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Born 1892.- Died°1731;

Born at Kendal-Educated at Oxford-Appointed chaplain of Algierss

Arrives in Africa-Environs of Algiers-Departs-for Egypt-Alexan-
dria-Cairo-Site of Memphis-Origin and destination of the Pyra-
mids--Animals of Egypt --Danciøg Serpenis-Cannibals-Visit to
Mount Sinai-Hospitality of the Arabs-Route of the Israelites-- Is
plundered by the Arabs--Curiosities or the desert-Walors of Marah
-Returns to Egypt-Descends the Niit- Sails .0. Syria--'s taken
prisoner and ransomed -Extrascinary gnis' ratnasProdigious
flights of storks—Water-spouts-- Returns to Algiers-Árabs of Africa
- Marries-Earthquakes-Visits the kingdom of Tunis-Ruins of

Carthage-Lake of Tunis-Cty of Tunis–Roman ruins-Virgil's

Nympharum Domus-The Leser -yrtis-Lake of Marks-Yellow-

haired Kabyli-Natural history of Barbary-Locust clouds-Music-

Eating of lions-Complexion of the Moors-Superstition-Returns to

England - Dies...


Born 1722.-Died 1752.

Born in Eastern Gothland-Studies at Upsal - Acquires the friendship

of Linnæus-('onceives the design of travelling in the East-Mode of
raising travelling funds-Studies the oriental languages-Emharks at
Stockholm-Arrives in the Grecian Archipelago Harbour of Milo-
Strange costume of the women-Island of Scio-State of medical
science in the East-Smyrna-The Frank carnival-- Dances-Begin-
ning of Spring-Beautiful flowers and plants - Turkish cemetry-
Excursion to Magnesia-Impregnation of figs—Sails for Egypt-Gar-
dens of Alexandria--Asses of Egypt-Rosetta-Women hatching

eggs-Politeness of the Turks-Circumcision feast-Voluptaousness
-- Serpent charmers—The Pyramids-Vegetation of the desert-The

lion ant-Impregnation of palm-trees--Soils of Palestine-Jerusalem

-The Dead Sea-Apples of Sodom— The dudaim, or mandrakes-

Silkworm-Cyprus-Dies at Smyra..



Born 1600.- Died 1780.

Born at Antermony-Embarks for Petersburg-Sets out for Persia-

Descends the Volga-The Caspian-Falcous-Extraordinary iacident
Skamakia-Tabriz-Koom-Kashan- Scorpions - Ispahan-Returns
to Petersburg-Departs for China-Arrives at Kazan-Beehives-
Fogs and frosts of Siberia-Asbestos--Tobolsk-Swedish prisoners
Game-Singular manuscripts-Ancient tombs or barrows-Curious
antiquities-White hares-Sable-hunters—The Baikal Lake-Mongo-
lia--Great wall of China-Pekin-Character of the Chinese-Fine arts

- Population-Imperial hunt-Departs from China-Returns to Pe-

tersburg-Journey to Derbend-And to Constantinople-Returns to

Scotland - Dies



Born 1730.--Died 1794.

Born at Kinnaird-Educated at Harrow-Wishes to become a clergy-

man-Returns to Scotland-Becomes a sportsman - Studies the law

-- Marries-Loses his wife-Visits Spain and Portugal--Returns

through Germany and Holland - Projects an expedition against Spain

- Is appointed consul of Algiers-Travels n Italy--Arrives in Algiers

--Disputes with the dey-Leaves Algiers--Visits Tunis and Tripoli-

Is shipwrecked, and plundere l by the Bedouins-Embark at Bengazi

for Caramania- Sails for Syria--Visits Palmyra--Embarks for Egypt

--Cairo - Transactions with the by-Anecdote-Ascends the Nile-

The Ababde Arabs— The Tigré chief - Assnan-Descends the Nile-

Proceeds to Kosseir-Adventure among he Arabs-Visits the moun-

tains of emeralds --Crosses the Red Sea to Jidua-Anecdote-Surveys

the Red Sea--Arr ves at Masu h-Is in extreme Janger-Escapes, and

enters Abyssinia-Crosses Mount Tarenta- Arrives at Dixan-Slave

trade-Rich scenery-Fair in the forest Adowa-Palace of Ras Mi-

chael-Ruins of Axum - Beautiful scenery--Live cow ating-Monks

of Waldubba --Crosses Mount Lamalmon--Arrives at Gondar_The

book of the prophet Enoch-Visits the queen-inother-Becomes a phy.

sician, and excites the jealousy.f the monks-Has an interview with

Ras Michael -- Triumphal entry of the Ras into Gondar- Beautiful

wife of the Ras-Is i romoted to a high office at court-Shoots through

a shield and a table with a piece of candle - Profligate man ers of the

Abyssinians-Is appointed governor of a districe-Visits the great

cataract of the Nile--Sets out to discover th source of the Nile-Is

entertained by a rebel chief-Placed under the protection of the Gal-

las-Reaches the sources of the Nile- Returns to Gondar-Leaves

Abyssinia - Traverses the deserts of Nubia-Reaches Assuan-De-

scends the Nile - Einbarks for Marseill, s-Arrives in England - Pub-

lishes his Travels-Dies......



Born 1712.-Died 1786.

Born at Portsmonth- Educated in London- Apprenticed to a merchant

at Lisbon --Conceives an unsuccessful passion-Renounces all deas
of marriage - Returns to England - Visits St. Petersburg - Appointed
agent of the Russia · company in Persia-Arrives at Lanjaron--Pro-
ceeds to Astrabad-Burning forest-Persian compliments-City of
Astrabad raken and plundered --Loses all his merchandise-Sets out
in company with a hajji and an escort-Deserted by his guides, and
left at a fisherman's hut - Embarks in a canoe --Arrives at Teschide-
zar-Presented with a horse by the shah's officers- Arrives at Bal-
froosh-Sets out alone for the camp of Nadir Shah---Extraordinary
privation-- Dangers and difficulties-- Reaches Lanjaron - Hospitably
entertained by Captain Elton-Desolating effects of the shah's tyr-
anny-Arrives at the royal camp-His tent near the royal sian 'ard-
Narrowly escapes being burnt io death - Petitions for restitution of
his merchandise-Nadir detested by his followers - Magnificence of
the imperial camp-Splendid equipments of his numerous army-
Hanway obtains an order for restitution of his property-Sets out on

his return to Astrabad - Beautiful scenery-Orange groves, &c.-
Ourse or despotism-Loses hirmself in a forest-Attacked by an enor-
mous wolf-Deserted by his escort--Instances of ferocious cruelty-
Receives an offer of payment in female slaves-Refuses the offer-
Regains his property-Invests it in silks-Arrives at Moscow-Suc-
ceeds to considerable property in England -Settles at St. Petersburg
--Establishes himself as a merchant there-Desire of visiting home
awakened-Peter 1.-Dry dock of Cronstadt-Returns to England-
Resides in London-Compiles his travels-Visits the Continent-
Opposes the naturalization of the Jews--Promotes the paving of the
streets of London- Absurdity of the French invasion--Founds the
Marine Society-Discourages tea-drinking-Founds the Magdalene
Hospital - Ridicules the custom of vails giving-Ludicrous anec-
dores of this subject-Prince Eugene-Scheme for bettering the con-
dition of chimney-sweeps-Laughable story-Devil taking a holyday
- Ridiculous anecdote connected with Hanway's frontispieces-
Death-Amiable character


Born 1716.-Died 1795.
Born at Seville-Enters into the Spanish navy-Intrusted with the

conduct of an expedition for measuring a degree of the meridian near
the equator-Sails from Cadiz-Arrives at Porto Brillo-Rapid river
Chagre - Magnificent landscape-Curious trees, fruits, birds, insects,
&c. - Monkeys crossing a river-Arrives at Panama-Employs him.
self in making astronomical observations - Sails for Guayaquil
Received with distinguished politeness - Extraordinary sufferings
from mosquitoes – Arrives at the foot of the Andes—Mamarumi, or
“ mother of stone"-Beautiful cascade-Dexterity of mules in de-
scending the mountain slopes --Chimborazo-Arrives at Quito
Pillars of sand-Their fatal effects - Enormous caves - Singular
effects of the moon on the waters within them-Ascends Pichincha

- Interesting description of his encampment there-Extraordinary
manner of living--Intense cold-Delightful serenity of those lofty
regions-Storms and tempests beneath-Difficulty of respiration-
Danger of being blown down the precipices - Fall of enormous frag-
ments of rock-Violence of the wind-now-storms-Effects of the
clinate on the limbs--Conversation painful from the state of their
lips---Curious effect of intense cold on ardent spirits--D serted by
his attendants—Becomes reconciled to the hardships of his situation
--Proceeds with his astronomical observations - Recalled to Lima
War between England and Spain--Cominissioned to put the city in
a state of detence-Lord Anson the English admiral - Returns to
Quito-Resumes his scientific pursuits-Recalled to the coast - Sack
or Payta by the English feet-Honoured with the command of a
frigate Arrival of reinforcements-Returns to Quito-Comet of 1744
- Impatient to revisit Europe-Embarks at Callao-Attacked by two
English privateers-Escapes-Sails for North America - Arrives at
Louisburg-Compelled to surrender to the English -- Hurnanity and
politeness of Commodore Warren-Sails for England as a prisoner
of war-Arrives at Portsmouth-Courtesy and generosity of Captain
Brett-Pretender - Is received with distinguished hospitality and
politeness by the Duke of Bedford, Lord Harrington, and the Com-

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