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JJ198 Hamilton's Men and Manners in America, by the author of "Cyril Thornton." 2 vols. post 8vo, half calf. 4s 6d 1833

3199 Hardy's (Lieut.) Travels in the Interior of Mexico. 8vo, plates, half

bound. 6s 1829

3200 Herbert's (Sir Thos.) Some years Travels into Africa and Asia,

especially describing the famous empires of Persia and Industan, as also divers other kingdoms in the Orientall Indies and Isles adjacent, with a revival of the first discoverer of America 300 years before Columbus, Folio, engraved title, and many singular plates, a very fine copy, calf, very neat. £1. Is 1638

3201 Heriot's (Geo.) Travels through the Canadas, (with a vocabulary of

the Algonquin language.) Thick 4to, Fine Paper Copy, with numerous folding coloured plates, calf neat. 9s 1807

3202 Histoire Modern des Chinois, des Japonnois, des Indiens, Persans,

des Arabes, des Turcs, des Grecs, des Africains, des Russiens et des Americains, pour servir de suite, a l'Histoire Ancienne de M. Rollin, I' par l'Abbe de Marcy et M. Richer. 18 vols. 12mo, neat. 15s

1775 and 1777

The last seven volumes contain " l'Histoire de Americains, et des Terres Polaires.''

3203 Isthmus of Tehuantepec, being results of a Survey for a Railroad to

connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by the Scientific Commission under Major J. G. Barnard, with resume of the Geology, Climate, Geography, Fauna and Flora, of that region, by J. J. Williams 8vo, coloured plates, and Atlas of maps, cloth. 14s

New York, 1852

3204 Johnstone's (W.) Letters descriptive of Prince Edward Island, 1822.

—Ditto Travels in Prince Edward Island, map, 1823. In 1 vol. 12mo, boards. 2s 6d 1823

3205 JuAn and Ulloa's Voyage to South America, describing at large the

Spanish Cities, Towns, Provinces, &c.; together with the Natural History of that country. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, fine copy, in calf. 5s "1758

3206 Kendall's (Geo. Wilkins) Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expe

dition, description of a Tour through Texas and across the great South Western Prairies, sufferings from want of Food, losses from hostile Indians, and final capture of the Texans, and their march as prisoners to the City of Mexico. 2 vols. 8vo, map and plates, cloth. 5 s New York, 1844

3207 Knox's (W., Secretary of State for the American Department; while that office lasted. ) Extra Official State Papers, addressed to Lord Rawdon and others, on promoting the prosperity of the British Empire, (with respect to its trade with the Continent of America.) 2 vols. 8vo, neat. Is 6c?. 1789

Mr. Rich was not aware of a second volume of this work.

3208 Lewis and Clarke's Travels to the Source of the Missouri River, and

across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean. 4to, map, half russia. 10s 6d 1814 3209 Lisiansky's Voyage round the World and Wintering at Cadiack,

and Survey of Sitca on the North Western Coast of America. 4to, maps and coloured plates, neat. 6* 1814

3210 Letters from the Havana, during the year 1820, and Account of

Cuba and the Slave Trade. Post 8vo, map, half calf'. 3s 1821 '.Y -. 3211 Mc Callum's (P.) Travels in Trinidad. 8vo, map, boards. 3s 1805 / 3212 Monardus's Joyfull Newes out of the New-found Worlde, englished by John Frampton. 4to, Black Letter half calf (2 leaves wanting. ) 15* '" 1596

3213 Owen's (Rev. N.) British Remains, or a Collection of Antiquities

relating to the Britons, the Lords Marchers, Arms of the Ancient Nobility of Wales, an account of the Discovery of America by the Welsh 300 years before Columbus, &c., &c. 8vo, half calf, very scarce 10s 6d 1777

3214 Porcupine's (i. e. W. Cobbett) Works, containing various writings

and selections exhibiting a faithful Picture of the United States, characters of their President, Governors, &c., and of the Customs, Manners, Morals, and Vices of the People, comprising also a complete series of Historical Documents and Remarks from 1783 to 1801. 12 vols. 8vo, Complete, boards, £1. Is 1801

3215 Power's (Tyrone) Impressions of America. 2 vols. 8vo, new half

calf , gilt. 6s 1836

3216 Purchas his Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World, in four parts,

Asia, Africa, and America, with the Islands adjacent, the third edition, much enlarged. Folio. neat, (a leaf wanting in Africa.) 15s' 1617

The portion relating to America occupies more than two hundred pages.

'3217 Ross's (Sir John) Voyage of Discovery to Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a N. W. Passage. 4to, coloured plates, half calf gilt. 18s 1819

3218 Rush's (Richard, American Minister) Residence at the Court of Lon

don, 1819 to 1825, with the Negociations on the Oregon Territory, and other unsettled questions between the United States and Great Britain. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 5s 1845

3219 Sandy's Travaile in the Turkish Empire, Greece, Egypt, Italy, and

the Holy Land, engraved title, maps and plates, 1652.—History of the Warres of the Emperour Justinian, by Procopius, and englished by Sir Henry Holcioft. Engraved title, by Cross, 1653.—Gage (Thos.) New Survey of the West Indies, or the English American, his Travail by Sea and Land. Maps, second edition, 1655, in 1 vol. folio, fine copies in the original calf binding. £2. 2s Slave Trade. The Jamaica Movement for promoting the enforcement of the Slave-Trade Treaties, and the Suppression of the SlaveTrade. Thick 8vo, cloth, Not Printed For Sale. 4s 1850 Sloane's (Sir Hans) Voyage to the Islands of Madeira, Barbados, Nevis, St. Christopher's, and Jamaica, with the Natural History of the last of the Islands. 2 vols., folio, an immense number of plates, Very Fine Copy, in old russia. £4. 4* 1707

A presentation copy from the author.

3222 Stedman's (Capt. J. G.) Narrative of Five Years'Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, elucidating the History of that Country and its productions. 2 vols., 4to, numerous plates of Natural History, boards. 15s 1813 /\ 3223 Sturz's Review of the Empire of Brazil and its Resources. 8vo, a cloth. 3s 1837

3224 Surinam. Conduct of the Dutch relating to their breach of Treaties

with England, particularly their breach of the Articles of Capitulation for surrender of Surinam, in 1667, and their oppressions on English subjects. 8vo, frontispiece, calf neat. 5s 1760

3225 Turnbull's (John) Voyage round the World, in which the author *f visited Madeira, the Brazils, and the principal Islands in the

Pacific. 4to, calf neat. 5s 1813

3226 United States Post Office Guide, by Eli Bowen. 8vo, map, cloth,

(an immense mass of information) 3s N. Y., 1851

3227 Voyage and Adventures of Sir Erancis Drake, 1812.—Stanfield's

(J. Field) Guinea Voyage, 1788.—Hamilton's Voyage round the

CWorld, in the frigate Pandora, front. by Bewick, 1813.—Voyage of Sir Henry Middleton, 1807. In 1 vol., 18mo, half calf . 8s

3228 Ward's (Sir H. G., now Commissioner of the Ionian Islands) Mexico,

in 1827. 2 thick vols., 8vo, plates, half calf, 10s 6d 1828

3229 Weld's (James) Travels through the United States and Canada. 2

vols, 8vo, 16 plates (3 wanting), neat. 2s 6d 1799

A very entertaining book, written in an agreeable manner.

3330 Cotter's (R.) Sketches of Bermuda, or Somers' Islands. 8vo, plates, half calf , gilt. 3s 6d 1828 . 3331 Luffman's (J.) Account of the Island of Antigua, together with the Tr""""' customs and manners of the Inhabitants, as well white as black, 'and other tracts,bound in the same volume. 12mo, half calf. 3s 1789

8332 Antiguedades Peruanas, por Mariano Eduardo De Rivero, Director del Museo Nacional de Lima, y Dr. Juan Diego De Tschudi (author of Travels in Peru. ) 4to, pp. 342, with woodcuts, and folio volume of Coloured Plates, boards. £5. 5s 1851

A description of remains discovered in the sites of ancient cities and temples in Peru, those objects which arrested the attention and excited the wonder of the philosophic Humboldt, when investigating the physical features of that remarkable country. The illustrative plates, executed at Vienna, from the drawings of the artist, are among the marvels of lithography. They comprise representations of mummified bodies, prepared in the manner peculiar to the Peruvians, vases of grotesque form and characteristic idols in terra cotta and the precious metals, textile fabrics, weapons of a very remote period, and view of temples and buildings, which, for symmetry and beauty, may vie with those of Greece and Asia Minor in the dawn of civilisation, all executed with a spirit and truthfulness unsurpassed by any work of the kind that has come under our notice.—Literary Gazette, Jan. 8, 1853.

3333 M'kenny and Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America,

with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the principal Chiefs, 3 vols, imperial folio, with 120 large and beautifully coloured portraits of the Chiefs of the Aboriginal Tribes, from Paintings in the Indian Callery at Washington. Complete in 20 parts, £10.10s (published at £36.) Philadelphia, 1838

Of this splendid work, the greatest perhaps yet produced in the United States, but few copies remain for sale, which are now offered for less than the original cost of colouring.

3334 United States Exploring Expedition, complete, royal 8vo, cloth

lettered, 5s (published at 10s 6d). Whittalcer, 1848

3335 Recueil des Voyages qui ont servi a l'Etablissemfcnt at aux progrez

de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales. 10 vols. 12mo, plates, neat and clean. £1 Is 1725-8

Containing the voyages of Barentsz, De Noort, Spilberg, Le Maire, Schouten, and others who touched South America.

3336 Kingsborough's (Lord) Antiquities of Mexico, comprising facsimiles

of ancient Mexican Paintings and Hieroglyphics, preserved in the Royal Libraries of Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Vienna; the Vatican and the Borgian Museum, at Rome; the Institute at Bolpgna; the / Bodleian Library at Oxford, and various others. the greater part

inedited. Also the Monuments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix, illustrated by upicards of one thousand elaborate andhighly interesting plates, accurately copied from the originals, by A. Aglio, 9 vols. impl. folio, very neatly bound, morocco, gilt edges, £31 10s, (originally published at the rate of £140 unbound.)

3337 Salazar, Historia de la conquista de Mexico. Folio, bound. £1. 8s

Cordova, 1743

A continuation of De Solis's History.

3338 Fitzroy And Darwin.—Zoology of Fitzroy and Darwin's Voyage in

the Beagle, comprising—1. Fossil Mammalia, by Owen, with a Geological Introduction by Darwin. 2. Mammalia, by G. Waterhouse. 3. Birds, by Gould, with a Notice of their Habits and Ranges, by Darwin. 4. Fish, by Jenyns. 5. Reptiles, by Bell. Royal 4to, with 166 plates, the greatest portion of which are beautifully coloured, complete in 19 parts. £4. 10s (pub. at £8. 15s) 1838-43

This fine work is now complete. It comprises highly-finished representations of the most novel and interesting subjects in Natural History. The collections were chiefly made in the provinces bordering on the Rio Plata, in Patagonia, the Falkland Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Chili, and the Galapagos Archipelago in the Pacific.

3339 Hooker's (Sir W. J.) Flora Boreali-Americana; or the Botany of

British North America; compiled principally from the Plants collected by Dr. Richardson and Mr. Drummond, on the late Northern Expeditions, under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin; to which are added, by permission of the Horticultural Society, those of Mr. Douglas and other Naturalists. 2 vols. royal 4to, illustrated by 240 plates, complete, cloth. £l. Is (pub. at £12. 12s) 1829-40

3340 Documentos interesantes relativos a Caracas, Spanish and English.

8vo, bds. &s6d 1812

3341 Orellana, Varones Illustres del Nuevo Mundo, descubridores con

quistadores y Pacificadores de las Indias Occidentales. Folio, vellum. £1. 4s" Madrid, 1639

3342 Bradford's American Antiquities, and Researches into the Origin

and History of the Red Race. Imperial 8vo, cloth, lettered. 9s (pub. at 12s) New York, 1843

An able investigation of a subject which has excited much attention. This able work is a very desirable companion to those of Stephens and others, on the lluins of Central America.

3343 Garcilasso de la Vega, Historia de Florida. 4 vols. 12mo, bound.

15s Madrid, 1803

3344 Alcedo y Herrera, Aviso Historico, Politico, Geographico, con las

noticias mas particulares del Peru, Tierra-firina, Chili, y nuevo Reyno de Granada; y obrado por les Ingleses, 1567—1739. 4to, bound, scarce. 18s Madrid, 1740 3345 Diere'ville. Relation du Voyage du Port Royale de l'Acadie ou

de la nouvelle France, dans laquelle on voit la description du Pais, \ les occupation des Francois qui y sont établis, les manieres des dif

, / ferentes nations sauvage, et Relation d'un combat donnée entres le s

i Francois et les Acadies contre les Anglois. 12mo, frontispiece,

calf neat. Is ?>d Amst. 1710

3346 The Blockheads, or Fortunate Contractor, an Opera, in Two Acts,

as it was performed at New York. 2 curious plates, sewed. 2s

N. Y., London, reprinted 1782

3347 Sanguineti (A.) Vita di Cristoforo Colombo. 12mo, sewed, 6s.

Genova, 1846

3348 D'ovaglie (Alonso) Historica Relatione del Regno di Cile. Small

folio, plates and the map, which is frequently missing. Vellum, Rare, £1.Is Roma, 1646

3349 Martyris (Petri) de Rebus Oceanus et Novo Orbe, Sic. 8vo, fine

copy, in calf, 18s Colonics, 1574

3350 Gambar/e (L) Nautica, (Discovery of Cuba, fyc.; a Latin Poem.) Small

8vo, morocco, rare, £1 Is n. D. (sed Roma Typ. A. Biadi 1527)

3351 Bossi (Luigi) Vita di Cristoforo Colombo. 8vo, portrait and wood

cuts. Sewed 5s 6d Milano, 1818

3352 Spotorno (Giamb.) Della Origine e della Patria di Cristoforo Co

lombo, libri tre. 8vo, sewed, 4s 6d Genova, 1819

3353 Codice Diplomatico Colombo-Americano, ossia Raccolta di Documenti

originali e inediti spettanti a Christoforo Colombo. 4to, plates. Sewed, 14s . Genova, 1823

3354 Acosta (Gios di) Historia Naturale e Morale delle Indie, trad. G. P.

Galucci. 4to, fine copy, vellum. 10s 6d Venet. 1596

3355 Flamikii (jo Ant.) Epistola ad Paulum III. De Belli recentis

Aphricani. De Quibusdam Memorabilibus Novi Orbis, &c. 4to, ito, fine copy. Rare. 15s Bononice, 1536

3356 Anson's (Lord), Voyage round the World, compiled by Walters. 4to,

many plates, Large Paper, Very Choice Copy, calf extra, marbled leaves. 18s 1748

3357 Coxe's Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia and Ame

rica. 4to, fine paper, maps, Best Edition, calf extra, marbled leaves. 14s 1831

3358 Beechey's (Capt.), Voyage to the Pacific and Behring's Straits.

2 vols. 4to, very neat, in half russia, uncut. £2. 2* 1831

3359 Antiquities Mexicanes. Relation des Trois Expeditions du Capt.

Dupaix, accompagnée des Dessins de Casteneda et d'autres documents, par A. Lenoir, Warden, C. Farcy, Baradère, et de St. Preist, &c. 2 vols. Royal folio, vellum paper, with proof Impressions Of The Numerous Plates, on India Paper, half green morocco, uncut, £8. 18s 6d. Published at £20. Paris, 1834

This is almost an indispensable supplement to Humboldt's Voyage dans l'Amerique, as rt contains many interesting discoveries not in the latter work.

3360 Schmidt (Ulrici) Beschreibung etlicher Indianischen Landschaiften

und Insulen (besonders Brasilien) an Tag gebracht durch D. von Bry. Folio, vellum. £1. Is 'Franckfort, 1597

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