spot by G. R. Dartnell.
cloth. 48 6d


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1037 NAVARETTE, Coleccion de los Viages y Descubrimientos que hịcieron

por Mar los Espsnoles desde fines del siglo XV. 3 vols. 4to, sewed. £1. 48

Madrid, 1825-9 A valuable collection of unpublished documents relating to Columbus, Vespucius, and other

early Navigators, and the settlement of the Spaniards at Darien. 1038 NEALE's History of New England. 2 vols. 8vo, map, calf. 15— ANOTHER, good copy, calf. 188

1720 1039 Nevis, &c. Acts of Assembly passed in the Island of Nevis from

1664 to 1739 inclusive. 1740—Abridgment of the same. 1740– Acts of the Assembly passed in the Charibbee Leeward Islands from 1690 to 1730. In 1 vol. folio, neat. 58

1740 1040 NEW ENGLAND and her Institutions, by one of her Sons. Post 8vo, cloth. 38

1835 1041 NEW ENGLAND. Vindicia Clavium, or Animadversions upon a Tract

of Mr. J. Cotton's), called the Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven; also upon another of his called the Way of the Churches of New

England. 4to, fine copy, calf extra, gilt edges and borders. £1.18 1645 1042 New ENGLAND. A Short Story of the Rise, Reign, and Ruin of the

Antinomians and Libertines that infested the Churches of New
England. 4to, bds., rare. £1. lls 6d

1692 1043 New Essay (by the Pennsylvanian Farmer) on the Constitutional

Power of Great Britain over the Colonies in America. 8vo, half calf. 28 6d

1774 1044 NEW COLLECTION of Voyages, Discoveries, and Travels in Europe,

Asia, Africa, and America, consisting of such English and Foreign Authors as are in most esteem. 7 vols. 8vo, maps, plans, and plates, calf, neat. 10s 6d

London, J. Knox, 1767 1045 NEWFOUNDLAND. The Golden Fleece, under which are discovered

the Errors of Religion, the Vices and Doings of Kingdoms, the Wayes to get Wealth and restore Trading, transported from Cambrioll Colchos out of the Southernmost part of the Island called the Newfoundland. 4to, (no map), a very curious work on the early trade with America, half bound. 148

1626 1046 NEWFOUNDLAND. Four Reports of the Committee appointed to

enquire into the State of the Trade and Fishing with Newfoundland, 1793—Five Copies of Representations on Newfoundland Trade and Fishery, Admiral Milbanke's Report on the Judicature of the Island, &c. Folio, calf. 158

1793 1047 New York in the Year 1695 described, with Plans of the City and

Forts as they then existed, by the Rev. John Miller, now first printed from the original manuscript. 8vo, bds. 28 6d 1843

“ As it contains some curious particulars respecting the state of society in the province at that time, and is moreover of particular local interest, as giving plans of the town and the several forts, the Publisher thought he would be rendering an acceptable service to those persons who take an interest in tracing the rise and growth of the great commercial emporium of the western world, by causing a few copies to be printed, and thus preserving it from the chance of being

lost or destroyed.”Preface. 1048 New YORK. The Documentary History of the State of New York,

arranged under the direction of the Hon. Christ. Morgan, Secretary of State; by E. B. O'Callaghan, M.D. 4 very thick 8vo. vols. (more than 1000 pages each), many maps, views, and portraits, autographs, Sc., cloth. £3. 13s 6d Printed at the expense of the State, 1849-51


1049 NICHOLSON (le Pere) Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'Isle de Saint Domingue. 8vo, plates, half morocco. 4s 6d

Paris, 1776 1050 NICOLAI (Eliud) Navagationes in den West and Ost Indien der Hol: land Engellandischen Compagnien. 4to, map, fine copy, in Russia. £1. 158

Munchen, 1617 1051 NICOLAI. Another Edition. 4to, map, FINE COPY, in red morocco, extra gilt edges, by Hayday. £2. 28

ib, 1619 1052 NORMAN'S (H. M.) Rambles in Yucatan, including a visit to the

remarkable ruins of Chi-Chen, Kabah, Zayi and Uxmal. 8vo, numerous engravings, cloth. 88 6d

1843" 1053 NORTH'S ADMINISTRATION. History of Lord North’s Administration,

to the Dissolution of the 13th Parliament of Great Britain, BOTH PARTS. 8vo. old calf. 38

Dublin, 1782 1054 NORTH AMERICA. History of North America, containing an exact account of their first settlement. 12mo, neat. 28

1776 1055 NORTH AMERICA BOUNDARY. Correspondence relating to the

Boundary between the British Possessions in North America and the
United States, under the Treaty of 1783. Folio, 4 vols. maps, sewed.

1843 1056 NooTKA SOUND. Mears (Lieut. John) Authentic copy of the Me

morial to Rt. Hon. W. W. Grenville, containing every particular respecting the Capture of the Vessels in Nootka Sound, 1760Authentic statement of all the facts relative to Nootka Sound, 1790— The Spanish Pretensions faīrly discussed by Dalrymple, in 1 vol. 8vo. half calf. 68.

1790 1057 North AMERICA (British). Reports for the year 1847 of the past and

present state of the Colonial Possessions in North America, West Indies, &c. Folio, map of the Bahamas and St. Lucia, by Arrowsmith. 28

1828 1058 North-WEST PASSAGE. Account of a Voyage for the discovery of

N. W. Passage, by Hudson's Straits, performed in the ship Cali-
fornia (written by Drage). 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 88 6d. 1748

ANOTHER. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, very neat copy. 10s 6d 1059 N. W. PASSAGE. The Impracticability of a North-West Passage for

Ships impartially considered. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED. bds. 2s 6d

1824 1060 NORTH AMERICAN and West Indian Gazetteer. 12mo, very neat.

1776 1061 Notes on the Vice-Royalty of La Plata. 8vo, bds. 38 1808 1062 Notes of a Traveller through the Middle and Northern States of America. Post 8vo, bds. 28

1834 1063 NOUVEAU Voyage aux Isles de l'Amerique Contenant, l'histoire

naturelle de ces Pays, l'origine, les moeurs, la religion et le gouverne- Ć! ment des habitans anciens et modernes. 6 vols, 12mo, maps and plates, old calf. 108 6d duen

1724 1064 Nova SCOTIA, &c. Present State of Nova Scotia, with brief account

of Canada and the British Islands on the coast of North America.
8vo, map, calf, very neat. 48Half Russia, uncut. 4s 6d Edinb., 1787


1065 Nova SCOTIA. Account of the present state of Nova Scotia. Edinb., 1786

COOPER’s Information respecting America, 1794. In 1 vol. 8vo, maps, half calf. 58

1794 1066 Nova Scotia. General description of Nova Scotia, with a new and correct map. 8vo, cloth. 2s

Halifax, 1825 1067 Nuix (Giov.) Riflessioni Imparziali sopra l'umanita degli Spagnuoli

nell Indie contro i pretesi Filosophi e Politici per servire di lume

alle storie de Raynal e Robertson. 12mo, neat. 38 6d Venez, 1780 1068 NUTTALL (Thomas). Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory,

with observations on the manners of the Aborigines. 8vo, map and plates, calf, neat. 68

Philadelphia, 1821 1069 OBSERVATIONS of the Merchants at Boston, in New England, upon

several Acts of Parliament, made in the 4th, 6th, and 7th years of his Majesty's reign, respecting American Commerce and Revenue, and

their Military and Civil Execution. 8vo. half calf. 38 6d 1770 1070 OBSERVATIONS on the Importance of the American Revolution, and

the means of making it a benefit to the World. By Dr. R. Price, 8vo, calf gilt. 28

1785 1071 OEXMELIN (A. O.). Histoire des Adventuriers Flibustiers (ou Bou

caniers) qui se sont signalés dans les Indes. 4 vols, 12mo, calf neat, good copy. 138 60

Lyon, 1774 1072 OGILBY's Accurate Description of the New World, with the remark

able Voyages thither and conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru. Royal folio, full of plates and maps, neat in half Russia. 188

1671 1073 OGILBY's America. Another Copy, folio, neat in calf. £1 ls 1671 1074 OJIBWAY INDIANS.— Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches

of the Ojibway Nation. By George Copway. 12mo, woodcuts, cloth. 38

1850 1075 OJIBWAY CHIEF.—Recollections of a Forest Life, or the Life and

Travels of Kah-ge-ga-gah-Bowh (George Copway) Chief of the
Ojibway Nation. 12mo, cloth. 28

1851 1076 OLDENDORP, Geschichte der Mission auf den Caraibischen Inseln

St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Jan, herausgegeben durch. J. J. Bossart. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo, maps and plates, neat. 6s

1777 1077 OLDMIXON's British Empire in America ; containing the History of

the Discovery, Settlement, and Progress and Present State of the 12

British Colonies in America. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, GOOD COPY, in calf. 98 6d

1708 1078 OLDMIXON. Second Edition, corrected. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, neat. 10s 60

1741 1079 O'NEIL's (Lieut.) Account of the Escape of the Royal Family of Portugal to the Brazils. 8vo, bds. 2s

1810 1080 O'REILLY's (Bernard) Greenland, the adjacent Seas, and North-West

Passage to the Pacific Ocean. Maps and many plates, 1818—Ross (John) First Voyage of Discovery, for the purpose of exploring Baffin's Bay, and enquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage. Map and numerous coloured plates, in 1 vol. 4to, calf, gilt, marbled leaves. 188


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