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G. Colman's, Jun. Epilogue to the new Play of the Maid ot Briltol, being an Addiefs to the Patriotifm of the Englilh. J. Boaden's Maid of Briftol.

is. Shakefpeare's King Henry V.

altered by J. P. Kemble. J. Kenney's Raifing the Wind.

is. 6d. J. Cobb's, The Wife of Two

Hnfbamls. 2S. 6d. J. T. Allingham's Hearti of

Oik. Barker's complete Lift of


F. Reynold's, The Caravan; or, the Driver and his Dog. as.

J. Wild's Twenty one, altered from the French of Duval. is.

*C Cherry's Soldier's Daughter, zs. fid.

B. H. Milkin's Almahide and Hamet, a Tragedy; to which is prefixed a Letter on Dramatic Competition. 8vo. 6s.

J Carr's,Sea-fide Hero, as.fid.

* A. Franklin's Counterfeit, a Farce, zs.

A Dramatic Synoplis. 4;.

T. Dibdin's Valentine and Oifon.aMelo-drame. is.6d.

From Inn to Inn, an Operatic Comedy. 38.

Richard Cumberland's Sailor's Daughter, is. fid.

Prince Hoare's Paragraph, a Entertainment* is. 6d.

• T. Dibdin's Guilty, or not Guilty, zs. 6d.

Comic Sketches, by Charles

Lee Lewis. 48. Diamond'sHumerofthe Alps.

is. fid. Maids, a new afterpiece, is. A Compendium of Juvenile


InttruOion. Addifoniana. i vols. Zvo.

ios. 6d. S. Pepge's Anecdotes of the

Englilh Language. 6s.

E. Sjimt villt'i Prelude to Knowledge, is. 6il.

F. Bacon's, Lord Vifcoiint Verulam, Works, new Edition. 10 rols. Svo. 4!.

Lord Bacon's Fablei, embelliflied with Engravings in WooH, by Auftin. 6s.

W. Gerrard's Seaman's Preceptor.

An EfTay on the Beauties of the Univerfe. 39. a vols. gvo. ios.6d.

The Man in the Moon, a periodical Paper. 4.5.

Cobbett's Annual Regifter.

ll. IIS. ').!.

•Mrs. Crefpigny's Letters of Advice to her Son. i vol. Svo. gs.

W. Trend's Evening Amufe

IIUMIIS. 43. 6d.

L. F. Jauffrtt'i Lit le Hermitage. 4 vols. ixs.

J. Aikin's Letters on a Courfe of Engli(h Poetry. 45.

O. Oldfchool's Portfolio, i vols. 410. il. i6s.

* Anecdotes of eminent Perfons. i vols. Svo. i6s.

A Treatife on Ancient and Modern Literature. 2 vols. 8vo. 145.

Thouglits on the Education of thole who Imitate the Great, as afFccling the female Charafler. 35. ,

The Hirtory of Cinderefla. Tranllation from the original French of Charles Perrault. is. 6d.

The Imperial Review; or, London and Dublin Litemy Journal. »s. 6d. per Number.

S. Chilhcy'a Gt n!u> Genuine.


* Bowie's View of the moral State of Society at theCloft of the eighteenth Cdntuiy. if. 6d.

F. Toultrin's Addrefles t» young Men. izmo. 39.

Bibliographical Dictionary, izmo. 6s.

Midfuinmer Holidays.

A Wreath for the Brow of Youth,

Summary of Ancient Hiftory.

A. Plumptre's Stories for Children.

Rev. W. Tcnnant's Indian Recreations, x vols. Svo. iSs.

The Spirit of Public Journals, for 1803. 6s.

A. Campbell's Beautiei of Literature, nmo. Vol. I, 31. 6d.

Hon. M. S—n's A World of Wit. nmo. xs. 6d.

J. Gardiner'i EfT.y«, LireTnry, Political, and Economical. 2 vols. Svo. i6f.

A Dictionary of polite Literature. X Vols. I2S.

* J. Lavallee's Letters of a Mameluke, a vols. 91.

The Annual Regifter, for the Vear iSoz. ics. 6J.

H. Repton'sO.M Whims and \fifcellanies. z vols. Svo. i 8s.

A. Aikin's Annual Review, il. is.

]. B. Dialogues of the Dead. Svo.

The Invalid, being an Illuftration of the obvious Means of enjojing Health and long Life, by a Non agenarian. 12:110. 45.

T. Wetherby's attempt to remove Prejudices concerning the Jews. Ids. 6d.

* Letters written by the late Earl of Chatham to his Nephew, Thomas Pitt, (afterwards Lord Camelford). lamo. 3s. fid.

Frend's Patriotifm; or, the Love of our Country illuftrated by Exifphs from Ancient and Modern Hiftory. 7Si

Polycephalus* Galvanift, a new periodical Paper, publifhed at Cambridge, Svo. as.

Nathan Drake's Literary Hours, Vol. VIII. 8vo. 9s.

E.lmund Burke's Maxims and Opinions, Moral, Political, and Economical, feleflej from his Works. 2 vols. Svo. Jds.

• Ciiriltian's Fafliionable World displayed. 25. fid.

Tlie Hibernian Jefterj Anecdotes never before printed. 6d.

Buoniparteana; or,anlnq»iry into the Virtues of the Buonaparte Family.

Project and Type's Tour through the fouthern Counties of England. 4.5.

Official Defence of General Moreau, before the Tribunal at Paris.

Turner's Inquiry into the Properties of Nature.

Dr. Scott's Diflcrtations, Effays, and Parallels.

The Triad: addrefied to the People of the United Empire, in a Storm.

TO ii'.r




Address, Poetical, to the fliade of Guttemburg, of Menii,
p'*ge i. Poetical and admonitory to London, 22. Poetical
one of Shakefpcare to an apparation, Motto, 26. Of Virgil
to a barbarian, Motto, 41.

Affection, Conjugal, a remarkable inftance of it in a German
coumefs, 175.

Agenis, written by Barclay, praifed by Cow per, 37.

Albert, Sir, his adventures related in a ballad, 291.

Alphabet, Combat of the, 91.

Alps, fuperior, their wonders have been difclofed only in our
age, ji. Defcribed by Pope, Motto, ibid.

Amour, le Terns et 1', French Ode, 124..

Anecdote, Modern, of two Frenchmen cheating a Dutch }t<n,
6. Humorous, of a mifchance of French gallantry, 24.
Of a French antiquarian vifiting the Egyptian catacombs,
24. Melancholic, of maternal delpair, poetically related, 30.

Anniverfary, Defcription of the, of the Chinefe Emperor'i
birth-day, 276.

Animals, their gentlenefs in England, Note, 216.

Antiquarian, A French, vifitiug the Egyptian Catacombs, 16.

Aphorifms, tliofe of Livater, judged by Cowper, 38.

Augereau, an inftance of his ferocity, 68.

Aulugellius, thought on fuperftition and religion, Motto, 137-

Authois, thofe who introduce into fcientific productions vi-
fionary political dogmas, cenlured, 91. Converfation of
one with a bookleller, on libels, 171. Defence of the li-
terary character, by one of them, 173. A virtuous one
refufing to write fcandal, 174.

Authorfhip, Mil'chance in, attributed by Cowper more to want
of pains-taking than to want of ability, 40.

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