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plagues of the Trumpets afflict the third part of the world, 'tis as much as to say, they afflict Europe. It will be said that the Roman Empire extended it self also into Asia & Africa. But

11. there was also in Europe a great extent of Northern countries that was not possessed by the Romans. So that what it had in the other parts of the world could only serve as an equivalent for what it had not in Europe. So that it always remained true that the reman Empire did not reach to above a third part of the world.

2ly. Moreover, Europe being the seat of the Roman Empire, because Rome & Con ftantinople are both of them feated in this third part of the world ; it is clear the Roman Empire can't be better represented than by Europe, or a third part of the world.

Lastly, 'Twas Europe chiefly that was harrassed by the inundations of the barbarous people. Therfore by the third part we cannot understand any thing but Europe.

The third part of the Trees was burnt : See here a Grammatical figure, that must be well observed , for it is inuch used in the three following Trumpets. That is to say, the trees of the third part of the world, viz. of Europe, was burnt. Now the Prophet represents this first inundation of the Babarians, as having yet affiliated the Trees only of Europe or the Roman Empire, because the following plagues made so very much greater havock. This first tempest (if I may use the

Indple. Therefoc inundation chiedy the

expression) touch'd the Trees only, did not
causesuch terrible desolations as the following
ones did; the Barbarians contented them-
selves with the spoils of the fruits of the Earth
&mens goods.

And the second Angel founded, e as it were y. 8.
a great Mountain burning with fire was cast
into the sea, the third part of the sea became

And the third part of the Creatures which v. 9. were in the sea , & had life died, the third part of the ships were destroyed.

And the third Angel sounded, there felt v. 16. a great Star from heaven burning as it were a Lamp , & it fellon the third part of the Rivers & upon the fountains of Waters.

And the name of the Star is called Worm- v.11. wood, & the third part of the Waters became Worm-wood, Es many men died of the waters because they were made bitter. These two plagues of the second & the The

second & third Trumpet are very like those two of third the second & third violl in the 16th. Ch. of Trumpet

o signify the the Revelation. For in this later place the clusion of two vialls fall as they do here on the sea, & the

the bitter rivers. They produce the same effect, which aficions is, that they turn the Waters into blood, & his into liquor of Worm-wood. The second & caused in third viall is but one plague continued, for

the Roman the second & third Trumpet is but one & the same plague continued. So that these two places of the Revelation may give much light one to the other, not that they signfy the same events, but very like ones.

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11. 19.5.

See. Jer. In the one & in the other 'tis certain the 51. 36.. 24. Ezek. sea & the Rivers signify people. Tis the 37,4. resemblance & emblem which all the Pro

phets use , & particularly St.John. Weshall see the whore sitting on the Waters, i.e, on the people. For in all languages in the style of the vulgar , in that of Orators & Prophets to make a sea of blood always signifies to make a great slaughter. We shall see that the sea of blood in the 16th. Ch. fignifies the great Slaughters caused by the Crusados. Here the fea of blood signifies the slaughter which the Barbarians make in the whole extent of the Roman Empire.

This mountain burning like fire, eg this great star like a Lamp, at the bottom signify but one & the same thing, excepting that the Mountain of fire hath the same proportion with the Star like a Lamp as the sea hath with the Rivers. The Mountain of fire falls into the sea, the star or the great Lamp of fire falls into the Rivers : s.e. the great fire falls into the greater Waters, & the lesser fire into the fesler waters. For here a Mountain of fire is much more than a star of fire , tho in truth a star is a thousand & a thousand times bigger than a 'Mountain. But the H. Spirit frames his speech according to appearances, & hath chiefly a respect to those fires that are often seen falling from heaven, which are called Falling-stars. I

Joseph Mede with all other Interpreters would find in this Mountain of fire , & this Star like a Lamp, much more of mystery than

The firt with Firen rummer,

is in it ; pretending that this means fome 1: great person distinguisht by his dignity as a ES: King or an Emperour, or by his knowledg as Į a great Doctor. Therfore many by this itar et understand a great Propher. But 'tis not so. 1: This must be explain’d with relation to the Le first Trumpet , & we must know that this is et but the sequel of the history ofthe destruction

of the Roman Empire by the Barbarians. The first part of this destruction was but Haib mingled with Fire, a common storm, & such as often happens in summer, wherin thunder & lightning in hot countries are always mingled with the hail. But afterwards this inundation of the Barbarians increased in such a manner, that it was no longer an ordinary storm. There fell not only Fire mingled with Water & Hail, this Storm becomes wholly pure fire, a fall of terrible Lightning , a true Mountain of Fire that fell on the Roman Empire, & over-whelm'd it. Afterwards the fire continued to fall on a third part , in truth no longer as a Mountain, but as a fire-brand, fuch as the stars are that appear to fall in the air. See therfore here three fires. The First is mingled with Hail. The second is meer fire, & great as a mountain. The third is as a great Lamp. The First afflicts the Trees of Europe or of the third part of the World. The second falls into the sea, & changes it into blood. The third falls on the rivers & fountains, & makes their waters bitter. This evidently signifies the three first degrees of. the Barbarians invasion. They come at First

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like fire mingled with hail, which burns the trees , like a storm that spoils the fruits of

the Earth. They pillaged the Goods & the The moun. Riches of the Empire. 2ly. They come like tain of fire a meer fire that consumes & devours. They that falls into the fell on the sea. By that I understand the people

ther of Italy, the taking of Rome by Alaric. Italy made Italy was in respect to the Roman Empire what the

sea is in respect to the rivers. The sea is the Kome. center, & the rivers are all round about it.

The fea is the gulf, & the rivers come from all parts to pay their tribute to this gulf. Rome & Italy was the midst of the Empire. Rome was the sea whither all the Provinces came to pay their tribute & their riches. Alaric & his Goths falls like a burning mountain on Italy, & the city of Rome, he takes it; and sacks it. This fen becomes blood. It aly was filled with flaughter. After this the Barbarians suffer'd themselves to be appeased. Alaric after he had taken Rome, and made there a new Emperour named Attalus, with whom he went to besiege Honorius in Ravenna, gave peace to Honorius, quitted Italy, retired among the Gaulls where with his Gothis he establisht himself. The Vandals possessed Spain. The Burgundians staid on the Rhone, The Huns inhabited Pannonia. And then the Fountains ES the Waters , i.e. the people that depended on Rome, felt the force of this fire of the judgment of God. But this fire did not turn the waters into Blood, because then the slaughter ceased ; the opposition ceasing, the Barbarians saw themselves Masters. But


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