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3125 Essay on the Management of the present War with Spain, as far as

it has been hitherto conducted on the part of Great Britain. 8vo. Is 1740

3126 Seward's (W., companion of Whitfield), Journal of a Voyage from

Savannah to Philadelphia. 8vo. Is 6d 1740

3127 State of Religion in New England since the Rev. Mr. Geo. White

field's arrival there, with an Appendix containing Accounts of the Disorders in matters of Religion lately introduced into New England and Carolina, with a reply to Mr. Whitefield's remarks on the first edition. 8vo, scarce. 5s Glasgow, 1742

3128 Further Account of God's dealings with the Rey. Geo. Whitefield,

with a brief Account of the Rise and Present Situation of the Orphan House in Georgia. 8vo. Is 6d 1747

3129 Prince's (Rev. Thos.), Sermon at the South Church, Boston, August

24th, 1749, being the thanksgiving in the Province of Massachusetts, for the extraordinary reviving Rains after the most distressing Drought ever known. 8vo. 2s '1750

3130 Evans's (Caleb) Reply to the Rev. Mr. Fletcher's Vindication of Mr.

Wesley's Calm Address. (SeeNo. 2265.) 12mo. Is 6d 1776

3131 Bostwick's (David, of New York,) Sermon at Philadelphia, before the

Synod at New York May, 25th, 1758. 8vo. Is 6d 1776

3132 History of American Taxation from 176b to the end of the last Session.

8vo. Is Dublin, 1775

3133 Slavery. Pamphlets on Slavery pro and con., from the year 1753 to

1842, altogether upwards of 130, many of them very interesting. All 8vo. 15s


3134 Adalbert, of Prussia, (Prince,) Travels in the South of Europe and

in Brazil, with Voyage up the Amazon and Xinga, translated by Sir Robert A. Schomburgk and J. E. Taylor. 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece and maps, uew half morocco, gilt tops. 10s 6d 1849

3135 Alcedo's (Antonio de) Geographical and Historical Dictionary of

America and the West Indies, with large additions from moder n Voyages and Travels, by G. A. Thompson. 5 vols., 4to., neat half calf. £1. 8s 1812

Throopson's edition for its additions, &c., is infinitely more valuable than the original.Lovmdes.

3136 Alexander (Sir J. E.), Transatlantic Sketches of the most interesting

Scenes in North and South America and West Indies. 2 vols., 8vo., plates, half calf. 6s 6d 1833

3137 American Views. A Set of Eighty-five Engravings belonging to

"Hinton's History of the United States," taken off on folio paper, India Paper Proofs. 18s 1831

3138 Andrews's (Captain) Journey from Buenos Ayres through the Pro

vinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potosi, Santiago de Chili, and Coquimbo. 2 vols. post 8vo., boards, 4s 6d.; half calf gilt, 6s. 1827

3139 Anson (Lord) Voyage round the World in 1740 to 1744, compiled by

Walters. Mo, full of Maps and plates, calf neat. 8s 6d 1748 3140 Anson's Voyage. An affecting narrative of the unfortunate voyage

and catastrophe of his Majesty's ship "Wager," 1751. Narrative of the Dangers and Distresses which befel Isaac Morris and seven more of the crew belonging to the ship "Wager." In 1 vol. 8vo, neat, 5 s

3141 Aristocracy in America, from the Sketch Book of a German ISIo

bleman, edited by J. F. Grund. 2 vols. post 8vo, portraits, cloth. is 6 d' 1839

3142 Atcheson's (Nath.) American Encroachments on British Rights, or

Observations on the Importance of the British North American
Colonies. 8vo, maps, boards, scarce. Is 6d 1808

3143 Azara (Felix de) Voyages dans l'Amerique Meridionale, avec une notice

sur la vie et les ecrits de l'Auteur, par C. A. Walckenaer, enrichis de notes par G. Cuvier. 4 vols. 8vo, calf, and 4to atlas of plates and maps in boards. £1. 4s Paris, 1809

3144 Back's (Capt.) Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the mouth

of the great Fish River. 8vo, maps and plates, half calf gilt. 12s 1836

3145 Back. Another Copy (to match Ross's, Parry's, and Franklin's

Voyages). 4to, Large Paper, Proof Of The Plates On India
Paper, boards, £1. Is , 1836

3146 Barljei (Casp.) Rerum per Octenpium in Brasilia, with a Vocabula

Chilensia. 8vo. Plates, good clean copy, in calf. 9s Clivis, 1660

3147 Barrington (Daines) on the Possibility of approaching the North

Pole, with additions by Col. Beaufoy. 8vo, half calf, 2s 1818

3148 Bartlett's (J.'R.) Dictionary of Americanisms. A Glossary of

Words and Phrases colloquially used in the United States, illustrated by quotations from American Authors and old English writers. Large 8vo, cloth, fa curious' book.) 12s 1849

3149 Bartram's Travels through the Carolinas, the Floridas, Georgia, the

Cherokee country, &c. 8vo, plates, neatly half'bound. 6s 1792

3150 Beaufoy's (Mark) Mexican Illustrations founded upon facts indica

tive of the present condition of Society, Manners, Religion, and / Morals among the Spanish and Native Inhabitants of Mexico.

8vo, map and plates, new half calf, gilt. 5s 1828

3151 Beechey's (Capt. F. W.) Voyage to the Pacific and Behring's Straits

to co-operate with the Polar Expeditions. 2 vols. 8vo, fine plates, half green. morocco, gilt tops, £1. Is 1831

3152 Bigsby's (Dr. John J.) The Shoe and Canoe, or Pictures of Travel

in the Canadas, illustrative of their Scenery and Colonial Life. 2 vols, posfc 8vo, maps and plates, cloth. 9s 1850

3153 Bonnycastle's (Capt., now SirH. H.) Spanish America, or a Descrip

tive, Historical, and Geographical Account of the Dominions of Spain in the Western Hemisphere. 2 vols, 8vo, map, boards. 4s 6d 1818

3154 BiRcn's Life of the Hon. Robert Boyle. 8vo, very neat. 5s 6d 1744

The Appendix contains the Charter of Corporation for Propagating the Gospel in New England. —Lettersof John Eliot, of New England, relating his services for the propagation of the Gospel in America.—Thanks from the Governor of New England to Mr. Boyle for his services to that Colony, &c.

3155 Brackenridge's (H. M,) Voyage to South America, performed by

order of the American Government. 2 vols. 8vo, new half calf, gilt. 5s 1820

3156 Bradbury (John) Travels in the interior of America in the years

1809, 1810, and 1811, with description of Upper Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, Illinois, and Western Territories. 8vo, map, new half calf, gilt. 4s 1819

3157 Burney's (Admiral) Chronological History of North-eastern Voyages

of Discovery. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 3s 6d 1819

3158 Butler's (Mrs., formerly Fanny Kemble); Journal of a residence in

America. 2 vols, post 8vo, half calf . 3s 1835

3159 Caldcleugh's (Alex.) Travels in South America, Brazil, Buenos

Ayres, and Chili. 2 vols. 8vo, coloured plates, half calf, gilt. 7s 6d 1825

3160 Calderon de la Barca (Madame) Life in Mexico during a residence

of two years in that country. 8vo, half calf, gilt. 3s 6d. 1843

3161 Canada. The Backwoods of Canada, being Letters from the wife

of an emigrant Officer, with account of the Oregon country. 12mo, cuts, cloth. 2s 1846

3162 Canada. Sketches of Canadian Life, Lay and Ecclesiastical, illus

trative of Canada and the Canadian Church. By a Presbyter of the Diocese of Toronto. Post 8vo, cloth. 4s 6rf 1849

3163 Carmichael's (Mrs.) Domestic Manners and Social Condition of the

Negro Population in the West Indies. 2 vols. post 8vo, new half calf, gilt. 5s 6d 1833

3164 Carver's Travels through the Interior Parts of North America, 1766-68.

Thick 8vo, half bound and uncut, 6s—whole calf, 6s 6d 1833

3165 Cartwright's Journal of nearly sixteen years' residence on the Coast

of Labrador. 3 vols, 4to, plates, boards. (Volume 3 is stained.) 12s 6d 1792

3166 Case (Bart. Dalle) Conquista dell Indie occidentali.—II supplice

Schiavo Indiano.—La Liberia pretesa dal supplice Schiavo Indiano. Spanish and Italian in one volume 4to. (Title of the first work slightly torn) Vellum, £1. 5s Venetia, 1644, 1636, 1640

3667 Catesby'3 (Mark) Hortus Britannico-Americanus, or a Collection of Trees and Shrubs of North America adapted to the Climate of England. Royal 4to, coloured plates, boards. 10s 6d 1763

3168 Catesby's (Mark) Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the

Bahama Islands, containing the figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes,
Serpents, Insects, and Plants, revised by Edwards in English and
French. 2 vols. royal folio, 220 Fine Coloured Plates. Calf,
neat. £3. 10s 1754

3169 Catlin's (George) Letters and Notes on the manners, customs, and

condition of the North American Indians, written during eight years travel amongst the wildest tribes of Indians in North America. 2 vols. royal 8vo, maps and numerous plates, new half calf gilt. £1.2s 1844

3170 Chappell's Voyage to Newfoundland and the Southern Coast of

Labrador. 8vo, plntes, half calf, gilt. 3s 6d 1818

3171 Chateaubriand (Le Vicomte de) Voyages en Amerique et en Italic .

2 vols., 8vo, boards. 3s 1828

3172 Colnett's (Capt. Jas) Voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape

Horn into the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of extending the Whale /? Fisheries, &c. Royal 4to, many charts, half green morocco, marbled (-'l-* & leaves. 8s 6d" 1798

3173 Cook's (Capt.) Three Voyages, viz.: First in Hawkesworth's Collec

tion, 3 vols. thefirst edition.—Second, to the South Pole, 2 vols, first
edition.—Third, to the Pacific Ocean, 3 vols., second edition.
Together 8 vols., 4to with atlas of plates to the third voyage, and
an engraving of"' the death of Captain Cook, by Bartolozzi," inserted,
uniformly whole bound in russia, marbled edges, £4 14s 6c?—1779-85.

3174 Cook's Second Voyage. A set of the 64 plates and maps to Cook's

"Second Voyage," In An Unfolded State and Fine Impressions
in a folio volume, half bound 18s

3175 Cook and King's (Capts.) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean for making

discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere, to determine the position
and extent of the North West of" America, and the practicability
of a Northern Passage. 3 vols. 4to, maps (but no atlas of plates,)
half bound, uncut. 15s 1784 /

3176 Cook's Third Voyage. Another Copy. 3 vols. 4to, with maps and J'

plates With Folio Atlas To Match, Capital Copy, in tree marbled
calf. £1. 8s 1784

3177 Coppier (Guill.) Histoire et Voyage des Indes Occidentales et de

plusieurs autres regions maritimes et eloignees. 8vo, frontispiece
by de Pas, (wanting & pages,) good clean copy, boards. 15s Lyon, 1645

The author gives an account of Ireland and Great Britain in the latter part of the work.

3188 Cotton's (Rev. John, of Boston, New England,) Modest and Cleer Answer to Mr. Ball's Discourse of Set Forms of Prayer. 12mo, new half calf. 5s n. d.

3179 Coulter's (Dr. John) Adventures on the Western Coast of South

America and Interior of California. 2 vols. post 8vo, new half calf, gilt. Is6d 1847 A.

3180 Cox's (Ross) Adventures on the Colombia River, including the Narra

tive of a Residence of six years on the western side of the Rocky Moun-
tains among various tribes of Indians unknown. 2 vols. 8vo, calf,
gilt. 8s 6d 1831

3181 Crantz's History of Greenland, with a continuation to the present

time, and Sketch of the Mission of the United Brethren in Labrador.
2 vols. 8vo, plates, boards. Is 6d 1820

3182 Crockett (David). Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the^/

State ofTennesse, written by himself, 1834—Col. Crockett's Ex- J
ploits and Adventures in Texas, 1737, in 1 vol. 12mo, half calf.
4s 1834

3183 Dallas's (R. C.) History of the Maroons of Jamaica and the War

there, and the Expedition to Cuba, for the purpose of procuring
Spanish Chasseurs. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, caff neat, 6s 6d 1803

3184 Dampier's (Capt. W.) Voyage round the World, describing particu

larly the Isthmus of America, the West Indies, Terra del Fuego, Chili, Peru, Mexico, Yucatan, and Voyage to New Holland. 3 vols., 'calf neat, (not uniform.) 10s 6 d "" 1699 and 1703

3185 Descourtlitz (M. E.) Voyage d'un Naturaliste et ses observations

sur les trois regnes de la nature dans plusieurs ports de Mer Francais, en Espagne, au Continent de l'Amerique septentrionale, a Saint Jago de Cuba et a St. Dominique. 3 vols. 8vo, numerous coloured plates, half calf neat. 18* Paris, 1809 A / 3186 Diaz Del Castillo'a. True History of the Conquest of Mexico, translated by Keating. 4to, half red morocco extra. 9s 1800

3187 Dilworth's History of the Conquest of Mexico, by Hernan Cortes.

12mo, no title, bound. Is 6d

3188 Dryden's Conquest of Mexico, a Play. 4to, half red morocco, by (_

Hayday. 3s '' 1681

} ' 3189 Dwtght's (Rev. Dr. Timothy) Travels in New England and in New
York. 4 vols. post 8vo, and map, neat half calf. 10s 6d 1823
. . 3190 Eckfeldt and Du Bois's New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins,
Counterfeit Coins, Californian and Mormon Coins, &c. 12mo,
plates, boards. 2s 1850
3191 Eaux's (W.) Memorable Days in America, being a Journal of a Tour
to the United States to ascertain the Condition and Prospects of
British Emigrants. 8vo, new half calf gilt. 4s 6d 1823
/ 3192 Eearon's (H. B.) Journey of 5,000 miles through the Eastern and
Western States of America. 8vo, new half calf, gilt. 3s 6d 1818

3193 Fremont's (H. B.) Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the

Rocky Mountains, and to Oregon and North California. 8vo, map
and plates, new half morocco, gilt top. 7s 1846

3194 Gage's (Thos.) New Survey of the West Indies, containing a Journal

of 3,300 miles in America, (Mexico, Chiapa, Guatemala, Vera Cruz,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, &c.) Folio, new, and very neat, in
calf, gilt. £1. 4s 1648

The first edition, which contains a chapter left out in the third, owing, as it is said, to its reflecting
on the character of Abp. Laud.

8195 Garcia (P. F.) Istoria della Conversione alia nostra Santa Fede dell'

isole Mariane dette prima de' Ladroni, nella vita, Predicatione, e |
morte glorioza per Christo del Ven. P. Diego Lerigi di Sanvitores. ^
Thick 4to, vellum, rare. 15s Napoli, 1686

It contains some curious particulars of Mexico, which was visited by the Holy Father on hia
way to the Ladrones.

3196 Grieve's History of Kamschatka and the Kuriliski Islands with the

Countries adjacent, translated from the Russian, 1764.—Muller's Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the discoveries of the North West Coast of America, to which is prefixed a summary of the Voyages made by the Russians in the Frozen Sea, in search of a North East Passage, by Thos. Jefferys. In 1 vol. 4to, very neat. 8s 6d '' 1764

3197 Haliburton (Judge) Bubbles of Canada, 1839.—Reply to the

Report of the Earl of Durham, by a Colonist, 1839. In 1 volume,
8vo, half morocco extra. 4s 6d

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