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• C. Maclean's Excurfion into | Observations on a Tour made

France, and other Parts of to the Western Ihands of

the Con:inen. 8vo. 68. Scotland. * Colonel Thornton's sporting | W. Hutton's Scarborough

Tour through the northern Tour. 8vo. 6s.
Parts of England. 4to. Broughton's Voyage of Dira
il. 158.

covery to the North Pacific D.M.Kinnon's Tour through Ocean. 4to. 11. 55.

the British West Indies. | Grant's Narrative of a Voy. 8vo. 58.

age of Discovery to the un. The New Cambridge Guide, known Parts of New Hol. for 1804.

land. 410. 11. * J. Barrow's Travels in Kotzebue's Travels from Ber.

China. 410. 21. 128. 64. L lin to Paris. 3 vols. 32mo. Rev. J. Evans' Leiters, writ. 1 139, 6d.

ten during a Tour through Adams's Letters on a Tour South Wales. 8vo. 86. 1 through Silefia, vol. 8vo.8$.

POETRY. • Darwin's Temple of Nature. , * The Poesical Magazine. 6s. _410. Il. 118. 6d.' J. Benelty's Royal Convert. T.' c. Rickman's Poetical A facrest Drama 15.

Scraps. 2 vols. 12$. * J. M-Creery's Prers, a SpeG. Van Straubenzee's lin cimen ot Typography. 4to. petus. Is. 68.

125. Pratt's John and Dime. Petrarca, a Collection of SonInvasion. 4to. 29. 6d.

nets. 8vo. 78, 6d. * J. Kenney's Society. 45. G. Landor’s Gebirus. 12110. J. Ainpolett's War offering. 48. Bonty and Talley. 25. Rev. W. Cockburn's Christ Mrs. Sewell's Poems. 75. railing the Daughter of Ode to the Country Gentle. Jairus. 28.

men of England, from the M. E. Robinson's Wild

Works of Akenside. 6.1. Wreath. 75. Rev. C. W. Ethelston's Sui. Sir Rambert; or, the French cide. 8vo. gs.

Royalist. 12mo. 29. J. Reade's Invalion.

G. Richards' Poems, % vols. * The Poetical Register, for IOS, 1802. 8vo. 98.

H. Whitfield's Christmas Ho. H. Tresham's Britannicus to lidays. 6st Buonaparte.:

G. Huddesford's Wiccamical: E. Cartwright's Armine and Chaplet. 6s. Elvira. 8vo. 5$.

Rev. J. Alley's Judge. 8vo. J. Leyden's Scenes of In. 45. 60. fancy. 12 mo. 6s.

A Mock Heroic Poem.

J. Parkes's Miscellaneous | D. Lawler's Monody to the Poems. 8vo. zs.

Memory of the murdered 3. Langhorne’s Puetical 1 Duke 'd'Enghien. 4tu.

Works. 2 vols. 8vo. 128. is. 60: W. R. Spencer's Year of Park's Cupid turned Volun. Surrow. 4to. 55.

teer. 410. Il. 18. J. Burton's, Jun. Lewes Li. | Warren's Poet's Day, 8vo.

brary Society. 4:0. 25. 6.1. 4s. Peter Nick'd; or, The Devil's | Thompson's Recal of Mo

Darling. 4to. 29. 6d. mus. 410. 45. 6d.
W. H. Povlett's Adverty, Hacket's Poeins, Elegiac and

or the Miteries of the Se. Miscelaneous. 8vo. 6s.

H, O. R's Crazy World. 18. * E. Tomkins' Poems on va. The Linnet; or Annual Mu

rious Subjects. 25. 6d. ferim, for 1804. 1S.
fine 4s. 61.

Dyason's Poetical and Profaie * R.. Bloomfield's Good Ti. Works. 7 vols. 12mo.

dings; or, News from the 21. 2s.
Farm. 40, 25, 6d.

Elton's Poems. 55.
J. Jefferson's Horæ Poeticæ. Pindar's Great Cry and Lit.
Poems, Sacred, Moral, and tle Wool. 4to. Is. 60.

Descriptive. 12no. 35.61. * T. Bachelor's Village Scenes. A.Campbell's Grampians De. 49.

folate. 8vo. 108. 6d. Mil's Stockdale's Sincerity's T. G. Feffenden's original | Offering. 15.

Poems. 12mo. 55. Syr Reginald, with Tales and, J. Linn's Powers of Genius, other Poems. 58. 12mo. 58.

* Wrangham's Deltruction of Sir Tristram, a metrical Ro. Babylon.

mance of the thirteenth Dr. Brown's Poems. 2 vols. Century. 8vo. 21. 25.

125. The Thespiad. 410. 25. 60. Pindar's instructive Epiftle to War! War! 4to. 1S. l the Lord Mayor.

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Margaret of Strafford, an hif. | Human Frailties, 3 vols.

torical Romance, 5 vols. 12mo. 108. 6d.

J. Canton's Alvar and Sera· Mils Young's Moss cliff Ab l phina, 2 vols. 78. · bey. 4 vols. 145.

Edwin; or, the Heir of Ella. Barbara Markham. 2 vols. | 3 vols. 12ino. 125. ,12mo. 75.

M.s. E. Helme's St. Clair of R. Couper's Tourifications the Illes. 4 vols. 12mo. 145.

of Malachi Meldrum. 2 * Montjoye's Mount Paulivols. 1os. 6d.

lyppo. 5 vols. Izmo. il.

Lantier's Adolphe and Blanche | T. J. Curteis'Watch Towers 3 vols, 12mo. 125.

5 vols. 12nio. Il. 58. St. Aubigne's Catastrophe. Candid Junior and Dr. Pan

Translated from the French, glofs. 3 vols. 125. by J. Byerley. 6s. 60. * Ă. La Fontaine's Henrietta St. Clair; or, the Heiress of Bellman, 2 vols, 12mo, 8s.

Desmond. 12mo. 45. TheCitizen's Daughter. 1200. J. Byerley's Nature; or a 45.

Picture of the Passions. 4 La Fontaine's Rake and Miss vols. 12mo. 145.

anthrope. 2 vols. 75. Harry Clinton, 58.

Amasina; or, the American * Mrs. A. Le Noir's Village Foundling. 2 vols, Ismo.

Anecdotes. 3 vols. 12mo. 85. . 128,

Zoflora ; or, the Generous * N. Karamsin's Tales from Negro Girl. 2 vols. 75.

the Russian. 8vo. 6s. Can we doubt it? or, the Hell upon Earth. 2 vols. 85. History of iwo Families of Mrs. West's Two Marillos. Norwich. 3 vols. 10. 62.); 3 vols. 108. 6d.

The Woman of Feeling. 4 The Pride of Ancestry. 4 vols. 16s. vols. 1 2 mo. 16s.

The Talisman, 2 vols. 78. A Peep at the World. 3 vols. Maria Edgeworth's Popular 12mo. 125.

Tales. 3 vols. 12 mo. 12$. Light and Shade. 4 vols. H. Whitefield's Picture froin 12mo. 143,

Life. 2 vols. 8s. Mrs. E. N. Bromley's Cave Mrs. Meeke's Amazement. 3

of Colenza. 2 vols, 12mo. vols, 125. I2s.

Mrs.Barnby's Kerward Castle. Castle of St. Caranza. 2 vols. 2 vols. 75. 75.

Common Life. 2 vols. 73. The Barons of Fellheim, 3 Mrs. Meeke's Old Wife and vols. 12mo. 128.

Young Husband. 3 vols. Honoria; or, the Infatuated 12mo. 125. Child. 2 vols. 75.

A.Kendal's Tales and Poems. Mrs. Meeke's Lobenstein Vil.

38. 6d. Jage, from the German of Goëthe’s Heliodora; or, the

La Fontaine. 4 vols. 165. Grecian Minstrel. 3 vols. Mrs. West's Advantages of 105. 60.

Education. 2 vols. 6s. * H. Siddons' Virtuous Po. G. A. Graglia's Labyrinth verty. zvols.12 mo. 135. 6d.

of Corcyra. 2 vols. 12mo. Mrs. Gooch's Sherwood Fo. The Swiss Emigrants. 12mo. reft. 3 vols. 125. 4s.

Miss Sophia Lee's Life of a Mrs. Homely's Maids as they Lover. 6 vols. il. 16s.

are not, and Wives as they Mrs. Hunter's Unexpected are. 4 vols. 16s... Legacy. 2 vols. 95. :

a Fontaine's Baron de Fle. | * Dallas's Aubrey. 4 vols. ming. 3 vols, 12mo. 125. 12mo. 18s. Irs. Kerr's M odern Faults. Pigault Le Brun's, The first 2 vols. 9s.

Night of niy Wedding. 2 Irs. Meeke's Murray House. vols, 12mo. 8s. 3 vols. 15s.

Horario and Camilla. 6d. Aary Goldiinith's Casualties. A. M. Porter's Lake of Kil2 vols. 6s.

larney. 135. 6d. - Bisfett's Modern Literature. Genlis's Duchess of La Va. 3 vols, 12 mo. 155.

liere. 2 vols. gs. What you please; or, Me. Hon. Mifs Lenox's Memoirs moirs of Modern Characters. of H. Lenox, with Legen. 4 vols, sós

dary Remains. 35. 61. La Fontaine's Reprobate. 2 Lebrun's History of a Dog. C: vols, 8s.

38. 6:1. The Eve of San Pietro. 31 Brick Bolding. 2 vols. i vols. ios. 6d.

75. AdelaidedeGrammont. 4.5.6d. Papa Brick. 38. 6d.

DRAMA. Etuis G. Colman's, Jun. Epilogue | B. H. Malkin's Almahide -3, 1.8 to the new Play of the Maid and Hamet, a Tragedy; to Port of Bristol, being an Address which is prefixed a Letter Be to the Patriotism of the on Dramatic Composition, A TEST English.

8vo. 68. J. Boaden's Maid of Bristol. | J. Carr's, Sea-side Hero, 25.6d. Kod 28.

* A. Franklin's Counterfeit, Shakespeare's King Henry V. a Farce. 28. a molte altered by J. P. Kemble. A Dramatic Synopsis. 45. Dj Wa J. Kenney's Raising the Wind. | T. Dibdin's Valentine and hande ; 186d.

Orfon,a Melo-drame. 15.6d, J. Cobb's, The Wife of Two From Inn to Inn, an Operatic Dies and Husbands. 28. 6d.

Comedy. 35. ** J. T. Allingham's Hearts of Richard Cumberland's Saidura; a Oak.

lor's Daughter. 25.6d. feb. 3 Barker's complete List of Prince Hoare's Paragraph,

a musical Entertainment. F. Reynold's, The Caravan; Is. 6d. 2015 or, the Driver and his Dog. • T. Dibdin's Guilty, or not renociddi 28.

Guilty. 25. 60. J. Wild's, al. Comic Sketches, by Charles Liter t ered from the French of Lee Lewis, 48. The Duval. IS.

Diamond's Hunier of the Alps. Sina *C Cherry's Syldier's Daugh. 18, 6d. also goso ter, 25. 6d.

Maids, a new afterpiece. is.


MISCELLANIES. A Compendium of Juvenile | The History of Cinderella. Instruction.

Translation from the origiAddisoniana. 2 vols. 8vo. nal French of Charles Per. yos. 60.

rault. Is. 6d. S. Pegge's Anecdotes of the The Imperial Review; or,

English Language. 6s. London and Dublin Lite. E. Sonnerville's Prelude to rary Journal. 25. 6d. per Knowledge. 25. 6.1.

Number: F. Bacon's, Lord Viscounts. Chisney's Ginius Genuine.

Verulam, Works, new Edi. -51.

tion. 10 rols. 8vo. 41. * Bowle's View of the moral Lord Bacon's Fables, einbel. State of Society at the Close - Jished with Engravings in of the eighteenth Century, Wood, by Austin, 65.

25. 6d. W. Gerrard's Seaman's Pre | F. Toulmin's Addresses to ceptor.

young Men. 12mo. 35. An Élay on the Beauties of | Bibliographical Dictionary. the Universe. 35.

12mo. 65. Swiftiana. 2 vols. 8vo. 108,6d. | Midsummer Holidays. The Man in the Moon, a pe. A Wreath for the Brow of riodical Paper. 45.

Youth. Cobbett's Annual Register. | Summary of Ancient History. Il. 11s, 6d.

A. Plumptre's Stories for * Mrs. Crespigny's Letters of Children.

Advice to her Son. I vol. | Rev. W. Tennant's Indian 8vo. 83.

Recreations. 2 vols. 8vo. W. Frend's Evening Amuse. 18s. ments. 48. 6d.

The Spirit of Public Journals, L. F. Jauffret's Litle Her. for 1803. 6s.

mitage. 4 vols. 125. A. Campbell's Beauties of J. Aikin's Letters on a Course Literature. 12mo. Vol. I. of English Poetry. 48.

38. 6d. 0. Oldschool's Portfolio. 2 Hon. M. S-n's A World of vols. 4to. il. 16s.

Wit, 12mo. 25. 60. * Anecdotes of eminent Per- J. Gardiner's Efiys, Lite.

sons. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. rary, Political, and Econo. A Treatise on Ancient and mical. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. Modern Literature. 2 vols. A Dictionary of polite Lite. 8vo. 148.

rature. 2 vols. 128. Thoughts on the Education * J. Lavalleé's Letters of a

of those who Imitate the Mameluke. 2 vols. gs. Great, as affecting the fe. | The Annual Register, for the male Character, 38.

Year 1802. 1os. 64.

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