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Part2. Prophets, and inflicts the punishment of the blood

of the Prophets, flain soʻmany ages before upon
the Antichriftian Empire. Rome hath always been
a murtbering City ; the holy Apofles, Martyrs, Do-
fors, Confessors of the first ages of Christianity,
were flain by its orders and in its Dominions. Mo-
dern Rome, within the circuit of its Jurisdiction,
hath thed an infinite quantity of holy and faithfull
blood. The old and new Rome, in the account of
God, and in the executing of his judgements, make
rup but one body, because God beholds the whole
inone instantor point. He looks upon her as one
murthering tyrant, as one race of manslayers. It
matters not, thạt as to some particular persons, and
fome particular ages, she is not guilty of the blood
of the Prophets; she is guilty as to her whole, in
her beginning and her end : now thebeginning and
the end do involve the middle,
. But it will be objected, Had not Rome Pagane
been sufficiently punisht for the blood of Apostles
and Maryrs, which she had shed? So many fack-
ings and desolations as she had felt, did not they
suffice Muit Antichristian Rome pay once more
for that blood? I will object on the same grounds i
Had not ferusalem, the mutherer of the Prophets,
suffer'd enough for her murthers, by that dismal
desolation made by the Chaldeans, by the captivity
of all her Inhabitants, by the fire which consumed
her Palaces? Must God chastise her by the Romans
for those crimes, which had been punisht by the
Babylonians? Thus was it necessary that God should
punish Rome Antichriflian, for the crimes commit.
ted by Rome Pagan, or for the sins which were not
committed till the following ages of this Anti-
chrißian Rome? 'Tis to this objection, that the
other Angel answers, who speaks at

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pun by Rome Pagame following heation, that

V.. And I beard another out of the Altar Jay, Part 2; even so Lord God Almighty , true and righteous! are thy indgements. That is, though it seem una just to give blood to drink untonew Rome, on the ! account of the blood that was fhed by old Rome, or; of that which shall be afterward fhed by the new;

notwithstanding thy judgements are righteousands s true. Behold, the three plagues which bring us

down unto the thirteenth Age: Thelast Croisade : was the second expedition of St. Lewis, who care:

ried out and loft 60000 men at I hunis, in the year? -, 1269.

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CH A P. VIII....
The fourth plague ;-the excrease of the heat of the

Sun, denoting the encrease of the. Papal Autha-
rity, which had almost utterly ruin'd the World,
and the Church. The fifth plague is the defo-
lation of ROMÆ, when the Pope retreated
to Avignon, and the diminution of the pas
pal Authority by the grand schisme of the


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v. 8. A Nd the fourth Angel postr dont his violup-
: D on the Sun, and power was given to bima :
to scorchmen with fire.

v.9. And men were scorched with great heat, and,
blafphemed the name of God, who hath power over
those plagues ; and they repented not to give him

This is the fourth plague , in which we see the Sun. 'Tis known and confess’d by all, who

Ff4 * know

of the lowed; great the sun alwaagiÁrates.

Parcz. know any thing of prophecies, dreams and visions; What is that the Heavens, the Sun, the constellations, and the Sun of the

Antio the Stars, are emblems of dignities and grandeurs chriftian on earth; and the image does bear a lively resemEmpire.

blance ; for the Heavens are the superior region of the World, from whence good and bad Influences do come; and fupream Authority is the heaven of the lower World, from whence both good and evil proceed; great dignities are like constellations in Societies : The Sun always signifies the Soveraign, and the Stars inferior Magiftrates. Before, in the sixth Chapter, the fall of the Empire of

Rome Pagan and of the imperial dignity, is repres Ehap. 6, iented to us by the same images. And the Sun be. 12, 13. came biack as fackcloth of hair, and the Moon be.

Clime as blood, and the Stars of heaven fell unto the tarth. This is a thing which admits not any

dispute. Iné Sun of That the Antichristian Kingdom is treated of Yhe AntiChristian here, is generally agreed to : therefore it cannot Kingdom be doubted, that the Sun is the Soveraign of this

Kingdom. The heat and beams are the instruments by which the Sun operates. ”Tis by his beams that he quickens, warms, and begets, and causeth fertility, when his heat is moderate, as he causes sterility when it is excessive. 'Tis by heat that he preserves and strengthens health, when his beams, are gentle; and 'tis by it that he produceth death, when his beams are mingled with poysonous vapors.

Authority and power in Soveraigns exactly cor_respond to heat and light in the Sun: 'tis this Autho. rity which warms and burns, which faves and destroys, which does good and hurt. When it is moderate like a Sun, it enlightens and preserves the State: when'tis exceffive, 'tis like a fire which


Coc Princetonwealih. c, peace, it does noes it a- Paris whicho, which warong, tisanentis malis health

fe of

devours; when 'tis gentle, and the Prince uses it a-Parte. right, there is no advantage that it does not produce fertility, abundance, peace,strength,& health: ofthe Commonwealth. But when’tis maligne, and the Prince uses it wrong,'tisaburning Sun, which

consumes, which wastes, which scorches and kills, , which brings barrenness and want into the place of: | abundance, troubleand confusion into the room of 1 la peace, and death into the place of life; these things.,-.. also carry an undenyable evidence...-..."

Therefore I conclude, not by way ofnaked con- The en.. njecture, but with assurance that the encrease of heat foreca

cal heat, signie in the Sun of the Antichristian Empire, and in his fies the enbeams, is the encrease of his Authority and power, he and also the pernicious and wicked-use ofthis usur- Authority, ped power. And this clearly-fignifies that prodi- ; gious augmentation of the papal authority and power, which was made in the eleventh, thir. teenth, and fourteenth Centuries. The Pope had been Tyrant over the Church, then he became Tyrant over the World. Gregory VII, by an incre.) dible attempt, rais'd himseit above all Soveraigns, excommuniçated Emperors and Kings', deposed them, and took away their Crowns; made other Emperors and other Kings, to whom he gave the Territories of the former. His Successors kept the same path, yea out-went him. They had a mind to make Emperors their Vasals, and did fo. This heat scorched men like fire, and men were fcorched: with great heat; for none can describe the dismal desolations, which Popes have made by the use of this usurped and excessive authority. It coft Henry. The ca. IV. alone, fixty and odd battels and combats in the authowhich he was engaged, to defend himself against sity of the

" Popes, had the enemies which the Popes stirred up. The histo- almoniconFigy of the two Frederiks that of Lewis of Bavaria,&med all

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Partz. the general history of Germany for the space of 300

gears, can witness to what I say, withoutreckon. ing England, France, and other States , where the papal Authority hath caused bloody and horrible Tragedies, and such troubles, whose bare reading does move compassion; Matthew Paris alone may suffice to let us know, how exactly this Prophecy

was accomplisht, that the beams.of the Sun scorched Chap.6.7, man. ] He tells us, how the Authority of the Pope 8. of the made such exa&tions in England, and brought it to first part, Chap. 5:'of so great mifery, that it was almost quite ruin'd. the second, This may be found every where, and lately in our

Hiftory of Popery, in the first and third recriminas tion.

! Wby the ' . This is the fourth plague, and whoever seriously fourth he considers this matter, will have no scruple about it, plague begins before no more then I have, Perhaps some will make

nd one, that this fourth Plague did begin before the and third,

second, fortbe zrodigious tyranny of the Popesbea. gan under Hilstórand, nam'd Gregory VII. about the year 1074, and the Croisades did not begin till 1096. more then 20 years afterward, Wherefore then does the Spirit make this to be the fourth Plague, and not the second? I answer, because this came down lower then the continuance of the Croisades. The Groisades ended about the year 1270. when as this papal tyranny.continued in all its strength, and all its dreadfull effects, the whole xhirteenth and the whole fourteenth Centuries. Af terwards, though the Popes have ever kept up (and do still) the same pretentions, notwithstanding they did far less mischief in Europe, by the use of this proud Authority, which they take to them, selves.

It is to be observed, that the Prophecies which divide times and events by periods, do not divide


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