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Roman Empire ; they pusht on their Conquests as far as Nice, the capital City of Byibinia; i.e. almoit to the very Gates of Cone ftantinople. They afflicted all the Coasts of the Mediterranean-Sea, Grcece, Sicily and Italy; and at last they entirely destroyed the Empire of the Greeks, by the taking of Con

Stantinopbe, which happened in the year . 1452.

This is what is meant by these words, The four Angels were loosed to kill a third part of men. Wemust remember what hath been said in The Turks

are sent to the explication of the first Trumpets, viz. destroy the that the third part in these Prophecies signifies By the Roman Empire, because that took up about a third part of the World. The Turks are sent to kill the third part of men; i.e. to kill themen of the third part of the Earth, or of the Roman Empire, or of the fourth Monarchy. The Locufts of the fore-going Trum, pet were sent, not to kill men, but to torment them for five moneths'; because the Saraceng and Arabians did only gnaw off the edges of the Roman Empire, and did not penetrate inta its entrails,But the Turks pierced even into the very heart of the fourth Monarchy, and laid it desolate; and they have establish their Empire in one of its capital Cities, viz, Constantinople.

Í hey are sent to kill the Men of this third part
of the World. i
Indeed, never was there seen so horrible a



in their Irruelves in the Corors together

Butchery of Men, and so great an Effusion of Blood, as that which the Turks have caused in their Irruptions, in attacking, or in defending themselves in the Crusadoes. I am perswaded, all the Conquerors together, since the beginning of the World, never shed so much Blood.

To Kill, signifies also a total Destruction: So that the Prophecy seems to Gignifie, that the Turks are sent of God entirely to destroy the Roman Empire. They have already destroyed the Eastern Branch of it, the seat whereof was at Constantinople; and there are some that conjecture, that God designs them also to destroy the Western Branch, whose Seat at this day is at Rome: God only knows this. But tho the Turks should do no more than they have already done, 'tis enough to fulfil the Prophecy, which saith,

That God sent them to kill the men of the third part of the Earth, i. e. of Europe. ! And the number of the Army of the Horsmen was 200. Thousand Thousand.

The Turks certainly are originally Scythia ans, Tartars and Nomades; people that had nothing but Horsmen in their Arinies. The formidable Infantry of the Turks, which they call the fannizaries, was not instituted till äbout the year 1300, by Ottoman, the Founder of the Empire, which at this day poffefseth Constantinople. Before that, their chief ftrength was in Cavalry. The Prophet maketh it prodigious for its number. All the


Turksthou God only knwhose Seat at ito destroy

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World knows the thing happen'd exactly ac-
cording to the literal senle. He also describes
them in a hideous manner.

They that fate on the Horses, had Breastplates
of Fire, and of Jacinth, and Brimstone..
"That is to say, the heads of these Horsemen

were like globes of fire , whence came forth Eflame and smoke. The heads of the horses - were as the beads of Lions , & out of their

mouth's issued Fire , & Smoke, Brimstone.
This Fire ,. this Smoke, and this Brimstone,
seem to be a description of Gun-powder
and its effects. And this may well signify,
that the Turks should make their principal
desolations in the Empire of the fourth Moz
narchy, after the invention of canons and
fire-arms, whence come forth, lightnings,
flames, sulphur & smoke; which indeed
did come to pass.

These horses that vomit up flame & smoak,
have also țails like unto Serpents, with which
they do hurt, viz. in fpreading their poison.
And this is common to them with the Locusts
of the fifth Trumpet. 'Tis the venom of
the wicked Religion of Mahomet, which
the Turks have eitablished ,' & spread in all
places where they have establisht their do-

They that were not killed by these plagues, get repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not Worship Devills,& idols of Gold, & Silver , & Brais, & Stone , & Wood, which neither can fee, nor hear , nor walk. Neither repented they of their Murders, nor


of their Sorceries,nor of their fornication, noro their Thefts. This signifiesto us, that the Periods of the sixth Trumpet , and the ravages of the Turks, is that of the corruption of the Church in the fourth Monarchy, & in the Antichristian Kingdom ; a period, during which there reigned Idolatry, worshipping of Demons, or second Mediatory Gods, Images placed in the Temples & Oratories, depravation of manners, by Poisonings, Afassinations, Sodomies, Incests , Adulteries, and other impurities, Thefts, Robberies and Violent Dealings. And in truth, the Roman Church since the tenth Age, fell into such shameful Idolatry, and such horrible Corruption of Manners, that never was any thing like it feen in the History of the World. This point may be seen justified at large in qur juft: Prejudices against Popery.

The Explication of the Tenth Chapter of

the Revelation.

THe ninth Chapter ends the first part of

I the Revelation, and the tenth begins the second ; wherin is what we seek after, viz. Antichrist, the time of his continuance, and the circumstances of his end. .

This tenth Chapter is properly the preface to the second little book ; Wemust explain it bere before we proceed.'.



And I saw a nother mighty Angel come V.I. down from Heaven , clothed with a Cloud, J. Chriß

1? appears a a Rain-bow was upon his Head , Es his second Face was as it were the Sun , & his Feet as tin

as a Iecond Pillars of Fire. 'Tis clear by this Pomp, that vision. this Angel is Jesus Christ. They are very near the same colours, wherwith he was described in the first chapter of the book ; his Conntenance was like the Sun, & his Feet: like unto fine Brass. This is an Argument, that here a new Prophecy begins, a second act of this great piece. 'Tis Jesus Chrift, the Prophet of Prophets, that must cause these Visions to enter.

He had in his hand a little Book open : The diffe be ret his right Foot upon the Sea , & his left between Foot on the Earth. See here a little book the first

little book different from the first, which was given to of the Rethe Lamb in the fifth chapter. Another velation;

& the argument , that 'tis a Revelation wholly secondo new, of another order. The first book con-'. tained the Destinies of the Empire, and this eontains the Destinies of the Church. The first book was written without & within; by Veason of the multitude of events that were to befall the fourth Monarchy, the adventures wherof God would foretel ; until the coming of the fifth Monarchy; that is to say, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The first book was Sealed with seven seals. But this later one is a little book opened. 'Tis because the first part of the Revelation, which respects the destinies of the Empire , is incomparably pore obscure, & more difficult to be under,


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