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Spirit was to insist only on this fourth Monarchy, without considering the other states & Empires of the world , because 'tis that only that Daniel spoke of after the three first Beasts, whose reign was certainly paft in St. John's time. Moreover', 'tis under this fourth Monarchy, & in the extent of its dominions, that the Christian Church hath receiv'd its seat & its rule. That Christianity that is found beyond the extent of the Roman Empire, is almost nothing. And therfore 'tis that the Counsells which were assembled from the several parts of the Roman Empire are called Oecumenical, as representing the Universal Church. Now'tis certain that all the Prophecies have a Mediate or an immediate Relation to the Church. So that they ought to insist only on those states in which the Church hathi been nourisht & brought up.

There is a third Reason why these Prophe. cies cannot be understood but of the Roman Empire, viz. because the reign of Antichrift, which is the greatest affair that happens in the Church,&wch must happen there was to make a part &a continuation of this Roman Empire. For Antichristianism is the Roman Empire continued. This principle which I was willing to repeat here because of its importance, will serve to answer those that say to us, How know you that the Prophecies of the Revelaţion do not refer to China or Tartary ? This objection doth not seem to me to be worthy of understanding persons. This being supposed that the Revelation

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cipal Roman Empire continued, it must also Caraffre. be necessarily fupposed that the principal & phes hap

pening in great Changes that happened in this Empire the Roman are described in large Characters, & with some Empire note of distinction in the Revelation. Other- tin&ly wise the H. Spirit would not act according to the

cu noted in his profound wisdom, if in making a history lation. of an Empire, he should omit to mark the great Catastrophes that are to happen thesin, or if he should hide them, & make them to pass without any character of distinction among the other lefsevents.

We must therfore consider what are the principal events that have happen'd in the Roman Empire. See here they are.

1. The fall of Paganism, when the Roman Emperours became Christians. This is so great an affair, that'tis impossible to suppose that the Holy Spirit should have taken no notice of it.

2. The fall ofthe Temporal Roman Empire, when 'twas divided into ten Kingdoms.

3. The erecting a new Roman Empire, or rather the continuation of the fame under the rule of Antichrist,

4. The Birth of the Şaragen Empire by the Arabians, thąt come to amict the Roman Empire in its Eastern branch, i.e. the Empire of Constantinople.

5. The power of the Turks, that come to finish the destruction of the Greek branch of the Roman Empire, & to lay defolate the Latin Empire.

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See the five great events that have changed the face of the world & of the Empire. Wherfore I am perswaded these must be found in the Revelation with Characters of distinction. Let us suppose therfore that in all the places where there is a notable distinction, there we must find one of these notable

cvents. : The First distinction is found at the end of

the sixth seal. After the opening this seal, there happens a great. Earthquake , the sun is eclypsed; & the moon becomes red as blood, the stars fall. Afterwards the vision of the seals is interrupted by a new vision that comes between, in which an Angel marks the elect among the twelve Tribes, twelve thousaud of every Tribe. After which the Holy Spirit returns to the seventh seal, under which nothing is done besides the distribution of the seven Trumpets to sevenAngells that must found them successively. 'Tis clear this is an Epocha, a point on which the H. Spirit would have our thoughts to dwell. This first Character of distinction must to all appearance be affixed to the first distinct event that happens in the Roman Empire; that is, the fall of Paganism. So that in the opening of the sixth seal, we must find the fall of the Pagan Religion. .

The Second very observable distinction is found at the fourth Trumpet. There the third part of the sun is in like manner eclypsed, the moon & the stars suffer the like diminution in their light. After which the process.

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of the Trumpets is interrupted by a new Vision, viz. that of an Angel, that Hies in the midst of heaven, &cries three times, Wo to the inhabitants of the Earth, because of the three Last Trumpets which are yet to found. This is an evident distinction; & this second distinction must signify to us the second distinct event in the Roman Empire, viz. its fall & division among ten Kings, which came to pass after Valentinian the 3d. in the middle of the fifth Age.

The making a new Vision &a new Angel, crying Wo three times, go before the sounding the gth. Trumpet, is also a mark of distinction for that jih. Trumpet, which signifies to us that 'tis an event greatly distinguisht in the history of the Roman Empire. And this third distinction can't be applied to any thing but the third notable event that befalls the Roman Empire, viz. the Birth of the Saracen Empire by Mahomet & his Successors, that did so cruelly afflict the Roman Empire, in the Empire of Conftantinople, which was the greatest & the most noble part of these ten into which this Empire was divided.

The Empire of the Turks at the bottom is but a branch of the Arabian & Saracen Empire. Wherfore it doth not deserve so great a distinction as the other great events of which we have just now spoken. · And yeț the H, Spirit is content to distinguish it by a very long defcription. The fifth & sixth Trumpet contain an entire Chapter , wheras the four first Trumpets were finisht in 6. or 7. verses, which fignifies, that this fifth and fixth Trumpet must be concerning gresit Affairs, and Evils of a long duration.

As for that great Event, w'lich was to happen in the Raman Empire, which wereckon'd for the third; viz. the Erection of a new Raman Empire, or the continuation of the famę Empire under the new Name of the Pope and the Roman Church; 'tis so great an Affair, that the Holy Spirit would not bring it into the first part of the Revelation: He hath referved it to make it the Subject of the second part. 'Tis there that he explains largly and much more clearly the Birth, Progress, and Fall of this Antichristian Enspire, that was to make the last Period of the fourth Beast.

According to this System, the five first Seals must bring the Roman Empire to the Fall of Paganism; i.e. to Constantine's time. Under the fixth Seal happens this Fall of Paganism. The Elect having been sealed, and Silence having been for halfan hour, the four first Trumpers found, thatmust bring the Roman Empire to its Fall, to the taking of Rome by Genserick after the death of Valentinian the 3d, the time wherein the Empire was tornin pieces ina to ten Kingdoms.

The three last Trumpets are described by three Woes, Wa, W., W.; that is to say, Wo not absolutely, but to the fourth Monarchy; which fignifies, that they must be distinguished above all the rest. The fifth Trumpet brings the Raman Empire afflicting, and als wayes wearing it less and less to the ninth or


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