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We wish that the pleasure derived by the reader of this volume inay equal what we have ourselves received ; it will then not be inconsiderable.

Village Scenes, and other Poems. By T. Batchelor.

4s. Vernor and Hood.
Very interesting pieces, chiefly on rural subjects.

Virtuous Poverty: a Novel. In 4 vols. By Henry

Siddons, Efq. 1804. Phillips.

This novel seems to be a tribute of filial affection to an excellent parent. The language is chaste and elegant, and the incidents numerous and rational.


War Offering (The), a small Collection of original

Songs, adapted to familiar Tunes, for the Use of the lower classes. Dedicated to Buonaparte. By J. Amphlett. Price 6d. Longman and Co.

Mr. Amphlett is already known by a variety of poetical effusions, and the present collection will by no means detract froin his reputation. Indeed, we think many of the songs will long outlive the temporary occasion which gave rise to them.

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Women, their Condition and Influence in Society. By

J. A. Segur: from the French. 3 vols. pp. 1012.
Longman and Rees. 1803.

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The author has adopted a most important subject, and handled it with temperance and discretion. His design is to demonstrate the equality of the two sexes, and his remarks are very interesting.

Works of Lady M. W. Montague, including her Cor

respondence, Poems, and Essays. Published, by Permission, from her genuine Papers. 5 vols. 12mo. pp. 1548. £1. 55. Phillips. 1804.

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Mr. Dallaway, the editor of this edition, has given an interesting memoir of the author, and the whole has been reprinted from the MSS, in the possession of her grandfon, the Marquis of Bule.


And speedily will be published, THE COMPLETE GRAZIER; or, Cattle-Keeper's Directory. In one large Vol. 8vo. with many plates and wood cuts.

ESSAYS ON RHETORIC, Abridged chiefly from Dr. Blair's Lectures on that Subject, the Fifth Edition, improved

SECOND LOVE; or, the Way to be Happy. A Novel. In Two Volumes.


SCENES OF LIFE. A Novel. In Three Volume,


DALLAS's ELEMENTS OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE, or a View of the Mental Faculties and Genuine Nature of the Passions, particularly Ambition, Anger, Fear, Hope, Joy, Love, Shame, Sorrow, Sympathy, Wonder, &c. a' new edition, in 12mo. altered and improved by the author.

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September 1, 1803, to September 1, 1904.

HISTORY. The History of the English | R. C. Dillas' Costume of the Constitution. 61.

Hereditary Sates of the R. Polwhele's History of House of Austria. Trans.

Cornwall. 2 vols.4to.21.23. lated from the French of J. Young's History of the Mons. Bertrand de Mole.

War between Great Bri ville. 4to. 61. 6s. tain and France, 2 vols. A. Ranken's History of 8vo. 145.

France. 75. J. Mathison's and A. H. Ma J. Bigland's Letters on the

son's East India Regilter Siudy and Use of Ancient

and Directory. 59.6.1. and Modern History. 65. J. Savage's History of the Pa Chevalier de Tinseau's statisti.

rish and Castle of Wrelle. cal View of France. 1os.6d. Rev. J. Granger's Biographi. | J. Savage's History of the Col.

cal History of England. 4 legiate Church of Howden. vols. 8vo. Il. 8s.

Volney's View of the Climate * Maurice's Modern History | and Soil of the United States

of Hindoitan. Vol. II. | of North America. 8vo.

Part 1. C. Wilkinson's Epitome of Rev. Edward Davies' Celtic

the History of ihe Iands of Researches, on the Origin, Malta and Guza. 68.

Tradition, and Language J. Fitler's Scotia Depicta. of the Ancient Britons, 8vo. 410. 61. 6s.

12s. 60.

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* We say literary, for all the scientific, under the title of theo'ogy, metaphysics, law, physics, and natural history, have been omitsed, as foreign to our work. From those marked with an asterisk, we have borrowed our fragments. In some few instances we have not been able to ascertain the price. :

J. Holland's Essays on History. | The History and Life of " Ss.

King James VI, written • R. Percival's Account of towards the latter Part of '

the Cape of Good Hope. the Sixteenth Century. 8vo. 4to. il.

IOS. C. Mayo's Compendious View G. Heriot's History of Ca

of Universal History, from nada. 8vo. 125. the Year 1753 to the Trea Sir William Young's History ty of Amiens, 1802. 4 vols. of Aihens. 8vo. 10s. 4to. 61. 6s.

A concise History of the Eng. The History of the Spanish Jilh Colony of New South

Invasion, translated from Wales. 8vo. 29. 6d. the Latin of Grotius. 60. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles H, Card's Historical Outlines of England, France, Spain,

of the Papal Power. 8vo. and other Countries adjoin39. 6d.

ing. * An Account of the Fall of Rev. Owen Manning's Hil.

the Republic of Venice, tory and Antiquities of translated from the original the County of Surrey. Italian. 55.

S. O'Halloran's Introduction F. Plowden's Striclures upon to a general History of Ire

an Historical Review of the land. 3 vols. 8vo. 11.115.6d.

S'ate of Ireland. 8vo.7s.6d. 1 Chevalier de Boisgelin's AnBrief Remarks on the Mal. cient and Modern Malta. 3 ratta War. is.

vols. 4to. 41. 43.

BIOGRAPHY. * Godwin's History of the 1 * Miss Ann Seward's Me.

Life and Age of Geoffrey moirs of the Life of Dr. Chaucer. 3 vols. 4to. Darwin. 8vo. 75. 6d. 31. 135. 6d. and 8vo. 4 George Hanger's Lives, Advols. il. 163.

ventures, and larping Madaire de Blumenthal's Life Tricks of eminent Ganie

of General de Zieten. 2 sters, 12 mo. Is. 60. vols, 8vo. 145.

The Lives and Characters of Public Characters of 1803-4. the French Generals who 6th vol. 1os. 60.

are appointed by BuonaA mort Account of the late parte to invade England,

J. Marriott, of Reedys &c. is.

ford. 8vo. 35. 6d. | Martial Biography. 12mo. 78. Sketches of the Lives and J. Lackington's Confessions.

Characters of eminent Eng. 25. lish Civilians. 45.

Rev. W. Bingley's Animal The Revolutionary Plutarch. Biography. 3 vols. 8vo. 3 vols. 1 2mo. 18s.

il. 108.

D. Irving's Lives of the Scot. | A. Bower's Account of the

tish Poets. 2 vols. 8vo. 'Life of James Beatrie, 8vo. 18s,

58. * W. Hayley's Life and Post. | * Bertrand de Moleville's Re.

humous Writings of Wil. futation of the Libel on the liam Cowper. Vol. III. Meinory of the late King 4to. il. 18.

of France, published by Original Correspondence of Helen Maria Williams.

Jean Jacques - Rousseau, 23, 6d.
Vol. III.,

Lord Teignmouth's Life and J. Toulmin's Biographical Writings of Sir William

Tribute to the Memory of Jones. 4to. Il. 1os.

Dr. Priestley, 18.61. Marshall's Life of George Memoirs of the Life of the Washington. 4to.Il.115.60.

Rev. Thomas Wills. 8vo. Memoirs of the Life and 6s.

Wiitings of the late Rev. * Samuel Richardson's Corre. H. Farmer. 38.

spondence, selected from the | Corry's Life of Joseph Priest-
original Manuscripts, with ley. 45.
a biographical Account of Memoirs of the Peers of Eng-
him, by Anna Lætitia Bar. land, in the Reign of James I.
bauld. 6 vols. 8vo. 21. gs.

TRAVELS. · W. Hutton's Remarks upon * R. Semple's Walks and

North Wales. 8vo. 78.6d. Sketches at the Cape of * N. Karamsin's Travels. 31 Good Hope. 8vo. 48. 6d. vols. 12o. 153.

Select Views of London and * T. Winterbottoni's AC-! its Environs.

count of the native Africans * T. Holcroft's Travels in in the Neighbourhood of Germany, Holland, FlanSierra Leone. 2 vols. 8vo. ders, and France, to Paris. 155.

2 vols. 4to. 51. 58. Evans' Juvenile Tourist. Il * L. F. Jauffret's Travels of vol. 59. 6d.

Rolando round the World, * Paris as it was, and as Translated from the French.

it is. 2 vols. 8vo. il. is. 4 vols. 125. . * Mis. Murray's Companion A Series of Letters written his

to the Beauties in the West from South America.
ern Ilands of Scotland. 2 * J. Barrow's Account of his
vols. 175.61.

Travels into the Interior
Journal of an Excursion among of Southern Africa. 2 vols,

the Swiss Landscapes. 38.6d. 40. 31. 55. * J. Brifted's Anthroplano * Lantier's Travels in Swilo menos

serland, 6 vo.s. 12mo. Il.48.

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