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: & III. The New Jerusalem , the description S441. wherof we have Rev.21.822. Chapters. we IV. The company of Saints that are Gincze clothed in white garments , & who carry

Palms in their hands, singing this song, Sala cena. Tas vation 10 our God that fits upon the throne, & Rev.7.18 eri, I unto the Lamb ; and of whom it is said, they To Be Shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more,

the neither shall the sun light on them, nor any From heat ; the Lamb shall feed them, o shall lead , de pagine them unto living fountains of waters. For these

are not the 144 thousand Sealed persons, fpoBoriss ken of in the beginning of the 7th. Chap. can St. John faith expressely After this,.i.e. after 1. do

Ĉ these 144 thousand sealed persons, I beheld, im & lo a great multitude , which no man could bord number, of all nations, & kindreds , & people,

85 tongues stood before the throne , e before the ,
Lamb, &c. This plainly shews, that these are
not the persons that were Sealed ; For they
might easily be numbred, because they were
not above 144 thousand ; wheras these here
spoken of are innumerable. In truth these
are the same that are spoken of in the 20**.

of the Revel. who are there called the lon's
. fthem that were bebeaded for the witne's of

for the word of God; & here bet

they which came out of Tee one
3 bave washed their rebes, Smile

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Rev. II. 15.

V. The fifth and last thing co-temporary is the duration of the seventh Trumpet. And the seventh Angel founded with a Trumpet, & there were great voices in heaven , saying, the Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of the Lord. For at the sound of the Last Trumpet, the last blow must be given to the Babylanish Empire , & at the same time shall begin the reign of Iefus Chrift, to which is aflign'd a Period of 1000 Years. And the influence of this seventh and last Trumpet must reach even to the end of the World.

Thus you have the Chronology of the twelve last Chapters of the Revelation. We proceed to consider the History.

CHAP. X. Afbort System of the Events foretold in the · Revelation concerning the Church, as to

the Historical part.

A short TN the lith. Ch. where the Destinies of the explana.. | Church do begin , the H. Ghost in the tion of the fith. ** first place gives us an abridgment of these Chap. Deftinies & Events ; & nothing is more

methodical than that , First to give a general Idea of those things, that are afterwards more particularly to be explained. So this Chapter from the 2d. v. to the end contains a Short History of the 1260 Years of Antichrift's reign, & of the 1000 Years of Christ's reign;

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as in the first verse he had described the first Period of 360 Years, as we just now observed in the foregoing Chapter. This reign of

Antichrist is here described by this Paganism that was to tread under foot the Holy City for 42 Months. Theafflictions of the Church & its perpetuall subsistence in the midst of those afflictions during this reign of Antichrist , are signified by the two Witnesses clothed in fack-cloth. A great persecution, that must befall the Church at the end of these 1260 Years of Antichrist's reign, is there also predicted. The total suppression of the profession of the truth by that persecution is signified by the death of these two Witnesses, who must remain dead in the ter ritories of Babylon the great for three prophetical days and a half, 1.e. three Years & a half. We shall see afterwards what that means, & where we must place this great event. At the end of three years & a half these two Witnesses, i.e. the publique profession of the truth, shall rise again, and be gloriously reestablisht. For the H. Ghost faith, that the two Witnesses shall ascend again up into Heaven. i.e. shall be exalted & glorified upon the Earth. In the same time the tenth part of the City shall fall, i.e. one of those ten Kings that gave their power to the Beast , shall revolt from him. And a little after, the seventh Trumpet shall found, which will give the last blow to the Babylonish Empire. After which the Reign of the Saints shall commence, which fhall continue to the end of the World.

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Dragon woman: hael sc his Anscome a

This is the Epitome of the whole Hiftory of the Church, & the sense of the i1th,

Chapter. Ch. 12. & . After this general idea of the History of its expli. the Church, the Prophet enters upon the parcation.

ticulars. In the 12th. Ch, God shows him the vision of the Woman that was with child , & deliver’d of a son, &persecuted by the Red Dragon , wlio fain would devour the Child of the Woman. Afterwards there is a battle fought by Michael & his Angells, against the Dragon. The Dragon is overcome and cast to the Earth ; but as much overcome as he was, he ceaseth not to persecute the Woman. She is forced to escape into the Wilderness , where she is nourisht 1260 Days. The Dra. con not being able to reach her, vomited out a flood after her ; but the Earth open'd, & swallow'd up the flood, & saved the Woman. This Woman is the Apoftolical Church; this Child of which she is deliver'd; is pure & holy Chriftianity. The Dragon is the Devil, who by the authority of the Roman Empire, would devour &i extinguish Chriftianity in its birth. Michael & his Angells are Jesus Christ & his Ministers celestial as well as terrestrial.; The combat of the Red Dragon & Michael is the combat of 300 Years that was between God & the Devil , during the ten perfecutions, of the Roman Heathen Emperours ; The Devil endeavouring on one hand to destroy the Christian Church by the cruelty of the Emperours ; & God on the other hand defending it by his Martyrs, & Teachers. The

.. victory

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victory gotten over the Red Dragon is the casting down of Heatbenism, which falls to the Earth & is cast from Heaven i. e. 'tis tumbled down

from the throne by Constantine & his successors Em to the reign of Theodosius. The great flood by which the Red Dragon casts after the woman;

when he was thrown down on the Earth , is those inundations of Herefies , that Arrianism; that cover'd the Christian World immediatly after

the fall of Heathenism under Constantine, The DE Earth swallowed up this flood in favour of the

Woman ; these Heresies were destroyed & swal

lowed up as in å moment, & the Church reEmained delivet'd from them by a kind of mira

cle. But the Dragon doth not yield for all that, but goes to make war with the remnant of the ď

6.17 feed of the Woman, i.e. he endeavours to cause si to be brought forth an Antichristian Empire for , the ruin of the Church; the thing which he

will further explain in the following Chapter i We havé therfore in this the Historý of the

Church to the end of the fourth Century or the
beginning of the fifth. For it is in the space of

these 400 Tears that the Apoftolique Church did BE bring forth Christianity, that Christianity was

persécuted by the Emperours, that 7. Christ did
miraculously preserve it, that it remained victo-

rious under Constantine; that the Church was
in almost ruin’d by Arrianism ; & that she saw her
y self happily deliver'd from it.
bis St. fobn' spends but one Chapter about the first
1 Period of the Church of 400 Years , because the

great events were design'd to be in the following

The 13th Chapter according to the most exact c.13.61 i rules of method begins where the 12th ended: 2 • 3.


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