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important little work, which contains much valuable information. Though designed for higher latitudes, it contains numerous facts which will be highly useful in this country. We can only give an abstract of the contents.

We find, then, in this volume whatever relates to the natural history of sheep, viz. the difference of their instinct, dentition, and the period of their copulation. The authors next point out the characters of good wool, the difference of sheep-skins, the properties of the meat of different races; in what the fineness of the wool consists, and at what age the sheep is fit for propagation; with the hereditary defects of these animals, and the means of preventing their degeneration. In the last chapters they treat of the melioration of the Danish breed by the Friseland rams, and of the properties of the latter ; of the Danish, Iceland, Ferrol, and other sheep; the melioration of the Danish sheep by the English breed; of their diseases, with the means of preventing and curing them.

Art. 59.-Bemerkungen auf einer Reise durch das Sudlich Deutsch

land. Observations made during a Journey through the South of Germany,

Alsace, and Switzerland, in the Years 1798 and 1799. · By M. d'Eggers. 8vo. Vol. II. and III. Copenhagen.

We have already noticed the first volume of this work. The second contains the author's journey from Rastadt to Strasburg, with his observations on the present situation of the latter city, on Alsace, and the revolutions of Switzerland.

The best informed German travellers have observed, that M. Eggers seems not to have drawn his remarks from authentic sources. He sometimes, like a celebrated alderman of our own country, quotes his hair-dresser at Strasburg. Indeed, what he says of this city scems to be copied, in part, from the famous Blue Book, compiled by a printer, and partly from a description of Strasburg, published previous to the revolution, for Koenig. But we shall not enlarge on inaccuracies, which the author might have corrected by attending to the remarks of the most respectable journalists of Germany, which, however, he seems to have overlooked.

The third volume is not equally faulty. Tlie description of the electorate of Baden and the Brisgaw is more important and interesting. The author staid longer at these places, and seems to have obtained better information. The last two letters of the volume contain the observations on Switzerland.

SWEDEN. Art.60.—Practik Hand Lexicon foer Landhunshalase och Kostenarer. A practical Manual of Rural Economy and the Arts. Published by

Olof Linderholm. Vol. I. A to. E. 870. Stockholm. Sweden does not appear to be a country favourable to extensive works-pendent opera interrupta; at least we may form this opinion from the slow progress of the great Economical Dictionary of Fischerstrcem (nya Suensk Economiska Dictionaire), of which, in twenty-four years, only two volumes have appeared, terminating at the letter B. The present work, we trust, will proceed more rapidly.

On a general view, the author seems to have executed his proposed plan with ability. The articles are sufficiently full to give a correct idea of the objects, their properties, their use and prepari. tion. Some of them are more extensive, particularly on alun, arsenic, ash, amber, balsam, bees, bread, bark, distillation, diamond, &c. Art. 61.-Svenska Krigsmanna Sällskassels Handlingar, for der

1800. Memoirs of the Swedish Military Academy for the Year 1800.

Stockholm. The Swedish military academy is composed of the king, its protector, eleven honorary and eighty active members. The volume before us, which is only the second, contains two memoirs, viz. Count Rumford's Attempt to determine the Force of Gun. powder, translated from the Philosophical Transactions for 1781, by Lieutenant-colonel Arrhenius ; and Observations on the Regu. lations of the Exercise of the Swedish Army, by the Cheralier Doebeln. An abstract only of the last memoir is given, as the plates would render the publication of the whole too expensive.

Art. 62.- Ulfverlig Geographie foerfatted, &c. Complete Geography, by Dan. DJurberg ; accompanied with a Supple

ment, and a Chart of the Ilest Indies. Vol. I. Stockholm.

This author has already published many geographic works, and five charts, iii. two of Polynesia, one of France in four sheets one of Asiatic Turkey, and one of the West Indies. This is, in reality, the first volume of a second edition ; the first of which appeared in 1786, and was received with great respect. The first volume contains the cosmography and the general geography: the system of the world is explained at much greater length than in the first edition : and the author next considers this planet in its philosophic, mathematical, and geographic relations. The next subject of importance is the population of different countries. He gives Portugal 3,000,000 of inhabitants ; Spain 11,000,000, France 33,000,000; Italy, without reckoning the Austrian possessions and Corsica, about 16,500,000; Germany, independent of the Austrian and Prussian states, 11,360,000; Austria about 25,000,000; Prussia 8,000,000; England 13,000,000 ; Denmark 2,500,000; Sweden 3,200,000; European Russia 35,000,000; and Turkey 10,000,000. He estimates the population of Europe at 180,000,000, of Asia 440,000,000, Africa 120,000,000, North Americá 25,000,000, South America 15,000,000, Polynesia 20,000,000; consequently, that of the whole world at about 800,000,000.

The political division of the earth follows; and at the end of the volume is a memoir on geogony, which ought to have been at the beginning : and under the title of Criticism we find numerous ad. ditions, and some account of the Piazzi, and other discoveries,

: The supplement contains a particular description of Ceylon, Cuba, Jamaica, and St. Domingo, with a chart of the West Indies.









ABILGAARD'sNew method of breed- Article (definitive) in Greek Testa. ing shecp,

590 ment, Remarks on, 160.---WordsAccount of Louisiana,

359 worth's Letters on the Remarks, Accum on the analysis of minerals, 160.-Blunt's

354 Astronomical discoveries of Kepler, Address (Friendly) to labouring part Account of, of community,

106 Advice to mothers,

234 Æsop's fables versified,

112 BASALTS of Saxony, Memoirs on Atfinities of the vegetable kingdom, the, Table of,

576 Batch's table of affinities of the ve. Agriculture (board of), Communica- getable kingdom, .. tions to the,

110 Bath waters, Second treatise on, 235 Aikin's edition of the English poets, Bayley's poems,

116 Bege's geography and statistics of — letters to a young lady, 416 Wolfenbüttel and Blackenburg,583 Amadis de Gaul, Rose's translation Beneficence, a poem, of,

Benefits of wisdom, and evils of sin, Southey's, 45

232 America, View of administrations in Bentley's Divine Logos,

108 government of, 478 Best's Royal soldier,

350 ---, View of the climate and Bibliotheca, The Italian, 576 soil of the United States of, 575 Black's lectures on the elements of Amphlett's Invasion, 354 cheinistry,

36, 284 Amsterdam medical society, Pro Blagdon's Flowers of literature, 239 ceedings of the,

590 Blunt's letters to Sharp, Amusements, Evening,

360 Boccaccio's Decamerone, TranslaAnimal chemistry, Archives of, 578 tion of,

369 Annals of the Museum of natural his Bonaparte, Letter to,

349 tory,


Letters from Satan to, 360 Annual register, New,

208 Book-keeping improved,. 119 Anthology, Oriental,

558 Bossut's general history of mathema Antigallican, 478 tics,

131 Appeal to people of united kingdoms, Botanic observations,

576 227 Botany, Dictionary of techinal terms Appendix to Seasonable hints to of,

572 younger part of clergy,

471 British liberty considered, Apprehensions. Honest.

109 Bromley (Eliza M.)'s Cave of ConArchives of animal chemistry, 578 senza,

119 - of pharmacy and medical Brougham on the colonial policy of philosophy, 578 the European powers,

377 App. VOL. 1,



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Brown's translation of Burserius's In- Considerations of nature for the mind

423 and heart,
Bruce's introduction to geography

(Serious) addressed to
and astronomy,

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South Sea,

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Burns's two sermons,

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of medicine,

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Byerley's Nature,
351 England,

Correspondence with Reviewers, 120

240, 480
CADET's dictionary of chemistry, Cottingham's Duty of the times, 232
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vice of Church of England, 473. to her son,

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Christmas holidays,
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Chronological history of discoveries Dictionary of technical terms of bo-
in South Sea,
121 tany,

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of chemistry, 573
Clarke's Progress of maritime disco. - --- of natural history, 493


- --- (Historical) of Hebrew
Classical learning, Commentaries on, onthors,

169 Discoveries (astronomical) of Kepler,
Clavis Horatiana,
595 Account of,

Coad's True interest of united king.

in South Sca, Chronolo-
dom proved,
2:26 gical history of,

Cobb's Wife of two husbands, 117 Discovery (maritime), Progress of,241
Colonial policy of European powers, Dissertation on the Egyptian zodiars,
Inquiry into,

Colpitis's Delineation of the proba. D'Iurberg's Complete geography, 592
ble mode of operation of the Divine Logos,

French armies,

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reading the book of,
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Concordatum explained, 472 Wife of two husbands,





Drewe's Duty of defending our coun- French grammar, Introduction to
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Duncan's Appendix to · Seasonable Frend's Evening amusements, 360

471 - Principles of taxation, 228
Duty of defending our country, 473 Friendly address to labouring part of
of the times,
232 community,



Molta and



EARTH.--Evident proofs that it is GALLOWAY's Prophetic history of
three times more ancient than usu- church of Rome,

ally supposed,

380 Gardening (landscape), Observations
Easy grammar of geography, .237 on,

Education, Treatise on,' ' 582 Geddes, Memoirs of.

- (English), Letters on a General encyclopædia of commerce,
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Eggers's tour through South of Ger. Genesis, Remarks on the book of, 473
many, &c.

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Elementary treatise of natural philo- Geographic and statistic description

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--, Complete,

(General) of com-

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579 ---and astronomy, Introduc-
England, Continuation of Coote's his-

tion to,
tory of,

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and Carthage, Parallel be states,


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d's triumph over Bonaparte

and Switzerland, Travels
foretold 1700 years ago,


English Encyclopædia, 1, 428 Gibbes's Second treatise on Bath wa-
Epitome of the history of Malta and


360 Gilchrist's prospectus of the Persian
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Essay on the conversion of soils, 111 Glasgow, a poem,

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25 Godwiu's Life of Chaucer, 60, 144,
Evening amusements,

Evils and advantages of genius, 114 Goldsınith's Easy grammar of geogra.
Examination of Bishop of Landaff's


intended speech,


-- Geography for the use of
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broad-leaved willow-bark, 353 Good Hope, Voyage to Cape of, 590

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Flora Cantabrigiensis,

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Flowers of literature,

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Fly's fast sermon,
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Folie, Ude,

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Fontenelle's dictionary of technical life-boat,

terms of botany,

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Forest of Hohenelbe,
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Franklin's Counterfeit,

: 580
Franks's Sacred literature, 473 Gutch's Sword of the Lord and of Gi.
Free and candid examination of bishop deon,

of Landaff's intended speech, 229
French armies, Probable mode of ope- HALDANE's letters to earl of Chat-
rations of,
2:28 ham,

clergy in England, Journal Hall's Sentiments proper to the pre-
1,3 sent crisis,

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