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2928 Facts relating to the Capture of Washington, in reply to some statements in the Memoirs of Admiral Sir Geo. Cockburn. By Gen. de Lacy Evans. 8vo. Is 6d 1829

2829 Feltus (Rev. Dr. Henry, of New York). Lines occasioned by his

Death, with Notes, Biographical and Explanatory. By a Friend. 8vo. Is 6d New York, 1£29

2830 Inquiries relating to Negro Emancipation. 8vo. Is 1829 2930 Observations upon the State of Negro Slavery in the Island of Santa

Cruz, the principal of the Danish West India Colonies. 8vo. Is 6d 1829 2832 Report of the Incorporated Society for the Conversion and Religious Instruction and Education of the Negro Slaves in the British West India Islands, for 1829. 8vo. Is

2933 Report of the Proceedings of the New England Company, for the

Civilisation of the Indians of the British Colonies in America and
West Indies. 8vo, with maps of the country of the Jive nations, $~c.
Is 6d 1829

2934 Spanish America. Observations on the Instructions given by the

President of the United States of America, to the Representatives of that RepubEc at Panama, in 1826, on the Conduct of Mr. Poinsett, Minister of the United States in Mexico. 8vo. 2s 1829

2935 Tazewell's (Hon. L. W.) Review of the Negociations between the

United States and Great Britain, on the Commerce of the two
Countries. 8eo. Is 6d 1829

2936 Abstract of the British West Indian Statutes for the Protection and

Government of Slaves. 8vo. Is 1830

2937 Act for Government of Slaves, passed 19th Dec., 1829. 8vo. Is 6d

St. Jago de la Vega, 1830

2938 Barbacena (Marquis de) Remarques sur sa Declaration relativement

au retour de la Princesse du Gram-Para a Rio-Janeiro. 8vo. Is 6d

Paris, 1830

2939 Barclay (Alex.) Eifects of the late Colonial Policy of Great Britain

described. 8vo. Is 1830

2940 Bliss (Henry) On Colonial Intercourse, and Appendix. 8vo. Is 1830

2941 British Colonial Slavery, compared with that of Pagan Antiquity.

8vo. Is" 1830

2942 Brougham's (Henry) Opinions on Negro Slavery. 8vo. Is 1830

2943 Chili and Peru. On the Formal Recognition of Chile and Peru.

8vo. 6d 1830

2944 Cuba, or the Policy of England, Mexico, and Spain, with regard to

that Island. 8vo. Is 1830

2945 Duncan (Rev. Henry, of Rothwell, founder of the Savings' Bank).

Presbyter's Letters on the West India Question. 8vo. Is 1830

2946 Gladstone's (John) Statement on the present state of Slavery in the

British Sugar and Coifee Colonies, and the United States. 8vo.
Is 1830

2947 A History of the American Revolution. 8vo, two parts. Is

Lib. Useful Know. 1830 2948 Horton's (Rt. Hon. R. Wilmot) First and Second Letters on Negro

Slavery, being an Inquiry into the Claims of the West Indians for
Equitable Compensation. 8vo. Is 6d 1839

2949 Journal of the Proceedings of the 59th Annual Convention of the

Protestant Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of New Jersey, 1833, and Journals of the Proeeedings, 1830 and 1832. 8vo, three pamphlets. Is 6d.

2950 Memoria de la conducta publica y admimstrativa de Manuel Jose

Arce durante el Periodo de su Presidencia escrita in defensa de las calumnias que contra su persona han vertido los mismos que se rebelarou contra el gobierno y la Nacion de Centro America. 4to. 3s Mexico, 1830

2951 Nine Letters to the Duke of Wellington, on Colonial Slavery, by

Ignotus. 8vo. It 1830

2952 Papers on the Colonial Questions, extracted from Fraser's Magazine.

8vo. Is 1830

2953 Several Speeches (of Hayne and Webster), made during the Debate in

the Senate of the United States, on Mr. Foot's resolution proposing an Enquiry into the Expediency of Abolishing the Office of Surveyor General of Public Lands, and to suspend further Surveys, &c. 8vo. 2s Charleston, S. C, 1830

2954 A Expozicao do Marquez de Barbacena commentadapor hum Brasileiro

Nato. 8vo. Is 6d winters, 1831

2955 Buss (Henry) on the New Colonial Trade Bill. 8vo. Is. 1831

2956 Douglas's (Major Gen. Sir Howard) Considerations on the Value

and Importance of the British North American Provinces. 8vo. Is 8d 1831

2957 Extract of a Letter from Lieut. Christopher Claxton, R.N., to the

House of Assembly of Jamaica. 8vo. Is 6d Saint Christopher, 1831

2958 First Report on the State of the Representation of the People of

Upper Canada in the Legislature of that Province. 8vo. Is 6d

York, 1831

2959 Four Essays on Colonial Slavery, by John Jennie, Esq., President of

the Royal Court of St. Lucia. 8vo. Is 6d 1831

2960 Fourteenth Annual Report of the American Society for Colonising

the Free People of Colour of the United States. 8vo. Is

Washington, 1831

2961 Historical Eulogium on Don Hipp. Ruiz Lopez, first Botanist and

Chief of the Expedition to Peru and Chili, translated by Hatcher of
Salisbury. 8vo. Is 6d 1831

2962 Reflexoes Politicas offerecidas aos Brasileiros Aantes du sua Patria.

8vo. Is 6d Philadelphia, 1831

2963 Statement with Reference to the Knights Baronets of Nova Scotia,

their creations, privileges, &c. 8vo. Is Edinb., 1831

2964 Baillie (Thomas), Account of the Province of New Brunswick,

12mo, map. Is 1832

2965 Code Rural a l'usage des habitants tant anciens que nouveaux

du Bas-Canada, redige par J. F. Perrault Proton. 12mo. 2s

Quebec, 1832 2966 Compendious History of the Northern Part of the Province of New

Brunswick, and the District of Gaspe, by R. Cooney. 8vo. 2s

Halifax, 1832

2967 First Annual Export of the Society for Converting and Civilizing the

Indians and Propagating the Gospel in Upper Canada. 8vo. Is

York, 1832

2968 Jones's (E.) Review of Facts and Observations made by Naturalists

and Travellers in America on the Properties of the Sugar Maple Tree. 8vo. Is 6d 1832

2969 Narrative of certain Events connected with the late Disturbances in

Jamaica, and the Charges preferred against the Baptist Missionaries. 8vo. Is 1832

2970 Practical Information to Emigrants, including details of the Soil,

Climate, and Natural Productions of the Province of New Brunswick. 8vo, 2 large maps. Is 6d 1832

2971 Reply to Mr. Jeremie's Pamphlet, by an Inhabitant of St. Lucia.

8vo, Is 6d ' 1832

2972 Reply to the Pamphlet entitled Policy of England towards Spain.

8vo. Is " 1832

2273 Sketches of the United States of America during a residence of fifteen years, by M. P. Hore. 8vo. I* 6d. Cork, 1832

It contains sketches of the leading Irishmen and the Catholic Religion in the United States.

2974 American Criticisms on Mrs. Trollope's "Domestic Manners of the

Americans." 8vo. Is 6d. 1833

2975 Bliss's Statistics of the Trade, Industry, and Resources of Canada

and the other British Plantations. 8vo, 2s 1833

2976 Burnley's (Wm. H., Deputy from Trinidad,) Opinions on Slavery and

Emancipation in 1823. 8vo. Is 1833

2977 Corrected Report of the Speech of Viscount Howick in the House

of Commons on Colonial Slavery, with Appendix, containing a Plan for the Abolition of Slavery. 8vo. Is 1833

2978 Evidence upon Oath, touching the condition and treatment of the

Negro Population of the British West India Colonies. Part I.
Island of Jamaica. 8vo. Is 6d 1833

2979 Hodgkin's (Dr. Thomas) Inquiry into the merits of the American

Colonization Society, and reply to the charges against it, with account of the British African Colonization Society. 8vo. Is. 1833

2980 Hopkirk's (J. G.), Account of the Insurrection in St. Domingo, begun

in August, 1791. 8vo. Is 1833

2981 Irving's (Edward), Statement of the Causes which aifect the decrease

or increase of the Slave Population in the British Colonies. 8vo. Is 1833

2982 Memoria de la Direccion General de la Renta del Tabaco en 1832.

8vo. Is Caracas, 1833

2983 Account of some Antiquities at Peten, in Central America (from the

Arclweologia). 4to. 2 plates. Is 1834

2984 Narrative of the Life of David Crockett, of the State of Tenessee, by

himself. 12mo (very amusing). Is 1834 2985 Observations sur la reponse de Mathieu Lord Aykner a la depu

tation du Tattersall et sur le discours du tres Honorable My Stanley delivre dans la Chambre des Communes sur les affaires du Canada. 8vo. Is 6e? Montreal, 1834

2986 Stuart's (James) Refutations of Aspersions on his "Three Years in

America." Post 8vo. l* 6d 1834

2987 Tyson (J. R.) Discourse before the Young Men's Colonization Society

of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Is Philadelphia, 1834

2988 Colonial Policy, with Hints on Military Settlements, and Observa

tions on the Boundary Question between England and the United States. 8vo. Is 1835

2989 Constitution of the State of Michigan, as adopted in Convention in

the city of Detroit, 11th May, 1835. 8vo. Is Detroit, 1835

2990 Gouge's Short History of Paper-Money and Banking in the United

States. 8vo. Is 6c? (Contains as much reading as two 8vo vols.)

N. Y. 1835

2991 Letters addressed to the People of the Canadas and British North

America, on Elective Institutions. By an East Anglian. 12mo.
Is 6d Cobourg, 1885

2992 Paravey (De) Memoire sur l'Origine Japonaise, Arabe et Basque, de la

Civilisation des peuples du Plateau de Bogota. 8vo. 2s Paris, 1835

2993 Remarks on the Petitions of the Convention and Constitutionalists,

by Anti-bureaucrat. 12mo. Is Montreal, 1835

2994 Viger (L'Hon. D. B.) Observations contre la proposition faite dans

le Conseil Legislatif de rejecter le Bill de l'A.ssemblee pour la nomination d'un Agent de la Province. 8vo. Is 6d Montreal, 1835

2995 Anti-gallic Letters, addressed to the Earl of Gosford. 12mo. Is

Montreal, 1836

2996 Badgley's (W.) Remarks on Register Offices. 12mo. Is Montreal,I836

2997 Canada.—Recent Occurrences in Canada (printed from the "Monthly

Repository," of February, 1836.—Petition of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada to the King, 1836—and four other pieces relating to Canada. Is' 1836

2998 La Petite Clique devoilee ou Explications sur les manoeuvres dirigees

contre la Minorite Patriote. 8vo. Is 6d Etats-Unis; Rome, 1836

2999 Roebuck (J. A.) Existing Difficulties in the Government of the

Canadas. 8vo. Is 6d 1836

3000 Public Documents relating to Lord Aylmer's Administration of the

Government of Lower Canada. 8vo. 2s 1837

3001 Armand-aubert. Resultats de la Liberie des noirs a Cayenne de

1794 and 1803. 4to. 2s Martinique, 1837

3002 Bowles' (Capt.) Suggestions for the speedy and secure conveyance of

our Reinforcements to Canada. 8vo. Is 1837

3003 Canada.—Correct Account of the Rise and Progress of the recent

popular movements in Lower Canada (Tract of 12 pages)—What shall we do with Canada? (Tract of 8 pages), together. 6d 1837

3004 Channing (Dr. W. E.) Letter on the Annexation of Texas to the

United States. 8vo. Is 1837 3005 Gouge, on the Expediency of Dispensing with Bank Agency and Bank

Paper in the Fiscal Contracts of the United States. 8vo. Is 1837

3006 Illinois in 1837. Sketch of the Situation, Boundaries, Face of the

Country, Prominent Districts, Prairies, Rivers, Minerals, Animals, &c. 8vo. Is Philadelphia, 1837

3007 Manifesto de las razones que legitiman de la Declaracion de Guerra

contra el Gobierno del General Santa Cruz, titulo presidente de la Confederacion Peru-Boliviana. 4to. 2s Buenos Ayres, 1837

3008 Patron (Fel.) Discours sur les causes qui ont fais etablier l'esclavage

dans les Colonies. 4to. Is Paris, 1837

3009 Remarks on the Proceedings as to Canada in the Present Session of

Parliament, by one of the Commissioners. 8vo. Is 6d 1837

3010 Vindicu: Americans.—Letter to Sir Robert Peel, in refutation of

the Calumnious Attacks on America, in his Speech at the Glasgow Peel Banquet. 8vo. Is 1837

3011 Wells's (W. B.) Canadiana, containing Sketches of Upper Canada, and

the Crisis in its Political Affairs. 8vo. 2s 6d 1837

3012 A Plain Statement of the Quarrels with Canada. 8vo. Is 1838

3013 Account of the Civil War in the Canadas. 8vo, portrait of Papineau,

. fyc. (pp. 192, all printed of the work). 2* 6d 1838 5014 Account of the Endowments for Education in Lower Canada, from 1763. By Andrew Stuart, Attorney General. 8vo, Privately Printed. Is 6d 1838

3015 Bentham's (Jeremy) Canada. Emancipate your Colonies, an unpub

lished Argument. 8vo. Is 1838

3016 Brief History of the Church in Upper Canada, W. Bettridge, Rector

of Woodstock, U. C. 8vo. Is 6d - 1838

3017 Brougham's (Lord) Speech on the Maltreatment of the North

American Colonies. 8vo. Is 1838

3018 Canadian Portfolio, conducted by John Arthur Roebuck, Esq., and

other friends of Canada. 8vo, (pp. 193, probably all that was ever printed). 2s 6d 1838

3019 Hints on the Case of Canada, for the consideration of Members of

Parliament. 8vo. Is 1838

3020 History and Description of the Canadas. 8vo (pp. 192, all printed

of the work). 2s 6d 1838

3021 Mc. Queen's (James) West Indian Mail Communication, in a Letter to

Francis Baring, M.P. 8vo. Is 1838

3022 Molesworth's (Sir Wm.) Speech in the House of Commons on the

State of the Colonies. 8vo. Is 1838

3023 Molesworth's (Sir Wm.) Speech on the second reading of the Canada

Bill. 8vo. Is 1838

3024 Report from the Select Committee of the Legislative Council of Upper

Canada, on the state of the Province. 8vo. 2s Montreal, 1838

3025 Succinct Account of the Treaties and Negociations between Great

Britain and United States of America, relating to the Boundary
Question. (By Andrew Stuart, Attorney General of Canada.) 8vo,


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