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1959 Remarks on an Anonymous Tract, entitled, "An Answer to Dr

Mayhew's Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, by Jon. Mayhew, Pastor of the West Church, Boston." 8vo 2s 6d Boston, 1764

1960 Some Observations which may contribute to afford a just idea of the

nature, importance, and settlement of our New West Indian Colonies. 8vo Is 6d 1764

1961 The Administration of the Colonies, by Gov. Pownall. 8vo Is 6d 1764

1962 Argument at a Court of Grand Sessions, and Oyer and Terminer in

one of his Majesty's Carribee Islands. By a Member of the Inner Temple. 4to, privately printed. 2s 1765

1963 Case of the Canadians, by a dreadful Fire, at Montreal, 18th May,

1765. 8vo 2s 6d Montreal, 1765

1964 Considerations on behalf of the Colonists, in a letter to a Noble

Lord. 8vo 2s 1765

1965 Claim of the Colonies to Exemption from Internal Taxes imposed by

Authority of Parliament, examined. 8vo 2s 1765

1966 Dummer (Jer.) Defence of the New England Charters. 8vo 1765

1967 Galloway (jos.) Speech in answer to the Speech of John Dickinson,

Esq. 8vo 2s 6d 1765

1968 Letter to a Member of Parliament, wherein the Power of the British

Legislature and Case of the Colonists are briefly and impartially considered. 8vo 2s 1765

1969 Otis (James) Rights of the British Colonies asserted and proved. 8vo,

2s 1765

1970 Pownall (Thos) Administration of the Colonies. 8vo 2s 1765

1971 The Regulations lately made concerning the Colonies, and the Taxes

imposed upon them, considered. By Mr. Campbell. 8vo 2s 1765

1972 Rogers (Major Robert) Account of North America, including the

Island of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, &c. 8vo 2s 1765

1973 The Late Regulations respecting the British Colonies on the Continent

of America, considered, (by Mr. Dickinson, of Pennsylvania) 8vo, 2s 1765

1974 The Objections to the Taxation of our American Colonies, by the Le

gislature of Great Britain, briefly considered. 8vo Is 6d 1765

1975 The Political Balance, in which the principles and conduct of the two

Parties are weighed. 8vo 2s 1765

pp. 38 to 47, relating to America, with the Autograph of Geo. Grenville on the Title.

1976 Thoughts on a Question of Importance proposed to the Public. 8vo

Is 6 d 1765

"Whether the immense extent of Territory acquired, in America, hy this Nation at the late peace will operate towards the prosperity or ruin of Great Britain."

1977 Trial of John Peter Zenger, of New York, Printer, for a Libel against

the Government. 8vo 2s 1765

1978 Williams (Capt. Griffith) Account of the Island of Newfoundland,

with the nature of its Trade, and method of carrying on the Fishery. 8vo 2s 6c? '1765 1979 Account of a late Conference on the occurrences in America, in a

Letter to a Friend. 8vo. 2s 1766

1980 An Enquiry into the Conduct of a late Right Honourable Commoner

(W. Pitt). 8vo. Is 6d 1766

1981 Answer (The) at large to Mr. P—tt's Speech. 8vo\ Is 1766

1982 Application of some general political rules to the present state of

Great Britain, Ireland, and America, in a letter to Earl Temple. 8vo. 2s 1766

1983 Brief Narrative of the Indian Charity School in Lebanon, in

Connecticut, New England, founded and carried on by that faithful servant of God, the Rev. Mr. Eleazar Wheelock. 8vo. 2s 1766

1984 Champigny (Chev. de) Supplement au Ministere de M. Pitt avec

recapitulation exacte de toutes les Demarches de ce sage Politique depuis 1761 jusqu'an 1766. (Touching Pitt's conduct towards America.) 8vo,portrait. 2s 6dAnother, without the port. 2s 1766

1985 Charters of the Provinces of North America, and faithful Narrative

of Proceedings in relation to the Stamp Act. 4to. 2s 6d 1766

1986 Considerations on the points as to the Parliament's right of Taxing

the Colonies. (By Pownall.) 8vo. Is 6d 1766

1987 Considerations on the American Stamp Act, and on the conduct of

the Minister who planned it. 8vo. 2s 1766

1988 Considerations on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes in the British

Colonies, for raising a Revenue by Act of Parliament. (By Mr. Delancy, of Maryland.) 8vo. 2s 1766 1987 Correct Copies of the two Protests against the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp Act of last Session, with Lists of the Speakers and Voters. 8vo. Is 6d Paris (London), 1766

1990 Examination of the Rights of the Colonies, upon Principles of Law.

By a Gentleman at the Bar. 8vo. 2s 1766

1991 General Opposition of the Colonies to payment of the Stamp Duty,

and the consequence of enforcing obedience by Military Measures, impartially considered. 8vo. 2s 1766

1992 Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies, demonstrated

with Vindication of the Authority of Parliament. 8vo. Is 6c? 1766

1993 Legislative Authority of the British Parliament, with respect to

North America. By J. M. of the Inner Temple. 8vo. 2s 1766

1994 Le Roy (P. L.) Relation des Avantures arrivees a quatre Matelots Russes

jette par une tempete pres de l'Isle Deserte d'Ost—Spitzbergen sur laquelle ils ont passe six ans et trois mois. 12mo. 2s 6d 1766

1995 Letter to the North American, on occasion of his Address to the

Committee of Correspondence in Barbadoes. By a Native of the
Island. 8vo. 2s Barbadoes, 1766

1996 Letter from a Merchant in London to his Nephew in North America,

relative to the present posture of Affairs in the Colonies. 8vo, 2s 1766

1997 List of the Minority in the House of Commons who Voted against

the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp Act. 8vo. Is 6d Paris, 1766

1998 Mayhew's (Jonathan) The Snare Broken, a Thanksgiving Discourse

in Boston, N. E., on Repeal of the Stamp Act. 2s Boston, 1766

1999 Mayhew (Rev. Dr. Jonathan). Discourse at the West Church of

Christ, in Boston, on his Decease. By Ebenezer Gay. 8vo. 2*

Boston, 1766

2000 Otis (James) Rights of the British Colonies, asserted and proved.

8vo, Third Edition. 2s 1766

2001 Political Debates. 8vo. Is 6d Paris (i. e. London), 1766

"Upon the whole, I will beg leave to tell the House what is really my opinion. It is, that the Stamp Act he repealed absolutely, totally, and immediately."—Thk Gbsat Commonek, Motto on title-page.

2002 Privileges of the Island of Jamaica Vindicated, with an impartial

Narrative of the Disputes between the Governor and House of
Representatives, upon the case of Mr. Olyphant, a Member of that
House, with an Appendix, giving an Historical Account of the
Establishment of the Colony. 8vo. 2s 1766

2003 Protest Against the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp A.ct last

Session. 8vo. Is 6d Paris (i. e. London), 1766

2004 Reflexions on Representation in Parliament, to show the Equity and

Practice of not only establishing a more equal Representation throughout Great Britain, but also of admitting the Americans to a share in the Legislature. 8vo. 2s 1766

2005 Rights of Parliament Vindicated, on occasion of the late Stamp Act,

in which is exposed the Conduct of the American Colonies. 8vo. 2s 1766

2006 Short History of the Conduct of the Present Ministry, with regard to

the American Stamp Act. 8vo. 2s 1766

2007 Short Considerations upon some late extraordinary Grants, and

other particulars of a late Patriot's (W. Pitt) Conduct. 8vo. Is 1766

2008 Speech of Mr. P— and several others, in a certain august assembly,

on a late important debate. 8vo. Is 6d London, 1766

2009 Another Edition. 8vo. Is 6d Paris (London), —66

2010 Stork's Account of East Florida. 8vo, poor copy. Is 6d 1766

2011 The Crisis, or a Full Defence of the Colonies. 8vo. 2s 1766

2012 The Grievances of the American Colonies candidly examined (issued

by Authority, in Rhode Island). 8vo. 2s 1766

2013 The Good Soldier, extracted from a Sermon preached to a Company

of Volunteers raised in Virginia. 12mo. Is 1766

2014 The Late Occurrences in North America and Policy of Great Britain

considered. 8vo. 2s 1766

2015 The Celebrated Speech of a celebrated Commoner. 8vo. 1* 1766

2016 True History of a late Short Administration. 8vo. Is 1766

2017 True Interest of Great Britain with respect to her American Colonies,

stated and impartially considered. By a Merchant of London. 8vo. Is 6d 1766

2018 Authentic Account of the Proceedings of the Congress held at New

York,in 1765,on the Subject of theAmerican Stamp Act. 8vo. 2s 1767

2019 Benezet (Ant.) Caution to Great Britain and her Colonies, in a short

representation of the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominions. 8vo. Is 6d 1767

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2020 Conduct of the Late Administration examined, with Appendix con

taining original and authentic documents. 8vo, pp. 214. 3s 1767

2021 Dossie (R.) Observations on the Potash brought from America, with

respect to its goodness, sophistication, &c., verified by experimental examination. 8vo. Is 1767

2022 Lewis (W.) Experiments and Observations on American Potashes, with

an easy method of determining their respective qualities. 8vo. Is 1767

2023 Examination of Dr. Benj. Franklin relative to the Appeal of the

American Stamp Act m 1766. 8vo. Is 6d 1767

2024 Singleton (John) General Description of the West Indian Islands,

as far as relates to the British, Dutch, and Danish Governments, from Barbadoes to Saint Croix, in Blank Verse. 4to, fine copy, uncut. 4s 6d Barbadoes, 1767

2025 Letter to G. G. (Lord George Grenville) "Stiff in opinions, always in

the wrong," motto. 8vo. 2s 1767

2026 Interrogatoire de Mr. Franklin, Depute de Pensilvanie, au Parle

ment de la Grande Bretagne, traduit de l'Anglois, par Ch— D—h. 8vo. Is 6d Strasbourg, n.d.

2027 Narrative of the Indian Charity Schools in Lebanon, in Connecticut,

founded by the Rev. E. Wheelock. 8vo, (cut close). Is 6d 1767

2028 Trial of John Horne (Tooke) for a Libel (respecting money being

placed in the hands of Dr. Franklin for the relief of the families of the Americans who fell at Lexington and Concord, 19th April, 1775). 4to. 2s 1767

2029 Two Papers on the Subject of Taxing the British Colonies in America.

8vo. 2s 1767

2030 Beatty (Charles) The Journal of a Two Months' Tour, with a view

of promoting Religion among the Frontier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania. 8vo. 2s 1768

2031 Continued Corruption, standing Armies, and Popular Discontents

considered, and the Establishment of the English Colonies in America, with various subsequent proceedings. 4to. 3s 1768 20 2 Historia del Establecimiento y comercio de las Colonias Inglesas en la America Septentrional, traducido del Frances. 12mo. 2s 6d

Madrid, 1768

2033 Howard's (M.) Conquest of Quebec, a Poem. 4to. 2* 1768

2034 Letters from a Fanner in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the

British Colonies. (By Mr. Dickenson, of Philadelphia.) 8vo. 2*

Philadelphia, 1768

2035 with a Preface by the English Editor. 8vo. 2s London, 1768

2036 Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to the Inhabitants of the

British Colonies, with an Appendix of the Speeches of Lords Chatham and Camden, and Preface by the Dublin Editor. 8vo. 2s Dub.n68

2037 Stillman (Mrs. Mary) Sermon on her Decease in Charles Town, South

Carolina. By her Son. 8vo. 2s Boston, 1768

2038 True Sentiments of America, in a Collection of Letters sent from the

House of Representatives of the Province of Massachusett's Bay, with Papers relating to a supposed Libel on the Governor of that Province. 8vo. 3s 1768 2039 Whitefield (G.) Letter to Governor Wright, giving an Account of

the steps taken to convert the Georgia Orphan House into a College, with the Literary Correspondence on the Subject between Mr. Whitefield and the Archbishop of Canterbury. 8vo,foldingplans. 3s6d 1768

2040 A College Exercise, delivered December 16th, 1765 (on Taxing the

Colonies). 8vo. Is 6 d 1769

2041 Appeal to the World, or a Vindication of the Town of Boston from

many false and malicious aspersions, contained in certain Letters and Memorials, by Governor Bernard, &c. 8vo. 2s 6d 1769

2042 Bancroft (Edward) Essay on the Natural History of Guiana. 8vo

3s 6 d ' "1769

2043 Case of Great Britain and America, addressed to the King and both

Houses of Parliament. 8vo Is 6c? 1769

2044 Continuation of the Narrative of the Indian Charity School, in

Lebanon, Connecticut, New England, founded by Rev. Dr. Eleazer
Wheelock. 8vo 2s 6 d * 1769

2045 Letters to the Ministry from Gov. Bernard, Gen. Gage, and Commo

dore Hood; and also Memorials to the Lords of the Treasury from the Commissioners of the Customs. 8vo 2s 1769

2046 Letter to Rt. Hon. Earl of H—b—h (Hillsborough), on the present

situation of affairs in the Island of Gr—n—da (Grenada). 8vo 2s 6d 1769

2047 Present State of Liberty in Great Britain and her Colonies, by an

Englishman. 8vo Is 6d 1769

2048 Refutation of a Ealse Aspersion first thrown out upon Saml. Vaughan,

Esq., in the Public Leger, of the 23rd August, 1769, and since that time industriously propagated with an intent to injure him in the eye of the Public. 8vo Is 6d 1769

2049 Remarks on the "Review of the Controversy between Great Britain

and her Colonies," in which the Errors of its Author are exposed, and the claims of the Colonies vindicated. 8vo 2s 1769

2050 Secker (Thos., Bishop of Oxford) Letter to Horatio Walpole, Esq.,

concerning Bishops in America. 8vo Is 6d 1769

2051 Short View of the History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, with

respect to their original Charter and Constitution, by Israel Mauduit. 8vo 2s 1769

2052 Smith's (Dr. W.) Account of the Charitable Corporation, lately erected

for the Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen of the Church of England, in America; also a Sermon preached at their First Meeting. 4to 2s Philadelphia, 1769

2053 Stork's Description of East Florida, with Bartram the Naturalist's

Journal, of a Journey from St. Augustine up as far as the Lakes. 4to maps. 6s 1769

2054 The Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies, reviewed.

8vo pp.262 3s (See No. 2049) 1769

2055 Thoughts on the Origin and Nature of Government occasioned by the

Disputes between Great Britain and her American Colonies. 8vo 2* 1769

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