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• THE conduct of a periodical work, in its nature voluminous and extensive, demands an occasional pause for deliberation. Circumstances change: plans ably conceived, cautiously matured, and sanctioned by experience, the uncontroulable ccurse: of events may render in some points inèficaciòus, in cthers useless. · At the end of our 70ih volume we rested, to survey the lengthened course over which we had passed. We remerked witli satisfaction that vary. ing scenes, in the departments of science, politics, and polite literature, had been met without difficulty or embarrassment; and that, in its progress, a few slight, yet necessary deviations, had not injured the general consistency of our Journal. Since that period, our work, like a stately mansion which mocks the attacks of time and of tempests, has only required those silent imperceptible repairs which the exigencies of the moment have suggested,




We again pause, to look around; and once more renew our Series. The æra itself is awful, and imperiously awakens reflexion : but we are influenced by other causes---by private misfortunes. The tremendous fire which on the night of the 2d of February, 1803, at the premises of Mr. SAMUEL HAMILTON, the proprietor of this Journal, destroyed, with his dwelling-house, the whole of his very valuable and extensive printing-office, consumed all the remaining copies of the CritiCAL RĖview, and rendered the completion of former sets impossible. To reprint them would be an experiment of hazardous expense: to continue the publication in its old form, would deprive present purchasers of a facility to consult passages, which, iş :otħet: articles illustrate our arguments, or furniški sar proofs: Arnew Series is therefore advantageous! it je mora---it is necessary. Novus rerum nascitur orda: :

To future purchasers, clien; the work will be new; to our former friends, another and the same.' For the one, we shall continue to refer to preceding articles.; for the other, concisely recapitulate the foundations of our reasoning, and the facts which have contributed to elevate and establish the superstructure. . .

When glowing prospects of reform and amelioration fascinated the wise and the prudent, it . for a moment we also were dazzled, the charm has long ceased, and clearer views have returned.

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This change we have already pointed out, with the reasons which occasioned it.

Our notice of some important works, accident may have occasionally delayed: we shall remove all reasonable ground for charges of neglect, and attain superior punctuality by adequate arrangements. Of our general conduct, it is unnecessary to speak: the ignorant and the presumptuous have alone complained, and these only will have cause in future to fear our censures.

On a review of our Journal---and we have examined it with more critical severity than we usually employ in investigating the faults of others-we could discover no considerable scope for alteration or amendment. We have felt the inconvenience of contracted limits: but, as our wishes to extend she circle are yet travailing, we shall endeavour to , ergplay to the utmost advantage the space which we car command.

To obviate the warit of si General Inder, which we have long experienced, various plans were under consideration, when the late disastrous event diminished our anxiety for this object, by destroying numerous copies of the work to which it would have been subservient. We now purpose, at the end of six years, exclusively of the Index appended to every separate volume, to add a General Index to every fasciculus of eighteen volumes, as they may progressively appear, without deducting a page from the current num


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bers. It will be offered gratuitously, and regu: larly continued on the recurrence of similar periods.

Should the progress of human knowledge, or other circumstances, induce us to institute a Fourth Series, the Indexes will then be incorporated, a General Index annexed, and delivered also to the supporters of this Journal, free of expense.

As we at this time offer no · New Arrange: ment,' our former title is only changed to Third Series. We shall preserve uniformity in our mode of quotation, and substitute, in our references, for · New Arrangement, Second Series.

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