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2629 Letter from Alexr. Hamilton, concerning the Public Conduct and. Character of John Adams, Esq., President of the United States.

2630 Morse's (Dr. Jedidiah) Prayer and Sermon at Charlestown, Dec. 31,

1799, on the Death of President Washington, and Proceedings of the Town in testimony of his talents. 8vo. 2s 1800

2631 Nott (Eliphalet) Discourse in the Presbyterian Church, in Albany, at

the celebration of American Independence. 8vo. Is 6d Albany, 1801

2632 Paine's (Seth. Jun.) Eulogy on General George Washington. 8vo.

2s Charlestown, 1800

2633 Smith's (Rev. Dr. S. S.) Oration on the Death of General George

Washington, in the State House at Trenton. 8vo. 1* 6rf

Trenton, 1800

2634 The Will of General George Washington, with a Schedule of his

property directed to be sold, also the Oration in Honour of his Memory. By Major General Lee. 8vo. 2s 1800

2635 Barclay's Account of the Emancipation of the Slaves of Unity Valley

Pen, in Jamaica. 8vo. Is 1801

2636 Crawford's (C.) on the Propagation of the Gospel, in which there

are numerous facts and arguments to prove that many of the Indians in America are descended from the Ten Tribes. 8vo. 2s Phil. 1801

2637 Laborie's (Dr. P. J.) Extracts from the Coffee Planter of St. Domingo.

4to. Is 6d Nassau, 1801

2638 Memoire justificatif de la conduite de la Grande Bretagne en arretant

les Navires Etrangers et les munitions de Guerre destinees aux Insurgens de l'Amerique. 8vo. 2s 1801

2639 Oration before the Caledonian Society of New York, on the Origin,

Antiquity, &c., of the Scots and Irish Nations. 8vo. Is New York,180I

2640 Speech of Thos. Jefferson, Esq., the newly erected President of the

United; States of America, to the Senate, &c., with a few Remarks. 8vo. Is 1801

2641 Thacher (Thos. C.) Sermon at Lynn, on the Death of Mrs. Anne

2642 Votes of the House of Assembly of the Bahama Islands. Folio. 2s

Nassau, 1801

2643 White's (Rev. Dr. Wm.) Sermon before the General Convention of

the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States of America, at Trenton, on the Consecration of the Right Rev. Bishop Moore, of New York. 8vo. Is "New York, 1801

2644 Account of the Skeleton of the Mammoth, a nondescript Carnivorous

Animal, of immense size, found in America. By R. Peale. 8vo.
Is 6rf 1802

2645 Communications on different subjects, addressed to the Bahama

Agricultural Society. 4to. Is Nassau, 1802

2446 Mallet's (Capt.) Descriptive Aecount of the Island of Trinidad. 4to,

map. 2s 1802 2647 Maxey's (Milton) Oration in the Dutch Church in Schenectady, at the

request of the Philomathean Society, 4th July, 1803. 8vo. Is 6d

Albany, 1803

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2648 Mongrole, La France Equinoxiale ou Expose-sommaire des

possessions de la Republique sous l'Equateur, comprenant une refutation en faveur de la Guayne Francaise. 8vo. 2s Paris, 1802

2649 Peter's (Rev. C.) Two Sermons, preached at Dominica, with Appendix,

containing Minutes of three Trials at Roseau and Strictures, on the Slave Trade. 8vo. Is 6d 1802

2650 Priest's (Will., a Musician) Travels in the United States, 1793-7.

8vo. 2s 1802

2651 Rainsford's (Capt.) Memoir of Transactions that took place in St.

Domingo, 1799. 8vo. Is 6c? 1802

2652 The Crisis of the Sugar Colonies, or an Enquiry into the objects and

probable effects of the French Expedition to the West Indies, with a Plan for settling Vacant Lands in Triuidada. 8vo. 2s 1802

2653 HisTORrcAL Disquisition on the Mammoth, or Great American

Incognitium, whose fossil remains are to be found in North America.
ByR. Peale. 8vo. Is 6c? 1803

2654 Priestley's (Joseph) Second Letter to the Rev. John Blair Linn,

Pastor of the first Presbyterian Congregation in Philadelphia, in reply to his Defence of the Doctrines of the Divinity of Christ and Atonement. 8vo. Is 6c? Northumberland, U. $.1803

2655 Account of Louisiana, being abstract of documents transmitted to

President Jefferson, and by him laid before Congress. 8vo.
Is 6rf " "1804

2656 Mc Donald (John) Sermon on the Death of General Alexr. Hamilton.

8vo. Is 6d Albany, 1804

2657 Mason (Dr. J. M.) Oration on the late Major General Alexander

Hamilton. 8vo. Is 6c? New York, 1804

2658 Nott (Dr. E.) Discourse in the North Dutch Church, in the City of

Albany, on the Death of General Alexander Hamilton. 8vo. 1* 6c?

Albany, 1804

2659 Otis's (H. G.) Eulogy at Boston, on General Alexander Hamilton.

8vo. Is 6c? Albany, 1804

2660 Picton's (Col.) Letter to Lord Hobart (respecting his administration of

the Island of Trinidad). 8vo. Is 6c? 1804

2661 Pugnet (J. F. X.) Essai sur la Topographie de l'Isle de Sainte-Lucie.

4to. 2s 6c? Paris, 1804

2662 The Opportunity or Reasons for an Immediate Alliance with St.

Domingo. 8vo. 2s 1804

2663 Thornton's (Dr. W.) Political Economy, founded in Justice and

Humanity (as applicable to America). 8vo. Is Washington, U. S. 1804

2664 Woodruff's (Rev. H. N.) Sermon at Scipio, N. Y. on the Death of

Gen. Alexr. Hamilton. 8vo. Is 6c? Albany, 1804

2665 Considerations for and against a South American Expedition. 8vo.

2s 1805

2666 Description of Prince Edward Island. (By John Cambridge.) 8vo,

map, showing the Counties, Parishes, Roads, Mills, fyc. 2s 1805

2667 Dutton's (Warren) Oration, in Commemoration of American Inde

pendence. 8vo. Is Boston, 1805

2668 French's (Eb.) Oration before the Young Democratic Republicans of

Boston, on Anniversary of American Independence. 8vo. Is

Boston, 1805

2669 Fullarton's (Col.) Refutation of Col. Picton's Pamphlet, lately

addressed to Lord Hobart (on his Governorship of Trinidad). 4to. 2s 1805

2670 Letter from the Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States, to

Lord Mulgrave. 8vo. Is 1805

2671 Nott's (Elip.) Address to the Candidates for the Baccalaureate, in

Union College, May 18th, 1805—Do. July, 1806—Do. July, 1807. 8vo. Is each Albany and Schneetady, 1805-7

2672 Popkin's (John Snelling) Discourse at Haverhill, on the Funeral of

Jabez Kimball, Attorney at Law, with Memoir of his Life. 8vo. 2s Newburyport, 1805

2673 Sketch of his Majesty's Province of Upper Canada. By D'Arcy

Boulton. 4to, map. Is 6d - 1805

2674 Talleyrand. Memoire sur les Relations Commerciales des Etats

Unis avec l'Angleterre. 8vo. Is 1805

2675 War in Disguise, or the Frauds of the Neutral Flags. 8vo. 2s 1805

2676 Account of the Massachusetts State Prison, containing a Description

and Plan of the Edifice, the Law, Regulations, Rules, and Orders, with State of the Institution. 8vo, plates. Is 6d Charlestown, 1806

2677 An Examination of the British Doctrine, which subjects to Capture

a Neutral Trade not open in the time of Peace. 8vo. 2s 1806

2678 Beecher's (Lyman) Sermon, containing a general History of the Town

of East Hampton. 8vo. 2s 6rf Sag. Harbor, N. Y. 1806

2679 Evidence taken at Port of Spain, Island of Trinidad, in the Case of

Louisa Calderon, with Letter to Sir Sam. Hood. By Col. Thos.
Picton. 8vo. 2s 1806

2680 Fullarton's (Col.) Letter to Lord *******, on the Subjects

of Torture introduced into the British Colonies, as connected with the Laws of Old Spain. 4to. Is 6d 1806

2681 Letter to Chas. Jas. Fox, on the Importance of the Colonies on the

Coast of Guiana. By a British Merchant. 8vo. Is 6d 1806

2682 Memoirs of Mammoth, and various other extraordinary and stu

pendous Bones of Incognita or nondescript Animals, found in the vicinity of the Ohio, Illinois, &c. By Thos. Ashe. 8vo. Is 6d 1806

2683 Nott's (Dr. E.) Sermon before the General Assembly of the Presby

terian Church, in the United States of America, by appointment of their Standing Committee of Missions. 8vo. Is Philadelphia, 1806

2684 Present Claims and Complaints of America, briefly and fairly con

sidered. 8vo. Is 6d "1806

2685 Speech of Hon. J. Randolph, Representative for the State of Virginia,

in the Congress, on a Motion for the non-importation of British Merchandize, pending the Disputes between Great Britain and America. 8vo. Is 6d 1806

2686 Trial of J. D. R. Rouvellet, Esq., of the Island of St. Christopher,

for Forgery. 8vo,portrait. Is 6d 1806

2687 Trial of Thc-3. Picton, late Governor of Trinidad, for Torturing Louisa

Calderon, in the Island of Trinidad. 8vo, frontispiece. Is 1806

2688 Argument against War with Great Britain. By an American Farmer.

8vo. Is '1807

2689 Concessions to America, the Bane of Britain, or the Cause of the

present Distressed Situation of the British Colonial and Shipping Interests Explained, and Remedy Suggested. 8vo. Is 6c? 1807

2690 Trial of John Wilson, alais Jenkin Ratford, for Mutiny, Desertion,

and Contempt. 8vo. Is 6c? Halifax, (1807)

2691 De Pons (F. J., Ex-Agent du Gov. Francois a Caracas) Perspective des

rapports politiques et Commerciaux de la France dans le* Deux Indes sous la Dynastie regnante. 8vo. 2s Paris, 1807

2692 Gleason (Benjn.) Oration before the Republican Citizens of the Town

of Hingham in Commemoration of American Independence. 8vo. 2s Boston, 1807

2693 Laws of Union College. 8vo. Is Schenectady, 1807

2694 Medf.ord's (Macall) Oil without Vinegar, and Dignity without Pride,

or British American and West India Interests Considered. 8vo. Is 6c? 1807

2695 Paine (Tom.), On the Cause of the Yellow Fever, addressed to the

Board of Health in America. 8vo. Is 1807

2696 True Picture of the United States of America. By a British Subject.

8vo. Is 6c? '1807

2697 Trial of Sir Home Popham, for withdrawing his Naval Force without

orders, to Attack the Spanish Settlement, in the Rio de la Plata. 8vo. Is 6c? 1807

2698 American Encroachments on British Rights, or Observations on the

Importance of the British North American Colonies. 8vo. Is 6c? 1808

2699 Baring's (Alex. Lord Ashhurton) Inquiry into the Causes and Conse

quences of the Orders in Council, and the conduct of Great Britain towards the Neutral Commerce of America. 8vo. Is 6c? 1808

2700 Letters of Decius, in answer to the Criticism upon the Political

Account of Trinidad, and upon the Defence of the Crimes of Governor
Picton. 8vo. Is 6c? 1808

2701 Letter to Hon. T. Pickering, exhibiting a view of the imminent

danger of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War. 8vo. Is 1808

2702 Lowe (jos.) Inquiry into the State of the British West Indies. 8vo.

Is 6c? 1808

2703 Minutes of Evidence before the House of Lords, to consider the

Orders in Council. 8vo. Is 1808

2704 Morse and Parish's Compendious History of New England. 8vo.

2s * 1808

2705 Oration at Boston on American Independence. By And. Ritchie, Jun.

8vo. Is 1808

2706 Parish's (Dr. Elijah) Sermon in the Presbyterian Church, Schenectady.

8vo. Is Schenectudy, 1808

2707 Ritchie's (Andrew) Oration on the Anniversary of American Inde

pendence. 8vo. Is Boston, 1808

2708 Russell's (John) Address to the Members of the Faustus Association,

in Boston, at their Annual Celebration. 8vo. Is 6d Boston, 1808

2709 Speech of Henry Brougham, in support of the Petitions against the

Orders in Council. 8vo. Is 1808

2710 Catalogue of- the Books in the Library of Yale College, New Haven.

8vo. Is 6d 'New Haven, 1808

2711 History of the Brasils, from the original Discovery in 1500, to the

Emigration of the Royal Family of Portugal, in 1807. 8vo, plates, is6d " " 1808

2712 Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the^ subject of Public

Roads and Canals. 8vo. Is 6d Washington, 1808

2713 The King against Picton. Mr. Dallas's Speech for a New Trial, in

the Case of Louisa Calderon. 8vo. Is 1808

2714 Tour through part of Virginia, in the Summer of 1808. 8vo. 2s

New York, (1805)

2715 Trial (in Full) of Gen. Whitelocke, Commander of the Attack on

Buenos Ayres. 8vo, map. 2s 1808

2716 Address of the Bible Society of Maine to the Public, with the

Constitution and Regulation of said Society. 8vo. Is Portland, 1809

2717 Buckminster's (J. S.) Sermon at the Church in Brattle Street, Boston,

on the Funeral of His Excellency, Jas. Sullivan, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 8vo. Is 6c? Boston, 1809

2718 Channing's (W. E.) Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. John Codman,

to the Second Church in Dorchester. 8vo. Is Boston, 1809

2719 Report of the Committee appointed, on the State of Rhode Island

and Providence Plantations, to enquire into the Farmer's Exchange Bank, at Gloucester. 8vo. 2s 1809

2720 Talleyrand. Memoir concerning the Commercial Relations of the

United States with England, and Essay on Advantages to be derived from New Colonies. 8vo. Is 6d Boston, 1809

2721 Townsend's (Alex.) Address to the Massachusetts Charitable Fire

Society, on the principles of their Institution. 8vo. Is 1809

2722 Verplanck's (Gul. C.) Oration, 4th July, 1809, in the North Dutch

Church, before the Washington Benevolent Society of New York. 8vo. Is 6d New York, 1809

2723 View of the Political Situation of Upper Canada. By J. M. Jackson.

8vo. 2s '1809

2724 A Brief View of the Policy and Resources of the United States.

8vo. Is 66? 1810

2725 Considerations on this Question; whether the British Government

acted wisely in granting to Canada her present Constitution. 8vo. 2s Montreal, 1810

2726 Constitution of the Washington Society of Maryland. 8vo, with

Autograph of J.Howard Payne. Is 6d Baltimore, 1810

2727 Carey (M.) Nine Letters to Dr. Adam Seybert, representative in Con

gress for Philadelphia, on the United States Bank, &c. 8vo. 2s

Philadelphia, 1810

2728 Correspondence between Mr. Secretary Canning and the Hon. D.

Erskine,as printed and laid before the House of Lords. 8vo. Is 6d 1810

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