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1782 Two Letters to Mr. Wood, on the Coin and Currency of the Leeward

Islands, &c. 8vo 2s '1740

1783 Genuine Speech of Admiral Vernon, at a Council of War just before

the Attack of Carthagena. 8vo Is 6d 1741

1784 Second Genuine Speech, delivered by Admiral Vernon, on board the

Carolina, to the Officers of the Navy, immediately after the Salley from Fort St. Lazara. 8vo 1s 6d ' 1741

1785 The Conduct of Admiral Vernon Examined and Vindicated, and List

of Officers killed. By an Officer present at the Expedition to Carthagena. 8vo Is 6d 1741

1786 Impartial Enquiry into the State and Utility of the Province of

Georgia. 8vo 5* 1741

1787 True and Historical Narrative of the Colony of Georgia, from the first

Settlement to this present period, by Dr. Tailfer, H. Anderson, and
D. Douglas, and others. 8vo 6s Charleston, S. C, 1741

1788 Observations occasioned by reading a Pamphlet, entitled "A Dis

course concerning the Currencies of the British Plantations in America." 8vo Is 6d 1741

1789 WhiteFied (Geo.) Account of Money received and disbursed for the

Orphan House, in Georgia. 8vo, plan. 2s 6d 1741

1790 The General Magazine and Historical Chronicle for all the British

Plantations in America. Jan., Feb. March & June, 1741. (Imperfect)
Small 8vo, curious. 2s Printed §~ Sold by B. Franklin, Philadelphia.

1791 Tennent (John) Truth Stifled and Appeal to the genius of the Ancient

Romans with respect to his Discovery of the efficacy of the Senekka
Rattlesnake Root which cures with great certainty the American
Epidemical Fever, and the regard paid to the Author's conduct, by
the Virginia Legislature. 8vo 2s 1741

1792 Profit and Loss of Great Britain in the present War with Spain, July,

1739 to July 1731, in a Letter to a Friend. 8vo Is 6d 1741

1793 Extracts from Mr. Whitefield's Journals, Sermons, &c., with a Letter

from Rev. C. Tennant to the Pensilvania Gazeete, and an Extract of a Letter from a Minister at Boston, to his Friend at New York, concerning Mr. Whitefield. 8vo Is 6d 1741

1794 Hireling Artifice detected, or the Profit and Loss of Great Britain in

the present War with Spain set in its true light, with a List of the British Ships that have been taken. 8vo Is 6d 1742

1795 Impartial Account of the late Expedition against St. Augustine under

General Oglethorpe. 8vo, map. 5s 1742

1796 Letter from a Member of the last Parliament concerning the conduct

of the War with Spain. 8vo Is 6d 1742

1797 Sermon before the Trustees of the Colony of Georgia, in which some

notice is taken of a late abusive Pamphlet, entitled "A True and Historical Narrative of the said Colony," by W. Best, d. d. 4to, 2s "* 1742

1798 State of the Province of Georgia attested upon Oath in the Court of

Savannah, Nov. 10th, 1740. 8vo 3s 1742

1799 The Profit and Loss of Great Britain and Spain, from the commence

ment of the present War to this time impartially stated. 8vo Is 6d "1743

A different Pamphlet from Nos. 1792 & 1794

1800 Whitefield (Geo.) Vindication and Confirmation of the remarkable

Work of God in New England, being some remarks on a late Pamphlet, entitled "The State of Religion in New England since the Rev. Geo. Whitefield's arrival there." 8vo 2s 1742

1801 Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, with Explanatory Notes

and Observations. 8vo 2* 1743

1802 Brief Account of the Causes that have retarded the Progress of the

Colony of Georgia, in America, attested upon Oath. 8vo 7* 6d 1743

Pages 93 to 100 contain a List of Complainants who are stiled a few Clamorous Malecontents.

1803 The Spanish Hireling detected; being a refutation of the several

Calumnies and Falsehoods in a late Pamphlet, entitled, "An Impartial Account of the late Expedition against St. (Augustine under Gen. Oglethorpe, by Lieut. Geo. Cadogan. 8vo 4s 6d 1743

1804 Both Sides of the Question, or a Candid and Impartial Enquiry into a

Certain Doubtful Character lately whitened by a C—t. M—1 in a
Letter to * * * * 8vo 3s "1749 (n.d.)

Relating to Georgia, South Carolina, and the Siege of St. Augustine.

1805 True and Impartial Account of the Rise and Progress of the South Sea

Company, by a Gentleman, now resident in Jamaica. 8vo 2s 1743

1806 Trial of Sir Chaloner Ogle, Rear Admiral of the Blue, before the Chief

Justices in Jamaica, for Assault on the person of Mr. Trelawney,
Governor. 8vo 2s 1743

1807 Vindication of the Conduct of Capt. Christopher Middleton, in a late

voyage on board his Majesty's Ship the Furnace, for discovering a North-West Passage, in answer to the objections of Arthur Dobbs. 8vo 2s 6d 1743

1808 An Abridgement of the Life of Dr. Cotton Mather, of Boston, by

D. Jennings, 12mo 2s 6d 1744

1809 Cathcart's (John) Letter to Admiral Vernon, concerning the Expe

dition to the Island of Cuba. 8vo 2s 6d 1744

1810 Authentic Account of Commodore Anson's Expedition, taken from a

Private Journal. 8vo 2s 1744

1811 Considerations against any New Duty upon Sugar 8vo Is 6d 1744

Shewing that a New Imposition will be ruinous to the Sugar Colonies, and aggrandize France.

1812 Authentic Papers relating to the Expedition against Carthagena

8vo 2s 1744

1813 Original Papers relating to the Expedition to Carthagena. 8vo

2s 6d 1744

A different Pamphlet to the foregoing.

1814 Journal of the Expedition to la Guira and Porto Cavallos in the West

Indies, in a letter from an Officer on board the Burford, to a friend in London. 8vo 2s 1744

1815 Journal of the Expedition to Carthagena, with Notes, in answer to a

late Pamphlet, entitled, "An Account of the Expedition to Carthagena. 8vo 2s 1744 1816 Original Papers relating to the Expedition to the Island of Cuba.

8vo, pp. 219, rare. 10s 6d 1744

1817 Present State of the Country and Inhabitants, Europeans and Indians,

of Louisiana on the North Continent of America, by an Officer, at New Orleans, to his Friend at Paris. 8vo 5s 1744

1818 Supplement to the Second Part of the Memoirs of John Ashley, Esq.,

concerning the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America on Taxes upon Sugar. 8vo. 2s 1744

1819 Dummer (Jer.) Defence of the New England Charters. 8vo. 2* 6d

Boston, 1745

1820 Edwards (Jon.) On the Present Revival of Religion in New England,

abridged by John Wesley. 12mo. Is 6d 1745

1821 Eqede's (Hans) Description of Greenland. 8vo, map,plates. 3s 1745

1822 Gibson (James) Journal of the late Siege by the Troops from North

America against the French at Cape Breton, Louisbourg, &c. 8vo. 3s 6 d 1745

1823 Middleton (Capt. Christ.) Forgery detected, by which is evinced how

groundless are all the Calumnies cast upon the Editor in a Pamphlet published under the name of Arthur Dobbs, Esq. 8vo. 2s 1745

1824 Middleton (Christopher) Replyto Mr. Dobbs' Answer to a Pamphlet

entitled, .' Forgery Detected." 8vo. 2s 1745

1825 Middleton (Chris.) Rejoinder to Mr. Dobbs' Reply to Capt. Middle

ton, in which is exposed his Wilful and Real Ignorance of Tides, his Jesuitical Prevarications, &c. 8vo. 2s 6d 1745

1826 Serious Address to Lay-Methodists to beware of the False Pretences

of their Teachers, with Account of the Fatal and Bloody Effects of Enthusiasm in the Case of the family of Dutartres in South Carolina. 8vo. 2s 6 d 1745

1827 The Present State of the British and French Trade to Africa and

America, considered and compared. 8vo. 2s 1745

1828 Letter from Wm. Shirley, Esq., Governour of Massachusett's Bay to

the Duke of Newcastle, with a Journal of the Siege of Louisbourg. 8vo. 3s 1746

1829 Original Letters to an Honest Sailor, (by Admiral Vernon, after he

was dismissed, principally relating to the Expeditions against the Spanish possessions in America). 8vo. 2s 1746

1830 Prince (Thos.,) Sermon at the South Church in Boston, N. E., on the

Thanksgiving for taking the City of Louisbourg. 8vo. 2s 1746

1831 The Importance and Advantage of Cape Breton, truly stated, and

impartially considered. 8vo, three folding maps. 4s 1746

1832 Considerations relating to the laying any additional Duty on Sugar

from the British Plantations. 8vo. Is '1747

1833 Further Observations for improving the Culture of Indigo, &c. in

South Carolina. 8vo. Is 6d 1747

1834 Prince's (Thos.,) Thanksgiving Sermon in the South Church, Boston,

on the Glorious Victory near Culloden. 8vo. 2s 1747

1835 Anson (Admiral) The Private Character of. By a Lady in South

Carolina, (giving curious particulars of Anson's behaviour while residing there). 8vo, scarce. 5s (1747) 1836 Tryals of Col. Kirkby, Capt.Wade, &c., at a Court Martial, in Jamaica,

for Cowardice, Neglect of Duty, with their Behaviour and Execution. 8vo. 2s' 1747

1837 National Prejudice opposed to National Interest, candidly considered

in the Detention or Yielding up Gibraltar and Cape Breton. 8vo. 2s 1748

1838 Observations on a Paper intituled " Reasons for Laying a Duty on

French and Spanish Indigo, and granting a Bounty on what is made in the British Plantations. 8vo. Is 1748

1839 Seasons grounded on Facts, showing that a New Duty on Sugar

must fall on the Planter, and probably cause the Desertion of our Sugar Islands. 8vo. Is 1748

1840 State of the Trade in the Northern Colonies considered, with an

Account of their Produce and a particular Description of Nova
Scotia. 8vo. 3s 1748

1841 True and Particular History of Earthquakes, and relation of the one

at Lima and Callao in Peru, 1746, and in Jamaica, 1692, and other parts. By Philotheus. 8vo. 2s 1748

1843 Report of the House of Commons on the State and Condition of the

Countries adjoining Hudson's Bay. Folio. 2s 6d 1749

1844 Advantages of the Definite Treaty to the People of Great Britain

demonstrated, to which is added a copy of our Treaty of Commerce with Spain in the year 1715. 8vo. Is 6d * 1749

1845 Reasons to show that there is a great probability of a Navigable

Passage to the Western American Ocean, through Hudson's Straits and Chesterfield's Inlet. 8vo. 2s 6 d 1749

1846 Short Narrative and Justification of the Proceedings of the Committee

appointed by the Adventurers to prosecute the Discovery of the Passage to the Western Ocean of America. 8vo. 2s 6d 1749

1847 Short State of the Countries and Trade of North America, claimed

by the Hudson's Bay Company, under pretence of a Charter for ever of Lands, without bounds or limits, and an Exclusive Trade to those unbounded Seas and Countries. 8vo, {wanting a leaf). 2s 1749

1848 Defence of Capt. Digby Dent, to the Complaint made against him

by Rear Admiral Knowles, concerning his behaviour in the Expedition against Saint Jago de Cuba. 8vo. 2s 1749

1849 Geographical History of Nova Scotia, containing an Account of the

Situation, Extent and Limits thereof, with Struggles between England and France, for possession of that Province, and Manners of the Indian Inhabitants. 8vo, scarce. 4s . 1749

1850 Juan Et Ulloa.-—Dissertacion Historicay Geographica, sobre elMeri

diano de demarcacion entre los dominios de Espana y Portugal, y los parages por doude passa en la America Meridional. 12mo. 3s 6d

Madrid, \ 749

1851 Bacon's Four Sermons on the Duty of bringing up Slaves in the Know

ledge of God, preached in the Church of St. Peter, Talbot County, Maryland. 12mo. Is 6d 1750

1852 Constitutions of the Public Academy in the City of Philadelphia.

Folio. 2s ' 1750

1853 A Genuine Account of Nova Scotia, containing a Description of its

Situation, Air, Climate, Harbours, Fish, &c. 8vo. 2s 1750

1854 Discovery of the Island Frivola, or the Frivolous Island. Translated

from the French; wrote by order of A—l A—n. 8vo. l*6rf 1750

A humourous Satire on Lord Anson's Voyage round the World.

1855 Exhortation to all the Inhabitants of South Carolina, to bring their

Deeds to the Light of Christ in their own Consciences. By S. H.
(Sophia Hume, a Quakeress). 8vo. 2s Bristol, 1750

1856 Mayhew's (Rev. Dr. Jonathan,Pasfor of the West Church in Boston, New

England) Seven Sermons, preached in the West Meeting House. 8vo. 2s 1750

1857 Sermon before the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia.

By Tho. Francklin. 4to. 2s 1750

1858 Shown (John) Reflections on the Earthquake in Europe and America.

8vo. Is 1750

1859 Treaty (the Assentio) concluded and signed at Madrid, 5 Oct. 1750,

between two Ministers Plenipotentiaries of their Britannick and Catholic Majesties. 4to. Is 6d 1750

1860 Bartram's Observations in his Travels from Pennsylvania to Onondago,

Oswego and Lake Ontario, with Account of Niagara. By Kalm. 8vo. 3* 1751

1861 Considerations on the Case stated between the Publick and the

South Sea Company, in a Letter. 4to. Is 1751

1862 Histoire des Pyramides de Quito elevees, par les Academiciens

envoyes sous l'Equateur, par ordre du Roi. i,to,plate, scarce. 5s 1751

1863 Hobart (Noah) Second Address to the' Members of the Episcopal

Separation in New England. 8vo. is 6d Boston, 1751

1864 Letter to the West India Merchants, in answer to their Petition,

praying for a Prohibition of the Trade carried on from the Northern Colonies to the French and Dutch West India Settlements. By a Fisherman. 8vo. 2s 1751

1865 Narrative of the Dangers and Distresses which befel Isaac Morris

and seven more of the Crew of the Wager, store Ship, which attended Anson to the South Sea, their adventures in Patagonia, South America. 8vo. 2s 1751

1866 Supplement to Lord Anson's Voyage round the World, containing a

Discovery and Description of the Island of Frivola, by the Abbe
Coyer. 4to. 2s 1752

1867 Anson.—Supplement to Lord Anson's Voyage round the World, by

the Abbe Coyer. 8vo. 2s' 1752

1868 Trial of John Peter Zenger, of New York, Printer, for Libel against

the Government. 8vo. 2s 1752

1869 General Idea of the College of Mirania, and some Account of its

Rise, Establishment and Buildings, addressed to the Trustees nominated to receive Proposals relating to the establishment of a College intheProvince of New York (by W.Smith). 4to. 3* 6d NewYork,1ToZ

1870 Letter from a Gentleman in Virginia, to the Merchants trading to

that Colony (relative to a dispute with the Governor for taking a fee on signing Patents for Lands). 8vo. 2s 6d 1754

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