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2534 Dunn (Thomas) Discourse delivered in the NewDuteh Church, Nassau

Street, before the New York Society for the Information and Assistance of Persons Emigrating from Foreign Countries. 8vo. Is 1794

2535 Linn (Dr. W., of the Dutch Church, New York) Discourses on the Signs

of the Times. 8vo. Is 6d New York, 1794

2536 Observations on the Emigration of Dr. Jos. Priestley, with the several

Addresses delivered to him on his arrival at New York. 8vq. 1* 6d 1794

2537 Real Cedula de ereccion del Consulado de Buenos Ayres, 30th Jan.

1794. Folio, sewed. 3s Madrid,1VZ±

2538 Thoughts on Emigration, in a Letter from a Gentleman in Philadel

phia to his Friend in England. 8vo. Is 1794

2539 Callender's (J. T., an exile in America for writing this work) Political

Progress of Britain, an Impartial History of the Abuses in the Government of the British Empire in Europe, Asia, and America, from 1688. 8vo. is Philadelphia, 1795

2540 Defence of the Resolutions and Address of the American Congress in

Reply to Dr. Johnson's "Taxation no Tyranny." By the Author of
Regulus, (the Rev. Mr. Northcote). 8vo. 2s n. d. (1795)

2541 Constitution of the Humane Society of the State of New York.

8vo. Is 6d "New York, 1795

2542 Dingley's (Amasa) Oration in the Federal Hall, New York, on the

Improvement of Medecine. 8vo. Is New York, 1795

2543 Enquiry how far the Punishment of Death is necessary in Pennsylvania,

with Notes and Illustrations by Wm. Bradford. 8vo. Is 6d 1795

2544 Jardine's (Dr. L. J.) Letter from Pennsylvania, containing valuable

Information with respect to America. 8vo. Is 1795

2545 Message of the President (Washington) of the United States to Con

gress relative to France and Great Britain, with the Papers therein referred to. 8vo. Is Philadelphia, 1795 .

2546 Mitchell (Dr. S. Latham) Life Exploits and Precepts of Tammany, the

famous Indian Chief; Anniversary Oration. 8vo. Is6d NewYork,1I95

2547 Narrative of the Revolt and Insurrection of the French Inhabitants

of the Island of Grenada. 8vo. Is 6d 1795

2548 Ramsay (Dr. David) Oration on the Anniversary of American Indepen

dence, in St. Michael's Church, to the Inhabitants of Charleston, South Carolina. 8vo. Is 6d 1795

2549 Reports of Alex. Hamilton, Esq., Secretary of the Treasury, read in

the House of Representatives of the United States, (relating to Public Credit and Debts of the United States). 4to. 2* 6d 1795

2550 The F<ederal Constitution of the United States, agreed upon in Con

vention of the States in 1787, with Alterations and Additions made since that period. 8vo. Is 6d 1795

2551 Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Resignation. 8vo. 2s Philadel.Il^i

2552 A Little Plain English, addressed to the people of the United States,

on the treaty negociated with his Brittannic Majesty. By Peter Porcupine, (W. Cobbelf). 8vo. Is 6d Philadelphia,.!!^

2553 Cobbett's Observations on the Emigration of Dr. Priestly, and on the

several Addresses delivered to him on his arrival at New York, together with a comprehensive story of a Farmer's Bull. 8vo. 2s Phila. 1796 2554 Hull's (J. S.) Remarks on the United States, drawn up from his own

Observations, and from the Observations of other Travellers. 8vo.
Is 6d Dublin, about 1796

2555 Kick for a Bite; or Eeview upon Review, with a Critical Essay on

the Works of Mrs. S. Rowson, in a letter to the Editors of the American Monthly Review. By Peter Porcupine. 8vo. Is 1796

2556 Interesting State Papers from President Washington, M. Fauchet

and M. Adet, likewise Conferences with George Hammond, Minister Plenipotentiary from Great Britain. 8vo. 2s 1796

2557 Jones (John Gale) Oration on the resignation of General Washington,

and Short Review of his Life, Character and Conduct. 8vo. Is6d 1796

2558 Liancourt's (Duke of) Comparative View of the Mild and Sanguinary

Laws, and the good effects of the former exhibited in the present
Economy of the Prisons of Philadelphia. 8vo. Is 1796

2559 Look before you Leap, or a few Hints to such Artizans, Mechanics,

Labourers, Farmers, &c., desirous of Emigrating to America (very severe against the States). 8vo. 2s 1796

2560 Morse (Dr. Jed.) Sermon at Charlestown, on the Death of Hon. Thos.

Russell, Esq. 8vo. Is 6d Boston, 1796

2561 New Year's Gift to the Democrats, or Observations on a Pamphlet,

entitled "Vindication of Mr. Randolph's Resignation. By Peter Porcupine. 8vo. Is Philadelphia, 1796

2562 Observations on the North American Land Company, lately instituted

in Philadelphia, and Remarks on American Lands in general. 8vo. 3s 1796

2563 Rush (Benj.) Eulogium to perpetuate the Memory of David Rittenj

house, late President of the American Philosophical Society. 8vo. Is 6d Philadelphia, 1796

2564 Thacher (Dr. Peter) Sermon to the Society in Brattle Street, Boston,

on the Death of Hon. Thos. Russell, Esq. 8vo. Is 6d. Boston, 1796

2565 The Political Censor, or Monthly Review of the most interesting

Political Occurrences relative to the United States of America. By
Peter Porcupine. 8vo, plate. 2s Philadelphia, 1796

2567 Washington's Address to the People of the United States, announcing

his intention of retiring from Public Life. 8vo. Is 6d 1796

2568 8vo. Ls London, 1796

2569 Bone to Gnaw for the Democrats (of America). By Peter Porcupine.

Two parts, 8vo. Is 6rf Philadelphia, 1797

2570 Exile of Major-General Eustace, a Citizen of the United States of

America (of the State of Georgia), from Great Britain, by order of the Duke of Portland. 8vo Is 6d 1797

2571 Harper's (R. G.) Observations on the Dispute between the United

States and France, May 1797. 8vo. Is 6d 1797

2572 Higgins (Bryan) on the Improvement of the Manufacture of Muscovado

Sugar and Rum. 8vo, plates, 1s 6d St. Jago de la Vega, 1797

2573 Letter to George Washington, President of the United States, from

Thomas Paine. 8vo. 1s 6d 1797 25 74 Letter to the infamous Tom Paine, in Answer to Letter to Gen. Washington. By Peter Porcupine (W. Cobbett). 8vo. Is 1797 2575 Malouet (M.) Examen de cette question, quel sera pour les Colonies

de l'Amerique le resultat de la Revolution Francoise, de la guerre qui en est la suite et de la Paix qui doit la terminer? 8vo. 1s6d 1797

2576 MonRoe's View of the Conduct of the Executive in the Foreign Affairs

of the United States. 8vo, with curious folding caricature. 2s 6rf

Philadelphia, 1797

2577 Observations on the Debates in Congress on the Addresses to Wash

ington on his resignation. By Peter Porcupine (W. Cobbett). 8vo. Is 1797

2578 Paul Jones, ou Prophecies sur l'Amerique, l'Angleterre, la France,

l'Espagne, la Hollande, &c. y joint le reve d'un Suisse sur la Revolution de l'Amerique. 8vo, rare. 5s

De Vere de VIndependence de l'Amerique, Can v.

2579 Pickering's Letter to the Chevalier de Yrujo, Envoy Extraordinary of

his Catholic Majesty, to the United States of America (respecting Florida.) 8vo. Is 6d 1797

2580 Rushton's (Edward) Expostulatory Letter to Geo. Washington, on

his continuing to be a proprietor of Slaves. 12mo. Is Liverpool, 1797

2581 Smith (Dr. J. B.) Sermon at the Dutch Church in Albany, before the

Northern Missionary Society, in the State of New York, at their
Organisation. 8vo. Is 6d Schenectady, 1797

2582 The Antigallican, or the Lover of his own Country, in a Series of

Pieces, heretofore published, and partly new, wherein French influence and false patriotism are fully and fairly displayed. By a Citizen of New England. 8vo. Is 6d '' Phil. 1797

2583 Turnbull's (R. J., of South Carolina) Visit to the Philadelphia Prison.

8vo. Is 6rf 1797

2584 Important Documents and Dispatches which accompanied the Message

of the President of the United States of America, to both Houses of Congress, respecting Differences between America and France. 4to. Is 6d 1798

2585 Andre, a Tragedy, in five Acts, as performed by the Old American

Company, New York, 1798; with Authentic Documents respecting
Andre, the "Cow Chace," the Court Martial, &c. 8vo, portrait. 2s

New York, 1798

2586 Authentic Copies of the Correspondence of C. C. Pinckney, John

Marshall, and E. Gerry, Esqrs., Envoys Extraordinary to the Republic of France, as presented to both Houses of Congress, by President Adams. 8vo. Is '1798

2587 Authentic Narrative of the Mutiny on board the Ship Lady Shore,

with particulars of a Journey through part of Brazil. By Mr. John Black. 8vo. Is 6d "1798

2588 Catalogue of the Books in the Library of Yale College, New Haven.

8vo. Is 6d ' 1798

2589" -topies of Original Letters, recently written by persons in Paris to

Dvi Priestley, in America, taken on board of a Neutral Vessel. 8vo,

Is 6d' 1798 2590 Democracy-, an Epic Poem, by Aquiline Nimble-Chops, Democrat.

Canto First., 8vo. Is N. Y., about 1798

2591 Extracts from the Minutes of Council on the Waste Lands of the

Crown in Lower Canada. Two parts, 12mo. 2s Quebec, 1798

2592 French Arrogance, or the "Cat let out of the Bag," a Poetical Dia

logue between the Envoys of America and X. Y. Z. and the Ladv. 8vo. Is' Phil. 1798

2593 Gallatin (Albert) Speech in the House of Representatives upon the

Foreign Intercourse Bill. 8vo. Is 1798

2594 Harper's (Robt. Goodloe) Observations on the Dispute between the

United States and France. 8vo. Is 6d 1798

2595 Another Copy. 8vo, with curious Caricature. 2s 6d 1798

2596 Harper's Short Account of the Principal Proceedings of Congress in

the late Session, and Sketch of the State of Affairs between the United States and France, July, 1798. 8vo. Is 6d 1798

A different Pamphlet from the preceding.

2597 Another Copy. 8vo, with a curious Caricature. 2s6d 1798

2598 Message of the President (Adams) relating to the French Republic,

May 4, 1798. 8vo. Is

2599 Message of the President (Adams) to both Houses of Congress,

April 3, 1798, with the Dispatches from the Envoys to the French
Republic. 8vo. U 6 d "1798

2600 Monroe's (President) View of the Conduct of the Executive in the

Foreign Affairs of the United States, with the Mission .to the French
Republic. 8vo. Is 6 d 1798

2601 Reflections on Monroe's View of the Conduct of the Executive, as

published in the Gazette of the United States, under the signature ofScipio. By Timothy Pickering. 8vo. 2s 1798

2602 Porcupine's (Peter) Republican Judge; or the American Liberty of

the Press, as explained and exposed in the base and partial prosecution of William Cobbett, for a supposed Libel against the King of Spain and his Ambassador, before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Is 6d 1798

2603 Rapport fait aux Citoyens Hugues et Lebas, sur la situation du

Volcan de la Guadeloupe, et les effets de l'eruption qui a eu lieu dans la nuit, 7 au 8 du mois la vendemiaire. 4to 2s

Guadeloupe, an vi. (1798)

2604 Report of the Committee of the House of Representatives appointed

to prepare articles of Impeachment against William Blount, a Senator, impeached of High Crimes andMisdemeanours. 8vo. 2s6d Phil.(n 98)

The crime was for making arrangements for an expedition with the Indians and British to take the Floridas, and establish a British Government in the Spanish Dominions on the Mississippi.

2605 Johnson's (J. B ) Discourse, 4th July 1798, on the Dealings of God

with Israel and America. 8vo, indifferent copy. Is Albany, 1798

2606 Observations on the Emigration of Dr. Joseph Priestley. By Peter

Porcupine. 8vo. 2s 1798

2607 Speech of John Allen, in the House of Eepresentatives, relative to

employing the armed Vessels as Convoys. 8vo. Is 6d. Phil. 1798

2608 Speech, in the House of Representatives, of Mr. Bayard, on the Foreign

Intercourse Bill. 8vo. Is '1798

2609 Speech of R. Goodloe Harper, on the Foreign Intercourse Bill, deli

vered in the House of Representatives, March 2d. 8vo. Is 1798 2610 Speech of R. G. Harper, 29 May 1797, on the Conduct of France

towards the United States. 8vo. Is Phil. 1798

2611 The Politicians, or a State of Things, a Dramatic Piece. By an

American and a Citizen of Philadelphia. 8vo. Is 6c? Phil. 1798

2612 What is our Situation, and What our Prospects? A few pages for

Americans, by an American. 8vo. Is 6d. About 1798

2613 The Whole Correspondence between the Envoys of the American

States and Talleyrand, on the late Disputes. 12mo. Is 1798

2614 Andre, a Tradegy, in Five Acts, as now performing at the Theatre in

New York; to which is added the Cow Chace, a Satirical Poem, by
Major Andre, with the Proceedings of the Court Martial, and
Authentic Documents concerning him. 8vo. 2s 1799

2615 Cobbett (W.) Remarks on the Explanation lately published by Dr.

Priestley, respecting the intercepted letters of his friend and disciple,
John H. Stone. 8vo. Is 6d 1799

2616 Lee's (Major General) Funeral Oration to the Memory of General

George Washington. 8vo. Is 1799

2617 Memoirs sur la Guiane Francaise par le Citoyen Jacquemin qui a

reside dans la Guiane Francaise pendant vingt deux ans. 12mo. 2s Paris, an vii (1799)

2618 Priestley (jos.) Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland and

its neighbourhood, on subjects interesting to the Author and to them. Part 2. 8vo. Is 6d Northumberland. 1799

2619 Oration, written at the request of the young men of Boston, in com

memoration of the Dissolution of the Treaties between France and the United States. By Thos. Paine. 8vo. Is 66? Boston, 1799

2620 Porter's (Eliphalet) Eulogy on Washington, delivered at Roxbury.

8vo. Is 6d' Boston, 1799

2621 Ramel (General) Narrative of the Deportation to Cayenne, of

Barthelemy, Pichegru, Willot, &c., &c. Translated from the French. 8vo. 2s 1799

2622 Reflexions sobre el Comercio de Espana con sus Colonias en

America en tiempo de Guerra, por un Espanol en Philadelphia. 8vo. Is 6c? Philadelphia, 1799

2623 Cobbett's American Rush-Light, by the help of which Britons may

see the Perfidy of the RepubKcans. 8vo. Is 6d 1800

2624 Connecticut Republicanism. An Oration on the Extent and Power

of Political Delusion. By Abraham Bishop. 8vo. Is 6d

Philadelphia, 1800

2625 Corry's (John) Life of George Washington, President of the United

States. 12mo, portrait. Is 6d 1800

2626 Frie's (John) Two Trials of John Fries, on an Indictment for Treason

and Insurrection in the Counties of Bucks, Northampton, and Montgomery, United States. 8vo, pp. 277. 2s 6d Philadelphia, 1800

2627 Letters from Paris to the Citizens of the United States, on their

Commercial Intercourse with England. By Joel Barlow. 8vo.
Is 6d 1800

2628 Madison's (Rev. Dr.) Discourse on the Death of General Washington,

delivered in the Church of Williamsburg. 8vo. Is 6d 1800

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