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A. Account (An accurate) of the Fall of the Republic of

Venice, and of the Circumstances attending that Event; in which the French System of undermining and revolutionising States is exposed, &c. Translated from the Italian, hy J. Hinckley, Esq. F.S.A.

8vo. pp. 300. 55. Hatchard. 1804. This is a very interesting publication, and has strong claims to particular notice. It is tolerably well translated.

Account of the native Africans in the Neighbourhood

of Sierra Leone. By T. Winterbottom, M. D.

2 vols. 155. Hatchard. This work contains a good and interesting description of the country and its inhabitants; but we find little novelty in it, after baying peruled the excellent work of M. Gulberry, of which it appears not unlike a copy.

* As several of the notices which should have entered into this list have been unavoidably omitted, for want of room, we must request our readers to peruse the Introductory View, where they will observe our opinion of many new works, besides those which are specified alphabetically.

Account of the Cape of Good Hope, containing an

historical View of its original Settlement by the
Dutch, its Capture by the British in 1795, &c.
By Captain R. Percival. 4to. pp. 340. £ 1.
Baldwin. 1804.

This work, like the former production of Capt. P. no. ticed in our last volume, preients such a rapid succession of facts, and such a variety of new information, that the reader who could disapprove of it must possess a very vitiated taste.

Alfred's Letters, an Effay on the Constitution of Enge

land, and an Appeal to the People; with fix Let. ters on the Subject of Invasion. 8vo. pp. 36.

Is. 6d. Wellington, Hailston. 1804. These letters are very well written; they expatiate with equal energy, wisdom, and truth on the subject of invasion; and give excellent admonitions to the British volunteers.

Animal Biography; or, authentic Anecdotes of the

Lives, Manners, and Economy of the Animal Creation; arranged according to the System of Linnæus. By the Rev. W. Bingley, A.M. Second Edition, with considerable Additions. 8vo. 3 vols. about 500 pages each. Phillips. 1804. Not having seen the first edition of this work, though we observed the high encomiums pasied upon it in the different Reviews, we cannot say what additions may have been made in the present; but we have no doubt that they are confiderable. The author tells us, his book “has no claim whatever to attention, except on the score of utility:" we Mall in justice add, that it is rot only the most useful, but the most entertaining work of the kind which modern times have produced. The list of books at the end of the preface affords a good idea of the labour the author must have experienced in the production of this uncommon biography,

Annals of George III. from his Majesty's Access

fion to the Peace of 1801. By W. Green, A.B. Author of 'The Art of Living in London, &c. &c.' Hatchard. 1804.

This is a very neat and cheap publication of historical matter, of the greatest interest to every descriprion of readers.

It is collected with fidelity, and written with sound princi. ples. It appears to be at present publishing in numbers, and will make two volumes in 12mo.

Art of Living in London: a Poem. By the Au

thor of The Annals of George III.' and “The Picture of England.' 38 pp. Price 1s. Od. boards.

Hatchard. 1804.

The subject of this poem becomes daily more interesting: we hope the work will enjoy an extensive circulation. The versification is far above mediocrity.

Augustus and Mary; or, the Maid of Buttermere: a

Tale. By W. Mudford. 1 vol. pp. 188. Jones,

1804. A true and interesting story is here ridiculously mutilated, for the purpose of swelling the volume, by the introduction of fictitious and irrelevant trash; and poor dame Virtue, whole advocate the author proieses to be, certainly never had a more miserable defender. Some attacks are made, in this wretched publication, upon several literary characters of eminence, which muit, of courle, give the reader a very high opinion of the author's judgment.

Buonaparte, and the French People under his Consulate.

From the German. 8vo. pp. 380. 7s. Tipper and Co. 1804.

The facts contained in this publication were of such a galling nature, that, soon after iis appearance on the Conti. nent, the tyrant caused it to be suppressed.

(Calvary; or, the Death of Christ: a Poem, in eight

Books. By Richard Cumberland, Esq. A new
Edition, in 2 vols. with Plates, small 8vo. Lack-

ington and Co. If Mr. Cumberland's fame were not sufficiently eftablished, this work would raise it to the highest pinnacle of eminence. We most decidedly declare, that, in our opinion, nothing equal to it has issued from the preis since the iime of Milioni

Clifton Grove: with other Poems. By H. K. White,

of Nottingham. 1 vol. small 8vo. Price 3s. 5d. Vernor and Hood. These poems, it appears, are the production of a young gentleman not more iban seventeen years of age !--We can scarcely give credit to the aflertior. So ne of the Odes are excellent, and the whole is very tar above mediocrity.

Companion and useful Guide to the Beauties in the

Western Highlands of Scotland, and in the Hebrides. By the Hon. Mrs. Murray, of Kensington.

8vo. pp. 440. 7s. 6d. boards. Nicol. 1803. A descriptive work, replete with amusing anecdotes, and highly creditable to the talents of the fair author.

Correspondence (The original) of J. J. Rousseau with

Madame de Franqueville and M. du Peyron.

3 vols. 10s, 6d. Dulau. 1804.

This correspondence is indisputably original; but it does not contain much iniormation or amusement,

Correspondence of Samuel Richardson, Author of Pa.

mela, &c. &c. Selected from original Manuscripts, with his Life, and Observations on his Writings. By Mrs. Barbauld. 6 vols. £2. 58. Phillips.

1804. It appears, from Mrs. B's introduction, that it was the favourite employment of Richardson's declining years, to fe. lect and arrange these letters. They have been purchased at a liberal price, and the curiosity of the public will doubtless be gratified by their perusal; though, it must be admitted, that some of them are insipid, and might have been passed over without detriment.

Correspondence (The Political' and Confidential) of

Louis XVI. By H. M. Williams. 3 vols. 8vo.

£ 1. ls. Robinsons. 1803. - We have no reason to believe in the authenticity of these letters, which rests upon the mere ipfe dixit of a felf-sufficient editor, whose impertinence is disguiting.

Coitume of Hindoftan. 1 vol. royal quarto. Price

eight Guineas. Edward Orme, his Majesty's Print-
seller. 1804.

This is a splendid work, which exhibits all the figures of the different tribes, casts, and occupations of the natives of India, taken from life, and coloured to represent the original drawings. Each plate is accompanied by descriptions in English and French.

Decameron (The); or Ten Days Entertainment, of

Boccacio. Translated from the Italian. In 2 vols.
The second Edition improved, with Remarks on
the Life and Writings of Boccacio. By the Au-
thor of 'Old Nick,' 'A Piece of Family Biography,'
&c. 8vo. 2 vols. pp. 782. 165. Vernor and
Hood. 1804.
The translator has carefully improved the language of the
former edition of tales; he has expunged many of the passages
that were offensive, and furnished the best life extant of the
original author, whose engraved head, from Titian, prefixed,
is very well executed.

Dictionary of the celebrated Women of every Age

and Country. By Matilda Betham. 1 vol. 852 pp. Price only 73. or on royal Paper, 12s. boards. Crosby. 1804.

This is a work which no enlightened female should be without; and which every mother of a family should put into the hands of her daughters, as an incentive to great and vir. tuous actions. Its execution confers the highest credit upon its industrious editor.

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Essays on Subjects of Miscellaneous Literature. By

W. H. Turner, A.B. T.C.D. M.D. 12mo. pp. -
L' 166. 3s. 6d. Debrett. 1803.

These essays are founded on the interesting subjects of luxury, medical education, novel writing, empiriciim, and, the ftage. They poffels much of originality, though the au.

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