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901 MAILLARD'S (D. N.) History of the Republic of Texas. 8vo, map, bds. 58 (pub. at 148)

1842 902 Malcolm's Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain, &c., designed as

an Introduction to a larger work, to show an affinity betwixt the Languages, &c. of the Ancient Britains and the Americans of the Isthmus of Darien. 8vo, calf, scarce. 68

1738 903 MALENFANT, St. Domingue, une Memoire Historique et Politique. 8vo, half calf, 28 6d-sewed, 28

1814 904 MALOUET, Collection de Memoires, sur l'Administration des Colonies,

et notamment sur la Guiane, Française et Hollandaise. 5 vols. 8vo, seved. 7s 6d

1802 905 MANDRILLON (Jh.) Le Spectateur Americain, ou Remarques generales

sur l'Amerique Septentrionale, suivi de Recherches Philosophiques, sur la Decouverte du Nouveau-Monde. Thick 8vo, map, sewed, 6s.

Amst. 1784 906 MANSION (Hyppolite) Précis Historique sur la Colonie Française auGoazacoalcos (Mexique). 8vo, sewed. 38

1831 907 MAPS.—Atlas of Charts published by the Spanish Government, viz., the

Atlantic, Gulph of Mexico, the Antilles, Vera Cruz, Havana, Porto
Caballo, La Guayra, the Plate River, Chili, Peru, Strait of Juan de !
Fuca, and many others; in all 23. In one vol. Atlas folio, half bound.

About 1800 908 MAPS.—Canada, Louisiane et Terres Angloises, par D'Anville, very

large sheet, 1755—Montresor's (Capt.) Map of the Province of New York, with part of Pennsylvania and New England, two large sheets, 1775—Map of South Carolina and Part of Georgia, by W. de Brahm, two large sheets, 1757. All on canvas, in a leather case, as a book.


V. Y

909 MAPS.-Rocque's Map of North America, on two sheets, 1761-D’Anville's

Map of Canada, Louisiana, and the English Settlements, two sheets, 1755—Environs of Quebec, and of the Battle, 13 Sept. 1759, with a particular detail of the French Lines and Batteries, &c., large sheet, coloured-Plan of the St. Laurence, illustrating the Siege of Quebec, two sheets— Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton-Capt. Montresor's Map of Ditto, two sheets, colouredSt. John's, with the Divisions of the Parishes, Lots, &c., 1775—Forts and Settlements at Shegnekto Bay, 1755—New England, by Jefferys, on two sheets, colouredEvans's Map of the British Middle Colonies, 1775—Environs of Boston, 1775—Montresor's Province of New York, three sheets, 1775

- Map of Pennsylvania, chiefly from Scull's Survey, double sheetPlan of Ticonderago_Virginia and Maryland, by Jefferys, two sheets, 1775—Mouzon's North and South Carolina, two sheets, 1775— Brahm's South Carolina and part of Georgia, two sheetsGordon's (Peter) View of Savanah, in Georgia, as it stood in 1734, curiousFlorida and Louisiana, by Jefferys—Ross's course of the Mississippi, 1775—Plan of New Orleans and the Mouths of the Mississippi, by Jefferys, 1759. In one vol. Atlas folio, half bound, an interesting collection. £1. 5s

910 MAP of South America, by De la Rochette, on a very large scale, on

8 sheets, mounted on canvas, in a leather case, as a 4to. book. 98 1807

A very valuable Map, composed from Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch Surveys and MS. authorities. 911 MAPS.-Faden's Chart of the Atlantic, 1807-Dessiou's Chart of the

Southern Ocean and Part of the Pacific, 1806—Johnston's Map of the Island of Madeira, 1791–Heywood's (Capt.) Chart of the Coast of Brazil-Amazon to the Plate, two sheets, 1818— Patriceo's Chart of the North Coast of Brazil, 1809—Coast of Brazil, from Surveys made by the Spanish Government, 1816—Admiral Campbell's Coast of Brazil, 1807—Da Roche's Island, Sta. Catharina, 1809-Heywood's

Chart of the River Plate, 1817. In one vol. Atlas folio, half bound. 9s 12 MAP.--Nouvelle Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale, du Groënland et

des Iles qui en dependent, par A. H. Brue, Geographe du Roi, on 4 large sheets, on canvas, in a case. 10s 6d,

Paris, 1833 913 MAP.—Carte d'Amerique, divisee en ses principaux pays, par l'Abbé

Clouet, a large sheet (4 feet 2 in. by 3 feet 3 inches), on canvas and folded, surrounded with 20 engravings, representing events in the History of America, with descriptions in French and Spanish, curious. 10s 6d

Paris, 1782 914 Mar.-Mitchell's Great Map of the British and French Dominions in

America, mounted on linen, folded with leather covering. 6s. 1755 915 Map of Part of the Vice Royalty of Buenos Ayres, 1806, by Arrow

smith, on a large sheet, on canvas, in a case, and lettered. 3s 916 MAPS.-American Atlas, or Geographical Description of the whole

Continent of America, chiefly the British Colonies, composed from numerous Surveys, made by order of Government; engraved by

Thomas Jefferys. Atlas folio, 29 folding maps, half bound. 15s 1776 117 Maps.— Popple's Map of the British Empire in America, with the

French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto, on 20 sheets, with a number of interesting Views of Cities and Plans of Ports on the margins, 1733—Mortier's Maps of the opposite Coasts of England and France, also of Flanders and Holland, on a large scale (serviceable to iltustrate the Campaigns of Marlborough, 24 sheets—Dr. Pococke's Map of Egypt, on 8 sheets, with a Geographical Dissertation (in Latin), 1743Sanson's Maps of the Theatre of War in Bavaria, Italy, &c. 8 sheets Placides' Map of the Course of the Po, 5 sheets-Plan of the Harbour, Town and Forts of Carthagena, in New Spain, Porto Bello, Cumberland Harbour, in Cuba and Havana, 1739; and various other Maps

in the same Volume. Folio, half bound. 16s 918 MAPS.—Popple’s Map of America, on 20 sheets,with Views on the margins. Folio, bound. 14s

1733 This Map was undertaken under the patronage of the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations,

and was the largest and finest at that time published of America. 919 MAP.-Carte Générale de l'Amérique Meridionale d’apres les Observations

et des cartes speciales rapportes du Voyage dans l'Interieur du Bresil, par les Docteurs Spix et de Martius. Two large sheets, on canvas, in a case. 14s

Munich, 1825 920 Maps of America, in general and in divisions, the West India Islands,

&c., by Gul. de l'Isle; also including Popple's Map, in six sheetstogether 22 Maps. Imp. 4to, new, half calf. 158 1720 to 1740

De l'Isle's Maps are often referred to; they are curious as shewing the progressive geography

of America.


921 Maps. Manuscript Map of Carthagena Harbour, &c., laid down by

Lieut. Bontein, inscribed to Major-Gen. Wentworth, about 1750–
Carte Générale de la partie Française de l'Isle di St. Domingue, pår
le Major Pechon, Ingenieur du Roi, 1797. Both mounted on linen,

in royal 4to leather case, as a book, from the Stowe Library. 98
922 MARACCIO (P. H.) De Diva Copacavana in Peruano novi mundi regno
celeberrima liber, unus. Small 8vo, plate, vellum, rare. 10s 6d

Romæ, 1654 923 MARBOIS (Barbe) Histoire de la Louisiane et de la cession de cette

Colonie par la France aux Etats Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale.
8vo, map, sewed. 38 6d.

Paris, 1829 924 MARBOIS (B.) History of Louisiana, particularly of the Cession of that Colony to the United States. 8vo, bds. 4s 6d.

1830 925 MARMONTEL. Les Incas, ou la destruction de l’Empire du Pérou.

2 vols. 8vo, beautiful plates by Moreau, red morocco, gilt leaves, fine
copy. 108 6d

Paris, 1777 926 MARRYAT's (Capt.) Diary in America, with Remarks on its Institutions. 3 vols. post 8vo, bds. 68

1839 927 MARSDEN's (Joshua) Narrative of a Mission to Nova Scotia, New

Brunswick, Somers Island, and Tour to Lake Ontaria. 8vo, portrait,
bd8. 38 6d

1816 928 MARSHALL (John) History of the Colonies planted by the English on

the Continent of North America, from their Settlement to the War of
Independence. 8vo, bds. 48

Philadelphia, 1824 929 MARSHALL’s Life of General Washington. 3 vols. in 1, 8vo, complete, plates, neat. 88 6d

1834 930 MARSILLAC (J.) La Vie de Guillaume Penn, fondateur de la Pennsylvanie. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, half calf. 4s 6d.

Paris, 1791 931 MARTENS (Fred.) Spitzbergische oder Groenlandische Reise Beschreibung. 4to, folding plates, bds. scarce. 98

Hamburg, 1675 932 MARTENS (Fred.) Viaggio di Spizberga o'Gronlanda fatto l'anno 1671,

con una copiosa relazione di quell’aggiaciato Clima. 12mo, plates,
vellum. 68 6d

Bologna, 1680 933 MARTIN'S (R. Montgomery) History of the West Indies, comprising

Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, Bahamas, and Virgin

Islands. 2 vols. 12mo, plates, new half russia extra. 78 6d 1836 934 MARTIN (R. M.) Hudson's Bay Territories and Vancouver's Island,

with an Exposition of the Chartered Rights, Conduct, and Policy of
the Hudson's Bay Corporation. Svo, map, cloth, 38

1849 935 MARTINEAU's (Miss) Society in America. 3 vols. post 8vo, bds. 4s 6d 1837 936 MARTYRIS (Petri) De rebus Oceanicio et Orbe Novo, decades tres eusdem

præterea Legationis Babylonica, libri tres. Folio, vellum, good copy,
rare. £l. lls 6d

Basiliæ, 1533 937 MARTYR (Pierre) Extraict ou Recueil des Isles nouvellement trouveés

en la grand Mer Oceane, ou temps du Roy d'Espaigne Ferdinand et
Elizabeth sa femme; translate en language françoys—Item trois Nar-
rations dont la premiere est de Cuba, la seconde de la Mer Oceane,
la tierce qui est de la prinse de Temistitan (Mexico). 4to, fine copy,
old red morocco, gilt leaves, rare. £3. 138 6d

Paris, 1532




938 MARTYR (Peter) De Novo Orbe, or History of the West Indies, contayn

ing the Actes and Adventures of the Spaniards which have conquered and peopled those Countries, inriched with varietie of pleasant relation of the Manners, Ceremonies, Laws, Governments, and Warres of the Indians; translated by R. Eden and M. Lok. 4to, GOOD COPY, in vellum wrapper. £3. 138 6d

Lond. 1612 939 MARTYR (Peter) History of the West Indies.-Another Copy. 4to,

(wants three leaves), green morocco, extra gilt leaves. £2. 28. ib. (1612) 940 MASERES (Baron) Occasional Essays, chiefly Political and Historical. 8vo, calf gilt. 48 6d

1809 This volume contains several pieces relating to America: as a Proposal for a Reconciliation with the Revolted Colonies; Inexpediency of establishing Bishops in America; Paraphrase on Archbishop Markham's Sermon for Propagating the Gospel; State of North America after the Capture of Lord Cornwallis's army; First and Second Charters of Massachusetts: Proceedings

of the Town of Boston, 1772; Account of the Noblesse or Gentry in Canada, &c. &c.
941 MASSACHUSETTS Bay. Collection of the Proceedings of the Great and

General Court or Assembly of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, in
New England ; containing several Instructions from the Crown to the
Council and Assembly of that Province for fixing a Salary on the
Governour, and their Determinations thereon. 4to, half calf, very rare.

Boston, 1729 942 MASSACHUSETTS. Journal of the Debates and Proceedings of the Con

vention of Delegates chosen to Revise the Constitution of Massachusetts. Royal 8vo, calf. 58

1821 943 MATHER'S (Increase) Remarkable Providences. 12mo, (wants title and a leaf), calf gilt. 158

Boston, 1684 A very singular collection of remarkable Sea Deliverances, Accidents, Remarkable Phenomena, Witchcraft, Apparitions, &c. &c., connected with the inhabitants of New England, &c &c. See

a long notice of the volume in the New Retrospective Review, No. I, Nov. 1852. 1 944 MATHER'S (Cotton) Magnalia Christi Americana, or the Ecclesiastical

(and Civil) History of New England. Folio (no map), but a good copy, in calf. £2. 88

1782 945 MATHER's (Cotton) History of New England. Folio, with the map, calf, GOOD COPY. £3. 58

1702 946 MATHER. An Abridgment of the Life of the Rev. Dr. Cotton Mather,

taken from the Account of him by his Son, by D. Jennings. 12mo, neat. 38

1744 947 Mathison's Visit to Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the Sandwich Islands. 8vo, plates, bds. 38 6d

1825 948 MAUDE's (John) Visit to the Falls of Niagara in 1800. 8vo, fine plates, proofs, half russia, gilt. 68

1926 . 949 MAURITIADOS Libri VI in quibus Belgica describitur civilis belli causæ

illust. ac fortis herois Mauritii Nassovi, &c. opera et studio Gasparus Ens. 12mo, vellum. 58

Colon. 1612 Book V relates to the Dutch discoveries in America. į, 950 Maw's (Capt. Henry Lister) Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to

the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru,

and descending the River Maranon or Amazon. 8vo, map, cloth. 68 1829 - 951 MAWE (John) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, particularly in the Gold

and Diamond Districts of that Country. 4to, map and plates, some coloured, calf gilt. 68


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952 MAWE's Travels in the Interior of Brazil, with a Voyage to the Rio de la Plata. 8vo, plates, bds. 48 6d

1821 953 MAXIMILIAN (Prince) Travels in Brazil in the years 1815, 1816 and 1817. 4to, maps asid plates, bds. 68

1820 954 MAXWELL (Lieut.-Col. A. M.) A Run through the United States during I

the Autumn of 1840. 2 vols. in 1, post 8vo, two portraits, new, half
calf, gilt. 48 6d

1841 955 MAYCOCK's (Dr. J. D.) Flora Barbadensis, a Catalogue of Plants in

Barbadoes; to which is prefixed a Geological Description of the
Island. 8vo, map, very neat, in half russia. 98

1830 956 MAYCOCK. —Another Copy. 8vo, with numerous manuscript Notes, and

very neat drawings of many of the plants on the margins, cloth. 128 1830 957 MAYER'S (Brantz) Mexico as it was, and as it is. 8vo, full of engrav

ings, FINE COPY, new, calf extra, marbled edges. 108 6d 1844 958 MAYHEW's (Experience) Indian Converts; or some Account of the

Lives and Dying Speeches of a considerable number of the Christian-
ized Indians of Martha's Vineyard in New England, with some
Account of those English Ministers who have successively presided over

the Indian work; by Mr. Prince. 8vo, very neat and clean. 188 1727 959 MAYHEW's (Dr. Jonat.) Two Discourses on the Sụccess of his Majesty's

Arms in the Reduction of Quebec, with an Account of two former
Expeditions against that City and Canada. 8vo, half calf (wants last
leaf). 386d

1760 960 MAZZEI (M.) Recherches Historiques et Politiques sur les Etats Unis de

L'Amérique Septentrionale, ou l'on traité des établissemens des Colonies
avant et après la Revolution, &c., par un Citoyen de Virginie, 4 vols.
8vo, bds. 88-half calf, 108 6d

Colle, 1788 961 MEARES (John) Voyages from China to the North-West Coast of America,

and Observations on the probable existence of a North-West Passage.
4to, maps and plates, with portrait of the Author, bds. 68calf,
neat. 98

1790 962 MEARES.—ANOTHER EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, bds. 38 6dvery neat. 4s 6d

1791 - 963 MEASE'S (Dr. J.) Geological Account of the United States. Thick 12mo, plates. 28

64 MELII (J. R.) De Rebus Rusticis Brasilicis Carminum libri quatuor

quibus accedit Prudentii Amaralii de Sacchari Opicio singulare
carmen. 4to, plates, half calf. 4s 6d

Olysipone, 1798
65 MELISH (John) Travels through the United States of America and
Canada. 8vo, coloured map and plate, new, half calf, gilt. 386ds. 28 6d

1818 766 MELISH's Geographical Description of the United States. '8vo, maps, half calf. 28

Philadelphia, 1822 967 MEMOIRE touchant l'Etablissement d'une Mission Chrestienne dans le

troisième Monde, autrement appellé la terre Australe, Meridionale,
Antartique et Inconnue, par un Ecclesiastique originaire de cette mesme
Terre. 8vo, FINE COPY, in russia, scarce. £l. lls 6d Paris, 1663

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