Seren Gomer : neu, Gyfrwng gwybodaeth cyffredinol i'r Cymry, Volume 34

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Argraffwyd ac ar werth gan y Cyhoeddwr, 1851

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Page 313 - There have not been wanting trivial minds to mark this as a fault in his character. But the mere men of taste ought to be silent respecting such a man as Howard ; he is above their sphere of judgment. The invisible spirits who fulfil their commission of philanthropy among mortals do not care about pictures, statues, and sumptuous buildings ; and no more did he, when the time in which he must have inspected and admired them would have been taken from the work to which he had consecrated his life...
Page 161 - Duw, ac sydd fuddiol i athrawiaethu, i argyhoeddi, i geryddu, i hyfforddi mewn cyfiawnder; fel y byddo dyn Duw yn berffaith, wedi ei berffeithio i bob gweithred dda.
Page 314 - By the general consent of criticks, the first praise of genius is due to the writer of an epick poem, as it requires an assemblage of all the powers which are singly sufficient for other compositions.
Page 316 - Sudden a thought came like a full-blown rose, Flushing his brow, and in his pained heart Made purple riot; then doth he propose A stratagem that makes the beldame start ; "A cruel man and impious thou art!
Page 66 - Goruwch pob tywysogaeth, ac awdurdod, a gallu, ac arglwyddiaeth, a phob enw a enwir, nid yn unig yn y byd hwn, ond hefyd yn yr hwn a ddaw...
Page 172 - ... ac yn offeiriaid i Dduw a'i Dad ef; iddo ef y byddo y gogoniant a'r gallu yn oes oesoedd. Amen.
Page 253 - Divides us. Happy day that breaks our chain ! That manumits ; that calls from exile home ;; That leads to Nature's great metropolis, And re-admits us, through the guardian hand Of elder brothers, to our Father's throne, Who hears our Advocate, and, through his wounds Beholding man, allows that tender name.
Page 306 - Midway from nothing to the Deity! A beam ethereal, sullied and absorpt! Though sullied and dishonored, still divine Dim miniature of greatness absolute? An heir of glory! a frail child of dust! Helpless immortal! insect infinite! A worm! a god! I tremble at myself. And in myself am lost.
Page 461 - Dy lygaid a welsant fy anelwig ddefnydd ; ac yn dy lyfr di yr ysgrifenwyd ^hwynt oll, y dydd y 6 lluniwyd hwynt, pan nad oedd yr un o honynt...
Page 463 - ... hefyd a chwarddaf yn eich dialedd chwi ; mi a wawdiaf pan syrthio arnoch yr hyn yr ydych yn ei ofni...

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