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1871 SHORT Account of the Interest and Conduct of the Jamaica Planters. 8vo (soiled). 18

1754 1872 LETTER from a Russian Sea Officer, containing his Remarks upon De

L'Isle's Chart, and Memoir relative to the New Discoveries northward and eastward from Kamtschatka, with some Observations on

that Letter, by A.Dobbs, Governor of North Carolina. Svo. 2s 6d 1754 1873 SPEECH of a Creek Indian against the immoderate use of Spirituous

Liquors, delivered in a National Assembly of the Creeks ; Letter from Yariza, an Indian Mohawk, to the Ladies of New York; Indian Songs of Peace, &c. 8vo. 48 6d

1754 1874 LETTER to a Friend, giving an Account of the Ohio Defeat, and some

Account of the New England Forces. 8vo, scarce. 48 1755 1875 LETTERS to the People of England, on the present situation and con

duct of National Affairs (particularly America). 8vo. 28 1755 1876 MISCELLANEOUS Essay on the courses pursued by Great Britain in

the Affairs of her Colonies, and on the Importance of our Settlements in America. 8vo. 28

1755 1877 SERMON at Newport, Rhode Island, upon occasion of the Embarkation

of some of the Colony's Troops to go against the Enemy. By Thos. Pollen. 4to. 2s

Newport, 1755 1878 STATE of the British and French Colonies in N. America. 8vo. 38 68 1755 1879 LETTRES d’un François a un Hollandois, au sujet des differends survenus

entre la France et La Grande Bretagne, touchant leurs possessions

respectives dans l'Amerique Septentrionale. 4to. 4s 6d. Paris, 1755 1880 STERLING (James) Sermon before the Governor of Maryland and both Houses of Assembly at Annapolis. 8vo. 28

1755 1881 TRIAL of Francis Delap, Esq., late Provost Marshal General, for a

Misdemeanor, at a Supreme Court of Judicature, held at Kingston,

Jamaica, 18 June, 1755. 8vo (corner of a leaf torn). 28 1755 1882 WISDOM and Policy of the French in the Construction of their great

Offices, with Observations on the Disputes between the English and
French Colonies in America. 8vo. 28 6d

1755 1883 APPEAL to the sense of the People on the present posture of Affairs,

wherein the nature of the late Treaties are inquired into, with regard

to M—n—ca, A-r-ca, &c. is considered. 8vo. 28 1756 1884 BRIEF VIEW of the Conduct of Pennsylvania, for the year 1755, with

the Account of the Incursions of the Indians upon the Province. 8vo. 48

1756 1885 CASE of the Importation of Bar-Iron from our own Colonies of North

America, recommended to the consideration of the present Parlia

ment, by the Iron Manufacturers of Great Britain. Svo ls 6d 1756 1886 CONDUCT of the Ministry impartially Examined, in a Letter to the

Merchants of London (chiefly relating to America). 8vo. 1s 6d 1756 1887 HISTOIRE de Nocolas I, Roi du Paraguai et Empereur des Mamelus. 12mo. 38

A Saint Paul, 1756 1888 RELIGION and Patriotism; a Sermon preached to Capt. Overton's

Company of Volunteers, raised in Hanover County, Virginia. By
S. Davies. 8vo. 28 6d

1756 Speaking of martial spirit, ne says, " as a remarkable instance of this, I may point out to the public that heroic youth Col. Washingtou, whom I cannot but hope Providence has hitherto preserved in so signal a manner, for some important service to his country.”-P.12.

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1889 DAVIES (Rev. Saml.) Sermon preached in Hanover, Virginia, 28 Oct.

1756, day appointed by the Synod of New York, as a General Fast, on account of the War with France. 8vo. 18 6d

1757 1890 Essay on Currents at Sea, in which it is attempted to be proved that

this Earth is not of a uniform Density, according to Sir Isaac Newton, but that the Currents of the Gulph of Mexico, and also on the Coast of Brazil, and the English Western Coast are currents of circulation kept up by different Densities in this Enrth and its motion round its axis. By Joseph Mead. 8vo. 1s

1757 1891 MEMOIRS of the Principal Transactions of the last War between the

English and French in North America, containing in particular an
Account of the importance of Nova Scotia and the Island of Cape
Breton to both Nations. 8vo. 38 6d

1757 1892 REFLECTIONS on the Importation of Bar Iron from our Colonies of

North America, in Answer to a late Pamphlet on that subject. 8vo. 18

1757 1893 REMARKS upon a Letter in the London Chronicle, on the Failure of the Expedition against Cape Breton. 8vo. 28 6d

1757 1894 ACCOUNT of Two Missionary Voyages, the one to New Jersey in

America, the other from America to the Coast of Guinney. By

T. Thompson, Vicar of Reculver, in Kent. 8vo. 28 1895 Davies (Samuel) Sermon preached in New Kent, Virginia, August 22, 1756. 8vo. 1s 6d

1758 1896 OCCASIONAL Reflections on the Importance of the War in America. 8vo. 28 6d

1758 1897 PITT (W., Lord Chatham). An Address to the Great Man. 8vo. 18 1758 1898 DIE REPUBLICK der Jesuiten oder das umgesturzte Paraguay. 12mo.

Amst. 1758 1899 RELATION Abrégée concernant la Republique des Jesuites, ont etablié

dans les Pays et Domaines d'outre Mer in Paraguay, &c.), et de la Guerre qu'ils y ont excitée. 12mo. 28

Amst. 1758 1900 ACCURATE and Authentic Journal of the Siege of Quebec. By a

Gentleman, in an eminent station, on the spot. 8vo. 38 6d 1759 1901 THE CONDUCT of Major-Gen. Shirley, in North America, briefly stated. 8vo. 48

1758 1902 BOSTWICK (David) Sermon preached at Philadelphia before the Synod of New York. 8vo. 1: 6d

1759 1903 CANDID Reflections on the Expedition to Martinico, with an Account

of the taking of Guadalupe, by Gen. Barrington. 8vo. 28 1759 1904 Smith (Rev. Dr. W.) Discourses on several public Occasions during the War in America. 8vo. 28

1759 The Appendix contains an Account of the College and Academy in Philadelphia. 1905 THE MYSTERY Revealed, or Truth brought to Light, being a Discovery

of some Facts in relation to the conduct of the late M—y. By a Patriot (relating to the War with the French and Indians). 8vo. pp. 319. 58

1759 1906 Account of the Designs of the Associates of the late Dr. Bray, with an Abstract of their Proceedings. 8vo. 18


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1907 JACQUIN (N. J.) Enumeratio Systematica Plantarum quas in Insulis

Caribacis Vicinaque Americes, continente detexit novas aut jam
Cognita emendavit. 8vo. 28 6d

1760 1908 LETTER to an Hon. Brigadier General (Lord Geo. Townsend) Com

mander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in Canada. 8vo, very rare.

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Written by Junius six years before the publication of his celebrated Letters, and unknown to

all the editors.-See Britton on the Author of Junius, 8vo, London, 1848. 1909 REFUTATION of a Letter to an Hon. Brigadier General, Commander of his Majesty's Forces in Canada. 8vo. 38 6d

1760 1910 A LETTER addressed to two Great Men, on the Prospect of Peace, and

on the Terms necessary to be insisted upon in the Negociation. 8vo, ls 6d

1760 1911 REMARKS on the Letter addressed to Two Great Men, in a Letter to the Author of that Piece. 8vo. 18 6d

(1760) 1912 THE INTEREST of Great Britain considered with regard to her Colonies

and the acquisitions of Canada and Guadaloupe. By Dr. Benj. Franklin. Zvo. 28

1760 1913 -- Second Edition. 8vo. 18 6d

1761 1914 Art of Speaking and holding one's Tongue in and out of Doors,

earnestly recommended, at this time, to the Serious Perusal of all Can

didates and Electors, (principally relating to America). 8vo. 18 6d 1761 1915 BUELL (Sam.) Sermon at East Hampton, at the Ordination of Mr.

Samson Occum, a Missionary among the Indians, with a Letter from Mr. Bostick, giving some account of Mr. Occum's Education, Character, &c. 8vo. 28

New York, 1761 1916 EARNEST Address to the People of Great Britain and Ireland on the

Dismission of W. Pitt, Esq., (chiefly relative to America). 8vo. ls 6d

1761 1917 GIBBONS (Thos.) Two Discourses on the Decease of Rev. Sam. Davies,

President of the College of Nassau Hall, New Jersey, to which is added some Memoirs of Mr. Davies, and extracts from his Letters. 8vo. 28

1761 1918 LETTER to a Great M—-r on the Prospect of a Peace, wherein the

Demolition of the Fortifications of Louisbourg is shown to be absurd, the importance of Canada fully refuted. By an Unprejudiced Observer. 8vo. 28

1761 1919 LETTERS from the Rev. Sam. Davies and others, showing the state of

Religion in Virginia, South Carolina, &c., particularly among the
Negroes. 12mo. ls 6d

1761 1920 Mémoire Historique sur la Négociation de la France et de l'Angleterre,

avec les Pièces Justificatives, (relating to the Cession of Canada and Louisiana). 4to. 2s 6d

1761 1921 HISTORICAL Memorial of the Negotiation of France and England,

from 26th March, 1761, to 20th Sept. of the same year, with the Vouchers, translated from the French. 4to. 38

1761 1922 REMARKS upon the Historical Memorial, published by the Court of France; in Letter to the Earl Temple. 8vo. 18 6d


1923 An EXAMINATION of the Commercial Principles of the late Negociation

between Great Britain and France in 1761, in which the system of that Negociation with regard to our Colonies and Commerce is considered. 8vo. 28

1762 1924 COMPARATIVE Importance of our acquisitions from France in America. 8vo. 28

1762 1925 GARDINER’s Account of the Expedition to the West Indies against

Martinico, with the reduction of Guadelupe and other Leeward Islands, 1759. 4to, plates, also a French translation of the same, together. 58

Birmingham, Baskerville, 1762 1926 LETTER to a Member of the House of Commons on the present im

portant crisis of National Affairs, (published after the taking of Havanna). 8vo. 1s 6d

(1762) 1927 LETTER to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, the

Merchants, Citizens, &c. of the City of London. From an old
Servant. 8vo. 18 6d

1762 Entirely relating to the Trade with America and the West Indies. 1928 A REPLY to Mr. Heathcote’s “ Letter to the Lord Mayor, &c.” (the preceding article). 8vo. ls

1762 1929 LETTER to Mr. Pitt (on the Affairs of America). 8vo, (pp. 78, no title). ls

about, 1762 1929*OBSERVATIONS on the Papers relative to the Rupture with Spain. (By the celebrated John Wilkes). 8vo. 28

1762 1930 One more Letter to the People of England, by their Old Friend, (on American Affairs). 8vo. ls 6d

1762 1931 PAPERS Relative to the Rupture with Spain, laid before both Houses of Parliament, 29th, Jan. 1762. 4to. 28

1762 1932 POLITICAL Analysis of the War and Coalition proposed between Two

Great Men whose Conduct is particularly considered, proving from our late acquisition of the Havanna that we are now in the most

happy situation either for peace or war. 8vo. 18 60 1762 1933 PRELIMINARY Articles of Peace, between his Britannick Majesty and the Kings of France and Spain. 4to. ls 6d

1762 1934 SHORT Account of that part of Africa inhabited by the Negroes, with

respect to the fertility of the Country and manner in which the Slave

Trade is carried on (with America). 8vo ls 6d Philadelphia, 1762 1935 THE PROPER Object of the Present War with France and Spain con

sidered, and independence of Great Britain vindicated from any connection with Foreign Politics. 8vo. 18 6d

1762 1936 THE SENTIMENTS of an Impartial Member of Parliament on a Peace. 8vo. ls

1762 1937 A SERMON at St. Paul's Cathedral on occasion of the brief for the

Establishment of the Colleges of Philadelphia and New York, with an Address to the Principal Inhabitants of the North American

Colonies. By John Brown, Vicar of Newcastle. 4to. 28 1763 1938 Account of the First Discovery and Natural History of Florida. By W. Roberts. 4to, maps, (wants one). 58

1763 1939 APPEAL to Knowledge, or Candid Discussion of the Preliminaries of

Peace, sigued at Fontainebleau and laid before both Houses of Parliament. 8vo. 25


1940 DEFINITIVE Treaty of Peace and Friendship between his Britannick

Majesty, the most Christian King, and the King of Spain, (The

ceding of Nova Scotia, Canada, &c.) 10th Feb,, 1763. 4to 28 1763 1941 Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, with Explanatory Notes and Observations. Svo 28

Dublin, 1763 1942 IMPARTIAL Enquiry into the Rights of the French King to the Terri

tory West of the Great River Mississippi in North America. Svo 28 6d

1763 1943 LETTER from a Member of Parliament in Town to his Friend in the

Country, upon the three great objects of present attention, Place,

Parties, and Resignations. (On American Affairs). 8vo l8 6d 1763 1944 REFLECTIONS on the Terms of Peace. 8vo 28

1763 1945 REVIEW of Mr. Pitt's Administration 8vo 28

1763 1946 REVIEW of Lord Bute's Administration, by the Author of Mr. Pitt's. 8vo 28

1763 1947 SOME Hints to People in Power on the present melancholy situation of Colonies in North America. 8vo 28 6d

1763 1948 TRUE State of the Case in an Address to all the Good People of

England, from a well-wisher to his Country. (Rcspecting the Nego

ciations with France and Spain about America). 8vo 18 1763 1949 ANCIENT Right of the English Nation to the American Fishery, and

its various diminutions examined and stated. 4to, wiih Map of the Cod Fishery. 4to, map. 58

1764 1950 APTHORP (East) Sermon at Christ Church, Cambridge, on the Death of Mrs. Anne Wheelwright. 4to 28

Boston, N. E., 1764 1951 CONSIDERATIONS which may tend to promote the settlement of our

New West India Colonies, by Mr. Young. 8vo ls 6d 1764 1952 DICKINSON (John) Speech in the House of Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania. 8vo 28

1764 1953 Essay on the Trade of the Northern Colonies of Great Britain in North America. 8vo 28

1764 1954 Essay on the more common West Indian Diseases, and the Remedies

which that Country itself produces. By a Physician in the West Indies. 8vo 28

1764 1955 IMPARTIAL Enquiry into the Right of the French King to the Territory

West of the Great River Mississippi not ceded by the preliminaries, with a summary account of that River and the Country adjacent. 8vo 3s 6d

(N.D.) 1763 or 4 1956 MEMORIAL of John Earl of Egmont. 8vo, no title, probably one never printed. 28

1764 The Earl wished to have a grant of the whole Island of St. John's, in the Gulph of St. Lawrence,

supposed to contain two millions of acres of land. 1957 MULLER's Voyages from Asia to America for completing the Discoveries

of the N. W. Coast of America, with a summary of the Voyages

made by the Russians, Edited by Jeffreys. 4to, maps. 38 60 1764 1958 PROCEEDINGS of a General Court Martial on a charge preferred by

John Campbell, Esq., against Major Gen. Monckton. (Relating to transactions in the Island of Martinique). 8vo 28


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