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Instantly the boisterous winds were hushed, and the roaring billows silenced

Though at other times the waters after a storm remained in a perturbed state, at his command they subsided to a perfect calm

Such is the effect his word produces on the tempest-tossed soul”

Terrors that appalled the conscience, are dissipated as a cloude

Temptations, that agitated the frame, are disarmed of their power

And afflictions, that overwhelmed the soul, are made to yield " the peaceable fruits of righteousness"

Well might they marvel on an occasion like this

Nothing seems so much beyond the control of man as the winds and waves

But even these heard the voice and obeyed the will of the Lord Jesus

Well therefore might the disciples exclaim,“ What manner of man is this!”-]

So stupendous a miracle should lead us to consider II. What views of Christ will naturally arise from this

display of his power The disciples, through their ignorance and perplexity', scarcely knew what to think

But io us his conduct naturally suggests the following truths 1. Christ is the true and living God

[His sleeping, through fatigue, shewed him to be a man like ourselves

But his exercise of such power proved him to be God also--
Moses had opened the sea by his wonder-working rod
And Elijah had made a path through Jordan by his mantle

But both confessedly wrought their miracles in dependence on God

Jesus, on the contrary, performed this miracle by his own power

And who, but God, is sufficient for such things?

It is spoken of as the peculiar prerogative of God to rule the sea

Let us then bear this in mind in all our addresses unto Jesus

Let us indeed make this the ground of our application to him]

e Acts xvi. 29-34.

& Prov. xxx. 4. Ps. Ixv. 7. VOL. III.

f 2 Cor. xii. 9. h. Isai: xlv, 22.


2. He is never unmindful of his people's troubles however be may appear to be so

[The apostles rather reflected on him as though he “cared pot” for them

But his providential care was not the less exerted because he was asleep

We also are ready on some occasions to think him unmindful of us

We too often adopt the impatient language of the church of oldi

But the answer he gave to them, is equally applicable to We never need to be afraid if we be embarked with himHis ark may be tossed about and driven by tempestuous winds

But though every thing else should perish, that will outride the storm-]

3. He will not withhold his aid on account of the weakness of our faith

[The excessive fears of his disciples shewed their want of faith

He therefore reproved them for having so little confidence in him

But he would not on that account refuse their requestIn us also he too often sees the workings of unbelief But he will not be extreme to mark what is done amiss”.

He frequently when on earth relieved those who doubted his power or his willingness to help them.

And it is well for us that he still exercises the same pity and forbearance

Doubtless, however, the stronger our faith, the more speedy and effectual, for the most part, will our deliverances be]

4. He is as able to save us out of the greatest difficulties as from the least

[We are ever prone to limit him in the exercise of his goodness

Nor are even the most signal manifestations of his power sufficient to correct this propensitym

But he who created and upholds all things can overrule them as he pleases

And his promises to his people are fully commensurate with their wants

Let us then go to him under our most pressing difficul. ties-

i Isai. xlix. 14.
* Matt. viii. 2. Mark ix. 22,

k Ib. ver. 15, 16.
m Ps. lxxviii. 19, 20.

And rest assured, that he is both able and willing to save us to the uttermost"-] ADDRESS 1. To the disobedient

[God has been pleased to bestow on man the gift of reason

And to leave him a free agent in all which he does

Alas! how vilely do the generality abuse this transcendent mercy!-

They are more regardless of the divine command than even winds and waves

And is this the end for which God has so distinguished us?

Is the privilege of volition granted us to encourage our revolt! Is it not rather, that our obedience to God


be a rational service!

Let the disobedient stand amazed at their impiety

Let them wonder that the divine forbearance is so long exercised towards them

Surely they have abundant need to offer that petition

O that they may be more impressed with their danger than ever the disciples were!_]

2. To those who truly endeavour to serve the Lord Christ

[All seasons are not alike in the spiritual, any more than in the natural world

The greatest difficulties may encompass you, when you have the clearest evidence that you are in the way of duty

But know that your Lord is an all-sufficient, ever-present help

Do not then shun the path of duty because of any trial that may beset

youIn the midst of all, possess your souls in faith and patience And let the triumphant words of former saints be your song

Thus shall you have richer discoveries of your Saviour's care and love

And from personal experience attest the truth of that poetical description]

n Heb. vii, 25.
PPs. xlvi. 1, 2, 3, 5.

o Ver. 25.
9 Ps, cvii. 23-30.




Mark v. 16.-18. And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine. And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts. And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil, prayed him that he might be with him.

MANY of our Lord's miracles have been cavilled at by infidels--

This has afforded much scope for their profane objections

Our modern Sadducees supposed the man to have been only cured of an epilepsy—

But their is abundant proof in the parable that he was really possessed

And that the swine were driven into the sea, not by two diseased men, but by the devils themselves

The healing of the dæmoniac, the destruction of the swine, and the different conduct of the dæmoniac and Gadarenes on that occasion, are all adverted to in the text

They may be illustrated by, and will reflect light upon, the following observations I. Satan is a malicious and powerful enemy to man

Satan had formerly more power than now over the bo. dies of men

And dreadful was the tyranny he exercised over this poor Gadarene

[There were two dæmoniacs; but one is noticed as the more remarkableb_

Satan drove him from the converse and society of men

Satan enabled him to break the chains and fetters with which he was bound

Satan made him a source of terror to others, and of misery to himself-]

His power over the souls of men is still exerted as much as ever

[His agency is not the less real because it is invisible

a No two men could drive twenty, much less two thousand, swine into the sea.

b Matt. viii. 28.


may discern it, as we do the wind, by its outward effects

The scripture represents him as leading men captive at his wille

He keeps them from all converse with God and his people

He causes them to break through all the restraints of reason and conscience

He stimulates them to a conduct injurious to themselves and others

He is the god of this world, and the promoter of all iniquityd-]

But, however powerful he is, there is One superior to him II. Jesus is ever able and ready to control him

The man, who had fiercely assaulted others, approached Jesus with reverence

And Jesus immediately displayed his power over the unclean spirit

[There were many evil spirits in this unhappy maneBut as they acted under one leader, they are spoken of as


The spirit was constrained to acknowledge the august character of Jesus

And to deprecate the wrath he had so much reason to expect.

Nor could he retain possession of his vassal any longer

He could not even enter into the swine without our Lord's permission

Satan asked permission, in order that he might destroy the swine, and thus incense the Gadarenes against

our LordJesus suffered him to do it, in order that the Gadarenes might see how great a deliverance had been wrought for the poor

dæmoniac Instantly the swine, possessed by the devils, rushed into the sea and perishedh

But the man delivered from them was restored to his right mindi

Thus was the divine authority of Jesus undeniably manifest to all-]

c 2 Tim ii. 26.

2 Cor. iv. 4. Eph. ii. 2. e Ver. 9.

f Ver. 7. 8 Ver. 7. He was afraid lest Jesus should command him to go into the deep, that is, the abyss of hell, where his punishment will at the last day be greatly increased. Compare Luke viii. 31. and Matt. viii. 29

h Ver, 13,

i Ver. 15.

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