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9. A TOUR from GIBRALTAR to TANGIER, SALLEE, MOGODORE, SANTA-CRUZ, TARUDACEFT, and oyer MOUNT ATLAS to MOROCCO, an account of the Royal Harem, &c. by William Lempriere, with a map of the Empire of Morocco, 8vo. 6s.

10. The GARDENER's POCKET JOURNAL; or, Daily Assistant in the Modern Practice of English Gardening, in a Corcise Monthly Display of all the Practical works of general Gardening throughout the Year. -Eighth Edition, corrected and very much improved, to which is now first added, a Description of all the Implements used in Gardening. By John Abercroinbie. Author of • Every Man his own Gardener.' 35.

Another Edition, containing nearly all the useful information; in a small pocket volume. 15. 6d.

1. The GARDEN MUSHROOM, its most effectual gene. ral culture, thoroughly displayed, &c. By John Abercrombie, 12mo. 35.

12. TAPLIN'S COMPENDIUM of PRACTICAL and EXPERIMENTAL FARRIERY; equally adapted to the Conve. nience of the Gentleman, the Farmer, the Groom, and the Smith, with Models of Shoes, &c. 5s

13. The VETERINARIAN'S POCKET MANUEL, con, taining Directions for the Prevention and Cure of Diseases in Horses. By La Fosse, 2s. 6d.

14. A Concise Treatise on tbe ART of ANGLING, confirmed by actual Experience, interspersed with several new and recent Discoveries--the whole forming a complete Museum for the Lovers of that pleasing and rational Recreation, sixth edition, much improved. By Thomas Best, with a frontispiece, representing the various flies used in Angling, 2s.

15. CARTER'S FRUGAL HOUSEWIFE; or, Complete Cook, in five hundred approved Receipts; containing also, the Art of Pickling, Preserving, and Making English Wines, Bills of Fare, and General Directions for Carving. Genuine Edition, is.

16. The EDINBURGH SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, containing the Preliminary, or Fundamental Branches of Professional Education, viz. Anatomy Medicine, Chemistry, and Botany, the whole forming a Complete System of Medical Education and Practice, according to the Arrangement of the Edinburgh School. By William Nisbitt, M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Edin. burgh, &c. 4 large vols, izmo. Il. *** The Volumes may be had separate, thus: Vol. I. and II. containing Anatomy, 125. III.

Chemistry, os. -- IV.

Botany, &c. 58. 17. An ESSAY on the ART of RECOVERING PERSONS APPARENTLY DROWNED; with a Review of the most proper means to be adopted in Cases of imminent danger; parti. cularly, on Suspended Animation by

Intense Cold, Mephetic Vapours, Overlaid Children,

Burns and Scalds, Bite of a Mad Dog,
Falls and Bruises, Vapours of the Air Fits,

Suffocation by Cord, Still-born Infauts, Poisons, &c. &c. &c. and observations on the signs of recovery or death; also, on the various kinds of poisons, &c, by C. A, Struve, M. D. 12mo. 25.

18. The WONDERS of NATURE and ART; or, a concise Account of whatever is most curious and remarkable in the World, with many copper-plates, compiled by the Rev. Thomas Smith, 12 vols. Il. 165.

19. The MIDWIFE's CANDID ADVICE to the Farr Sex, in which the Latin Terms are omitted; on Pregnancy, Childbirth, the Diseases incident to both, the fatal effects of Ignorance and Quackery, and the most approved Means of promoting the Health, Strength, and Beauty of their Offspring, by Martha Mears, Practitioner in Midwifery, 3s.

20. WILLICH's (Dr.) DIRECTIONS to MIDWIVES, NURSES, &c. in common Labours, 6d.

*** The above is written in plain language, intended for the use of persons, where medical assistance cannot readily be procured.

21. A Familar View of the DOMESTIC EDUCATION of CHILDREN, during the early Period of their Lives; from the German of C. A. Struve, with Additions by Dr. Willich, 7s.

22. Price 35. 6d. extra boards, the ninth edit. embellished with eight portraits of eminent Divines, engraved from original paint. ings. To which is prefixed, a short Account of the Lives of the Founders; and a Recapitulatory Table, showing at one View the origin and opinions of the various Sects.

A Sketch of the Denominations
. Into which the Christian world is divided.

BY THE Rev. Mr. Evans. 23. An ESSAY on the COMPOSITION of a SERMON. By the Rev. JOHN CLAUDE, to which are added, the Life of the Author, a Dissertation on Public Preaching, and Notes. By the late Rev. R. ROBINSON of Cambridge, the whole revised by a Divine of the Church of England, ios. 6d. extra boards

24. ROBINSON's (of Cambridge) VILLAGE SERMONS, a new edition, in 8vo. on fine paper, 75. boards,

25. The Complete READY RECKONER, in Miniature, by T. Collins, a new edition, to which is added, a List of Commer. cial Stamps for 1804-5, Duty on Male Servants, Travellers, Shopmen, &c. also a correct List of the London Bankers ; containing Tables accurately cast up, and adapted to the Use of Wholesale and Retail Dealers, exhibiting at one view the amount or value of any Number or Quantity of Goods, from one up to ten thousand, at the various prices, from one farthing to one pound; and various Tables of Interest, Commission, Brokerage, Weights, Measures, &c. printed remarkably small, on a new clear type, cast on purpose for this work, is. 3d. in sheep, or calf lettered, is. 8d.

26. A MYTHOLOGICAL DICTIONARY, accented in the Manner of Mr. Walker, containing an accurate account of the Gods, Goddesses, Deini-gods, Heroes, &c. and a Description of the Emblems under which the Greeks and Romans represented Virtue, Vice, Passions, &c. with an Essay on the Sacrifice to the Heathen Deities, 3$.

27. PRACTICAL ENGLISH BOOK KEEPING, intended for the Use of Schools, Tradesmen, &c. on a contracted scale; with Illustrations of the Nature of Profits and Discounts, on Familiar Principles, and for general Utility, by James Luckcock, 75. boards.

28. An INTRODUCTION to the USE of the GLOBES, for Youth of both Sexes, particularly designed for Schools and pri. vate Teachers, containing Definitions and Problems in Geometry, the Projection of the Sphere, the Rise and Progress of Geography and Astronomy, &c. with many plates, by John Greig, Teacher of Geography and Arithmetic, Chelsea, 2s, 6d.

29. GEOGRAPHY for CHILDREN; an easy Method of teaching and learning Geography, for the Use of Schools. From the French of du Fresnoy, with a map, and other Geographical plates, 1s. 6d. .. The neatest edition ever.printed, by Mr. Poole, Taunton.

30. Dr. MAVOR'S NEW SPEAKER; or, English Class Book.

Consisting of
1. Moral and Instructive Essays. IV. Orations and Harangues,
11. Narrative and Pathetic | V. Epistles.

Í vi. Miscellaneous Pieces.
III. Dialogues,

| Vil. Select Poetical Pięces.
A short System of Rhetoric, and an Essay on Enunciation, or
Delivery, chietly selected from Blair's Lectures, for the Use of
Schools, the second edition, revised, 4s.

31. A New INTRODUCTION TO ARITHMETIC, designed, from its simplicity and perspicuity, as an casy course for junior Pupils in general, and particularly calculated, on Account of its Conciseness, for the Use of Grammar Schools, where the Study of the Classics precludes an acquaintance with the more extended Systems of Arithmetic. By John Greig, Teacher of Writing, Geography, &c. &c. Chelsea, 25.

By the saine Author, 32. The YOUNG LADIES' New GUIDE to ARITH. METIC, being a short and useful selection, containing besides the common rules, the application of each rule, by a variety of practical questions, chiefly or domestic affairs, together with the method of making out bills of parčels, book debts, receipts, fourth edition, very neatly printed. 25.

33. COOPER'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, with wood cuts, 25. The same in French, vellum, is. 60.

34. Mrs. TRIMMER'S HISTORY of QUADRUPEDS, adapted to the capacities of youth, with many wood cuts, after the inaneer of Bewick, neatly printed, 25.,

*** On large paper, extra boards, 35.

35. DAY's SANDFORD and MERTON, 3 vols. 12mo. plates, the only genuine and complete edition published, neatly bound, 1os. 6d.

tit An Abridgment of the same work in one vol. 12mo. 2s.6d.

36. WILLIAM TELL; or, the Deliverer of his Country, Algerine Captive, and History of Twin Brothers, in one volume, with a frontispiece. 25.

37. BIRTH-DAY, by Mrs. Somerville, a new edition, is. 60. 38. The FRIENDS ; or, Virtue and Vice contrasted, is. 6d. 39. PRETTY PILGRIM; or, Adventures of Evelina Evans, is.

40. GRANDMOTHERS: STORIES, with wood cuts, by Mrs. Somerville, is.

41. LESSONS for CHILDREN of Three and Four Years Old,


42. FAMILIAR CONVERSATIONS, with cuts, by Harriet Mandevile, 18.

43. BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS OF WILLIAM HENRY WEST BETTY, from his Infancy, including the History of his Irish, Scotch, and English Engagements, with Strictures on his Acting in London, embellished with a full length portrait. 25. ... This is the only A ecount of this extraordinary Youth, progressively and impartially traced, from his Appearance to the present Time.

An Abridgement of the above, entitled. 44. The WONDERFUL THEATRICAL PROGRESS of W, H. W. BETTY, with an elegant frontispiece of him as Selim, in the fifth actof Barbarossa, neatly printed. 6d. 45. Art of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, a new edition, very

much improved and enlarged, of The Expeditious Instructor;

Containing the Elements of 1. Grammar and Punctuation. 2. Directions for writing a free and expeditious hand. 3. Arithmetic, Geography, and Astronomy. 4. Forms of Bills of Parcels, Receipts, Promissory Notes, and

Bills of Excharge. 5. Art of choosing and preserving Quills. 6. Making Pens, Ink, Sealing Wax, &c. 7. Various Specimens of Writing, by the first Schoolmasters. 8. Chronology, a Selection of the best Epitaphs. 9. Some well chosen Letters, on various subjects. 10. A List of Books necessary for Youth.

With various other useful Tables and Forms, 25.

Anna St. Ives, by Holcroft, s vols. 175. 60.
Adventures of Hugh Trevor, by Holcroft, 4 vols. 145.
Adolphe and Blanche, or Travellers in Switzerland, by Lantier,

6 vols, 12mo. 1804 il, IS.
Armenian, or the Ghost Seer, 4 vols. 145.
Baron Manstow, 2 vols. ss. ,
Camilla; or, Picture of Youth, by Miss Burney, svols. 11.25.6d.
Can we doubt it? or, the History of Two Families of Norwich

3 vols. 1804. 1os. 62.
Cecilia, by Miss Burney, 5 vols. 173. 6d.
Constantia Neville; or, the West Indian, 3 vols. 1803. 155.
Frederic Montravers; or the Natural Son, 2 vols. 75.
Henry Willoughby, 2 vols. 75.
Heliodora, or the Grecian Minstrel, in 3 vols. 1os. 6d.

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Invasion; or, What might have been, 2 vols. 7s.
Italian Jealousy; or, Lady G. Cecil, 3 vols. 135. 6d.
Lindorf and Caroline; or, The Dangers of Credulity, 3 vols,

ros. 6d.
Mysteries of Udolpho, by Ann Radcliffe, 4 vols. Il. is. .
Monckton; or, the Fate of Elenor, 3 vols. 108. 6d.
Mount Pausylippo; or, a Manuscript found at the Tomb of

Virgil, s vols. 175. 6d. Mordaunt, by Dr. Moore, 3 vols. 8vo. il. Is. Peep at the World, 3 vols. 1804. 10s. 6d. Parental Duplicity, 3 vols. 12mo. gs. Strolling Player, or the Life of Sir William Templeton, 3 vols.

12mo. I2s. Tales of the Abbey, by the Author of Derwent Priory, 3 vols. 108. 6d.

PLAYS IN WHICH MASTER BETTY PERFORMS, Uniformly printed by Deane & Co. on fine wove Paper, Pocket Sise,

Price Sixpence cach, with Embellishments, as performed at the

DOUGLAS, a Tragedy, by John Home.
Zara, a Tragedy, by Aaron Hill, esq.
Hamlet, a Tragedy, )
Macbeth, a Tragedy, ( by Shakespeare, from the last Edi-
Richard the Third, tion of Johnson and Stevens.
Romeo and Juliet,
Printed in the same neat and elegant Manner with the above,

Price Sixpence each,
Love in a Village,

Tamerlane, by Rowe,
Cato, a Tragedy, by Addison, | Julius Cæsar,
Venice Preserved,

King Lear,
Comus, by Milton,

Grecian Daughter, by Murphy, King Henry VIII.
George Barnwell,

Jane Shore, by Rowe,

As You Like It,
Edward the Black Prince, . Cymbeline,
Gamester, a Tragedy, by Moore, | Twelfth Night,
Dan of the World, by Mr. || Measure for Measure,

|| Merchant of Venice de

By Shakespeare, from the last

Edition of Jobson and

***The Impression of the Two preceding Volumes of the Flowers OF LITERATURE being nearly all sold, those desirous of possessing them, are requested to make an early application. ,

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