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1617 King Charles's Proclamation respecting Kidnapping persons for the

American Plantations, with particular directions about the same.
Folio, single sheet. 2s 1682

1618 The Case of John Wilmore, truly and impartially related, or a Look

ing Glass for all Merchants and Planters that are concerned in the American Plantations. Folio. 10a 6d 1682

1619 Hayne's (S., Navigation Surveyor of Devon and Cornwall) Abstract of

all the Statutes made concerning Aliens Trading in England, from the first year of King Henry the Seventh, and Laws for securing our Plantation Trade to ourselves; with Observations, proving the Jews break them all, to the great damage of the Customs and his Majesties Plantations in America. 4to. An interesting Tract. 3s 6d 1685

1620 Letter from Father La Chaise, Confessor to the French King, to

Father Peters, Confessor to the King of England; in which is contained the Project and Designe of that Faction to introduce the Prince of Wales. Also a Letter from William Penn to Father La Chaise. 4to, close cut. 2s Printed in the City of Philadelphia, in the Land of Promise, by order of Father Penn 1688

1621 A Sixth Collection of Papers relating to the present Juncture of

Affairs in England. 4to. 5* 1689

It contains a Narrative of the Miseries of New England, by reason of an arbitrary Government erected there.

1622 By Field (Nat.) Account of the late Revolution in New England, with

Declaration of the Inhabitants of Boston and Country adjacent. 4to. 6s 1689

1623 Epistle of Love and Tender Advice to Friends and Brethren in

America or elsewhere. By William Bingley. 4to. 5s 1689

1624 Brief and True Account of the Persecutions of the Church of England,

the beginning and progress of War with the Indians, &c., in Answer to a scandalous Pamphlet, called "News from New England, by C. D." 4to, 8 pages, poor copy. 7s 6d 1690

Neither this or the 'News from New England' appear to be known to American Bibliographers.

1625 Considerations offered to Parliament, showing that those Charters

relating to the Plantations were taken away upon quite different reasons from those in England. Folio, 4 pages. 7s 6d About 1690

1626 The Humble Address of the Publicans of New England, to which

King you please, with some Remarks upon it. 4to. 7* 6d 1691

1627 A Short Story of the Rise, Reign and Ruin of the Antinomians,

Familists and Libertines that infected the Churches of New England, how they were confuted there, with God's strange remarkable Judgments, and the lamentable Death of Mrs. Hutchinson. 4to. £1. I1s 6d 1692

1628 Covenant (The) of Grace not Absolute but Conditional, and the

Preachers thereof Vindicated from the unjust Aspersions of Arminianism and Popery. 4to. Is 6d 1692

A curious Tract, in which the Antinomians of New England are referred to.

1629 The Earthquake of Jamaica, described in a Pindaric Poem. By

Mr. Tutchin. Folio. 2s 6d 1692

1630 The Truest and Largest Account of the late Earthquake in Jamaica,

7 June 1692. Written by a Rev. Divine there to his Friend in London. 4to. is 6d 1693 1631 Present Prospect of the Famous Island of Tobago, by Capt. John

Poyntz. 4to. 7s 6d 1695

1632 Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien, with an Answer to the

Spanish Memorial against it, and Description of the Country. 8vo. 5s Mirth. 1699

1633 Defence of the Scots abdicating Darien, including an Answer to the

Defence of the Scots Settlement there. Authore Britannico sed
Dunensi. 8vo. 5s 1700

1634 Short Vindication of Phil. Scot's Defence of the Scots abdicating

Darien. 8vo. 3s 6d 1700

1635 Original Papers and Letters relating to the Scots Company trading

to Africa and the Indies (and their Colony of Darien). 8vo. 6s 1700

1636 Representation and Petition of the Indian and African Company to

the Parliament (respecting the Colony at Darien). 8vo. 5s Edinb. 1700

1637 Caledonia, or the Pedlar turned Merchant; a Tragi-Comedy, as it

was acted by his Majesty's Subjects of Scotland, in the King of Spain's Province of Darien. 4to. £2. 2s London, 1700

A Tract quite unknown to all American Bibliographers. Part of the Title is given in the 'Biographia Dramatica,'where it is supposed to be a dramatic piece; in reality it consists of 127 four-line stanzas. It is a humourous though somewhat coarse Satire, in Ned Ward's style. See the ' New Retrospective Review,' No. 2, Feb. 1853.

1638 Scotland's Grievances relating to Darien, &c., offered to the Con

sideration of the Parliament. 8vo. 6s 1700

1639 Scotland's right to Caledonia, formerly called Darien, and legality of

its Settlement asserted, in three several Memorials, presented to his
Majesty in May 1699. By the Lord President of the Session and
Lord Advocate, on behalf of the Company of Scotland trading to
Africa and the Indies. 8vo. 6s 1700

1640 Keith's (Geo., the Pennsylvanian Quaker) two Sermons at St.Botolph's,

London (the first after his Ordination). 4to. Is 6c? 1700

1641 Heskith (Thos.) Sermon at the Funeral of the Hon. Col. Francis Col

lingwood and of his Lady, who were both interred in St. John's Church, in the Island of Nevis, in America, May 29th and May 31st, 1699. 4to. 2s 6d '1700

1642 Acts of Dr. Bray's Visitation, held at Annopolis in Maryland, 23, 24,

25 May, 1700. Folio, scarce. 10s 6d 1700

1643 Bray (Thos., D.d.) Memorial representing the present State of Religion

on the Continent of North America. Folio. 10s 6d 1701

1644 Essay upon the Government of the English Plantations, on the Con

tinent of America, by an American. 12mo 5s 1701

1645 Full Account of the Proceedings in relation to Capt. Kidd, in two

Letters. 4to 5s" 1701

Capt. Kidd was employed by the Earl of Bellomont to go against the Pirates which infested the Coast of North America in 1696, but turned pirate himself. He was afterwards taken at Boston, sent to England, and hung with several others. There are many traditional stories of Kidd extant in New England.

1646 State of the Proceedings of the House of Commons, with relation to

the Impeached Lords, (Orford, Somers, and Halifax), and what happened thereupon between the two Houses. Folio. 2s 1701

It contains some curious particulars relating to the Commission granted to Capt. Kidd.

1647 Account of the Arraignments and Tryals of Col. Rich. Kirkby, Capt.

Constable, and others, at a Court Martial at Port Royal, Jamaica, for cowardice and neglect of duty in a sea fight near the main land of America, between Admiral Benbow and Admiral Du Casse. Folio 3s 1703

1648 Abstract of the Charter granted to the Society for the propagation of

the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1702—Account of the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (containing some very curious particulars of their progress in New England, New York, Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and among the Indians). Folio, four leaves. 5s 1704

1649 Burchett's Justification of his Naval Memoirs, in answer to the

reflections of Capt. Lillingston on that part which relates to Cape Francois, and Port de Paix, with some short observations on our West India Expeditions. 8vo 3s 1704

1650 Proclamation of Queen Anne for settling the Current Rates of Fo

reign Coins in the Colonies and Plantations in America. Folio, broadside, curious. Is 1704

1651 Jamaica Viewed: with all the Ports, Harbours, and their several

Soundings, Towns, and Settlements thereunto belonging, by Captain
Hickeringill. 4to, map. 5s 1705

1652 PAETY-Tyranny, or an occasional Bill in Miniature, as now practised

in Carolina, by Defoe. 4to, a very interesting Pamphlet. Is 6d 1705

1653 De Gedenkwaardige Voyagie Van Andries Battel van Leigh in Essex

naBrasilien. 1589. Small 8vo, map fyplates. Is M Leyden, 1706

1654 Kort Berigt van Mr. Ellis een Richard Hawkins Reys door de Stroat

vanMagellanes in't Jaarl593,Mitsguders Engelse Reysen na de Bermudas of Summer Eylandenin 1593. 12mo, maps. Is 6d Leyden, 1706

1655 Kort Verhael van Pieter Carder gebooren tot St. Veriaan in Cornwal

1578 of zijn Reys mit Francois Drake overyckomen. Small 8vo, maps and plate. Is 6d Leyden, 1706

1656 Sharp (John) Sermon at Trinity Church, New York, at the Funeral of

the Right Hon. Katherine Lady Cornbury. 8vo 2s 1706

1657 Address of the Governor and Assembly of Jamaica to Queen Anne,

respecting the Duties on Prize Goods brought into Jamaica—Answer to some malicious objections to prevent the Duties on Prize Goods being remitted. Folio, five leaves. 2s 1709

1658 Observations on Extracts taken out of the Report from the Lords

Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, (on the number of Negroes yearly imported into America). Folio, pp. 4. 2s 6d 1708

1659 Some Remarks on a Pamphlet, called " Reflections on the Constitution

and Management of the Trade to Africa." 8vo 2s 1709

Relating in part to the Plantations in America.

1660 True Account of the Design and Advantages of the South Sea Trade.

8vo 2s "1711

1662 Letter to a Member of Parliament on the Settling a Trade to the

South Sea of America. 8vo Is 1711

1663 Defoe's Essay on the South Sea Trade, with enquiry into the grounds

of the present dislike of the Company. 8vo 2s 6d 1712

1 664 Essay on the Nature and Methods of carrying on a Trade to the South Sea, by Bobert Allen, who resided some years in the Kingdom of Peru. 8vo 2s 1712

1665 Sermons preached before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

in Foreign Parts, at St. Mary-le-Bow. By the Bishops of St. Asaph, Lichfield and Coventry, Hereford, Bangor, London, Bristol, &c., &c., for the years, 1711, 1717, 1719, 1721, 1723, 1725, 1729, 1733, 1738, 1739, 1752, 1773, 1782, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1813, 1820. 4to and 8vo at Is each.

The appendixes to these sermons show the progress of the gospel in various parts of America.

1666 Letter from a Merchant in Amsterdam about the South Sea Trade.

8vo. Is 1712

1667 Assiento, or Contract for allowing to the Subjects of Great Britain the

Liberty of importing negroes into the Spanish America. Spanish and English. 4to. 2s 1710

1668 The Considerable advantages of a South Sea Trade to our English

Nation. 8vo. Is n. d. (about 1712)

1669 The Assiento Contract considered, as also the advantages and decay of

the Trade of Jamaica and the Plantations. 8vo. Is 6d 1714

1670 The Case of William Sharpe, Esq., (relating to the Island of Barbadoes.)

8vo. poor copy. 2s 1712

1671 Colman (Benj., Pastor to a Church in Boston) Devout contemplation

on the Meaning of Divine Providence in the Early Death of pious and lovely Children, preached on the sudden death of Elizabeth Wain wright. 12mo. 3* Boston, 1714

1672 The Groans of Jamaica expressed in a letter from a gentleman residing

there, containing a narrative of the grievances and oppression of that Island. 8vo. 2s" 1714

1673 The Case and Proceedings for and against Mr. Jeronimy Clifford,

merchant and planter of Surinam pp. 55. May, 1715

Another Case of Jeronimy Clifford, pp. 12. May, 1714. Folio, 15s.

1674 Memoirs Of Darien, giving a short Description of that Country, with

an Account of the Attempts of the Company of Scotland to settle a Colonie in that place, with a Relation of some of the many Tragical disasters which did attend that Design; mostly written in the year 1700, while the Author was in the American Regions. 8vo. £2. 2s

Glasgow, 1715

An exceedingly rare Pamphlet. Mr. Rich had evidently never seen it, from his description, although he may be right as to the author's name. It is a very interesting narration of 102 pages, with a coarse woodcut plan of Caledonia Harbour, on p. 9. The author says, 'having been an eyewitness of many of the tragical passages of Providence, and exercised with a share of the many calamities that befel his. countrymen, abroad in the wilderness and upon the sea, was the more capable to give an account of particulars relating to the design of Caledonia; and what passages he did not see himself, these he relates as he had them delivered by credible persons, who were eyewitnesses of them when they occurred; and the author being the only person of all the ministers who were sent abroad upon the service of Caledonia, that lived to return to his native country., (The other surviving minister was the Rev. Archibald Stobo, who settled at Charles Town in Carolina.)

1675 The Representation and Memorial of the Council of the Island of

Jamaica, with a Preface by Mr. Wood. 8vo. 2s 1716 1676 Sermon before the Governor and Assembly of Barbadoes, on the

Thanksgiving Day, for the Suppression of the late unnatural Rebellion (in Scotland), with Preface, respecting the Charges brought against the Author by the Gov. Robert Lowther, Esq, 8vo. 2s1717

1677 Hamilton's (Lord Archibald) Answer to an Anonymous Libel, en

titled "Articles exhibited against Lord Archibald Hamilton, late Gov. of Jamaica; with sundry Depositions." 8vo, Privately Printed. 2s 6d 1718

1678 America. Report of the Committee on the Petition of Peter Soumans,

of New Jersey, and of Jos. Ormstone, relating to Shares of Land in the Eastern and Western Divisions of New Jersey. Fol. two leaves. 5s 1718

1679 Lettres Patentes portant etablissement d'une Compagnie de Com

merce sous le nom de Compagnie d'Occident (pour Canada et Louisiana), and 3 Arrests du Roy, relating to Louisiana and New Mexico. 4to. 2s 1717-8

1680 Lettres Patentes sur arrest concernant le Commerce de la Nouvelle

Colonie de la Louisianne donne a Paris le 26 Aout 1718. 4to. 2s Paris, 1718

1681 Arrest du Roy concernant le Commerce du Castor (Beavers) en

Canada. 4to. Is 6d 1719

1682 French's (George) Answer to a Scurrilous Libel, entitled a Letter to

Mr. G. French, occasioned by his History of Col. Park's Administration of the Leeward Islands. 8vo, pp. 239. 4s 1719

1683 Historical Account of the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Walter

Raleigh, with his Discoveries and Conquests for the Crown of England, and Attempts for Discovery of the Gold Mines in Guiana, and an account how that rich country might now be planted. 8vo. 5s 1719

1684 Representation of the miserable state of Barbadoes, under the

arbitrary and corrupt administration of Robert Lowther, Esq. 8vo, 2s 6d 1719

1685 Arrest du Couseil d'Etat du Roy qui ordonne l'Infeodation de l'Isle,

Terre et Marquisat de Belle Isle au profit de la Compagnie des Indes, du 17 Mars, 1720—Lettres Patentes du Roy portant confirmation du Contrat d'Infeodation de la Terre de Belle Isle. 4to. Is 6dParis, 1720

1686 Select Tracts relating to Colonies, including the " Benefit of Planta

tions." By William Penn, the Founder of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Is 6d" About 1720

1687 Right Way to shake off a Viper, Essay upon a Case too commonly

calling for consideration, What shall good men do when they are evil spoken of? with Preface of Dr. Increase Mather. 12mo, 3s 6c? Boston, 1720

1688 Full and Impartial Account of the Company of Mississippi, otherwise

called the French East India Company, projected and settled by Mr. Law, (in French and English), with a description of the Country and a Relation of its first Discovery. 8vo. 5s 1720

1689 The considerable advantages of a South Sea Trade to our English

Nation. 8vo Is About 1720

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