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2149 CANDID Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great Britain and the

Colonies, with a Plan of accommodation. 8vo. 28 New York, 1775 2150 THE DYING NEGRO: a Poem. 4to. 28

1775 2151 CONCILIATORY Address to the People of Great Britain and of the Colonies, on the present Crisis. 8vo. 18 6d

1775 2152 CONCISE Historical Account of all the British Colonies in North

America, their Rise, Progress and Modern State, particularly of the

Massachusett's Bay (the seat of the present Civil War). 8vo. 186d 1775 2153 DALRYMPLE's (Alex.) Collection of Voyages, chiefly in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. 4to, map and charts. 58

1775 2154 DECLARATION by the Representatives of the General Congress at Phi

ladelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of taking up Arms.

8vo. 18 2155 DUCHE's Duty of Standing fast in our Liberties, a Sermon before the

first Battalion of the City of Philadelphia. 8vo. 18 1775 2156 ENGLLISHMAN's (The) Answer to the Address from the Delegates to

the People of Great Britain, in a Letter to the several Colonies. 8vo. 28

New York, 1775 2157 FREE Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress at

Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774, wherein their Errors are exhibited and their Reasonings Confuted. 8vo. 28

1775 2158 FULL VINDICATION of the Measures of the Congress from the Calum

nies of their Enemies, in Answer to a Letter by A. W. Farmer. 8vo. 28

New York, 1775 2159 GRENVILLE (Rt. Hon. Geo.) The Regulations lately made concerning the

Colonies and the Taxes imposed upon them, considered. 8vo. 28 1775 2160 GORDON'S (W., Pastor in Roxbury) Discourse, Dec. 15, 1774, being

the Day recommended by the Provincial Congress, and afterwards at the Boston Lecture. 8vo. 186d

1775 2161 JOURNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress at Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774. 8vo. 18 6d

1775 2162 JOURNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, May 10th, 1775. 8vo. 18

- 1775 2163 LORD MANSFIELD's Speech in the Cause of Campbell against Hill, re

specting the Duty of 43 per cent. on all Exports from the Island of Grenada. 8vo. 1s 6d

1775 2164 LETTER to Edmund Burke, controverting the Principles of American

Government, as laid down in his Speech, 19 Apr. 1774. 8vo. 28 1775 2165 LETTER to Edmund Burke, M.P. for Bristol, and Agent for the Colony

of New York, in answer to his printed Speech, said to be spoken in the

House of Commons, March 22,1775. By Dean Tucker. 8vo. 18 6d 1775 2166 LETTER to Lord Carnden, on the Bill for restraining the Trade and

Fishery of the Four Provinces of New England. 8vo. 28 1775 2167 ORIGIN of the American Contest with Great Britain, on the present

political state of the Massachusetts Bay in general, and the Town of Boston in particular. 8vo, 28 6d

New York, 1775 2168 PRESENT Crisis with respect to America considered. 8vo. 28 1775 2169 PLAIN State of the Argument between Great Britain and her Colonies. 8vo. 18 60




2170 Plan offered by the Earl of Chatham to the House of Lords for settling

the Troubles of America, which was rejected and not suffered to lie upon the Table. 4to. 28

1775 2171 RESISTANCE no Rebellion, in which the right of a British Parliament

to Tax the American Colonies is fully considered, and the infamous fallacies in John Wesley's Address to the American Colonies exposed

and censured. 8vo. 1s 6d 2172 REMARKS on the New Essay of the Pennsylvanian Farmer, and on the

resolves and instructions prefixed to that Essay. By the Anthor of

the Right of the British Legislature Vindicated. 8vo. ls 6d 1775 2173 SELECT Dissertations on Colonies and Plantations. By Sir J. Child,

Dr. Davenant, and Mr. W. Wood, wherein the nature of Plantations and their consequences to Great Britain are seriously considered, and a plan proposed which may settle the unhappy differences between Great Britain and America. By Sir Charles Whitworth. 8vo. 28 6d

1775 2174 SECOND Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People on the

Measures respecting America. By the Author of the First. 8vo. 28

1775 2175 SLAVERY. Meynadier (Jacobo) Tentamen Philosophico Juridicum de Servitate Obnoxia. 4to. 18 6d

Traj ad Rhenum, 1775 2176 SMITH (Dr. W.) Sermon in Christ Church, Philadelphia, on the present situation of American Affairs. 8vo. 18

1775 2177 SPEECH intended to have been delivered in the House of Commons in

support of the Petition from the General Congress at Philadelphia. By the Author of an Appeal to the Justice and Interests of Great Britain. 8vo. 28

1775 2178 SPEECH (The) of a General Officer (Gen. Burgoyne) in the House of Commons, 20th Feb. 1775. 4to. 18

N. D. 2179 SPEECH of the Earl of Chatham, 20th Jan. 1775. 4to. ls 6d 1775 2180 SPEECH of Lord Lyttleton, for a Repeal of the Canada Bill. 4to.

1775 2181 SPEECH of Edmund Burke on moving his Resolutions for Conciliation

with the Colonies, March 22d, 1775. 4to. 18 2182 SUBSTANCE of the Evidence on the Petition by the West India

Planters and Merchants, 16th March, 1775, as summed up by
Mr. Glover. 8vo. 18 6d

N. D. 2183 THE ADDRESS of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants of

America (said to be written by Sir J. Dalrymple, and printed at the

pubtic expense for distribution in America). 8vo. 1s 6d 1775 2184 JOHNSON's.(Dr. Samuel) Taxation no Tyranny, or an answer to the

Resolutions and Address of the American Congress. 8vo. 18 6d 1775 2185 TAXATION, Tyranny, addressed to Samuel Johnson, LL.D. 8vo. 28 1775 2186 JERNINGHAM's Fall of Mexico, a Poem. 4to. ls 6d 1775 2187 THE PLEA of the Colonies on the Charges brought against them by Lord M—d, and others. 8vo. 18 6d

1775 2188 TUCKER'S (Dean) Four Tracts on Political and Commercial Subjects. (Two of the Tracts relate to the American Colonies ) 8vo. 28

Gloucester, 1776




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2189 TRACT V. The Respective Pleas and Arguments of the Mother Country and of the Colonies set forth. By Dean Tucker. 8vo.

1775 2190 TUCKER'S (Dean) Letter to Edm. Burke, in Answer to his Speech, 22d March, 1775. 8vo. 18 6d

1775 2191 TUCKER's Dean) Address to the Landed Gentry, whether a connection

with, or a separation from, the American Colonies, be most for the

National Advantage of these Kingdoms. 8vo. ls 6d 1775 2192 Two LETTERS from the American Continental Congress at Philadelphia;

one addressed to the people of Great Britain, and the other to the

inhabitants of the American Colonies. 8vo. 18 Coventry, 1775 2193 View of the Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies. By A. W. Farmer. 8vo. 18 6d

1775 2194 WESLEY's (John) Calm Address to our American Colonies. 12mo.

1775 2195 A Cool Reply to Mr. Wesley's “Calm Address.” 12mo. 18 1775 2196 CONSTITUTIONAL Answer to the Rev. John Wesley's “ Calm Address.” 12mo. ls

1775 2197 LETTER to the Rev. John Wesley, occasioned by his Calm Address to the American Colonies. 12mo. ls

1775 2198 FLETCHER's Vindication of Mr. Wesley's “Calm Address to our American Colonies.” 12mo. ls 6d

N. D. 2199 FULL and Impartial Examination of the Rev. J. Wesley's Address to

the Americans, in which that gentleman's inconsistencies are remarked. 12mo. 18

1775 2200 ZUBLY's (Dr. J.) Law of Liberty, a Sermon on American Affairs,

preached at the opening of the Provincial Congress of Georgia.

8vo. 28 2201 WESLEY (John) Sermon at St. Matthew's, Bethnal Green, for the

Benefit of the Widows and Orphans of the Soldiers who fell near
Boston, in New England. 8vo. 18 6d

- 1775 2202 What Think ye of the Congress now ? or an Enquiry how far the

Americans are bound to abide by, and execute the, decisions of the late Continental Congress, with a Plan, by Samuel Galloway, for a proposed Union between Great Britain and the Colonies. 8vo.

1775 2203 RISE, Progress, and Present State of the Dispute between the people

of America and the Administration. By the Bishop of —-
8vo. 38

1775 2204 Adam's (Sam. the American Cicero) Oration, delivered at the State House, Philadelphia, 1st Aug. 1776. 8vo. 18 6d

1776 2205 SECONDE Lettre de M. de Pinto a l'occasion des troubles des Colonies. 8vo. 28

A la Haye, 1776 2206 AMERICAN Resistance Indefensible, a Sermon on Friday, 13th Dec.

1776, appointed for a General Fast. By a Country Curate. 4to. ls 6d

1776 2207 Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress. 8vo, pp. 132, lo 6d



28 6d


2208 AMERICANS against Liberty, or an Essay on the Nature and Principles

of True Freedom, showing that the Design and Conduct of the

Americans tend only to Tyranny and Slavery. 12mo. l: 6d 1776 2209 APPEAL to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain in

the present disputes with America, by an Old Member of Parliament. 8vo. 18 6d .

1776 2210 BOSTWICK'S (D.) Sermon at Philadelphia, before the Rev. Synod of New York. 8vo. 18

1776 2211 COMPENDIOUS Account of the British Colonies in North America,

with Map of the Theatre of War in North America, Folio, large single sheet. 28

1776 2212 CONSIDERATIONS on the American War, addressed to the People of England. 8vo. 28

1776 2213 CRITICAL Moment, on which the Salvation or Destruction of the British

Empire Depends, containing the Rise, Progress, Present State and

Consequences of our American Disputes. By Janus. 8vo. 28 1776 2214 CURSORY Remarks on Dr. Price's “ Observations on Civil Liberty" (relating to the Americans). 8vo. 18 6d

Nicoll, 1776 2215 DE TUMULTIBUS Americanis deque eorum Concitatoribus Meditatio Senilis. 8vo. 23

Oxon, 1776 2216 DIALOGUE on the Principles of the Constitution and Legal Liberty

compared with Despotism, applied to the American Question and probable Events of the War. 8vo 28

1776 2217 Estwick's Letter to the Dean of Glocester relating to the War with America. Svo 28

1776 2218 ELEGAIC Verses to a Young Lady on the Death of her Brother, who

was slain in the late Engagement at Boston. By M. Robinson. 4to 18 6d

1766 2219 EXTRACTS from the Journals of Congress relative to the capture and condemnation of Prizes, and fitting out Privateers, &c. Svo 18 6d

Philadelphia, 1776 2220 FLETCHER (J.) American Patriotism further confronted with Reason,

Scripture, and the Constitution. 12mo 28 Shrewsbury, 1776 2221 FRIENDLY Dialogue on the Political Publications of Mr. W. Mason,

interspersed with general remarks on our American Affairs. By J. Towers. 12mo. 18

1776 2222 Full Defence of Wesley, in Answer to Evans in his observations on

Mr. Wesley's late Reply, by Thomas Olivers. 12mo 18 1776 2223 FURTHER Examination of our Present American Measures, and of the

Reasons and Principles on which they are Founded. 8vo, pp. 256. 28

1776 2224 HYPOCRISY Unmasked ; or, a Short Enquiry into the Religious Complaints of our American Colonies. 12mo ls

1776 2225 JOURNAL of the Provincial Congress of South Carolina. 8vo 28 1776 2226 JOURNAL of the March of a Party of Provincials from Carlisle to

Boston, and from thence to Quebec, with Accounts of the Attack

and Engagement at Quebec. 12mo, very scarce. 58 Glasgow 1776 2227 JOURNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, May 10, 1775. 8vo, pp. 200. 18 6d


2228 LETTERS on the American Troubles, translated from the French of M. De Pinto. 8vo 28

1776 2229 LETTER to Dr. Price, wherein his “Observations on Civil Liberty" are candidly examined. 8vo ls 6d

1776 2230 LETTER from an Officer retired to his Son in Parliament (respecting the American War). 8vo 28

1776 2231 LICENTIOUSNESS Unmasked, (a Reply to Dr. Price on Civil Liberty). (no title) 8vo 18

1776 2232 MCFINGAL, A Modern Epic Poem, or the Town Meeting. 8vo. 28

Philadelphia 1776 2233 MASSACHUSETTENSIS; a Series of Letters, containing a faithful State

ment of many Important Facts which laid the Foundation of the Present Troubles in Massachusetts Bay. 8vo 28

1776 2234 OBSERVATIONS on Dr. Price's Theory of Civil Liberty, preceded by a

Letter to a friend on the pretensions of the American Colonies, in

respect of Right and Equity, by Henry Goodricke, 8vo 28 York 1776 2235 Oration in memory of General Montgomery, and of the Officers and

Soldiers who fell before Quebec; by W. Smith, D.D. 8vo. 28 1776 2236 Plain State of the Argument between Great Britain and her Colonies. 8vo ls 6d

1776 2237 PLAIN Truth, addressed to the Inhabitants of America, in answer to Paine's “ Common Sense.” 8vo 18 6d

1776 2238 POLITICAL Sophistry detected, or Brief Remarks on Fletcher's " American Patriotism,” by Caleb Evans 12mo 18

1776 2239 POLITICAL Thoughts of a Loyal Patriot against Divines as Wesley and Evans writing about the American War. 12mo privately printed.

1776 2240 PRICE's (Dr. Rich.) Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the

principles of Government, and the justice and policy of the War with America. 8vo ls

1776 2241 REFLECTIONS on the Present State of the American War, by the Rev. J. Hampson. 8vo 23

1776 2242 REMARKS on Dr. Price's Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, &c. 8vo 18 6d

1776 2243 RESPONSE de M. J. de Pinto, aux Observations d'un Homme Impartial

au sujet des troubles qui agitent toute l'Amerique Septentrionale. 8vo 28

a la Haye 1776 2244 RIGHTS of Great Britain asserted against the Claims of America,

being an Answer to the Declaration of the General Congress. 8vo ls 6d

1776 2245 ROEBUCK (Dr. John) Inquiry whether the Guilt of the Present Civil

War in America ought to be imputed to Great Britain or America. 8vo 28

1776 2246 ROWLEY’s (Dr.) Medical Advice for the Use of the Army and Navy in the present American Expedition. 8vo ls

1776 2247 SERIES of Answers to Certain Popular Objections against the separating

from the Rebellious Colonies and discarding them entirely, being the concluding Tract of the Dean of Gloucester (Tucker) on the subject of American Affairs. 8vo ls 6d



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